Lessons From Zacchaeus

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            Luke 19:1-10
 Zacchaeus Was Prestigious
• Zacchaeus “was a chief tax collector
  and he was rich” (vs. 2)
• It is hard to be rich and serve God!
  • Matthew 19:23-24
• It is possible to be rich and serve God!
  • Matthew 19:25-26
• 1 Timothy 6:6-10; 17
   Zacchaeus Sought Jesus
• “And he sought to see who Jesus was,
 but could not because of the crowd, for
 he was short of stature.” (vs. 3)
• A rich man, despised by the Jews, was
  seeking Jesus – Not a common sight!
• Are you seeking after our Lord?
• 1 Chronicles 22:19
  • “Now set your heart and your soul to seek
    the Lord your God”
        Zacchaeus Prepared
•   “So he ran ahead … to see Him…” (vs. 4)
•   Zacchaeus prepared for Jesus’ coming!
•   What a simple lesson for us.
•   Are you prepared for Jesus’ coming?
•   2 Peter 3:9-11
    “…the day of the Lord will come…
• Amos 4:12
    • “prepare to meet thy God”
     Zacchaeus Improvised
• “So he …climbed up into a sycamore
  tree to see Him” (vs. 4)
• When faced with a physical challenge,
  Zacchaeus improvised to get it done.
• Mark 2:1-4 – Paralytic & his friends
• Zacchaeus also did not let physical
  limitations hinder him – he was SHORT!
• The aged, blind, lame, deaf, and
  crippled can see Jesus regardless of
  their physical infirmities!
  Zacchaeus Obeyed Jesus
• Jesus said, “make haste and come
  down” (vs. 5) so Zacchaeus “made
  haste and came down” (vs. 6)
• When Jesus gives a command, we
  need to obey! – It’s just that simple
• Hebrews 5:9
  • “And having been perfected, He became
    the author of eternal salvation to all who
    obey Him…”
Zacchaeus Expressed Emotion
• “and received Him joyfully” (vs. 6)
• What is your response when a soul is
  saved through water baptism?
• We sing “Hallelujah!” and “Praise God!”
  but we dare not say it publicly?
• Acts 3:8-9
  • “So he, leaping up, stood and walked and
   entered the temple with them – walking,
   leaping, and praising God. And all the people
   saw him walking and praising God.”
     Zacchaeus Disregarded
         Public Opinion
• “But when they saw it, they all
  complained…” (vs. 7)
• Zacchaeus’s actions were not popular!
• Would you be as persistent in your
  efforts to serve the Lord if you were
  under great persecution?
• God + 1 = A majority (2 Timothy 4:16-17)
• Matthew 5:10-12
     Zacchaeus Confessed
        Christ as Lord
• “Then Zacchaeus stood and said to the
  Lord, “Look, Lord….”
• With just the glimpse from a tree and
  warm invitation from Jesus, Zacchaeus
  acknowledged Christ as his Lord.
• Is Jesus Christ your Lord?
• John 20:28
  • “And Thomas answered and said to Him,
    “My Lord and my God!”
• Matthew 10:32-33