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					I was tortured for years genital herpes, I would like to ask the next can
completely cure genital herpes?

Condition description (time of onset, the main symptoms):

herpes torture devices I have been breeding for many years, I would like to
ask the next breeding device can completely cure herpes?

want kind of help:

herpes torture devices I have been breeding for many years, I would like to
ask the next breeding device can completely cure herpes?

not the best answers


reproduction device herpes is caused by herpes simplex virus, the performance
was for the local cluster of painful blisters, periodic seizures. It is mainly
transmitted through sexual intercourse, then there may be an indirect contact,
mother to child transmission, mode of transmission of nosocomial infections.
There is no effective curative drugs, admitted to the key is to control the
recurrence, if they can control more than 6-8 months without recurrence, even
if cured. from years of clinical experience in obtained using the conventional
blister agents worry pure combination of Medicines and control herpes
recurrence admitted to good effect. I wish you health!

Hello; reproduction device can be completely cured of herpes

you Well, as long as the reproduction control herpes good with the right
medicine will cure for herpes at present there is a combination of
rehabilitation is made of pure Sinopharm, the effect was very good, you can be
found in baidu, it is admitted to reproductive control of herpes is be
effective, it does not matter You try this, I wish you a speedy recovery oh

HSV-2 herpes is the main pathogen reproduction device (90%), present in the
skin and mucous membrane damage exudate, semen, prostatic secretion, cervical,
vaginal secretions, mainly transmitted through sexual intercourse, leading to
reproductive control of primary herpes. Primary herpes subsided reproduction
device, the remnants of the virus around the nerve organ by organ axis along
the nerve in the sacral nerve long latent Organ Festival, reduced resistance
when the organism or some trigger factors such as fever, cold, infection,
menstruation, gastrointestinal disorders, trauma and other under, can activate
latent virus in vivo and recurrence. Human beings are the only host of herpes
virus , then the virus can not survive outside the body, UV, ether and general
disinfectant inactivation can make. admitted to reproductive control of herpes
drugs in times of trouble you must not admitted to the drug have to choose a
good, before they can, and bleeding / shower / stop / group / co-admitted to
good results you can try to wish you a speedy recovery

Advisory Qiuqiu: yi si ling yi yi yi jiu yi er si

admitted to the general method ]

herpes admitted to the reproduction device, the general admitted to, admitted
to the virus can not be eliminated, it can not prevent disease recurrence.
admitted to the main purpose is to relieve symptoms, reduce industrial pain,
shorten the course of the disease and prevent secondary infection.

points currently admitted to the general admitted to, anti-virus and Chinese
Medicines admitted to admitted to those admitted to be necessary. general
admitted to admitted to what is symptomatic, and is the result of anti-virus
admitted to admitted to, Traditional Chinese Medicines by Differential
Treatment admitted to more than tackling the problem, effectively prevent

(1) General treatment

鈶?localized mainly to keep clean, dry and blister wall integrity. can be
washed with isotonic saline per day, the pain of oral pain medication may give
spiritual comfort.

鈶?concurrent bacterial infection, antibiotic ointment for external use.

鈶?with obvious local pain , 5% lidocaine hydrochloride used soft creams or
oral pain medication.

鈶?spiritual comfort, and how to explain the cause of relapse admitted to and
deal with.

鈶?female reproductive control of recurrent herpes subject to the
gynecological examination to exclude cervical cancer.

(2) antiviral admitted to
鈶?acyclovir (acyclovir tablets) is considered the most effective anti-HSV
drugs. illness tension may intravenously per kilogram of body weight dose of
5mg, 1 every 8 hours for 5 to 7 days. the average patient can be taken orally,
each 200mg, 4 to 5 times a day, a total of 7 10 days. tension may intravenous
infusion, topical acyclovir ointment soft surface of the skin.

鈶?Ribavirin is a guanosine approximation property, have anti-DNA and RNA
viruses The role of day services 800mg, a total of 10 days, can reduce pain
and shorten the course.

鈶?oral immune stimulant levamisole have a certain effect, but effect of
impact statements not sure that interfere with in vitro There restrain factor
on the role of HSV clinical role is still admitted to the study.

three, 100 million units of dry days of prime concern intramuscular injection,
continuously admitted to 7-10 days. poly (inducing agent) a 20mg intramuscular
injection, the first two weeks. 2-4 weeks as a course.

(1) special effects therapy: herpes worry combination of 30 days to eliminate
the symptoms.

herpes is a virus, is still not cured, but can control, do not relapse even if
the well, before I won. I eat a good combination of blisters worry, in the
service for external use, two-pronged approach will soon be effective. of
course If the proposal is too tight or medication side side shots, I currently
have not had recurrence

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