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Inside this edition                 A Newsletter for International Students                            August 2010

IEC/Counseling    2
Immigration       6
Campus Events     7
Community         11
Stay Tuned        12

 REMINDER:              Academic counselors and immigration specialists will not be available during spring break.
 International Counseling will be open for limited services from April 12 to April 14 from 1:00 pm — 4:00 pm and on
 April 15 from 8:00 am — 12:30 pm. International Education will be open for limited services from April 12 to April
 14 from 1:00 pm — 4:30 pm and on April 15 from 8:00 am — 12:30 pm.

  Note from the IEC Dean and Associate Dean
                                                                                      Spring Important Dates >>>
On behalf of the International Education Center and International Counseling,
we would like to express our pride in the SMC community and the ways in
                                                                                       16-Week Session
which we have come together in solidarity to support those affected by the             Deadline to drop and be
recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan. As we prepare for another academic             guaranteed a ―W‖
year to commence, we hope that the experiences we have shared and the lessons          April 10, 2011

we have learned, continue to enrich us as as we look ahead to the future.              Final drop deadline with
                                                                                       instructor’s approval
For our current students, who will be remaining with us, we look forward to            May 8, 2011
seeing you this coming fall 2011 semester. Summer and fall registration will           12-Week Session
begin in May, and enrollment in classes will be intense and competitive. We            Deadline to drop and be
                                                                                       guaranteed a ―W‖
encourage you to speak to an academic counselor before the end of April and            April 17, 2011
enroll in a minimum of 12 units as soon as your enrollment window opens. As
                                                                                       Final drop deadline with
in the past, it is extremely difficult to obtain add codes for classes. Do not rely    instructor’s approval
on receiving an add code from a professor or ―crashing‖ to get into your classes.      May 8, 2011

For those of you who will be leaving the SMC community at the end of the
                                                                                       2nd 8-Week Session
                                                                                       Drop Deadline for Refund
spring semester, congratulations on reaching this milestone! Whether your plans        April 22, 2011
are to obtain a higher degree at a four year college or university, return to your     Drop deadline to avoid a ―W‖
professional careers, and/or to pursue other future endeavors, we wish you all         April 28, 2011
the best. We know you have received an exceptional education here at Santa             Deadline to apply for Pass/No
Monica College and we have great confidence in all your future success.                Pass grading
                                                                                       May 3, 2011
Kelley Brayton, Dean, IEC                                                              Deadline to drop and be
Denise Kinsella, Associate Dean, IEC                                                   guaranteed a ―W‖
                                                                                       May 15, 2011
 ATTENTION:              Do you plan to graduate this spring? The deadline to          Final drop deadline with
 petition to graduate for spring semester is April 30, 2011. Graduation is on          instructor’s approval
                                                                                       May 29, 2011
 Tuesday, June 14, 2011. See page four of Connections for more information.
Inside IEC/Counseling >>>

International Counseling Spring Quarter Appointment Hours

                Monday — Thursday
                8:00 a.m. — 3:30 p.m.
                8:00 a.m. — 12:30 p.m.
 Call (310) 434-4218 to schedule an appointment. For
       summer appointment hours, please contact
         International Counseling in late June.
                                                                   F-1 students waiting for a counseling appointment at Intl. Counseling

Get Ready. Get Set. Go! The Summer/Fall Enrollment Process
Registration for summer and fall classes is approaching for currently enrolled SMC students (non-Intensive English
students). Below you’ll find the necessary steps to enroll for summer and/or fall 2011 classes at SMC..

1. Visit the Enrollment Guide at for more information on Enrollment
2. On Monday, April 25, find out when your enrollment date/time is by logging into Corsair Connect with your
   student ID and password. Because classes are limited, we encourage you to enroll in your classes on your
   enrollment appointment day and time. Also visit Corsair Connect to clear any holds before your enrollment
   appointment. If you are not enrolled in 12 units for the spring semester or owe a balance on your student
   account, a hold will be put on your record and you will not be able to enroll in classes.
3. Plan ahead and meet with the counselors in International Counseling located on Pearl Street before the rush for
   enrollment begins. They are available to help you plan your course schedule as well as guide you through the
   process of earning degrees, certificates and/or transferring to universities. The best time to meet with a counselor
   is now until just after spring break. The counselors will not be available during spring break. Walk-in
   appointments are available Monday-Thursday from 8:00 a.m.—3:30 p.m. and Friday from 8:00 a.m.—12:30 p.m.
   During this time, counseling appointments and walk-in counseling are available. Students will need an
   appointment for the following:
     Transcript evaluations for coursework from other schools
     Long-term educational planning (more than one semester)
     Reviewing course requirements for private and out-of-state schools
     Advising students on academic or lack-of-progress probation
   In addition, beginning May 16, the counselors will be assisting students with transfer applications and any new
   summer/fall 2011 students; therefore, advising for continuing students will be limited to 15 minute walk-in
   counseling, mainly for quick questions only.
3. Enroll in your summer and/or fall classes. Currently enrolled F-1 students must enroll in and complete a
   minimum of 12 units for the fall semester. Summer session is optional. There is a 5 unit enrollment restriction
   for summer. This will be increased to 8 units the first day of the summer session for students who are able to
   secure an add code.
4. Print your receipt and class schedule before logging out of Corsair Connect. Please make sure to confirm your
   enrollment by clicking on ―Transaction Receipt.‖
5. Pay for your classes.
Inside IEC/Counseling >>>

Avoid or Clear Commonly Placed Student Account Holds!
An international student on an F-1 visa may encounter a ―hold‖ on their student account for a variety of reasons.
Having a hold can prevent a student from obtaining services from SMC such as ordering an official transcript,
requesting a letter of verification of enrollment, and enrolling in classes for a future session or semester. Because
some holds require more time to be cleared, International Education recommends that students remove all holds as
soon as possible. The following are just some of the types of holds placed on a student account:
► IEC Hold — The IEC will place a hold on a student’s account when a student needs to sign or submit
  documents to the IEC, pick up a new/transfer I-20, extend an I-20, etc. To clear this hold, the student with the
  hold will need to visit the IEC and request information. Be sure to bring a valid photo ID. Depending on the
  reason for the hold, removing it may require several days.
► IEC Address — The IEC will place a hold on a student’s account when the student needs to notify us of a
  changed address. To remove the hold, the student with the hold will need to bring his/her valid photo ID to the
  IEC and complete an address change card. The hold will be removed upon clearance by the IEC.
► IEC Immigration — The IEC will place a hold on an F-1 international student account when a student has not
   received approval from the immigration specialist at IEC for falling below 12 units during any semester. To
   remove the hold, the student with the hold will need to meet with an International Counselor and request a
   recommendation for below units. After receiving a recommendation from an International Counselor, the
   student with the hold will need to request approval from the immigration specialist in the IEC. Receiving
   approval from the immigration specialist can be a lengthy process and students who are not enrolled in at least
   12 units by the 8 week of the semester should speak to an International Counselor to begin this process.
► IEC Counseling — International Counseling will place this type of hold when a student has been disqualified
  due to a poor academic record or lack-of-progress, probation, and/or failing to fulfill Back-to-Success
  requirements. To remove this hold, the student will need to meet with an International Counselor.
► Bad Check — This hold will be placed when a student has written a check to SMC and the check was returned
  due to insufficient funds. To clear this hold, the student will need to visit Auxiliary Services.
► IEC Non Pay — A student may encounter this hold if he/she has an outstanding balance due for tuition and/or
   fees. The Deans at International Education do not have authority to postpone and/or remove an outstanding
   balance non pay hold. Students need to pay their complete balance in order to receive official services from the
   college such as enrolling in classes or ordering a transcript and removing this hold.
► Assessment — A student may encounter this hold if they have only taken one of the two assessment tests or did
  not follow directions while previously taking one or both of the assessment tests. To clear this hold, visit the
  Assessment Office. Bring a valid photo ID.
► Other Holds — Other departments on campus can place holds on as student’s account. These holds must be
  cleared at the appropriate office, which has placed the hold on the account. International Education does not
  have authority to clear holds issued by other departments.
 Inside IEC/Counseling >>>
Campus Graduation & Ceremony Information
On June 14 at 6:00 p.m., join us at the Corsair Field as we celebrate and
honor the accomplishments of this year’s graduates. On this remarkable
evening, SMC has invited Dr. Robert J. Birgeneau, Chancellor of UC
Berkeley, and former President of the University of Toronto to be the
commencement speaker. After the Commencement Ceremony, graduates
and their families are invited to attend a reception with light refreshments.
If you plan to participate in this year’s graduation events, complete the
following checklist. You don’t want to miss out on walking across the stage
at graduation or shaking hands and taking a photo with President Tsang at the SMC student at the Spring Commencement Ceremony
International Grad/Transfer Dinner.

Graduation Checklist for SMC F-1 International Students
□ Complete your Petition for Spring Graduation form by April 30, 2011 with the Admissions and Records office.
   (If your petition is approved, you will receive a packet of information in May. If you do not receive your packet, request it in person at
    Admissions and Records.)
□   RSVP by Monday, May 16, 2011 with the IEC to attend the International Graduation/Transfer Dinner.
□   Attend the Graduation/Transfer Dinner on June 1 at the Pavilion.
□   RSVP by June 6, 2011 with the Admissions and Records office to participate in the Commencement Ceremony.
□   Attend the mandatory rehearsal on the morning of Tuesday, June 14 at 11:00 a.m. at the Corsair Field.
□   Attend Commencement on Tuesday, June 14 at the Corsair Field.

Attention all Graduating and Transferring Students!!!
                                                       IEC International Student Graduation/Transfer Dinner 2010/11 for
                                                       F-1 SMC students is around the corner. For all of you who are
                                                       graduating or transferring to a 4 year college/university, mark your
                                                       calendars and save the date. This year’s free dinner is scheduled for
                                                       Wednesday, June 1 from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. in the SMC Pavilion.
                                                         Students will receive an invitation in the mail and must return the RSVP
                                                         card to be on the guest list. Invitations will be sent out in April/May.
International students at the 09-10 Grad/Transfer Dinner Students may invite one guest for free. Each additional guest is $12.00
                                                         (cash only, no refunds). In addition, each graduating or transferring
student is also offered the opportunity to nominate an ―Outstanding Professor.‖ All nominated Outstanding
Professors will be invited by Int’l Ed. to attend.
This is a great opportunity for students to enjoy a sumptuous buffet dinner, music and entertainment, and celebrate
their time together at SMC. Students will also have the opportunity to individually greet President Tsang and have
their photo taken with him.
RSVP’ing for the International Graduation/Transfer Dinner is NOT the same process as RSVP’ing for the
Commencement Ceremony held on June 14, 2011. If you plan to graduate this spring, do not forget to submit your
petition for the AA Degree, Transfer AA Degree, Career and Department Certificates by the April 30th deadline.
Forms and information can be found on the Admissions’ website. Click on GRADUATION for more information.
Immigration Corner >>>
 Inside IEC/Counseling >>>

Ten Steps to Transferring to a 4 Year College or University

 1      Plan out your coursework at SMC with an International Counselor

 2      Apply to the colleges and universities of your choice

 3      Wait to see which colleges and universities send you an acceptance letter

 4      Choose which college or university to transfer to and accept their offer

 5      Request any SEVIS transfer paperwork needed by your new school
         If your new campus requires a form to be completed, request a Verification of Enrollment from the IEC

 6      Bring your photo ID, passport, visa, I-20, original acceptance letter, and any transfer paperwork to the IEC

 7      Complete the SMC ―Transfer from SMC‖ form found at the IEC. Only complete this form if you are 100% sure
        you will be transferring to your new school. NO changes will be made after you turn in this form.

 8      Wait for the IEC to transfer/release your SEVIS record to your new campus.
         The transfer process will be delayed or blocked if you:
               Are enrolled in any classes for future semesters/sessions at SMC
               Owe a balance to the college
               Have holds on your student account
               Were not approved by the immigration specialist to be below 12 units during any fall or
                  spring semester

 9      Once your SEVIS record has been released, request for your new campus to issue you a transfer I-20
         Once SMC has released your SEVIS record and you are no longer enrolled as a full-time student at SMC, do not
          fly into the United States using your old SMC I-20.
         Keep all I-20s previously issued to you in a safe place. Do not throw them away.

10      Complete any other additional paperwork requested by your new campus

                       To view a complete list of schools visiting SMC
                       this spring go to: and
                                     click on “calendar”
Immigration Corner >>>

Traveling During Spring Break?
Many of you will be traveling within the United States, others may have the opportunity to travel abroad during
spring break. Wherever you decide to go, the following information may be helpful.

If you plan to take a trip outside of the U.S., you will need to have your valid passport, F-1 visa stamp in your
passport (except for Canadian citizens) and your I-20 with a recent travel signature in order to re-enter the U.S.
Therefore, don’t forget to request a travel signature from the IEC. We recommend that you request a new travel
signature every time you travel. Please allow 10 business days during peak times to receive your signed I-20. In order
to receive a signature, you must not have any holds and must be in good F1 standing. For additional information on
traveling outside of the U.S., visit

If your F-1 visa stamp will expire before your re-entry to the
U.S., you will need to renew your F-1 visa stamp at the
American Embassy or Consulate. Please visit
for detailed information about the visa application process
and required documents.

If you plan to travel within the U.S. by car, bus, plane, or
train due to heightened security measures, IEC recommends
that you carry your SMC student ID, current passport and
visa, I-94, and I-20 with a recent travel signature on you.

Summer Internships
                           What are your plans for the summer 2011 session? Are you interested in gaining some
                           work experience in your major field of study and earning class credit? Did you know as
                           an F-1 student you may be eligible to intern? SMC F-1 international students interested
                           in participating in an internship this summer, should schedule an appointment with
                           immigration specialist Melissa Lyon at the IEC to learn more information. In order to
                           be eligible for an internship, you must have completed at least two full-time academic
                           semesters with a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0. Students will also need to
                           enroll in an internship class this summer, which would allow them to work at a company
                           for the 8 week summer session as a part-time worker up to 20 hours per week. The
internship could be paid or unpaid depending upon the employer. The student would earn class credit upon
completion of the internship. Again, students must first see Melissa Lyon to obtain a letter of eligibility.

Something to look forward to that is an incredible internship only open to SMC students is the SMC Foundation
Dale Ride Internship Program. Selected participants have the opportunity to gain experience in the legislative,
political and administrative processes in governmental or public service agencies. The Dale Ride Internships
provides practical experience while broadening the awareness of public service careers and complimenting the
curriculum for both political science majors and those in other disciplines that have significant public service/public
policy components. The Dale Ride Internship Program is a great opportunity and applications are due in November
for summer 2012 participants.
Campus Events Corner >>>

International Student Forum (ISF)
A long time ago, a group of ambitious SMC students met and discussed the idea of bringing together other SMC
students who also were interested in learning about different cultures. As a result of that meeting and other meetings
to follow, the student club International Student Forum was created in the Fall of 1991. Although, it did take some
time for these students to gather club members and for the remaining campus to be aware of their presence, 15 years
later this club has grown from ten to over a hundred members from various parts of the world, both domestic and
international students alike. All SMC students are welcome to join. The purpose of the ISF is to provide
opportunities for students to develop new friendships, build leadership skills, participate in various activities, and to
network with other student groups, programs, and the entire SMC community. All spring 2011 semester club
meetings are held on Thursdays from 11:15 a.m.—12:35 p.m. in HSS 151. If you have any questions, please attend
one of their club meetings or contact International Student Forum on the ISF Facebook page.

           International                                Student                                    Forum

Earthquakes: Be Ready and Prepared
Earthquakes can occur at any time and without any warning. Here are some quick things you can do to prepare:

► Be aware of any fire and/or earthquake evacuation plans in your home, school, work, or other areas you frequent.
► Store a couple of flashlights and extra batteries in different areas of your home, work, as well as in your vehicle.
► Secure any heavy furniture and large items. Keep heavy pieces away from areas where you sleep (i.e. bed or sofa).
► Maintain an emergency preparedness kit and evacuation plan for your home, work, and car. Items include non-
  perishable foods, water, clothing, sturdy shoes, first aid, portable radio, extra medication, important papers,
  numbers and addresses, etc.). Place the kit and a copy of your evacuation plan in an easy to access area.
► In your home, school, and work identify safe places to practice drop, cover, and hold.
► Learn where to find the gas and water valves and how to turn them off. Make to sure to have the tools readily
To learn what to do before, during and after an earthquake, click on the following websites:

     ► FEMA Earthquake Safety Checklist — Checklist is available online in English, Tagalog, Japanese, Chinese
        (simplified and traditional), Vietnamese, and Spanish.
     ► American Red Cross — Earthquake Safety Checklist
Campus Events Corner >>>
Where the World Goes: Our World is Your World
Written by Barbara Ige, Alumni Coordinator, Santa Monica College Foundation

Did you know that once you graduate from Santa Monica College, no matter where you
are in the world, sitting in a café in Stockholm or Tokyo, watching fireworks in Rio or
Paris, if you’ve taken a class as SMC, you are an alum for life?

How many times in your life have you looked back on an act of kindness an SMC administrator did for you that
helped you through a rough time in your life? Was it Deyna Hearn stopping all of her Student Affairs meetings to
speak with you? Was it Teresa Morris welcoming you from your home country and helping you to find a place to live?
Or, was it Lydia Casillas helping the International Student Forum set up for Club Row or taking you to San Diego
State University and UC Berkeley?

How many times in your life has someone asked you about the most inspiring professor you had and the first person
who pops into your mind is an SMC professor? Was it Harvey Stromberg who lectured on the different ethnic
enclaves in the Boyle Heights area? Could it have been Bill Selby and Nancy Grass Hemmert leading the amazing
7-hour bus tour through the heart of Los Angele’s Korea Town, Watts Towers, and eating Mama’s delicious tamales?
Or was it Ed Tarvyd showing you the tide pools in the Malibu Lagoon and telling you about the historic fight to save
the La Ballona Wetlands?

These are individuals who do not simply come to work at SMC, but individuals whose passion in life is to make sure
that you have every educational opportunity open to you: A future where you are in control and where you have
choices. The SMC Alumni Association is here to celebrate the faculty, staff, and most importantly you.

                        WE ARE FAMILY – THEN AND NOW

The SMC family is as proud of you today as we were yesterday. Help us in
celebrating the SMC family by joining the Alumni Association and staying in
touch by receiving e-newsletters and invitations to events.

Sign up at – it’s for free!

► Do you have alumni news you would like to share? Update us on your
    career, children, marriage, publications, and travel! Contact us and we will
    add it to our online newsletter in our ―Class Notes‖ section or as an article;

► If you have old photographs, we would love to see them. We would like to
    create an online archive of SMC’s history through personal photos;

► If you would like to write an article about your time at SMC or the College’s influence on your life after, please
    contact us at for submission information; and,

► Don’t forget to check back for added Alumni benefits!
Campus Events Corner >>>

Where the World Goes: Our World is Your World (Cont.)

                                        SMC Homecom                                                         the
                                                      ing 2010                                     staff &
                                                                                   ni As sociation     dors
                                                                           The Alum sident Ambassa
                                                                               SMC Pre
                                            Future Alum
    SMC Pirates at an alumn
                           i event                                                             ng Event
                                                                              Alumni Networki


  How can you participate?
  Become a Mentor. As an experienced alum, you are achieving your dreams and goals – become an SMC Alumni
  Mentor to current students and share your experience with them.

                                           THE ASSOCIATION & YOU

  From Around the World or Down the Block You Can Help Us to:
  ► Host reunions, ―friendraising‖ socials, and other events to support the College's legacy
  ► Invite future and prospective students to your house to talk with them about what to expect once they arrive
     at SMC
  ► Network across the State, nation and world by becoming an SMC Alumni Agent and help raise funds to
     support student scholarships and faculty awards
  ► Start a Local Chapter in your town and host get-togethers, we will provide you with the web space to post
     your events

  When You are Back in Town Don’t Forget about SMC Events
  ► Celebrate America – Last Saturday in June!
  ► Faculty Lecture Series
  ► Young Alumni Network
  ► Entertainment Events

                                     BE A PROUD SMC ALUM – JOIN TODAY

  Encourage your SMC alumni friends to join the Alumni Association by registering at
  ► Facebook find us at
  ► Linkedin find us at Santa Monica College Alumni Association
  ► Twitter find us at @SMC_AlumniAssoc
Campus Events Corner >>>

Making the Most of your Experience at SMC
                                                      Your first year in college can be an overwhelming experience. There
                                                      will be many transitions you will go through. Some of these transitions
                                                      include learning the most effective ways to adapt to your new living
                                                      environment to how to balance your academic schedule with your social
                                                      calendar. While in college, you will also meet various types of people
                                                      and be introduced to different ways of thinking. This is what makes
                                                      college so exciting and interesting. Every day, you will be given the
                                                      opportunity to try new things and to be involved in everything SMC and
 President Tsang, SMC President’s Ambassadors, and AS
 President Tiffany Inabu at a luncheon.               the surrounding communities have to offer. SMC is your home for
the next few years, take advantage of these opportunities and find your niche. Opening yourself to different ways of
doing and seeing can widen your perspective of the world greatly, helping you learn from others while at the same
time allowing others to also learn from you.

                                     Here are just a few opportunities to explore:
  ► Associated Students is the student body government organization at SMC, comprised of students and their
    elected and appointed student officers. AS represents interests of the student body as well as makes
    important changes in enhancing student life at SMC.
  ► Events host a variety of concerts and galleries to films and guest lectures throughout the year. Come attend
    one of the popular shows at the John Drescher Planetarium or a production at the Broad Stage.
  ► Athletics is an integral part of the Corsair community. SMC has a long history of intercollegiate athletics.
    Review the athletic department website for sports offered, upcoming sporting events, to see how our
    Corsair teams are performing, and/or to learn how to try out for a Corsair team.
  ►     Inter-Club Council is a council under AS that promotes student awareness of and participation in SMC
        clubs. Being a part of ICC is a great way to develop your leadership skills and meet other people.
  ► SMC Clubs cover a wide range of interests including: academic major, career, culture, service, religion,
    support services, sports, social awareness, personal interests and many more. Joining a club or two is one of
    the best ways to get involved on campus. Need more options, create one yourself.
  ► Global Citizenship Council is a organization on campus that is committed to fostering a more livable,
    sustainable world that develops, shares, and uses inter-cultural understanding. Participate in the Research
    Symposium and Tournament and win prizes for the projects you have completed in your classes this year.
  ► Center for Environmental and Urban Studies is a research and information center that provides
    information to the SMC campus and local community about environmental and urban issues. Two great
    ways to get involved at CEUS is to join the Sustainable Works program or Eco-Action Club.
  ► Study Abroad programs are led by SMC faculty members and traditionally, are offered during the winter
    and summer sessions. These programs allow students to live in and learn about another culture while
    earning academic credit towards graduation. Take part in a life-changing experience: study abroad today!
  ► Presidents Ambassadors are a group of SMC students selected to represent SMC at different school
    functions. To learn more information, attend their workshop on April 21 at 11:15 am in the Cayton Center.
Community Events >>>

Culver City
Just east of Santa Monica and Venice, once
considered the city you drove past on your way
to the beach, Culver City has recently
transformed into a hip and chic West LA hot
spot worthy of the locals, foodies, artists, and
tourists visiting California. Merely stating Culver
City is the home of Sony Studios and the Wizard
of Oz characters is a thing of the past. This city
has gone through significant changes over the
last couple of years and is reborn again. Now,
visitors will find that they have a variety of
things do in and around the area. These are just
a following places to sample in Culver City.

► Culver City Car Show is a great place to be if you are interested in classic cars and hot rods. Over 100 cars will
  be on display May 7, 2011. George Barris, the creator of the Batmobile, the Munster’s Koach, and the Beverly
  Hillbillies’ jalopy is said to display some of his greatest cars.

► Downtown Culver City Third Wednesdays is a fun monthly event held every 3rd Wednesday of the month.
  Participants can enjoy live performances, food and drink specials from local eateries, gather freebies and samples,
  visit some of the gallery openings. The next events are March 16, April 20, May 18 and June 15.

► Fiesta La Ballona is an annual festival held this year on Aug. 26-28. This festival celebrates the past, present and
  future of Culver City. There will be live music, performances, lots of great food, carnival rides and games, etc.

► Culver City Art District contains the largest number of galleries within the city’s limits. This area contains over
  20 galleries with work from emerging as well as established artists.

► Downtown Culver City is a lively area full of trendy shops, cafes, sit down restaurants, a theatre and nighttime
  entertainment. Take a late Saturday afternoon stroll through the world’s smallest Main Street, followed by dinner
  and a movie.

► Being a part of a TV Studio Audience is a great way to see what really goes on behind the scenes of a TV
  show. Being a part of the audience is a fun way to see some of the biggest entertainers in television.

► Culver City Ice Arena is a local ice skating rink open year-round that offers ice skating classes, public skating as
  well as other special events and activities. Plus, during the summer, ice skating is a great way to cool down.

► The Museum of Jurassic Technology is a small museum full of mysterious and quirky exhibits. It truly is not
  your typical museum of artifacts. Admissions is free but donations are welcome.

► Kirk Douglas Theatre is a small and intimate theatre that is a host to several productions. With only 300 seats,
  there is not bad seat in the house.

► Sony Pictures Studios offers a walking tour of their state of the art studio lots. Learn about the history of
  MGM and Sony Studios while maybe even having the opportunity to visit one of their sets. Tours depart daily
  and tickets can be purchased online.
  “Stay Tuned”
  Activities & Events for F-1 Students

                                                        Activities Calendar

                                                        April 2011
                                                        11th-15th              Spring Break
                                                        26th                   Fine Arts and Music Fair sponsored by the Transfer Center
                                                        29th                   Global Film Series free screening and discussion of ―Becloud‖ at

                                                                               7:00 pm in HSS 165.
                                                        29th-30th              San Diego College Tour sponsored by ISF *

                                                        May 2011
                                                        13th                   Global Film Series free screening and discussion of ―Ordinary
                                                                               People‖ at 7:00 pm in HSS 165.
                                                        17th                   CSUN Day at SMC
                                                        30th                   Memorial Day—Campus Closed

                                                        31st                   Spring Internship Fair sponsored by the Career Services Center
                                                                               from 10:00 am—1:00 pm @ the Quad

                                                        June 2011
                                                        1st                    Transfer/Grad Dinner @ SMC Pavilion—By Invitation only /
                                                                               RSVP required
                                                        6th                    Sundaes on Mondays Final Study Break from 11:15 am—12:30 pm
                                                                               @ International Counseling
                                                        14th                   Santa Monica College’s 81st Commencement at 6:00 pm @ the
                                                                               Corsair Stadium
                                                        25th                   Celebrate America @ 5:00 pm @ the Corsair Stadium

                                                        * This event occurs off campus. RSVP is required and space is limited. More
                                                        information will be emailed.

                                                               Don’t forget to enroll in your summer 2011 and fall 2011 classes on
                                                              your specific enrollment day and time! On April 25, log onto Corsair
                                                              Connect to find out when you are scheduled to enroll in classes. Make
                                                               sure you clear any holds before your enrollment day/time. You will
                                                               not be able to add any classes if you have any holds or owe a balance
                                                                       on your student account. There are no exceptions!

                                                        For information on any of these events, contact Joan Kang in the International
                                                        Education Center at

                                                                                                                                  Tel: 310-434-4217
     Santa Monica College                                                                                                         Fax: 310-434-3651
International Education Center                                    VISIT US ONLINE!                                      
      1900 Pico Boulevard                                          WWW.SMC.EDU/
    Santa Monica, CA 90045                                        INTERNATIONAL                                              Monday—Thursday:
             U.S.A.                                                                                                           8:00 AM—4:30 PM
                                                                                                                          Friday: 8:00 AM—12:30 PM
     Santa Monica Community College District Board of Trustees (2010/2011): Dr. Andrew Walzer, Chair; Dr. Margaret Quiñones –Perez, Vice Chair; Dr. Susan Aminoff;
          Dr. Nancy Greenstein; Louise Jaffe; Judge David Finkel (Ret.); Rob Rader; Michael Song, Student Trustee; Dr. Chui L. Tsang, Superintendent/President.

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