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					What is RSS?

What is RSS? RSS stands for more than one thing. Usually, RSS stands for
“really simply syndication,” but it can also mean “rich site summary,” or
“RDF site summary” -- RDF standing for “resource description framework.”
That answers the question of what is RSS, but what can it do?

What is RSS in the context of really simple syndication? It is a tool
that allows sites to give a quick summary of important links and
descriptions in XML format. This essentially allows them to syndicate
their content by allowing other blog owners and webmasters to use this
summary as part of a list of summaries on a specific topic.

Blogmasters and webmasters collect these various summaries with something
called a feed aggregator or a feed reader. Rather than asking “what is
RSS?” this tool will ask “where is RSS” -- and then find it. An
aggregator finds RSS feeds to aggregate from selected large sites – such
as Yahoo and MSN – and selected smaller sites, such as hand-picked
personal blogs and news sites.

The blogmasters and webmasters then take the script generated from the
aggregator and insert it into their blogs. This then creates an RSS feed
that automatically pulls news items and blog posts whenever they appear.
Whenever the blog or site page is refreshed, it will display the latest

This is good for two reasons. If you use your own RSS feed, you can get
your content syndicated across the Internet without actually paying to
submit dozens of press releases and contact dozens of blog owners and

Additionally, using RSS feeds is good if you own a blog and want to add
fresh content. This will allow you to constantly put new content links
and summaries on your blog without spending the time to hunt around for
related information. All you will have to do is select a feed aggregator
and select a potential feeds from a list of news sites and authority
blogs. Additionally, you will be able to input your own selections,
allowing you to create custom feeds.

So what is RSS? RSS is a simple way in which to drive traffic to your
blog and to display summaries of other blogs.

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