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									                              NEWSLETTER 13, July 5th, 2006
                              Letters from Ghana
                              The Kids still do not have internet access, but they have resorted to ink and
                              paper to tell us how they are doing. We received an entire stack of
                              handwritten letters and report cards from them through our Ghanaian
                              chairperson Comfort Acheampong.

Some quotes from those 25 letters:
Joseph: 16 out of the 23 smartkids at Angel have been chosen as school
prefects; some examples: Senior Boys Prefect (the highest position a student
can achieve in a school): Aliu; Assistant Prefect: Mary; Boarding house prefects:
Issah and Cecilia; Dining hall prefect: Isaac; School chaplain: Lord (makes
sense, doesn‟t it?  - kh); Sports prefect: Frederick; Girls Sport Prefect:
Comfort; Prepatory Study Prefect: Ruth (picture)
Aliu: Being in Angel SSS has improved our academic work tremendously.
Ruth: Angel SSS is one of the best schools in West Africa and Ghana as well.
Various parents from countries like Senegal, Togo and Gambia bring their
children to this school. Thomas: The boarding house situation has changed my
attitude totally for the better and it is helping me in all aspects of my life.

Report cards from Ghana
We also received report cards from the second term of all Kids whom are attending the Angel Educational
Complex. 22 out of 23 children are performing marvellously, only 2 insufficient marks and 226(!) fair up to
excellent results. The one who is not doing well has recently been absent more then average, because of
personal problems. Our Ghanaian national coordinator is on the case. The best results are for Aliu, who
scored full marks (A++ / 10) on 6 out of 9 courses. Thomas achieved 4 full marks, Comfort and Osman 3.
The other Smartkids put together had 22 of them and need we say: there were a lot of 9‟s (A‟s ) as well.

Comfort of Ghana in The Netherlands
Our Ghanaian chairperson Comfort Acheampong happened to be in The
Netherlands on a business trip and managed to time out of her schedule
to attend one of our board meetings. During that meeting, there was a
special focus on the situation of our kids and the performance of the
schools. The picture on the right-hand side is the clearest one we have of
her standing in front of a windmill.

Computers arrived at their destination!!
The computers that were donated by Agrifirm (in Meppel) (, KPN ( and the
scholengemeenschap Stad en Esch (in Meppel) have arrived at Angel Educational complex; at the moment
they are being tested and repaired to the extent necessary. Some of them have been on their way for a long
time and the tropical heat does not help their components at all. They will be exchanged for both discounts
on the school fees as well as goodwill. Also on behalf of our Kids, we would like to thank Agrifirm, KPN and
                                    Stad en Esch for their generous contributions!

                                    The same job for a long time? Think of SmartKids!
                                   “New job? Think of SmartKids!”, that is what I wrote last time, when
                                   Dharma Tjiam donated his going-away present to SmartKids. Harm Kah
                                   recently celebrated his 25-years of service at Scania (in Zwolle)
                                   ( and had a similar idea: he decided that the
                                   available funds would be better spent giving a smart, motivated and
                                   underprivileged child a chance then serving as „the budget‟ for yet
another party. The picture shows the result: €1000 was donated!!

Kees Hoogendijk

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