Juanita Bezuidenhout - Universiteit Stellenbosch University by gyvwpsjkko


									           HPCSA accredited training posts
         Enroll for MMed at specific university

  Colleges of           CMSA                 MMED
   Medicine               +               assessment +
 South Africa        Dissertation         Dissertation

CERTIFICATE                      MMED

                MEDICAL SPECIALIST
Inconsistencies in:
• Programme outcomes
• Educational alignment between
     university programmes’ content and assessment
     university programmes’ and the College assessment
     lack of College QA

Designed and developed in collaboration:
• A national framework to serve as the guideline for training
• Implementation of a unitary assessment by the COP
• Research component managed by university
• A national quality assurance framework
general competencies of specialists were extracted and
clustered into seven major roles. These physician roles
include the following:

           Medical expertHealth advocate
           Communicator Scholar
           Collaborator Professional
           Manager

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