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									                                                                         The Most Innovative
                                                                       Telecom Training Course

        Increasing ARPU &
     Customer Loyalty through
     Innovative Telecom Services
                        4, 5 & 6 October 2010 Traders Hotel DUBAI, U.A.E.

                Capitalizing on Higher-Value Strategies and
                  Technology for Customer Loyalty and
                         Maximising Mobile ARPU
                                                                   Fundamental Reasons why you should join:
Telecom Training Workshop to be led by:
                                                                    • Introduce content, products and services from advanced mobile
                                                                      industries to help participants understand ways to make new
                                                                      revenue and RAISE customer loyalty
                                                                    • Give participants better understanding on how they can define
                                                                      their market strategies in Increasing their ARPU and creating
                                                                      innovative services that will promote Customer Loyalty
                                                                    • To learn and dissect CRITICAL BUSINESS CASES from
                                                                      the relevant and up to date case presentations from an advance
                          Kei Shimada,                                market perspective
                          Founder and CEO of Infinita Inc.          • Evaluate how SUCCESS STORIES can be replicated in your
                                       own segment of the market
                                                                    • This is the only Training Workshop Course that focuses on
                                                                      SERVICE SATISFACTION MANAGEMENT in the
 HIGLIGHTED CASE STUDIES TO BE DISCUSSED DURING                       Telecoms Sector
                                                                    • ARPU: WHY it is the paramount of Measuring Performance of
 - An International Food Chain’s NFC based Coupon                     INDIVIDUAL REVENUES
   Redeeming System                                                 • To RE-EXAMINE the Nature of the VALUE CHAIN. From
 - A Giant Mobile Network Operator’s Paid Mobile TV Service           Financial Services Providers down to the Retail Customer
 - A Global Advertising Agency’s Mobile Coupon and                  • New and Future Strategies to improve REVENUES
   Advertisement Augmented Reality App                              • SERVICE = LOYALTY | Know the KEY Formation Mechanism
                                                                      of Customer Loyalty in the Telecommunications Industry
 Infinita clients include IBM, Adobe, Cybird, Deutsche Telekom,     • Gather the VITAL and HYBRID Recommendation, Softbank Mobile, Gameloft, Itochu, Orange,               Architecture for the Telecom Space from KEI SHIMADA
 Qualcomm, Dentsu, Swisscom, Turkcell and the Embassies of            -- Presented and based from years of Industry Analysis and
 Canada and Denmark in Japan.                                         Consultancy for the Telecom Technology.


Organised by:         Endorsers                   Media Partners
        Increasing ARPU & Customer Loyalty through
                 Innovative Telecom Services                                                                             “The right mix of Topics,
                        4, 5 & 6 October 2010 Traders Hotel DUBAI, U.A.E.                                             Speakers and Methodology.”
                                                                                                                                   - SK,VENYON

Day 1:                                                                                Case Study 3 - A Global Advertising Agency’s Mobile Coupon and
                                                                                      Advertisement Augmented Reality App
Understanding Mobile in an Advanced Market and Examining Ways
on How you Can Have Winning Strategies to Increase your ARPU and                      • Objective of the Campaign
Customer Loyalty Through Service Innovation                                           • Strategies deployed
                                                                                      • Key learning Points
                                                                                      • Major challenges to overcome
> Overview of the mobile industry and its ecosystem
                                                                                      • Market impact and implications to ARPU and Customer Loyalty
• Mapping out the Industry
• Identifying the key players                                                         Interactive Group Sessions:
• Understanding the market dynamics
                                                                                      - Sessions that will make everyone work together to come up with new ideas for
• Evaluating competition
                                                                                        products and services that they think will raise ARPU and Customer Loyalty.
                                                                                      - Our Workshop Leader will help the groups to identify goals and guide them
> Mobile Advertisement – The new media of the 2.0 generation
                                                                                        through the process of identifying potential ideas:
• Defining Mobile Advertisement and overview of the market                              • Innovative Ideas
• Ensuring that advertisements display effectively on the majority of mobile phones     • Monetization Model
• Providing an engaging, non-intrusive consumer experience                              • Identifying target markets and segmentation
• Investigating on ROI – The impact of Mobile Advertisement in your ARPU and            • Quantifying & Qualifying business cases
  Customer Loyalty efforts
                                                                                      Discussion on how to perfect your ideas to your specific market and how to use
> Mobile Marketing – the message revolution                                           these ideas to create real value to your customers.
• Defining Mobile Marketing and overview of the market
• Understanding the marketing potential of Mobile as a “lead” medium                  Day 3:
• Evaluating best practices in Mobile Marketing                                       Drawing Your Strategy to increase your ARPU and Building the Best
• Investigating on ROI – The impact of Mobile Marketing in your ARPU and              Campaign to Promote Customer Loyalty through Innovating your services
  Customer Loyalty efforts
                                                                                      - How do we achieve our DREAM ARPU for our Organization?
> Mobile Content Services (m-Books, LBS, Social Networking Services, etc)             - What are the secret sauce for our customers to keep on using our products and
• Defining Mobile Content Services and overview of the market                           sevices?
• Key Trends and Headlines in the Mobile Content Services Space                       - Which innovative ideas would work effectively in our own distinctive markets?
• Information Services and Entertainment Services
• Mobile Device Capabilities                                                          These are only some of the questions that will be uncovered in the coclusive 3rd
• Investigating on ROI – The impact of Mobile Content Services in your ARPU and       day presentation for the workshop. The last day also includes a focus pair up activity
  Customer Loyalty efforts                                                            that will give our workshop leader the opportunity to sit with you and strategize
                                                                                      what ideas you have came up with and how you can bring it back home with a solid
> Mobile Broadband Services (Videos, etc) – The value of seamless                     business case.
                                                                                      Brainstorming Session – Perfecting your Own Initiated Innovative
• Defining Mobile Broadband and Embedded Solutions
• Market Sizing and Outlook
• Adoption and timing implications of Mobile Broadband Solutions                      - Basing on the Introduction of Innovative services and case dissertations, you will
• Investigating on ROI – The impact of Mobile Broadband in your ARPU and                be given a chance to come up with the services that you think would be applicable
  Customer Loyalty efforts                                                              in your market and have a consultative chance to brainstorm the ideas from the
                                                                                        workshop leader and from your group mates
> Enabling Technology (NFC for Payment, QR Codes, etc)                                - Interacting and overcoming potential challenges by tapping into the wisdom of the
• Trends for Enabling Technologies in the telecommunications world
                                                                                      - Polishing your preliminary ideas to bring back home solid business case that will
• User driven service created environment and it’s predominant value
                                                                                        make sense
                                                                                      - Understanding the true value of innovation in your ARPU and Customer Loyalty
> Carrier Strategies – the Roadmap on how to make these Innovative
solutions to be available in your own market
                                                                                      Conclusive Presentation – How do we deal with the Continuous
Day 2:                                                                                Challenge of Increasing our ARPU and Building the most Effective
Interactive and Group Sessions – Examining Business Cases and Best                    Campaign Strategies that will Promote our Innovative Services that will
Practices Approach                                                                    lead to Customer Loyalty?
                                                                                      • Enumerating Key Learning points from the Workshop
Case Study 1 - An International Food Chain’s NFC based Coupon                         • Identifying potential challenges that you might face
Redeeming System                                                                      • Understanding how to balance innovative ideas that will create high level of ARPU
• Objective of the Campaign                                                             and Customer loyalty for your organization
• Strategies deployed                                                                 • What is the roadmap for success?
• Key learning Points                                                                 • Our Workshop Leader will bring in ideas from an advance market perspective and
• Major challenges to overcome                                                          help you have see actual ways to have it incorporated in your current and future
• Market impact and implications to ARPU and Customer Loyalty                           strategies

Case Study 2 - A Giant Mobile Network Operator’s Paid Mobile TV                       Conclusions and Open Forum – SHARE, LISTEN AND UNDERSTAND
Service                                                                               This workshop will surely be a NOT TO MISS for this year for you will have a once
• Objective of the Campaign                                                           in a lifetime chance to enhance your capabilities as a REVENUE contributor for your
• Strategies deployed                                                                 organization. In 3 days, you will be given a chance to creatively think, learn and share
• Key learning Points                                                                 the true value of INNOVATION the will give you the highest possible ARPU and
• Major challenges to overcome                                                        LOYAL CUSTOMERS that will keep on coming back!
• Market impact and implications to ARPU and Customer Loyalty

                                                      CONNECT WITH US THROUGH
                                                                                             Increasing ARPU & Customer Loyalty
                         +ARPU & Customer Loyalty                                         Through Innovative Telecom Services

     Eugene Azucena DID: +65 6557 9185
                                                                                 Increasing ARPU & Customer Loyalty through
 “A very well organized event, very pleasing                                              Innovative Telecom Services
       and helpful”. – PM, Deputy Manager-                                                         4, 5 & 6 October 2010 Traders Hotel DUBAI, U.A.E.
         Business Development, XIUS-bcgi

                        Kei is the Founder and CEO of           Who Should Attend?
                        Infinita Inc (,   Neoedge Telecoms & Research has designed this Training Workshop with the three key elements: INNOVATION,
                        a multinational mobile research,        EXPERIENCE and REACH. These elements compliment the Training’s major focus on Increasing Mobile ARPU,
                        consulting and development firm         Customer Loyalty and Innovative Telecom Services. Our Workshop Trainer’s Innovative Ideas and extensive
                        located in the heart of Tokyo. His      Experience in the Telecommunications Space has a worldwide REACH and would surely help to steer the
                        company is one of the very few          future of the following industry sectors and their respective leaders:
                        companies in Japan that covers the      •     Mobile Network Operators               •      Platform and Solution Providers
                        3 business areas all under one roof,    •     MVNOs                                  •     Telecom Vendors
consisted of a multinational team and possesses in-depth        •     Carriers                               •      OEMs & ODMs
working knowledge of the worlds most advanced mobile            •    VAS Providers                           •     Telecom Consultants and Analysts
market. Their goal is to help clients across the globe create   •     Application Developers
world-class services on connected devices.
He is also the EVP of International Business Development
                                                                Job Titles:
at mobile AR leader Tonchidot.                                    * CEO, COO, CFO
Kei was born in New York and moved to Japan in the late           * VP, Director, Head, Manager, Executive – Marketing
80’s. After graduation, he has worked for Panasonic, Lucent       * VP, Director, Head, Manager, Executive – Business Development
Technologies and Cybird, all leading companies in their           * VP, Director, Head, Manager Executive – Mobile Innovation
respective industries. Kei is fully bilingual in Japanese and     * VP, Director, Head, Manager Executive – Customer Loyalty and Churn Management
English, and is a regular keynote at industry events such as      * VP, Director, Head, Manager Executive – Product Development
the Mobile Marketing Forum (NewYork, Singapore),Ad:Tech
(Tokyo), CommunicAsia (Singapore), Mobile 2.0 (Silicon            * VP, Director, Head, Manager, Executive – Emerging Technologies
Valley),Telecom Asia (Singapore) and has spoken in over 10        * VPs, Heads and Managers of:
countries around the globe. He has also been quoted in the      Content, Enterprise Business, Application, Financial Services, Technology, Capital Management, VAS, Product
Economist, BBC News, ZDNet Asia,Times (London), Media           Development, Future Services, Service Development,Vendor Support, Planning Networks, Network Operations,
(Hong Kong) plus numerous other international media             Network Solutions
for his insight on the mobile industry. His passions, aside     Course Format:
from work, include playing tennis, snowboarding, travelling,    This course will be held in a highly interactive workshop format from diverse Telecom Technology Experiences
cooking with his wife and collecting mobile devices from        & Case Studies
around the world. His collection includes the Magic Cap,        Pre-course Questionnaires;
first generation Sony Clie and Sharp Zaurus.
                                                                Kei would like to customise the training based on your specific needs. Pre-Course Questionnaire will be sent to
                                                                you prior to the workshop to complete and for the trainers to analyse in advance and address during the course.
 Representation across the value chain                          Certificate of Attendance;
                                                                Upon the successful completion of this course, you will receive a Certificate of Attendance bearing the
                                                                signatures from both the Expert Trainer and the Course Organiser. This Certificate will testify your endeavour
                                                                and serve towards your professional advancement.
                                                                Course Material:
                                                                *All delegates will receive a hard copy course material as well as a CD-Rom containing all the presentation materials
                                                                *Color printing of charts in Course Material for easy reading and future reference.

                                                                                                             Here are some Speaking Highlights of Kei
                                                                                                             Shimada from October 2009 to June of 2010.
         Attendee Demographic by Location
                                                                                                             Event: Mobile 2.0
                                                                                                             Date: October 16, 2009
                                                                                                             Location: Silicon Valley
                                                                                                             Panel Title: The App Explosion – International Trends and Learnings

                                                                                                             Event: Heroes of The Mobile Screen
                                                                                                             Date: December 7, 2009
                                                                                                             Location: London
                                                                                                             Presentation Title: [Keynote] Lessons from Japan

                                                                                                             Event: Mobile Marketing Forum Singapore
                                                                                                             Date: April 15, 2010
                                                                                                             Location: Singapore
       Attendee Demographic by Market share                                                                  Presentation Title: [Keynote] Ubiquity of Infinite Possibilities

                                                                                                             Event: i-VAS Conference and Exhibition
                                                                                                             Date: April 22, 2010
                                                                                                             Location: Kuwait
                                                                                                             Presentation Title: A Glimpse of the Future. Japan.

                                                                                                             Event: National Publishers Conference
                                                                                                             Date: June 3, 2010
                                                                                                             Location: The Netherlands
                                                                                                             Presentation Title: Mobile in Japan

                                                                                                             Event: CommunicAsia 2010

                                                                                                             Date: June 16, 2010
                                                                                                             Location: Singapore
                      Industry Sector                                                                        Presentation Title: International Innovation: What are the trends for
                                                                                                             the future?

              “The conference was organized very well, all the speakers and the information presented
               was very high quality.The organizing team have done a very good job and they are very
                                           helpful” - DS, Manager-Mobile Commerce, Dialog Telekom
                                                                       Increasing ARPU & Customer Loyalty through
“The event has been provided in Higher Level!                                   Innovative Telecom Services
                  Thanks to Neoedge Team!”                                        4, 5 & 6 October 2010 Traders Hotel DUBAI, U.A.E.
                             – MN, Mobicom

                                                                                     REGISTRATION & ENQUIRIES
                                                                                     Neoedge Pte Ltd
                                                                                     3 Phillip Street #13-04 Commerce Point Singapore
   Sales Contract                                                                    Contact: Eugene Azucena
                                                                                     DID: +65 6557 9185
   To confirm your position kindly complete this form                                Main: +65 65579166
   and fax back to Eugene Azucena: +65 6557 9188                                     Fax: +65 6557 9188

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  Position                                                                 Traders Hotel Dubai
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                                                                           81877, Dubai, UAE
  Company Name                                                             Sushmita Kurup
                                                                           Business Development Manager
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  Authorization (This contract is not valid without a signature)           Please quote that this event is organised by NEOEDGE to
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                                                                           a credit voucher equivalent to the full amount will be issued for you
  Visa        Mastercard            AMEX           Bank Transfer           to attend any Neoedge events for up to 18 months. No refund for
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