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					?Business startup funding is a concern for most professionals starting their own
businesses. Many wonder if they have enough money to begin and when they can quit
their other jobs to focus entirely on the new business. The key to launching a business
is making sure you've studied your business startup funding needs. If you find
yourself presented with the opportunity to speed up your launch date, you need to be

Personal Finances

Look at your checkbook and credit card statements and carefully consider personal
expenses. This means you will need to uncover the extra money you spend and
eliminate it from your budget. Reducing personal expenses is important to getting
your business ready to go.

Just because you are taking better care of your business startup funding doesn't mean
you need to get rid of life's enjoyment. Think about it as a priority for now; you can
postpone vacations, fancy dinners and other fun events for just a little while, and this
will make a huge difference in your business.

Evaluating Business Expenses

Business startup funding also involves minimum business expenses. Computer
consulting is not about capital; you will have business expenses to deal with however,
so you will need to add these into your business startup funding plan.

Adding It Up

Add up your personal and business monthly expenses and remember that in order to
launch your business, you need to have six months of cash in the bank or else another
capital source. If you don't have this, you shouldn't quit your day job just yet.
However, you can start limiting your job to 15-20 hours a week so you can
concentrate on building your business. Teach computer courses at a college or work at
an electronics store to bring in reliable cash without straining yourself. This type of
plan can help you build a client base.

Finding business startup funding is a challenging aspect of starting a small business,
and you want to understand its importance as the root of both business failures and

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