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									                                                                     CHCA Factor Consignment RFP Questionnaire
                                                                                                         Yes           No   N/A   Responses/Comments
1.0   General Company Information
      1.1  Please provide your official company name.
      1.2  Please provide the main address and phone number for your company.
            Please provide the name and phone number of the contact at your company for National
      1.3   Accounts management.
            Please provide contact information for questions regarding your company’s RFP
      1.4   Responses
      1.5   Please provide the website address of your company.
      1.6   If Applicable, please provide the stock symbol for your company.
      1.7   If Applicable, please advise which exchanges your stocks are traded on.
            What current national and/or group purchasing contracts do you have in place? What are
      1.8   the expirations dates? Award type? (sole or multi source)
2.0   Service Area
      2.1   Do you provide sales and service to both hospitals and alternate site clients?
      2.2   Does your service territory include the entire continental United States?
      2.3   If no, what states are serviced by your company?
            Does your company provide services outside the continental United States? If yes, what
      2.4   territories/countries?
            Does your company have plans for future expansion of service territory? If yes, what
      2.5   states/countries?
3.0   Company Finance
      3.1 List your company’s gross revenues the last three fiscal years in descending order.

      3.2   List the percentage that factor consignment contributes to your company’s gross revenue.
      3.3   List your company’s net revenues the last three fiscal years in descending order.
      3.4   What is your company’s current debt-to-equity ratio?
            What is your company’s current ratio of annual cash flow to debt service (i.e., by what
      3.5   margin is debt service covered by annual cash flow: 1.5 to 1.0, 2 to 1, etc.)?
            Do you have current CHCA customers associated with annual revenues? If yes, please
      3.6   attach documentation.
4.0   Environmental Policy
      4.1   Please describe your company's environmental practices.
      4.2   Are reusable containers used for delivery to facilities?
      4.3   Describe types of packaging materials used for shipping.
5.0   Diversity
      5.1   Is your company minority owned?
      5.2   Does your company have a diversity policy? If yes, please attach.
6.0   Factor Consignment
      6.1   Provide an overview of your factor consignment program.
      6.2   Provide potential savings opportunities both quantitative and qualitative.
      6.3   How many years has your company been a factor consignment distributor?
      6.4   Is all factor consignment product acquired direct from the manufacturer?
            Do you have a process in place for electronically tracking and reporting drug pedigrees to
            members to address the detection and prevention of counterfeit drug infiltration? If yes,
      6.5   please describe.
      6.6   Is your factor consignment program compatible with 340B?
      6.7   Do you have a liability clause in your contract with manufacturers? If yes, please attach.

            Describe your conversion process to bring on a new customer. Provide a timeline and
      6.8   process steps for a normal conversion. Include details on conversion of hospital product.
            Will your company agree to support all training and conversion costs for a member
      6.9   facility transitioning to your company?

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                                                                    CHCA Factor Consignment RFP Questionnaire
                                                                                                         Yes           No   N/A   Responses/Comments
      6.10 Will your company provide a conversion team to re-label all shelves at no charge?
      6.11 Under normal conditions is your company able to convert a facility in a 60 day period?
7.0   Ordering
      7.1   Describe the process for contract loading and discrepancy resolution.

      7.2    What is your company’s factor consignment ordering method (i.e. electronic, phone, fax)?
      7.3    Is the order entry system web-based? If no, skip 7.4 through 7.11.
      7.4    Is the order entry system capable of creating a facility formulary?
      7.5    Can the software support pricing and tracking of inter-department transfers?
      7.6    Are order transmission expenses (i.e., telephone expense) provided at no charge?
             Is an online product catalog which includes distributor order numbers made available to
      7.7    each member facility?
      7.8    Does the software support item lookup by: Brand Name, Generic Name, Partial NDC?
      7.9    Does software show a purchase history for items?
      7.10   Will the lookup screen for products that display multiple items indicate prior purchases?
      7.11   Is stock quantity status displayed in “real time”?
      7.12   Is quantity on hand available prior to order transmission?
      7.13   Is quantity ordered committed to the facility at the time of order?
      7.14   Is there a minimum order requirement? If yes, please define.
      7.15   Does your company limit order quantity on items that are “short supply”?
             Does your company provide prompt notification on “out of stock” items and anticipated
      7.16   availability dates? Please indicate the method and standard time for notification.
             Are buyers immediately notified of backorders at time order is placed? If yes, is reason
      7.17   given for backorder?
8.0   Stocking
             What factor products does your company stock? Please provide price sheet including
      8.1    Manufacturer, Product Name, NDC and Price.
             Does your company carry all assay sizes of the stocked product? If not, what is your
      8.2    company policy regarding assay sizes.
             Will your company offer all stocked factor products on a consignment basis? Please list
      8.3    product exclusions
      8.4    How is factor consignment stock at member facilities monitored by your company?
             Who is responsibile in monitoring factor consignment stock levels? If your company,
      8.5    how often will your company reconcile inventory?
             Does your company offer a service whereby distributor employees refill factor within
      8.6    CHCA Owner Hospitals?
      8.7    When is factor consignment stock replaced or renewed with new product?
      8.8    What is your minimum usage requirement to stock a product?
             What is your process for establishing minimum usage so members are not faced with
      8.9    unavailability of a new products?
             What is your lead time for non-stock orders? Describe your order placement process for
      8.10   any non-stock orders placed by our members.
             What is your preferred stock out/substitution policy? If you have any standard language,
      8.11   please attach.
             Are printed product price stickers and bar coded shelf labels available to member
      8.12   facilities?
      8.13   Are facility specific bar coded shelf labels available to member facilities?
      8.14   Can product stickers and shelf labels be printed on-site?
      8.15   Do the product price stickers and bar coded shelf labels require special labels?
      8.16   Are shelf labels provided at no charge?
9.0   Returns

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                                                                       CHCA Factor Consignment RFP Questionnaire
                                                                                                            Yes           No   N/A   Responses/Comments
      9.1  Describe your return goods policy as it will apply to any future agreement with CHCA.
           Will credit memos be issued to member facility within five business days of
      9.2  communication to the distributor of receipt of a damaged item or an order error?
      9.3  Will there be restocking charges on the return of “wrong product” or “ordered in error”?
           Will member facility be allowed to return any item for full credit in accordance with the
      9.4  Prescription Drug Marketing Act?
      9.5  Are returns via company transportation at no shipping cost to member facility?
      9.6  Are credits processed within ten business days?
      9.7  Does your company send a credit invoice?
      9.8  If yes , does the credit invoice indicate what the credit is for?
      9.9  Please describe your company’s recall procedures.
      9.10 Will recalled items or “defective” items be picked up within five business days?
           Will your company notify member facilities before discontinuing low use items from
      9.11 stock?
10.0 Shipping/Delivery
     10.1 What is the timeframe between placement of an order and receipt of a product?
     10.2 Can you guarantee same day delivery to all facilities? Next day delivery to all facilities?
              Does your company audit timeliness of delivery service? If yes, Please attach an audit
      10.3 report of the timeliness of your delivery service.
      10.4 How are the products delivered to the customer? Please include all modes of delivery.
              What common carriers do you utilize, if any? Specify the percentage of shipments via
      10.5 common carrier vs. your owned fleet.
              Does your company provide emergency and after hours support to CHCA members? Is
      10.6 there an additional cost?
              Describe your policy and procedure for shipping and handling special orders or packaging
      10.7 requests.
              List all warehouses/distribution centers and their capabilities. Include coverage area,
      10.8 number of SKU’s, and value of inventory.
      10.9 Is there a minimum order size or any fees associated with the size of a delivery?
              What is the maximum number of deliveries you offer a facility without an additional
      10.10   charge in a week’s time?
      10.11   Are all orders shipped prepaid, FOB destination and allowed?
      10.12   Will the first delivery of the day occur before 9:00 a.m.?
      10.13   Does your company offer deliveries before 7:00 a.m.?
      10.14   Will deliveries be guaranteed to arrive within 30 minutes of scheduled delivery time?
      10.15   Are deliveries available at alternate department locations or satellites within a facility?
      10.16   Are deliveries available at alternate pharmacy locations within a facility?
      10.17   Are deliveries available to off-site (off campus) departments of the hospital?
              Will the facility be notified within two hours in advance of normal anticipated delivery
      10.18   time if there is a delay?
              Do all deliveries meet the FDA temperature guidelines? If temperature guidelines are not
      10.19   met, will wholesaler replace stock within one day?
              Will your company provide a list to facility and CHCA of all days of preplanned
              interruption of service (holidays, inventory days, etc.) and delineate how routine and
     10.20    emergency orders are placed and delivered prior to and on those affected days?
     10.21    Is emergency service available 24/7?
     10.22    Will your company provide up to three free emergency deliveries per month?
     10.23    What is the order cut-off time (local time) for next day deliveries?
11.0 Disaster Response
              Will your company coordinate with individual facilities to develop a specific list of goods
      11.1 to optimally meet facility’s needs in the event of a disaster?

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                                                                     CHCA Factor Consignment RFP Questionnaire
                                                                                                         Yes           No   N/A   Responses/Comments
            Will your company automatically ship the facility specific emergency supply order within
     11.2   24 hours during an emergency unless facility cancels the order?
     11.3   Will the emergency supply order be invoiced per the usual invoice procedure?
            Will your company provide a current, accurate emergency call list containing the names
            and phone/pager numbers of all relevant personnel to each member facility for their
     11.4   respective distribution center?
            Does your company have an emergency plan in place to maintain uninterrupted service
     11.5   during events/disasters? Is this plan provided to each member facility?
     11.6   Does your company maintain a “critical items” inventory as part of a disaster plan?
     11.7   Does each distribution center have a plan in place for regional disasters?
            Will each member facility be provided in advance alternative ordering procedures in the
     11.8   event of system failure?
12.0 Measurements

     12.1 Can your company provide value analysis reports to CHCA Owner Hospitals and CHCA?
     12.2 Will member facility have access to the reason for a non-filled product?
            Does your quality assurance process track mispicks, mislabeled products/orders and
     12.3 errors with deliveries?
            If an item is not available from the primary warehouse, will the product be automatically
     12.4 transferred from another distribution center?
            At order entry is notification given if a product cannot be delivered with the next
     12.5 delivery?
     12.6 What percentage of products are transferred from another distribution center?
     12.7 Does your company assume the cost of product transfers?
            Does your company assume the cost of shipping from an alternate warehouse directly to
     12.8 the CHCA Owner Hospital?
     12.9 Do you maintain a “manufacturer report card”, and if so please describe.
13.0 Finance
     13.1 When will CHCA Owner Hospitals be billed for factor consignment product?
     13.2 What are the payment terms?
     13.3 Will you pay an administrative fee for all distribution volume to CHCA?
     13.4 Does your company provide any additional rebates or incentives?
            Does your company have: Electronic funds transfer capabilities, Electronic invoicing
     13.5 capabilities, Electronic signature capabilities
     13.6 Can invoices be electronically received?
     13.7 Can the invoice be reprinted from the hospital based software?
     13.8 Is the invoice delivered with the drug order?
     13.9 Can an invoice be produced for inter-department transfers?
14.0 Information Technology Support
            Describe any information technology available for use by the member and list all costs
            associated with their use (include any internet capabilities, or other technology that may
     14.1   set you apart from your competitor.)
            Describe any information technology available for use by CHCA (include reports
     14.2   available, catalog access, etc.)
     14.3   Provide list of all available standard reporting.
     14.4   Are above reports exportable to spreadsheet or database programs?
     14.5   Are field names on reports consistent with field names in online software?
     14.6   Is a manufacturer backorder status report available?
     14.7   Please list additional reports available to member facilities upon request.
            Can the CHCA office review, manipulate, and generate above reports for member
     14.8   facilities within the system?

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                                                                     CHCA Factor Consignment RFP Questionnaire
                                                                                                            Yes           No   N/A   Responses/Comments
    14.9  Is there a report writer capability available for market share analysis reports?
    14.10 What facility identifiers does your company utilize?
    14.11 Please describe your bar coding technology and support for member facilities.
    14.12 Is order receiving supported by bar coding or other similar technology?
    14.13 Does your company use or plan to use RFID to track factor consignment products?
          Does your company provide on-site training at no charge for: Order Entry, Building
    14.14 custom reports, Web-based training, Training for any future enhancements?
15.0 Customer Support
            How many sales representatives does your company currently employ? What is their
    15.1 geographical distribution?
    15.2 Do your sales representatives visit all acute care facilities?
    15.3 Do your sales representatives visit alternate care facilities?
            Will a sales representative meet with a member’s staff to respond to questions and solve
            problems presented by member regarding any aspect of this agreement and to assist
    15.4    member with implementation and on-going management of this agreement?
            Will sales representative present quarterly business reviews (e.g., itemized service levels,
            purchase volume reports for all facility accounts, dates of visits, facilities seen, problems
            incurred and resolution strategies with corrective target dates)? If yes, will sales
            representative present same quarterly business reviews to CHCA? Please attach sample
    15.5    review.
            Will your company assign a contact person at the management/administrative level within
            the servicing distribution center with responsibility, experience, knowledge, ability, and
    15.6    authority to respond to member questions and solve operational problems?
    15.7    Please provide details of any variation in service levels due to size of facility.
    15.8    Please provide details of any variation in service levels due to location of facility.
            Will your company provide local dedicated customer service representatives for member
    15.9    facilities?
            Will your company provide a current listing of key contacts with phone/pager numbers
    15.10   and email addresses regularly maintained and easily available to member facilities?
            Will your company provide organizational charts of leadership, sales, and support teams
    15.11   to member facilities?
            Does your company have a process for documenting and investigating customer
    15.12   complaints? If yes, please attach.
    15.13   Can your company provide a dedicated account team for CHCA?
    15.14   Will your company provide CHCA with a detailed monthly purchase report?

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                                                                   CHCA Factor Consignment RFP Questionnaire
                                                                                                        Yes           No   N/A   Responses/Comments
16.0 Value Added Services
           Please list what your company terms “value added services” and indicate if fees are
     16.1 accessed.
           Please list the name (if subsidiary company) and type of additional specialty distribution
     16.2 that is available through your company.

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