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									Media File Formats History

Extension Name                Media TypeFormat      Year       Origin and Description
.aiff Audio Interchange File Format     Uncompressed 1988      Co-developed by Apple and Electronic Arts Interchange. Uncompresed professional
.mp3 MPEG-1/2 Audio Layer 3Audio        Compressed 1991        Developed by major audio corporations associated with MPEG and approved by ISO
.wav WAVE Form Audio Format   Audio     Uncompressed 1992      Developed by Microsoft and IBM as a competitor to AIFF. Uncompressed. Introduc
.ra/.rmRealAudio              Audio     Compressed 1995        Developed by RealNetworks for (compressed) audio streaming. The first RealAudio
.aac Advanced Audio Coding Audio        Compressed 1997        Collaborative project by major audio corporations, approved by MPEG in 1997.
.bwav Broadcast WAVE File     Audio     Uncompressed 1997      Developed by Microsoft and IBM. Differs from a WAV file in that it has the metada

.gif                            Image
        Graphics Interchange Format        Compressed 1987 Limited 256 Color format developed by CompuServe, patented by Unisys.
.tiff   Tagged Image File FormatImage      Container     1988 Container format for images developed by Aldus (now owned by Adobe). Frequentl
.bmp    Bitmap                  Image      Compressed 1988 Created for use by IBM and Windows for OS/2 in version 1.1, which introduced a G
.psd    Photoshop Document      Image                    1990
                                           Production/Editing Bitmap graphic editor file format.
.jpg                            Image
        Joint Photographic Experts Group   Compressed 1994
.png                            Image
        Portable Network Graphics                        1996 Bitmapped lossless image format. Unpatented competitor to GIF (PNG stands for
                                           Compressed: Lossless
.svg    Scalable Vector GraphicsImage      ?             1999 Open standard XLM based format that handles two-dimensional vector graphics cre
.raw    Raw Image File          Image      Uncompressed2000?As-Yet-Unprocessed image data file. RAW files are created by manufacturers and

.ppt    PowerPoint                                       2003
.key    Apple Keynote                                    2003
                               PresentationProduction/Editing Incorporated into Apple's iWork office suite.
.odp    Open Office Impress                              2000?First OpenOffice program was released in 2000. Not sure if Impress was included.

.mpg MPEG-1 and MPEG-2       Video                       1988 Motion Picture Experts Group, part of ISO/IEC.
.mov  Apple Quicktime        Video         Container     1991 Multimedia container file that handles digital video, sound, text, and other media.
.avi  Audio Video Interleave Video         Container     1992 Container file created by Microsoft.
.dv   Digital Video File     Video         Uncompressed 1994 Used for video capture. Created by Sony?
.flv  Flash Video            Video                       1996
                                           Production/Editing FutureWave Software’s product SmartSketch was aquired by Macromedia in 1996
.mp4 MPEG-4                  Video                       1998 Motion Picture Experts Group. Adds 3D/Object-oriented support and DRM not avail
.fcp Final Cut Pro           Video         Uncompressed 1999 Created for use with the Final Cut Pro video editing program.
.ogm/.ogg Vorbis             Video         Container     2003 Ogg Vorbis open source multimedia conainter format.
.wmv Windows Media Video Video             Compressed 2003 Designed by Microsoft to compete with RealNetworks. Usually contained within the
.rm   RealVideo              Video         Container/Compressed
.omf Avid Open Media FormatVideo           Uncompressed
.xmf Extensible Music FormatVideo          Container          Open source container or wrapper file.
.aaf Advanced Authoring Format             Uncompressed       Developed by Windows and Avid for video postproduction.
           Media File Formats History

rchange. Uncompresed professional-level audio standard.
 ed with MPEG and approved by ISO/IEC as a standard in 1991.
r to AIFF. Uncompressed. Introduced with Windows 3.1.
udio streaming. The first RealAudio program was released in 1995.
ns, approved by MPEG in 1997.
  WAV file in that it has the metadata storage capabilities.

Serve, patented by Unisys.
s (now owned by Adobe). Frequently used for image distribution in scanning, faxing, and word processing.
 n version 1.1, which introduced a GUI to the OS.

 competitor to GIF (PNG stands for PNGs, Not Gifs) created by the PNG development group through the World Wide Web Consortium.
 wo-dimensional vector graphics created by the World Wide Web Consortium.
 are created by manufacturers and are therefore not necessarily compatible.

  Not sure if Impress was included.

deo, sound, text, and other media.

as aquired by Macromedia in 1996 and released as Flash in 1997. Acquired by Adobe in 2005.
oriented support and DRM not available in MPEG-1 and MPEG-2.
ting program.

works. Usually contained within the .asf container format.

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