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This newsletter celebrates Student Achievement.

Scholarships and Bursaries
This year we recognise the last students to gain qualifications in University Bursary and Scholarship exams.
 Alastair Waller gained three scholarships in Calculus, Physics and Statistics. He also gained an A Bursary
   in Chemistry – only 1 mark below a scholarship, and B Bursaries in Graphics and Classics.
   Alistair consistently achieved very well academically throughout his secondary schooling – notably in a
   range of external competitions. He was placed in the top 20 in New Zealand in the Chemistry Olympiad.
   Alastair also contributed positively to the school in many different activities and was always willing to help
   In recognition of his achievements, he was awarded a Principal's Scholarship of $1,000 to be used for
   University expenses.

Other students who gained A and B Bursaries were:
       A Bursaries:                                                                   B Bursaries:
       Rita Chen – 6 subjects                                                         Laurence Brown, 5 subjects
       Sarah Hastie – 5 subjects                                                      Natalie Hawkes, 5 subjects
       Robert Mackay – 5 subjects                                                     Beth Quinn, 5 subjects
       Kristina Wilson – 5 subjects                                                   Fatrian Rusydy, 4 subjects
       Mindy Wu – 5 subjects

University Entrance was gained by: Fiona Clarkson, Kelly Edwards, Megan Jones, Yukie Kamata, Matthew
Leigh, Anna Mu, Xin Pang, Lauren Penney, Cameron Potter, Holly Russell, Cindy Wang, Tony Wang, Sam

Congratulations to you all and very best wishes for the future.

Parent-Teacher Association
 Our very active and hard working PTA have established two scholarships for which students may apply.
These are:
 The PTA Perry Foundation Aviation Scholarship. This entitles the recipient to $2000 worth of flying
   lessons and training and 12 month membership to the Waikato Aero Club (provided free by the Club). The
   2002 winner was James Matthews, and the 2003 winner was Marcus Brown.

    The Freedom Air-PTA Tourism Scholarship: entitles the recipient to a return air flight to Australia's Gold
     Coast, up to one week's stay with a student billet and personal contact with both Freedom Air and travel
     agencies. The 2003 winner was Amy McLean.

    Be ready to apply for these scholarships when they are advertised this year. See Mr Brown for details.

  The PTA meet on the 4th Tuesday of each month in the staffroom at 7.30pm. Chairperson Ellie Wilkinson can
be contacted on phone 8554464. New members who are interested in an active involvement in a range of
activities which benefit the school are very welcome.
Student Leaders for 2004
     Casey-Lee Bell, Head Girl                                        Caleb Dobbs, Head Boy
     Rachel MacMurray, Deputy Head Girl                               Chae McGava, Deputy Head Boy
     Fraser McKissack, Student Board of Trustees Representative Rebecca Osborn, Chairperson School
     This group of very capable students is already active in the school. They are planning a Junior Social in the
last week of Term I.
     They will represent Fairfield College at the Cenotaph on ANZAC Day, Sunday 25th April at the end of the

NCEA Results 2003
To date we have analysed the results in two ways.
 1. The number of Excellent and Merit results gained at Year 11 and Year 12. These results relate to
     Achievement Standards in academic courses.
 2. The total number of credits achieved by passing both Achievement and Unit Standards at Year 11 and
     year 12, across all courses.

  The Top Twenty High Achievers in terms of                 The Top Twenty High Achievers in terms of
  Excellence and Merit results - Year 12, 2003              Excellence and Merit results - Year 11, 2003
                           No of       No of     Total                                No of       No of     Total
                           Excellences Merits                                         Excellences Merits
Fraser McKissack            19          11        30       Marie Claire Henderson    20          12        32
Rebecca Osborn              13          13        26       Karl Hendrikse            15          16        31
Young-Hwa Lee               13          11        24       Jennifer Littlewood       11          23        34
Rachel MacMurray            11          11        22       Cameron James             10          20        30
Adelle Nancekivell          7           9         16       Chris Robertson           10          15        25
Andrew Hope                 7           6         13       Amanda Joe                10          15        25
Sarah Nutsford              6           11        17       Amanda Harris             9           17        26
Eric Lee                    6           10        16       Holly Rendall             9           8         17
Sang Ook Lee                5           10        15       Brooke Hayward            8           17        25
Conrad Read                 5           8         13       Rachel Orr                8           17        25
James Matthews              3           21        24       Laurelle Jury             8           14        22
Alenna Taylor               3           16        19       Katrina Hamblin           8           8         16
Nick Robertson              3           14        17       Marcus Brown              7           25        32
Max Knight                  3           9         12       Julia Wilson              6           16        22
Sarah Carter                2           11        13       Ashley Robertson          6           14        20
William Stewart             2           11        13       Jhan Vernon               6           13        19
Rebecca Clews               2           10        12       Melody Yeap               6           13        19
Madeline Green-Moffitt      2           10        12       Olivia Hartles            6           13        19
Fiona Johnston              2           8         10       Ellen Clarkson            6           12        18
Casey-Lee Bell              2           6         8        Brittany Hirst            6           8         14

The following top 30 students gained over 100 Credits at Level 1 , 2003: The number of credits required to
achieve NCEA Level 1 is 80. (Some students also gained Credits at Level 2, which are included in these
    Ashley Robertson 175                  Yu-Hsiu Chen       140             Julia Wilson              128
    Marcus Brown         169              Isaac Cunnane      138             Amanda Joe                126
    Karl Hendrikse       166              Ryan Lind          138             Gabrielle Quinn           125
    Jhan Vernon          156              Rachel Orr         136             Jonathon Roberts          125
    Melody Yeap          151              Jennifer Kerr      135             Campbell Stephens         125
    Cameron James        147              Amanda Harris      134             Megan McFarlane           123
    Jennifer Littlewood 147               Alexander Roper 133                Michael Rose              123
    Erin Moffet          145              Matthew Wetere 132                 Jo-Peng Liu               122
    Chris Robertson      143              Amy McLean         131             Marie-Claire Henderson 120
    Brooke Hayward       142              Damandeep Singh 131                Caleb Dent                119
Overall, 60 students gained NCEA Level 1.
The following students gained over 100 Credits at Level 2: The number of credits required to achieve NCEA
Level 2 is 60.
   Alenna Taylor          150         Andrew Hope               129         William Stewart        110
   Rebecca Osborn         148         Nicholas Bowkett          117         Fiona Johnston         108
   Nicholas Robertson     140         Sarah Carter              117         Melanie Collins        106
   James Matthews         134         Gareth Burridge Amyes 115             Max Knight             103
   Fraser McKissack       133         Adelle Nancekivell        115         Sarah Nutsford         103
   Rachel MacMurray       130         Michael Pouwels           115

Learning Options Scholarship                                Principal's Award
The Learning Options Scholarship is awarded to              A special Principal's Award of $500 was given to
the student who gains the highest number of credits         Jhan Vernon who completed both NCEA Level
over all year levels. The 2003 winner is Ashley             One and NCEA Level Two as a Year 11 student in
Robertson who gained 175 credits. This earns                2003. He gained 156 credits with 96 at Level I and
Ashley $1500 towards educational expenses.                  60 at Level II. Excellent work!

Principal's Award
A Special Principal's Award of $500 has been given to Marie Claire Henderson who gained the highest
number of excellences overall in 2003 at Level 1 and Level 2. An outstanding result.

  NCEA is working for Fairfield College. Students who have worked within the new system for two years are
using the system to their advantage. These students are aware of the requirements for entering tertiary
education and are intending to gain the higher grades needed; ie Merits and Excellences, where ever possible.
  Students who have gained partial completion of Level 1 or Level 2, are now placed in courses which give
them opportunity to complete their certificates. It is for this group that the system is working best, as prior
achievement is acknowledged. The students themselves also have more motivation to achieve this goal as they
know it is attainable.
  This year's Year 11 students have all the opportunities to achieve NCEA Level 1. They are in classes which
ensure that they can achieve maximum credits. They are more motivated because they can see that their goal is
  In 2004 we intend to raise the number of students achieving NCEA Level 1. We must ensure that Literacy
and Numeracy requirements are met. We also need to encourage students to aim for Excellence and Merit to
prepare them to meet entry requirements for careers and tertiary courses.
  Level 3 is academically demanding and Scholarship, NCEA Level 4, should be attempted mainly by students
who have gained a lot of excellences in earlier years.                                             Helen Bradford
                                                                                            NZQA Liaison Teacher

At the Waikato Secondary School Swimming Championships held recently, Adelle Nancekivell was 5th in the
50m freestyle, 9th in the 100m IM, 10th 50m butterfly. Peter Coombridge came 3rd in the 50m butterfly, 5th in
the 50m freestyle, 5th in the 100m IM, Amiria Britton-Bruce came 10th in the 50m breaststroke. Adelle
Nancekivell and Peter Coombridge competed at the Waikato Age Group Championships. Both made the finals
with Peter receiving a silver medal for his 50m fly.

Congratulations to:
 Senior Girls' Tennis Team of Sarah Nutsford, Sophia Volz, Christine Dryland, Kaylene Johnston,
   Elena Gjika for coming runners-up in the Division 2 competition
 Brooke Johnson – winning the Intermediate Plate at the Waikato Secondary Schools Tennis Champs
 Kaylene Johnstone and Kylie Thompson winning the Junior Consolation Plate at the Waikato Secondary
   School Championships.

Congratulations to our athletes who competed at the Waikato Championships on Saturday 20th March, and who
represented the Waikato Bay of Plenty at the North Island Championships in Inglewood on 27-28th March
2004. Results were:

                                           Waikato Championships              North Ssland Championships, Inglewood
                                              on 20 March 2004                            27/28 March 2004
Shafat Salad                    1st Senior Boys 1500m                       2nd Senior Boys 1500m (Shafat narrowly
                                Winner of the 'John Walker Shoes' trophy,   missed qualifying for the World Junior
                                record time of 3m 59.32sec                  Championships in a special race over the
                                1st in 3000m Senior Boys                    3000m steeplechase the evening before in
                                                                            terrible weather conditions.)
Yuko Kobayashi                  1st in Shotput Senior Girls                 2nd Senior Girls Shotput
                                2nd 100m Hurdles Senior Girls
Kylie Thompson                  1st Javelin Intermediate Girls              2nd Intermediate Girls Javelin
Hayley McLean                   2nd High Jump Junior Girls                  1st Junior Girls Triple Jump – 10.77m
                                2nd Triple Jump Junior Girls
Julie Quick                     2nd 3000m Senior Girls                      6th Senior Girls 3000m
Ardyn Foy                       2nd 200m Intermediate Boys                  5th Intermediate Boys 400m
                                3rd 400m Intermediate Boys                  1st Intermediate Boys 4X100m Relay
Hamish Scott                    2nd 800m Junior Boys                        10th Junior Boys 800m
Patrick Tibble                  2nd Triple Jump Junior Boys                 5th Junior Boys Triple Jump
Lamoni Tawha                    2nd Discus Intermediate Boys                3rd Open Boys Hammer
                                2nd Hammer Open Boys
Emma Thomas                     3rd 80m Hurdles Intermediate Girls          4th Intermediate Girls 80m Hurdles
Chris Smith                     3rd Shotput Senior Boys                     3rd Senior Boys Shotput
Mercer Laumanu                  3rd Shotput Intermediate Girls              2nd Open Girls Hammer
                                3rd Hammer Open Girls
Matthew Wetere                  3rd Triple Jump Senior Boys                 6th Senior Boys Triple Jump
Veronika Lang                   3rd 300m Junior Girls                       5th Junior Girls 200m
                                                                            1st Junior Girls 4X100m Relay
Veronika Lang, Ashley Morgan,   1st in Junior Girls Relay
Amy Moxom, Julia Thomas

Over 100 girls have signed up to play netball and 13 teams have already been organised. We are now looking
for parents to help manage or coach teams. If you are interested please contact Whaea Lil at school during
school hours.

Team Results:
Junior Girls – 1st Overall
Most Valuable Junior Girls Player – Lillian Pompey, Fairplay Award – Cody Havill
Senior Girls – 3rd Overall
Most Valuable Senior Girls Player – Awhina Haumaha, Fairplay Award – Theresa Conn
Junior Boys – No placing
Most Valuable Junior Boys Player – Shannon Mark-Solomon, Fairplay Award – Stanley Reihana
Senior Boys – 4th Overall
Most Valuable Senior Boys Player – Tuhina Tai Rakena, Fairplay Award – Detroit Paki
A special thanks to all the coaches: Whaea Rose Kingi (Junior Girls), Whaea Lil Pompey (Senior Girls), Rima
Teao (Junior Boys), Dion Kairau (Senior Boys).
Congratulations to Awhina Haumaha (Under 16) and Theresa Conn (Under 16) and Detroit Paki (Under 14)
and Lillian Pompey (Under 14) who were selected to represent Fairfield College in the Waikato Secondary
Representative Touch Teams.

Tia Barrett is one of 15 members who have been selected for the Hamilton Youth Council. The purpose of the
Hamilton Youth Council is to advise Council on issues and policies that will impact on youth; be a voice for
people under 25 years in the city; plan and carry out projects for youth in the areas of recreation, arts and
culture; and liaise with other youth groups locally and with other councils nationally.

A truck and trailer load of 44 round hay bales from Fairfield College will be sent shortly to the Manawatu
through the Fieldays Flood Relief and Federated Farmers. Regal Haulage Ltd are donating their time and
transporting of these hay bales.

Boys 1st XI – The 1st XI plays in the men's 2nd Division Club competition, aided by player/coach Mr Wilson.
This year the team only lost one game outright, and beat competition leader, Te Rapa, on 1st Innings.
 Cedric Crow took 32 wickets at an average of 10.69 runs over four games.
 James Forbes took 5 for 40 vs Hamilton Old Boys.
 Michael Pouwels scored 62 and 50 against Hamilton Old Boys
 Scott Mulcahy scored 103 vs Melville with 11 x 4s
 Paul Hockin scored 103 vs Te Awamutu College in Gillette Cup (10 x 4s, 2 x 6s)

Boys 2nd XI play in the Senior Participation Grade on Saturday afternoons. Currently they have not lost a
match this season.
 Qasim Noorzai took 7 wickets for 16 vs Huntly.
 Kerry Meerkerk 100 retired vs Fraser (14 x 4s, 2 x 6s)
 Shayne Bradford 55 retired (6 x 4s, 5 x 6s)
Our thanks to Linda Meerkerk, Ashley Brown, John Scott, Russell Kirkpatrick, Jenny and Stuart Hamilton for
coaching, scoring, umpiring and co-ordinating this year.

Girls Cricket – The Girls' Cricket team had a very good season, losing only one game to Hillcrest in a very
close contest. There have been some outstanding performances with the bat by Kylie Thompson (95 against
Dio and 50no against HGHS) and Natalie Edwards (50no against HGHS). The most memorable performance
was the game against Dio which we needed to win to go through to the semi-finals of the Yoplait Cup.
Fairfield scored 125 and bowled Dio out for 78. Fairfield College play Taupo in the semi-final on 6 April at

  NCEA is now entering its third year and Level 3 is currently being implemented in Year 13 programmes.
NCEA has given departments the opportunity to develop programmes which more effectively meet the learning
needs of different groups of students and increasing numbers of our senior students are doing multi-level
programmes, completing Level 1, 2 and 3 Achievement Standards in the same course.
  While there are still concerns about the workload NCEA has created for staff and students, the new system
does offer more students greater opportunity to achieve and progress within the Qualification Framework.
                                                                             Judith Brussen, Curriculum Leader

    New Zealand Scholarship is registered at level 4 on the New Zealand Register of Quality Assured
Qualifications. It is a stand-alone qualification designed to extend very high-achieving level 3 students. It will
also identify top scholars.
    The aim of the qualification is to assess your ability to synthesize and integrate concepts – to apply higher-
level thinking based on in-school and independent learning.
    Scholarship assessments cover the same content as level 3 achievement standards so a separate course is not
needed. They just assess you at a higher level.
    To complete the Scholarship qualification you will need to earn 72 credits (ie complete three scholarship
     Achieving a scholarship standard can count towards an NCEA level 3 qualification.

Congratulations to Bradley Kerr, an ex Fairfield College student, who has completed a Bachelor of Music at
the University of Waikato last year. See his advertisement regarding tuition on next page.
The Fairfield College current Board of Trustees met for its final meeting as a full board last week. Sincere
thanks to all current members and those who have had to resign their positions during the term for various
personal reasons. The College has been ably lead and very well supported in a wide range of endeavours by
this hard working team. Sincere thanks to you all.                                         – Caroline Bennett

    Whanau Support
  5.30pm to 7pm at the Wharenui
      Tuesday 4th May 2004
     Tuesday 22nd June 2004

Term 2 Calendar
26   Term 2 commences
27   PTA Meeting, 7.30pm, Staffroom

3-14   Year 9 Camps
4      Whanau Support Meeting, 5.30pm, Wharenui
6      School Council
13     Board of Trustees Annual General Meeting, 7.30pm, Library
20     School Council
25     PTA Meeting, 7.30pm, Staffroom
31     Senior School Assessment Week

7    Queen's Birthday
10   School Council
     Board of Trustees Meeting, 7.30pm, Library
16   Junior Reports issued
22   Year 9/10 Parent Interviews, 4-6pm
     Whanau Support Meeting, 5.30pm, Wharenui
     PTA Meeting, 7.30pm, Staffroom
23   Year 9/10 Parent Interviews, 7-9pm
24   School Council
     Senior Reports issued
25   Waikato Secondary Schools Band and Orchestra Festival
26   School Ball
29   Parent Interviews Seniors, 7-9pm
30   Senior Parent Interviews, 4-6pm

2    Term 2 concludes

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