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									Chrysotile Asbestos and

          Dr Sophia Kisting
   Occupational and Environmental
 Health Research Unit, University of
      Cape Town, South Africa

    NUM Parliamentary Presentation
          28 January 2003
Commercial Types of Asbestos
 3 commercial types mined in South Africa
 Chrysotile or white
 Crocidolite or blue
 Amosite or brown

              OEHRU, University of Cape Town   2
Diseases caused by chrysotile
 Asbestosis
 Lung cancer
 Mesothelioma
 It is by and large poorer members of society
  who carry the biggest burden of asbestos
  related diseases
 The advocates of asbestos use have seldom
  been exposed or suffer from the disease
               OEHRU, University of Cape Town   3
International Agency for
Research on Cancer
 Classified chrysotile as a human carcinogen
 Mainly chrysotile used throughout the
 Chrysotile associated with lung cancer

               OEHRU, University of Cape Town   4
Role of asbestos industry
   Historically a treacherous one
   Exploitation of the poor
   Fund research and suppressed information if not in
    their interest
   Developed world mostly stopped or controlled the
    use of chrysotile
   Most of Canada’s chrysotile exported to the
    developing world
   India, in particular is targeted as an export market

                   OEHRU, University of Cape Town      5
What about the environment
and future generations
   We know that chrysotile causes cancer
   How can we continue to use it with this
    knowledge at our disposal?
   Since if manifests years later as disease we are
    taking decisions for our children and
    grandchildren to suffer from the same diseases
    that is causing one of the biggest tragedies in our
   There are alternatives to chrysotile asbestos

                   OEHRU, University of Cape Town         6

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