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MHSA State DMH Efforts


									The Mental Health Service Act
and Latinas/os
              Rachel G. Guerrero
     Chief, Office of Multicultural Services
    California Department of Mental Health

                 June 5, 2008
                    (916) 654-2323
 Supporting Counties’ Focus on
 Underserved Communities
Throughout MHSA implementation, the
California Department of Mental Health
has supported counties’ efforts to
eliminate ethnic disparities in accessibility,
availability, and appropriateness of mental
health services.
    MHSA Plan Requirements
   We sought targeted input on requirements from
    our Cultural Competency Advisory Committee.
   We convened statewide stakeholder meetings,
    some of which included interpreters.
   We worked with county Ethnic Services
    Managers to bring diverse voices to statewide
   We funded community organizations to bring
    voices, including multicultural communities, to
    statewide meetings.
    MHSA Outreach, Engagement,
    and Direct Services
 For the first time ever, counties have resources
  to outreach and expand services to Latinas/os
  and other underserved communities.
 For example, counties must document:

      – How they insured stakeholder participation
        reflected local demographics.
      – Their current racial/ethnic disparities in access to
        services or over-representation in homeless
        population, criminal justice or foster care
        systems, school drop-outs
MHSA Outreach, Engagement,
and Direct Services, cont.
     Mental health services may be integrated
      with physical health care, or into ethnic-
      specific CBOs.
     More than half of Prevention & Early
      Intervention services must serve children.
      – Latino children are the fastest growing population
     Workforce Education & Training funds
      developing training and pathways, including
      hiring diverse consumers and family
                    Next Steps
   Funding a multicultural coalition and developing a
    strategic plan ($1.5 million) to inform a four-year
    statewide effort on Ethnically and Culturally Specific
    Programs, including the Latina/o community ($60
   Developing a strategic plan to address stigma and
    discrimination to inform a four-year statewide effort
    ($60 million).
   Moving toward an integrated mental health system.
    – Streamlined MHSA plans and reporting.
    – Cultural competence embedded throughout.

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