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					Legs suddenly pain therapy

Legs suddenly pain therapy


Gender: male,
Age: 65,
Description: sudden illness leg pain eat properly
Night on 02, suddenly, pain



Heel pain is a kind of common diseases. To heel swelling, pain, numbness of
local tenderness, walk. Heel pain with bone spur or say again with bone
hyperosteogeny. In traditional Chinese medicine, belong to \”GuBi\” category,
etiology and elderly kidney failure strain, trauma and feelings about the
invasion. For the treatment of early days or heel pain, select numerous qufeng
dehumidification, by the temperature cold, soft firm
Swollen, invigorate the Chinese foot, no damage to immerse skin, non-toxic
side effects.
The formulas and therapies are as follows:

1 medicinal tougucao, WeiLingXian, bone wind, danshen, angelica, 42, 30 grams
of each Que soap Angle, the spurs, myrrh, XuanHu, soil terrapin worm,
safflower every 20 grams of saturated with vinegar, 2000ml after taking
liquids, fry with temperature, by soaking heel, and half an hour late, knead
affected each 1 times. Each medicine may repeatedly use 2 days after heating.
30 days for a period. Light is a course XiaoTong swollen drugs, check on
February 3} in the pain gradually alleviate, treatment and disappeared.

2 ChenCu by soaking method, heating and 10 ml of temperature, immerse can into
each foot, with 20-30 minutes, 1-2 times per day, general (half a month, heel
pain start gradually ease, 1-2 months, a recovery. Also available, white,
angelica, sichuan, Que every 30 grams of water to wash feet, fry, at the same
time, with the hand, foot rub with liquids into skin, every artful minutes, 2
times a day, remove cold and pain, and dehumidification.
3 fumigation brick burger method to 60 grams, ebony metallocene ai 15 grams,
water frying take into the bowl on a hot steam, put in the gas Wells with
clothing, fumigation cover, medicine, the foot after cooling fluid with bottom
in the brick, hot press for a few minutes, 1-2 times per day, as a treatment
for seven days. Liquids available. Also advisable, white atractylodes,
breaking all 10 grams, with a cloth into a bag in clean water, soaking in 10
minutes, Another take on a plane, brick, dig a concave nest in the fire burned
out after the red, Then went down in a concave vinegar 100 grams, well above
medicine bags on
Vinegar, tying bricks with on a drug bag, about qiao minutes, Daily, 1 (3-5, a
curative effect.

4 medicinal method, taking chicken 90 grams of soya bean, 6 grams bird 60
grams, red jujube 12 grams, wash with clay POTS, add in water, fire boil 2-3
hours to taste, without feeling, with spicy for volume. For the wind cold
dampness bi-complex resistance meridian. Also available mutton 90 grams (chop),
9 grams, i. huo sacrificial 15 grams, wash in a pot of water, add earthen
adequate fire boil 2 hours, and to the lamb cooked bad taste to amount to over.
Applicable to heel pain slants cold dampness.

5 habits on pebbles 5 minutes, daily to soften, fibrous tissue in the sponge
insoles heel place dug a hole that walk in pain, but also beneficial to press
little pain relief. During treatment, also should be adequate rest and less
walking, jumping, less wear soft, comfortable, relaxed light shoes. Symptoms
of the heavier or treatment fails to work, should promptly to the hospital
Wish recover soon!