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					Upcoming Changes and Timeline
 for New Effort Reporting System
                             November 12, 2010
          Research Administrators’ Support Group
Our Beloved PARS . . . .
  • Created in March 1980!!!!
  • Past time to retire PARS
  • Actually was retired earlier this year
    in stages
  • Interim solution created to produce
    paper-based effort reports
New System Evaluation
 • Campus Committee formed in 2008
   – Evaluate Policies & Procedures
   – Evaluate Potential New Systems

 • Recommendation in Fall 2009
   – Purchase Huron eCRT system
Huron eCRT Procurement
 • Spring 2010: Budget Committee
   Provides Funding to Purchase and
   Implement eCRT
 • Agreements signed in Summer 2010
 • Aug 2010: Implementation Begins!
Effort Reporting Policies
  • Certifications will remain
    ‘After the Fact’
  • Integrated with UNC Payroll (will
    have to migrate to Peoplesoft later)
  • eCRT receives Payroll data after
    EVERY pay cycle
  • eCRT builds Effort Card (Report)
    realtime (and can be viewed)
Effort Reporting Policies
  • EPA Faculty/Non-Faculty:
    – Certify every six months
      • Jan 1 – June 30
      • July 1 – December 31
    – No Summer Cycle
      • Half of Summer in Jan-June Cycle
      • Half of Summer in July-Dec Cycle
Effort Reporting Policies
  • SPA Employees
    – Presently must certify monthly
      (technically every two pay periods)
    – Plan to request permission to move
      SPA certifications to quarterly
Effort Reporting Workflow
 • No more Paper!!!!
 • Electronic Routing & Signatures
 • Will require both a certification and
   departmental approval
Effort Reporting Roles
  • Primary Effort Coordinators
    – Pre-edit Effort Cards
    – Approve Effort Cards for Dept
    – View all Effort Cards for Dept
    – Run Reports for Dept
Effort Reporting Roles
  • Secondary Effort Coordinators
    – View all Effort Cards for Dept
    – Run Reports for Dept
    Proposed eCRT Routing/Workflow – November 12, 2010

eCRT Creates       To ECs   EC edits Card         To Certifier          Uncertified
   Card                      (Optional)                                   Card

  Certified/        Yes       Dept EC             To Dept EC                   Edit/
Approved Card                 Approve                                         Certify
                                 ?                                             Card

        Transfer                   No; Return
                                   to Certifier
                                   w/ Note
   EPA Web                                                       to Dept EC
     HRIS                   Uncertified
    Payroll                   Card

                                                                                        * EC – Effort Coordinator
Effort Reporting Roles
  • Default Model: Appointing Units will
    have Approval Authority for Faculty
    Effort Cards
  • Units with Divisions can have cards
    approved/routed at the Division
 Proposed eCRT Rights/Authorization Model – Nov 12, 2010

              Read       PreCert     Approval    Report of
             Access      Editing                 Variance


Effort Reporting Roles
  • Special Provisions for
    Some Centers & Institutes
    – Possibility of Dual Approval
    – View Access of Faculty Effort Cards
    – Upon agreement with appt unit,
      center/institute could be granted
      primary departmental approval for
      individual faculty effort cards
Effort Reporting: Demo
 • Overview of Process
 • Screen shots of eCRT
Effort Reporting: Timeline
  • User Acceptance Training: December
  • Full Campus Training: Begins January
  • Proposed Go Live: February 2011
    – EPA (July 1 – Dec 31)
    – SPA (Fourth Quarter 2010)
Effort Reporting: Questions?
 • Questions?