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                      Come to BELL BUCKLE for
                        Wheelchair Basketball
                     on Saturday, January 16, 2010
                         at the Webb School


                                                                                 The University of Alabama’s Men and Women teams
                                                                                 will face off Saturday, January 16th at the Webb
                                                                                 School in Bell Buckle, Tennessee with Lakeshore
                                                                                 and Shepherd in a five game classic. Although the
                                                                                 University of Alabama is a collegiate division team
                                                                                 competing with championship division teams, they
                                                                                 will no doubt provide a high octane performance.
                                                                                 In fact, there are only 12 colleges in the US that
                                                                                 have wheelchair basketball sports and Alabama is
                                                                                 the only university program in the Southeast United
                                                                                 States. This is only the sixth season for the women’s
                                                                                 team and the third year for the men’s team at the
                                                                                 University of Alabama. The Alabama Women won
                                                                                 the 2009 National Championship and the Alabama
                                                                                 men took 5th place.

The University of Alabama Men’s Team is sponsored by
Gateway Church, Shelbyville, TN., Pastor Bobby Scott

The University of Alabama is committed to making its academic programs
and other services accessible to qualified students with disabilities. It is a
goal of the University of Alabama to provide students with disabilities
equal opportunities to develop and demonstrate their academic skills,
while maintaining the academic integrity of University programs.

              For more information about Alabama
               Wheelchair Athletics, please visit the
               UAWA website at
                    Or contact UAWA Director,
                   Brent Hardin at 205-348-5109.

                  The University of Alabama Women’s Team
                  sponsored by:
                  Radar Clothing, Owner Jimmy Finch
                  Bell Buckle, TN
                                                 THE LAKESHORE FOUNDATION
 Competitive athletics available through the Lakeshore Foundation can fulfill a personal need for strenuous activity, provide an outlet for competitive
 drive, enhance independence, and contribute to the athlete’s overall health and well being. The program offers a myriad of opportunities to build strength,
 confidence and physical skills valuable in everyday life. With all of these benefits come lifelong friendships, shared victories and exciting opportunities for
 national and international competition.

                                                                                                       Competitive athletics opportunities for youth and
                                                                                                       adults with physical disabilities are available in the
                                                                                                       sports of wheelchair rugby, wheelchair basketball,
                                                                                                       goalball, track and field, swimming, power soccer,
                                                                                                       wheelchair tennis and marksmanship.

                                                                                                       Lakeshore Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit
                                                                                                       organization dependent on the support of individuals
                                                                                                       and corporations in our community. If you are
                                                                                                       interested in supporting Lakeshore Foundation
                                                                                                       programs, contact,
                                                                                                       Lakeshore Foundation.
                                                                                                       4000 Ridgeway Drive,
                                                                                                       Birmingham, Alabama 35209

  The Lakeshore team is sponsored by:
  Designz By You, Bell Buckle, TN., the Sheetz Family

Shepherd Sports
Shepherd Center sponsors 11 sports teams that enable individuals with physical
disabilities in the Atlanta area to participate in sports on a recreational or
competitive level.
Shepherd Center sponsors the largest disabled sports program in North America.
Teams include: basketball; power soccer; riflery; track; quad rugby; swimming;
waterskiing; fencing; handcycling; kayaking and bass fishing.

                            For more information contact,
                                 Shepherd Center,
                                   2020 Peachtree Road,                                     The Shepherd Team is sponsored by:
                                NW Atlanta, GA 30309-1465                                   Corner Cleaners, Shelbyville, TN.,
                           Tel. 404-352-2020                               Suzy Johnson
                                              Alabama Wheelchair Athletics History
    The University of Alabama Wheelchair Athletics program was founded in 2003 by Dr. Brent Hardin and Dr.
Margaret Stran. The program started with a women’s wheelchair basketball team and added a men’s team in 2006.
Both teams have enjoyed the support of the Alabama administration, students and faculty including UA President
Robert Witt and Alabama has become one of the leaders in the collegiate wheelchair athletics in just a few short
    Alabama is now one of only four programs in the country that sponsors a men’s and women’s wheelchair
basketball team. The Crimson Tide women compete in the women’s division of the National Wheelchair Basketball
Association (NWBA) and although one of the newest teams in the division have been a consistent national
championship contender. The Alabama men compete in the intercollegiate division of the NWBA and are one of
the rising teams in the division.

    Dr. Margaret Stran and Miles Thompson of the wheelchair basketball program at
         The University of Alabama have been named assistant coaches for the
                  United States National Wheelchair Basketball Team.

                                                           Stran is the head coach of the UA Women’s Wheelchair Basketball Team, and Thompson is
                                                       the head coach of the UA Men’s Wheelchair Basketball Team and assistant coach of the
                                                       women’s team.
                                                           “These are very prestigious coaching positions, as all expenses are paid by the U.S. Olympic
                                                       Committee for training camps and competitions, and the coaching staff will be selecting and
                                                       coaching the top wheelchair athletes in the country,” said Dr. Brent Hardin, director of UA
                                                       Disability Sports. “Both Miles and Margaret were recruited by the head coach of the U.S. team to
                                                       join the staff.”
                                                           Both coaches were once wheelchair basketball players and have years of experience coaching
                                                       the sport.
                                                           The U.S. team will travel around the world to compete in tournaments. This year, they will
                                                       play in Osaka, Japan, in the World Championships in Birmingham, England, and in the North
 Miles Thompson and Margaret Stran                     American Cup in the United States. They will also compete in the Olympic/Paralympic Games in
                                                       England in two years.

                               TIDE WINS
                     2009 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP

       The University of Alabama women’s wheelchair basketball team won
   the Women’s National Championship in Denver, Colorado by defeating the
   University of Illinois 53-39.

       The Crimson Tide finished their National Championship Season with a final
   record of 34-2. The team was undefeated against women’s teams during the year
   with their only two losses coming to men’s college teams in November to start
   the season. Alabama went on to avenge both of those losses and reeled off a
   dominating 27 wins in a row to close the season.
                        Americans Win Gold at U-23 World Championships
     When the U.S. U-23 (under age 23) national                and argued, bonded and grew.  And by the time            would help prevent some of the mistakes that were
wheelchair basketball team landed in Paris for the             they reached the gold medal game, they won.              made. 
IWBF U-23 World Championships on July 5, they                      Coach Glatch began tightening the screws on               The U.S. opened the tournament by beating
may not have known what the competition was                    his system following a warm-up tournament at the         Spain 81-40. “We probably played our best game
going to bring, but they knew nobody would be                  Paralympic World Cup in Manchester, England              of the tournament in that first one.”  
more prepared.                                                 at the end of May. The U.S.  U-23 team suffered               Glatch’s team won the next three games against
     The team was selected in April and had the                a double-digit loss in the gold medal game to the        Malaysia, South Africa and Brazil. The U.S. was
challenge to gel and win by July. The biggest                  Australian senior team.                                  often up by 20 points or more by the end of the
challenge was kids coming together who are used                    Glatch felt that his team lost that game due         first quarter and when they met Australia, in the
to different systems and different ways of playing.            to lack of discipline rather than lack of talent. He     semi finals, the Aussies could not keep up with the
     Jared Arambula was one of the Gold winning                used video from the Australia game to show his           relentless speed and pressure of a fresh American
USA players and will be playing in Bell Buckle                 team how working together and using his system           team.
on January 16th with the University of Alabama                                                                               The U.S. squad would end the tournament
Men’s team.                                                                                                             against the same Spanish team that it defeated
     Under the control of head coach Jim Glatch and                                                                     in the opening game of the tournament. It was a
assistant coach Miles Thompson,                                                                                                                     77-54 victory for the
the team had been put through                                                                                                                       Americans.  
their paces; training camps ripe with                                                                                                                   The 2009 U-23
four-a-day practices, intense video                                                                                                                 World Championships
session and warm-up tournaments                                                                                                                     ended in the same
against senior national teams                                                                                                                       fashion as in 2005, with
from Germany, Great Britain and                                                                                                                     the Americans cutting
Australia. They had complained,                                                                                                                     down the nets.
                                                  Bell Buckle Park would like to thank our sponsors...
            “Platinum sponsor”                                                                   “Bronze sponsors”
                HERITAGE MEDICAL CENTER, Shelbyville, TN                                             Investor Services, Jenni Felhaus, CPA, Shelbyville, TN
                                                                                                     Bemis Flexible Packaging, Shelbyville, TN
            “Gold sponsors”                                                                      “Team sponsors”
                An Association of Attorneys, Seckler, Parker, & Simons, Shelbyville, TN
                                                                                                     Corner Cleaners, Shelbyville, TN
                Senator Jim Tracy, Representative Pat Marsh and Bell Buckle Mayor Dennis Webb
                                                                                                     Designz by You, Bell Buckle, TN
            “Silver sponsors”                                                                        Gateway Church, Shelbyville, TN
                Best Western Celebration Inn & Suites, Shelbyville, TN                               RADAR Clothing, Bell Buckle, TN
“Wheels” of the games                                          Bell Buckle Motor Works                                   Dan & Jen Buckner, Bell Buckle, TN
John T Bobo, Shelbyville, TN                                   Bell Buckle Family Medical Clinic                         The Felices’ Family, Bell Buckle, TN
Andy Rambo, Shelbyville, TN                                    Lion’s Club, Bell Buckle, TN                              Dr. Bill & Alice Russell, Bell Buckle, TN
Discount Art & Frame, Shelbyville, TN                          Peacock Realty Group, Bell Buckle, TN                     Ron & Edwina Smith, Bell Buckle, TN
McKamey Heating & Cooling, Shelbyville, TN                     Phillips General Store, Bell Buckle, TN                   Judd & Beth Sulcer, Bell Buckle, TN
Ralph T. Allen Insurance, State Farm                           The Doodlebug, Bell Buckle, TN                            Maggi Vaughn, Bell Buckle, TN
K&G Productions Unlimited, Shelbyville, TN                     The Webb School, Bell Buckle, TN                          Elijah & Kim Collard, Bell Buckle, TN
Dynamic Designs Pools & Spa, Shelbyville, TN                   Treasures from the Hollow, Bell Buckle, TN
                                                               Escents Potpourri, Bell Buckle, TN                        Tone House, Bell Buckle, TN
Bell Buckle Anesthesia, LLC                                    82 Market, Bell Buckle, TN
Bell Buckle Beautification                                                                                                St. John Engineering, LLC, Manchester, TN
Bell Buckle Café                                               James & Julie Anderson, Bell Buckle, TN
Bell Buckle Banquet Hall                                       Annie Rooney, Bell Buckle, TN                             Doug & Karen Arambula, Hobart, Indiana
                                                First lady of Bell Buckle, Carla Webb, attempted to explain the rules of
                                             the game to members of the first draft team for the exhibition games to be
                                             held on January 16th, 2010 at Webb School. Coaches Kenny Parker, Charlie
                                             Pope, Chad Spencer, Brandon Bassham and Ralph Edwards from Cascade
                                             School along with Coaches Jeff Mitchell, Adrian Anderson, Kyle Greene and
                                             Joe Iorio from Webb School will take on the University of Alabama wheelchair
                                             basketball team. The exhibition Team captain will be Senator Jim Tracy and
                                             Co-captain, Representative Pat Marsh. It is rumored that Mayor Webb will
                                             be limited to being the “waterboy” as he can not abide by the NWBA rules.
                                                “I thought I would give these guys a head start on preparing and conditioning
                                             themselves for the upcoming game” noted Carla Webb, who is also the Event
                                             Chair. “I just had trouble trying to keep them in their wheelchairs.”

  Chad Spencer, Charlie Pope, Kenny Parker                                                                                             Adrian Anderson, Joe Iorio, Jeff Mitchell

  WHEELCHAIR BASKETBALL                                                                                                           RULES OF THE GAME
Basketball has been a part of the Paralympic Games                                              wheelchair-users, cerebral palsy/brain injury/stroke and other orthopedic
since 1960. Though originally played only by men                                                and locomotor disabilities.
with spinal cord injuries, now both men’s and women’s                                             Although athletes in this event are grouped by demonstrated playing
teams throughout the world, with a variety of                                                         ability, rather than strictly by medical classification a designated
disabilities, compete in the sport.                                                                     number is assigned to each player based on his/her disability. One,
Many of the same rules from its counterpart                                                                                              (1) being the most impaired to four,
apply in the wheelchair game. While plays                                                                                                   (4) being the least impaired. The
and tactics are similar, special rules, such as                                                                                               five players combined, must not
those to accommodate dribbling from a                                                                                                          exceed thirteen (13) on the court
wheelchair, are also in place.                                                                                                                 at any given time.
The sport is governed by the                                                                                                                   For example, a player may be
International Wheelchair Basketball                                                                                                           an amputee, who can walk with
Federation (IWBF). The IWBF                                                                                                                 a prosthesis but must be confined
governs all aspects of the game,                                                                                                        to the wheelchair while participating
including court size and basket height,                                                         in the game. It would be likely that this player would have a designated
which remain the same as able-                                                                  rating of four (4). Another player may have a spinal cord paralysis from the
bodied basketball. Paralympic basketball                                                         chest down or no legs or abdominal muscles and cannot sit without being
competition is open to male and female                                                            strapped into the wheelchair. This player may have a designated rating of
athletes with physical disabilities such                                                           one (1). A team can only have players with designations that add up to
as amputation/limb loss, spinal cord injury/                                                       thirteen (13) points or less on the floor at any given time.

  An Association of Attorneys Jeffrey Seckler • Roger Clay Parker • Nick Simons

                                    300 E. Lane St., Shelbyville, TN • 931-684-0205
                  Great Food, Great Deals
  at the Wheelchair Basketball Classic on Saturday, Jan. 16th in Bell Buckle, TN

                                           Featuring BBQ by the

                                                         Tennessee Slow Burners

                                       Best of the Butts 2008 & 2009
                                              Peoples Choice Winner
                                                  (sponsored by George Dickel)
                                         Meat & Two Sides
                                         only $5.00                                                   Sides provided by
                                                                                                      the World Famous
                                                                                                      Bell Buckle Cafe

$1000 Cash
50/50 drawing
Shoot the Hoop Contest
     Only                  Freethrow Special
                  OR    (approx. 25-30 tickets)
     per ticket                    $10.00                                            $1000 CASH Sponsored by
                                                                    Mayor Dennis Webb, Representative Pat Marsh, Senator Jim Tracy
         Heritage Medical Center
Wheelchair Basketball Saturday, Jan. 16, 2010
                                                                         Rollin’ Round Robin Classic
                                                                              At Webb School Barton Gym
                                                                   8:00-9:30 .......Alabama Men v. Lakeshore
                                                                   ......................Alabama Women v. Shepherd
                                                                   9:30-11:00 .....Lakeshore v. Shepherd
                                                                   11:00-11:30 ...Exhibition Games
                                                                        Alabama Team plays dignitaries and other
                                                                        characters from our community in two
                                                                        15-minute games.
                                                                   11:30-1:00 .....Alabama Women v. Lakeshore
                                                                   1:00-1:15 .......Cascade Cheerleaders perform
                                                                   1:15-2:45 .......Alabama Men v. Shepherd
                                                                   2:45-3:00 .......$1,000 cash 50/50 drawing
                                                                   ......................Shoot the hoop-contest
                                                                           The drawn ticket bearers will each choose a
                                                                           player to shoot for them. The best out of ten
                                                                           shots, from the free throw line or farther back,
                                                                           wins the ticket bearer $500 cash. The other
                                                                           half will help build a basketball court at Bell
                                                                           Buckle Park.
Artwork by: Billy Phillips / Phillips General Store 931-389-6547   3:00 ...............Awards / acknowledgements

  Presented by Bell Buckle Park
  All proceeds from this event will go towards
 building a basketball court at Bell Buckle Park.

         For info: Carla Webb - 931-389-7017                                                  Larry Loman, James Anderson, Katherine Stroebel, Elijah Collard,
                                                                                         Florence Hall, Jen Buckner, Carla Webb, Jenny Hunt

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