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					Palliative Care

      Sharing the care

  By: Sr. Lynette Janse Van Rensburg
       HPCA Annual Conference
            September 2010
Palliative care to HIV patients
 co-infected with TB on the
Brits-Hartbeespoort Hospice

Brits-Hartbeespoort Hospice has an outreach
       programme in a rural township,
          Damonsville, outside Brits

The Hospice team
   consist of:
• Palliative Care
  Professional Nurse;
• Support Group
  Coordinator, who is
  also a Social
  Auxiliary Worker;
• Community Liaison
• Spiritual Counsellor;
• Hospice Care

Hospice staff, care workers and Damonsville Municipal Clinic Staff
           on a Door-to-Door TB awareness campaign
                        working together

            What is the project
• To encourage people living with HIV/AIDS and those
  also co-infected with TB to live positively;
• To educate and inform the support group members
  regarding their illness;
• To encourage socializing when visiting patients at
• To build a good referral system between the Local
  Municipal Clinic and Hospice, thus cases can be
  identified earlier for proper palliative care;
             Problem statement

• Due to the stigma-challenge that still exists, patients
  stay at home and does not want to socialise;
• Depression;
• Hopeless;
• Feel unwanted;
• Living in a state of desperation and isolation.

              Aim of the project
• To let the patient feel positive and wanted in the
• To know that they also can and may still enjoy life;
• To encourage disclosure and to feel free to share
  their own experiences;
• To constantly educate and inform the members to
  sustain themselves and take ownership of the
  vegetable garden;
• Thereby to encourage a healthy lifestyle;

           Aim of the project
• To uplift them spiritually and physically.

  Advantage of joining the support group

• Patients are motivated to join the support
  group by members who are already members:
  – Because of their positive attitude of life, being
    happy and enthusiastic;
  – Free to disclose their status, share their problems
    and joys.

  Advantage of joining the support group

• Patients motivate and encourage each other;
• Patients make new friends and are able to
  confide in each other;
• Bond with each other and with their care
• Receive a meal on the day of the support
  group meeting and form a crucial part of the
  nutritional support in palliative care;

  Advantage of joining the support group

• Encourage and supervised to take medication as
• Having caring staff who are all palliative care trained
  and provide an holistic approach to care;
• Learn new skills like beading, art/painting, gardening,
  sewing and writing skills;
• Members are getting educated regarding nutrition
  and a healthy life style;
• Knowing that YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

     New development coming
• Concentrate on developing the memorial
  garden into a safe park!

Thank you!

 Any questions?

                       Telephone: 012-252-4133
                              Fax: 012-252-6167
                       P.O. Box 1350, Brits, 0250
                38 Van Velden Street, Brits, 0250
              NPO Registration Number: 013-274
                Practice Number: 079007900341