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					                                          The Corrections of Dungal

In the list that follows, excluding cases where the orthography alone is altered and the change is
therefore very minor, I use an obelus to denote Dungal‟s corrections that appear not to be correct and
an asterisk to denote instances where the corrections differ from QGVU (i.e. the reconstructed reading
of ); in cases where an alternative spelling has being implemented that is not necessarily more
correct, I leave the change unmarked, but use „mut[avit]‟ instead of „corr[exit]‟ to indicate that the
change does not affect the meaning. I do not include in this list certain trivialities whose nature makes
attribution difficult,1 not least the simple use of subpunct and superpuncts.2 Almost all of the

  Among such matters I include: (a) correction of e to ae by addition of a cauda (for which note the statement of
Chatelain (Facsimile, Leiden, 1908), II col. 2 “Cauda e supposita, ut ae significaretur, saepius a correctoribus
quam a scribis addita videtur”): I.3, 15, 208, 211, 232, 253, 257, 281, 305, 306, 360, 380, 460, 461, 589, 610,
625, 632, 657, 663, 684, 754, 794, 798, 849 (bis), 936, 977, 981, 983, 995, 1042, 1045, 1050 (bis), 1090; II.21,
28, 61, 72, 127, 134, 137, 142, 165, 203, 232, 319, 323, 342, 343, 344, 361 (bis), 408cap., 419, 436, 456, 461,
500, 525, 532, 600, 661, 666, 670, 676, 686, 705, 719, 732, 735, 746, 764, 772, 810, 812, 849, 859, 868, 895,
896, 897, 921, 923, 938, 956, 959, 1071, 1085, 1099, 1151, 1156, 1159; III.3, 7, 10, 37, 89, 135, 143, 150, 202,
212, 214, 220, 240, 271, 277, 304, 321, 414, 472, 512, 647, 648, 667, 677, 693, 764, 777, 844, 857, 859, 870,
875, 941, 995, 1017, 1035, 1066, 1075, IV.30, 50, 55, 103, 150, 194, 197, 217, 258, 263, 271, 278, 286, 290,
298, 306, 312cap., 362, 400, 413, 414, 430, 463, 554, 561, 564, 647, 650, 652, 654, 667, 668, 682, 685, 705,
709, 714, 715, 718, 722, 729, 736, 753, 755, 759, 786, 797, 798, 803, 804, 807, 819, 831, 832, 833, 838 (bis),
853, 859, 870, 870, 940, 943, 968, 969, 981,1005, 1006, 1016, 1065, 1074, 1085, 1095, 1096, 1097, 1118, 1119,
1143, 1151, 1181, 1198, 1200, 1212, 1236, 1242, 1251, V.705ind, 70, 76, 128, 144, 195, 199, 200, 201, 213,
228, 231, 316, 327, 329, 362, 367, 373, 374, 377, 405, 420, 421, 429, 449, 453, 465, 471, 495, 509, 530, 532,
543, 544, 550, 551, 579, 629cap, 669, 733, 737, 739, 765, 803, 807, 813, 817, 857, 862, 866, 875, 920, 921,
923, 960, 1059, 1071, 1109, 1132, 1138, 1161, 1174, 1183, 1191, 1206, 1212, 1213, 1237, 1240, 1266, 1310,
1377, 1400, 1412, 1432, 1434; VI.9, 37, 45, 46, 49, 76, 88, 92 (bis, supraeme perperam pro supremae), 96, 153,
182, 184, 200, 217, 219, 221, 228, 253, 302, 303, 305, 313, 329, 334, 343, 355, 382, 414, 429, 353 (bis), 442,
453, 470, 472, 478, 484, 504, 509, 527, 528, 529 (bis), 531, 534, 535cap., 535, 561, 562, 564 (bis), 578, 588,
602, 616, 621, 639, 641, 642, 677, 681, 694, 714, 720, 734, 738, 739, 744, 749cap., 751, 760, 771, 772, 774,
803, 805, 807, 819, 840, 859, 861, 867, 874, 884, 888, 896, 899, 903, 914, 923, 935, 955, 982, 983, 1001, 1067,
1070, 1084, 1088, 1090, 1094, 1095, 1099 (bis), 1110, 1152, 1185, 1193, 1220, 1238, 1249, 1252, 1275; in
certain instances (e.g., V.70, 76, 405) the cauda seems to have been employed by the initial scribe, for the
majority, however, I suspect that it is the correction of D (at VI.1075 we find the apparent oddity of D correcting
ae of lanae to lane with a cauda); (b) A virgula is added above a vowel to signify m (or occasionally n) in the
following instances: I.4, 19, 69, 131, 226, 378, 397, 467, 523, 542, 587 (bis), 599, 636, 695, 746, 747, 781,
II.365, 594, 655, 858; III.339, 668, 820, IV.427, 457, 499, 1006, V.140, 786, 790, 839, 842, 843, 843, 900, 919,
1101, 1398, 1423, VI.447 (cf. 497?), 578, 649 (strangely otiose), 703, 732, 757, 779, 804, 1058, 1230; (c) o is
inserted into forms of fetus to restore foetus at I.193, 209, 253, 351, 1033, II.358, 994, 1159, 1163, III.1006,
V.781; cf. also the hypercorrection of leti to loeti at II.960, III.42, 67, 170 and inceptum to incoeptum at VI.42;
(d) I am inclined to attribute to D the use of underlining alone to join words wrongly divided, not least on
grounds of ink and its collocation with other Dungalian corrections: I.10, 231, 547, 571, 627, 654, 821, II.175,
413, 420, 537, 685, 802, 830, 956; III.36, 522, 577, 961, 1037, IV.17, 51, 95, 453, 598, 637, 1161, V. 375, 381,
397, 658, 697, 855, 967, 1079, 1407, VI.13, 126, 176, 222, 226, 246, 458, 530, 533, 553, 566, 618, 638, 697,
709, 831, 943, 970, 1073, 1172, 1255; (e) I also attribute the use of commas and occasionally interpuncts to the
work of D: I.179, 567, II.242, V.1267, VI.63, 65, 70, 118, 148, 176, 222, 226, 249, 353, 442, 553, 604, 618,
664, 700, 709, 743, 936, 1073, 1172, 1179, 1255. A plausible case could be made that the deletions made by
supralinear lines are the work of D: deletion is thus signified at I.296, 456, II.198, 386, 1153; deletions by
underlining I attribute rather to the glossator (O3). Finally, most of the instances of erasure alone could be
atrtibuted with some confidence to D: I.40 incluta in inclita mut., 100 classis in classi corr., 102 quoduis in
quouis corr., 116 alicas in alias corr., 164 deserita in deserta corr., 236 immortalis in immortali corr., 248 reddit
in redit corr., 287 mollibus in molibus corr., 477 trolianis in troianis corr., 571 si/lices in silices, 579 ne unc in
nunc corr., 588 committatur in comitatur mut., 639 inmanis in inanis corr., 709 terramamue in terramue corr.,
736 quamquam in quanquam mut., 781 cummque in cumque corr., 1019 oreasset in creasset corr., II.144 nouor
in nouo corr., 181 quamquam in quanquam mut., 200 exillantque in exiliantque corr., 204 quamquam in
quanquam mut., 209 caderem in cadere corr., 275 nobis est in nobis st mut., 278 pallat in fallat mut., 291
cogatur in cocatur mut., 453 inter se// in inter se, 455 procliuem(?) in procliue, 497 femina in semina corr., 544
uis/ in uis corr., 626 aere/// in aere corr., 763 exemplio in exemplo mut., 954 agriter in acriter corr., 976
utremulo in tremulo corr., 1008 quabus in quibus, 1029 miraliter in miralier mut., 1127 dispendia in dispendi
corr., 1156 nunc// in nunc corr., III.20 pruinas in pruina corr., 81 coniciscant in conciscant mut., 116 inannis in
inanis corr., 135 quidquid in quicquid mut., 165 fleri in fieri corr., 272 sensiferer(? QV) in sensifer corr., 435
discendere(?) in discedere corr., 743 a ante patrius del., 910 se in si corr., 1044 haerius in aerius mut., 1089
possumus in possimus mut., IV.142 horas in oras corr., 235 & in in in corr., 237 quia in qui corr., 287
interemant in interimant corr., 288 au in a mut., 304 tacer in acer corr., 361 saxorum/// in saxorum corr., 582
locanti in iocanti corr., 637 fruat in fuat corr., 873 dissupat in dissipat mut., 974 dederunt in dederint corr., 975
destiterunt in destiterint corr., 989 palmas in palmis mut., 1046 lubido in libido corr., V.425 cotre in coire corr.,
652 langguidus in languidus corr., 653 concussus ////// in concussus corr., 687 doneque in donec mut., 705 solus
in solis corr., 710 qum in quin corr., 775 quae/uis in quae uis corr., 967 conspectabantur in consectabantur
corr., 992 gemitus in gemitu corr., 1107 ingenio// in ingenio corr., 1121 stabuli in stabili corr., 1147 lura in iura
corr., 1288 maiore in maior corr., VI.28 recta in recto corr., 71 uiolaris in uiolari corr., 81 quamquam in
quanquam mut., 83 uersubus in uersibus corr., 176 caua m/docui in cauam docui corr., 178 calaefacta in
calefacta corr., 216 cacadant in cadant corr., 322 colorem in colore mut., 345 /in in in corr., 356 dissoluont in
dissoluunt mut., 447 promomit(?) in promouit corr., 514 calorem in calore corr., 519 retiner& in retinere corr.,
533 craeentur(?) in creentur corr., 555 no/n in non corr., 668 quem in que corr., 732 scilicaet in scilicet corr.,
768 ///ipsa in ipsa corr., 799 lauabris in lauaris mut., 833 ubie in ubi corr., 880 lacit in iacit corr., 880 signi in
igni corr., 938 quamquam in quanquam mut., 1011 horror in horro mut., 1056 mirarim in mirari corr., 1065
aliarum// in aliarum corr., 1096 cohorta in coorta corr., 1100 cohorta in coorta mut., 1133 uterum(?) in utrum
corr., 1158 /angor in angor corr., 1166 inhustis(?) in inustis corr., 1186 cohortus in coortus corr., 1208
grauiter/// in grauiter corr., 1238 utsaere in utsere mut., 1251 mors in nors mut., 1262 condiebant in condebant
  There is no general consistency in the use of subpuncts and superpuncts, and they were evidently used by a
range of hands. For the sake of convenience, I unite them here. For the use of the subpunct alone, see (no. of
subpuncts: no. of letters deleted; 1:1 unless otherwise stated): I.50 (3:2: ut del.), 74 (3:1: omnem in omne), 156
(2:2: nihil in nil), 266 (2:2: nihil in nil), 372 (alunt in aiunt), 406 (1:0.5: insiterunt in institerint), 490 (1:0.5 ut in
it), 620 (2:2: nihil in nil), 647 (3:2: nihil in nil), 710 (& del.), 835 (de in e), II.187 (denit in dent), 514 (2:2:
infinitis in finitis), 560 (2:2: infinita in finita), III.47 (causam in causa), 522 (deo cui in docui), 738 (3:3: ut
quicum in ut iam), 890 (3:3: torrere secere in torrescere), 1061 (3:3 per ante quem del.), IV.304 (ardurit in
adurit), 357 (plagas in plaga), 636 (differritasque in differitasque), 656 (figurae in figure), V.420 (2:2 se del.).
For the use of the superpunct alone, see: I.452 (greagari in gregari), 694 (laebefactat in labefactat), II.555
(plaustra in plustra), 561 (constituaes in constitues), 680 (parato in parto), 867 (2:2: consistare in constare),
927 (uerticer in uertier), 1000 (orbis in oris), 1117 (4:3: cracreatrix in creatrix), 1133 (adempto in adepto),
1150 (effecta in effeta); III.77 (quaeruntur in queruntur), 291 (3:2: inconcitat in concitat), 383 (tenulla in
tenuia), 568 (possunt in possint), 665 (3:6: animas del.), 775 (iam mortali in immortali), 947 (conflecti in
confecti), 955 (quaeratur in queratur), IV.206 (6:3: quo neque in quone), 210 (motum in motu), 237 (quia in
qua), 695 (precedere in recedere), 721 (uilla in ulla), 949 (altae in alte), 1013 (exipugnant in expugnant), 1090
(cuppedine in cupedine), 1113 (3:2: compaginibus in compagibus), 1131 (luidi in ludi), 1169 (2:2: simulena in
simula), 1183 (stultitia quae in stultitiaque), 1204 (2:2: compaginibus in compagibus), 1267 (lumbris in lumbis),
V.223 (indignus in indigus), 310 (3:2: foederant in foedera), 497 (faex in fex), 511 (praemere in premere), 560
(2 pairs of spp. nobis del.), 708 (2:2: beneno in bene), 837 (multaquae in multaque), 838 (5:3: membris quoque
in membrisque), 950 (proluuiae in proluuie), 965 (praetium in pretium), 973 (paruidi in pauidi), 1082 (2:2:
praedataque in praedaque), 1087 (uariis in uarii), 1143 (3:2: recreare in creare), 1152 (2:1: iniuriam in
iniuria), 1179 (fortunis quae in fortunisque), 1278 (contemptibus in contemptius), 1425 (anobis in nobis), VI.22
(2:1: conspurgare in conspurcare corr.), 105 (candere in cadere), 105 (praessae in pressae), 124 (4:3:
concollecta in collecta), 128 (uisseius in uis eius), 144 (quae in que), 151 (ingentis in ingenti), 155 (sonitum in
sonitu), 199 (4:4: hinc ante illinc del.), 299 (tullit in tulit), 332 (penetrant in penetrat), 377 (bellio in bello), 339
(sequantur in sequatur), 518 (praemuntur in premuntur), 567 (8:6 tantum del.), 683 (sillicum in silicum), 688
(uellocibus in uelocibus), 712 (redundant in redundat), 744 (ceruicae in ceruice), 772 (caelerare in celerare),
783 (4:3: arboribusque in arboribus), 879cap. (aquam in aqua), 906 (fiant in fiat), 912 (etenim in enim), 919
(2:1: ambaginibus in ambagibus), 957 (iurae in iure), 985 (propriae in proprie), 1006 (ferrae in ferre), 1014
(anullus in anulus), 1016 (2:2: compaginibus in compagibus), 1033 (2:2: locacatus in locatus), 1056 (2 pairs of
spp. his iteratum del.), 1082 (consummere in consumere), 1153 (2:3 tum iteratum del.), 1179 (mussabbat in
mussabat), 1216 (alituum in alitum), For the use of both simultaneously, see: I.78 (quaere in quare), 263 alit in
ali, 383 (initium in initum), 985 (ortis in oris), 1037 (ammissa in amissa); II.44 (timae facte in time factae), 50
(regrumque in rerumque), 237 (paergat in pergat), 354 (callidum in calidum), 800 (& del.), 860 (caorpore in
corpore), 898 (putarefacta in putrefacta); III.20 (quiete in quietae), 484 (quaeunt in queunt), 555 (hominem in
homine), 599 (feruuntur in fruuntur), 599 (repraehendere in reprehendere), 663 (praemat in premat), 800
(mortalem in mortale), 868 (3spp 1sp: annullo del.), 1035 (dedite in dedit), 1073 (3sp&3spp & 5sp&5spp
corrections listed below can confidently be attributed to D, who writes with a darker ink and thicker
nib than the later correctors, and with a very distinct set of letter forms. Of those corrections which are
recalcitrant to palaeographical analysis, the fact that many are of a very similar nature to those
securely attributed to D suggests that they probably originated from his hand.3
         In the following list I have also recorded the method of D‟s correction: „it‟ signifies a change
made in textu, „a‟ an addition above or after the text body, „e‟ any erasure, „sp‟ a subpunct, „spp‟ a
superpunct, „u‟ and „c‟ the use of underlining and commata as part of the correction; „mut.‟ stands in
lieu of „corr.‟ in cases where D‟s alteration was either incorrect or merely orthographical (and not
necessarily therefore an improvement upon the transmitted reading).

Book I

it17 montis in montes mut.
e it37 spi/// /// in spiritus ore corr.
e it45 /euo in aeuo corr.
*a sp59 redunda in reddenda corr.
†*it63 religioni in religione mut.
†*2sp a84 triui at(?) in triuiae ad mut.
it95 tremibunda in tremebunda mut.
e it115 uis// in uisat corr.
†a120 praeterea in praetereat mut.
e it182 /orent in forent corr.
it209 melioris in meliores mut.
*it222 diuerueret in diuerberet corr.
e it272 ingentisq// ///// in ingentisque ruit corr.
*e it286 turbibus in turbidus corr.
*e a321 praecius et(?) in praeclusit corr.
*e it352 radicimus (Qa.c.G) eras. in radicibus imis corr.
*e it357 fieri (ualerent QG) ratione uideres in ras. corr.
(*367)e it364-8 tribus uers. erasis add.:         ergo quod magnum est aeque leuiusque uidetur
                                        nimirum plus esse sibi declarat inanis;
                                        at contra, grauius plus in se corporis esse
                                        dedicat et multo uacuum [uacuim QG] minus intus habere.
                                        est igitur nimirum id quod ratione sagaci
†e it386 /lat in flat mut.
sp c u427 haustus quam in haut usquam corr.
e it448 //pisci in apisci corr.
*it449 ciuent in cluent corr.
*it it449 coniuncto duobus in coniuncta duabus corr.
*it458 euento in euenta corr.
it465 Troiiugenascentis in Troiiugenas gentis corr. (c solum mut.)
e it469 aliut in aliud corr.
e it469 aliut in aliud corr.
e it477 equos in equus mut.
it477 graiiugenar in graiugenarum corr.

aeternitatem corporis in aeterni temporis), IV.94 (exiere in exire), 341 (flexea in flexa), 388 (irae in ire), 1240
(nimioum in nimium), V.476 (fita in ita), VI.186 (extrunctis in extructis), 626 (crustras in crustas), 1074 (cholos
in colos). Autopsy shows that the subpunct that oddly appears to stand below a of ac in I.510 in the facsimile
does not exist in the ms itself; likewise, the apparent subpunct in V.1457 and superpunct in V.606 are illusory.
Equally meaningless dots near words or after verses, which are probably accidental or insignificant marks of the
pen, can be found in the following places: III.989 (orbem), IV.390 (praeter), 534 (possint), 951 (membra), 1030
(quibus, where the subpunct above b was wrongly mistaken by Diels as a signum delendi), 1056 (corpus), V.168
(line end), 254 (line end), 593 (compleat), 1147 (sua), VI.155 (flamma), 809 (ferro), 907 (possit), 986 (sonitus),
1252 (iam).
  From the list of D‟s alterations it is difficult to discern whether all instances of corrections by subpuncts and
superpuncts are necessarily his work. An example of the use of subpuncts that is by the initial scribe of the
passage can be seen at II.42, where the removal of at is marked by two subpuncts, but in the same red ink used
for the mistaken writing of this verse as if a capitulum.
†*486 stinguere in stringuere mut. (r super t add.)
*e it489 ///men (flumen?) in fulmen corr.
e it544 nihil in nil corr. (ni m. pr. retento)
e it549-50 uno uersu eraso add.:        nec ratione queunt alia seruata per aeuum
                                        ex infinito iam tempore res reparare
e it558 acte(?) in ante corr.
e it561 frangenti in frangendi corr.
it590 generalis in generales mut.
e it a610 minims (?) in minimis (minim m. pr. retento) corr.
†*it619 essit in esset mut.
(†)e it634 aliquot uerbis erasis add. quas (q m.p. retento; QG) res quaeq: geruntur
e it648 ea//// in eandem corr.
e it651 lang/// in langidior mut.
*it668 amor in ardor corr.
it673 omnis in omnes mut.
e it680 nihil in nil corr.
it684 quor in quorum corr.
it699 enim recte suppl.
e it729 nihil in nil corr.
*e it741 causa in casu (ca m. pr. retento) corr.
e it743 relincunt in relinqunt mut.
it744 frugis in fruges mut.
*it753 accidit in accedit corr.
sp spp764 rursums(?) in rursum corr.
*781 creat// (creatas Q) in creatur (U) corr.
it797 omnis in omnes mut.
e it836-7 uno uersu eraso add.:         ossibus hic et de pauxillis atque minutis
                                        uisceribus uiscus gigni sanguemque (QG) creari
†*it857 reccidere in reccedere mut.
†*u it887 laniger aequalis in lanigerae quales mut.
a892 praefacta in praefracta corr.
e it914 ad finem uersus uoce (uo m. pr. retento) notemus in ras. add.
a938 fauoque in flauoque corr.
*it943 uidet (Q : uidit G) in uidetur corr.4
e it977 aliquit in aliquid mut.
e it1022-3 uno uersu eraso add.:        ordine se suo quaeque sagaci mente locarunt
                                        nec quos quaeque sagaci mente locarunt. [1023 om. G]
*it1038 ciuo in cibo corr.
*1060 uidem in uidemus corr.
†*e it1061 suppa in supra (p alt. solum mut.) mut.
it1106 omnes in omnis corr.

69 alterations

Book II

*it11 nouilitate in nobilitate corr.
(†)e it79 maiore uersus parte erasa add. cursores (curso m. pr. retento) uita (QG) lampada tradunt
it82 uacaris in uagaris corr.
*e it136 /ientur (gientur QG) in cientur corr.
*e it147 sole/ (solea QG) in soleat corr. (sole m. pr. retento)
it166 quicque in quidque mut.
e it181 p//dita in predita corr.
*e it192 /igna (signa QG) in tigna corr.
†*e it197 ursimus in urgimus (s solum mut.) mut.
†it216 abemus in habemus mut.

 At I.952 it seems his hand has merely lengthened the tail of u of aeuum to emphasise it as aeuum; there is no
evidence of any correction from aeuom.
†*e it227 it/ plagas (? QG) eras. in ita plag mut.
a231 post cel add. in spatio erare (=celerare) necesse est
(†)*e it233 haeraud (QG) in aer haud (aud m. pr. retento) corr.
e it257-63 quattuor uers. erasis add.: unde est haec inquam fatis auolsa uoluptas
                                       per quam progredimur quo ducit quemque uoluntas
                                       declinamus item motus nec tempore certo
                                       nec regione loci certa sed ubi ipsa tulit mens
                                       nam dubio procul his rebus sua cuique uoluntas
                                       principium dat et hinc motus per membra rigantur
                                       nonne uides etiam patefactis tempore puncto.
†*265 auet ipsa (QU) in habet ipsa mut.
e it267 conc/// (conciri QU) in conquiri mut.
e it283 proiect////frenatur in proiecta refrenatur corr.
it286 uidimus in uidemus corr.
it291 ferri in ferre corr.
(†)e it313 maiore uersus parte erasa add. natura iacet quapropter ubi ipsum (ipsa Gifanius)
*a342 praetere in praeterea corr.
*e it384 fulmines in fulminis (G) corr.
e it385 suptilem in subtilem corr.
e it410-12 ultimo uerbo u. 410 ac sequenti uersu eraso add.:                acerbum
                                       horrorem constare elementis leuibus aeque
                                       ac musae amele per chordas organici que
a417 exalat in exhalat mut.
it451 rutundis in rotundis mut.
e it454 poster. uersus dimid. eras. add. glomeramina (glo m. pr. retento) quaeque
it458 rutundis in rotundis mut.
*a478cap. figura in figuras corr.
e it486 pluribus (p m. pr. retento) in ras. add.
e it493 adsimili in atsimili mut.
it536 quadripedum in quadrupedum mut.
e it543 //rarum in terrarum corr.
e it561 aeuom in aeuum mut.
e it576 funera in funere corr.
it577 quim in quem corr.
†a613 r super obes (i.e. orbes) perperam sscr.
*a615 r super ingati (i.e. ingrati) recte sscr.
it624 urbis in urbes mut.
e it646 diuom in diuum mut.
it652 carit in caret corr.
e it663 fulmine in flumine (ul solum mut.) corr.
e it664 uiuont in uiuunt corr.
e it684 sorsum in sursum mut.
*it690 uerua in uerba corr.
it710 necessust in necessest corr.
it721 ginitae in genitae corr.
e it725 necessust in necessest mut.
e it745 uorti in uerti mut.
it789 coloris in colores mut.
*e it827 hoc magis (? Q) in magis hoc corr.
a e840 animus in animum corr.
(*)e it883-6 duobus uers. erasis add.: iamne uides igitur magni primordia rerum
                                        referre in quali sint ordine quaeque locata
                                       et commixta (cummixta QG) quibus dent motus accipiantque
                                       tum porro quid id est animum quod percutit ipsum
e it943-4 uno uersu eraso add:         accensi sensus animantem quamque tuentur
                                       praeterea quamuis animantem grandior ictus
e it983 qu/(?) in que corr.
it1004 omnis in omnes mut.
a1006 redant in reddant corr.
e it1114 te/// (terre V) in terra (Q) corr.
it e1119 ut/nas (utinas?) in uenas corr.
†e it1135 dispargit in dispergit mut.
e it1171 aeuom in aeuum mut.

62 alterations

Book III

it3 o recte add.
†*a it6 aueo (Q2V : aeuo Qa.c.) in habeo mut.
†*it6 hirundo in herundo mut.
e it12 no///idem in nos itidem corr.
a u104 patere ponunt in parte reponunt corr.
e it138 capud in caput corr.
*it156 calicare in caligare corr.
†*e it156 sonere in sonare mut.
e it186 rutundis in rotundis mut.
e it195 rutundis in rotundis mut.
e it205 rutundis in rotundis mut.
*e e236 multam quaeri in multa moueri corr.
it251 est recte post siue add.
e it257 retinemus(? Q) in retinere (retine ac prim. dim. litt. m m. pr. retento) corr.
†*a it259 auentem in habentem mut.
†e it289 feruescat in feruescet mut.
*e it e it293 pertore(? QV) in pectora corr.
*it321 niqueat in nequeat corr.
it330 aut in haut corr.
e it330 //soluantur in dissoluantur corr.
a336 uicera in uiscera corr.
e it385 capud in caput corr.
(†)*e (it)437 credeo in crede o mut.
*e it443 cohibereer (? QV) in cohiberier (ere solum mut.) corr.
it449 rubustis in robustis corr.
*e it462 particidem in participem corr.
it e it479 uacilia/// in uacillanti corr.
e it a513 aecumst in aequumst mut.
a514 prosum in prorsum mut.
e it531 un/ in uno corr.
it542 lincunt in linquunt mut.
*it578 fatiare in fateare corr.
588 poster. uersus dimid. eras. recte add. multimodis (m m.pr. retento) ut noscere possis
†596 poster. uersus dimid. eras. perperam add. cadere omnia membra
†*e it597 peribet in periberet mut. (perib m. pr. retento)
e it605 aeuom in aeuum mut.
*e it612 immortales in immortalis corr.
*e it618 lo// in loca corr.
a618 redita in reddita corr.
*e it644 ad in ab corr.
it651 aliu/ in alius corr.
a656 reliquias in relliquias mut.
*e it658 caude in cauda corr.
e it660 recen// in recenti corr.
e it713 linquontur in linquuntur mut.
it a714 lincuntur in linquuntur mut.
a719 racenti in rancenti corr.
e it752 //niente in ueniente corr.
a784 aetere in aethere corr.
e it787 quidquit in quicquit mut.
*it829 addi in adde corr.
e it858 rep//hendere in reperhendere mut.
*6 spp sp868 annullo del.
e it868 tempora in tempore corr.
†*a883 contamina in contaminata mut.5
*e it902 bideant in uideant corr.
e it906 ad in at corr.
†e it941 offens/// in offensost mut.
†*it957 aues in abes mut.
†a960 dicere in discere mut.
it966 uaratrum in baratrum corr.
e it982 diuom in diuum mut.
it983 mortalis in mortales mut.
†*it992 tytius in tytios mut.
†*it994 curpedine(?) in turpedine mut.
e it996 fa/ces in fasces (s solum mut.) corr.
a1001 r super rusum (i.e. rursum) recte add.
†*e it1034 scipiadas in scipiades mut.
†8spp 7spp1073 aeternitatem corporis in aeterni temporis (Q) mut.
†*a1082 auemus in habemus mut.
†*a1083 abemus in habemus mut.

73 alterations

Book IV

e it31 membran//// in membranae corr.
it58 aetate in aestate corr.
*it63 debe in debet corr.
(†)*e it66 hiscendis in iscendist mut.
*e it78 concessum in consessum (c solum mut.) corr.
†*a79 scaenal in scaenalem mut.
e it88 suptili in subtili mut.
e it u95 temuis in tenuis corr.
(†)*e it103 hiscendis in iscendist mut.
e it124 t/etra in taetra corr.
e it193 paruola in paruula mut.
*e it e202 diffunderes esse in diffundere sese corr.
it e it217 ia/essant in lacessant corr.
e it219 undi in undis corr.
e it224 c//tuimur (contuimur?) in cum tuimur corr.
a232 necess// in necessest corr.
a244 ab nobis in marg. recte suppl., not. ante res pos.
it248 omnis in omnes corr.
*e it253 reuota (Q) in remota (ota m. pr. retento) corr.
it a276 secuntur in sequuntur mut.
†*e it277 perteget in pertinget mut.
*e sp304 tacer ardurit in acer adurit corr.
a333 rusum in rursum mut.
e it344 reced// in recedas corr.
it354 rutundae in rotundae mut.
it362 rutunda in rotunda mut.
a363 uident in uidentur corr.
*a368 ali in aliud corr.
it it391 aetheriis in aethereis mut.
it411 aetheriis in aethereis mut.
it a420 ecus in equus corr.

 The added syllable is clearly written as an unified addition to contamina, so as to form contaminata stans (not,
as Diels records, contaminat astans).
*e it423 fulmen in flumen corr.
e it425 adsimili in atsimili mut.
†sp&spp it545 nectitortis in nete tortis (Q) mut.
a554 peruenia in perueniat corr.
e it570 /onorem in sonorem corr.
*it572 uene in bene corr.
e it590 loquontur in loquuntur mut.
a643 dece in decet corr.
e it653 trique// in triquetra corr.
e it654 rutunda in rotunda mut.
it673 naris in nares mut.
*e it710 explondentibus in explaudentibus (on solum mut.) corr.
e it743 subtilem in suptilem mut.
e it747 subtilis in suptilis mut.
e it767 uiuom in uiuum mut.
†*a it778 auemus in habemus mut.
*it843 conserre in conferre corr.
†*e it e it869 opturet in obduret mut.
†*it882 accidere in accedere mut.
*a886 ego in ergo corr.
e it901 subtili in suptili mut.
it976 relicuas in reliquas mut.
a992 reducunt in redducunt corr.
a1001 re ducunt in redducunt corr.
e it1008 diuom in diuum mut.
*e it1033 colores in coloris corr.
*a1053 mulieribus in muliebribus corr.
a1058 hic in hinc corr.
*e it1059 ill/// in illaec corr.
*it1068 uicus in ulcus corr.
(†)(*)e it1083 illaecermina (? : ille germina Q) in illa haec germina mut.
e it1097 ///m (quum Q) in cum mut.
†e it1124 uicillans in uigillans (Q) mut.
it1134 aliquit in aliquid corr.
*it1137 ambicuo (ambico Q) in ambiguo corr.
*it1154 is (Q) in his corr.
a1167 uest in uerost corr.
†*e it1170 esti// in est id mut.
†*it1194 adsuctis in adsuetis mut.
it1194 ocula in oscula corr.
a1196 decurre in decurrere corr.
†it1200 sallentem in fallentem mut.
*a1202 uixit in uinxit corr.
e it1204 quom in cum mut.
e it1208 quom in cum mut.
*a1224 refer in refert corr.
a1229 mine in semine corr.
a1234 a/sterrent in absterrent corr.
e it1235 aeuom in aeuum mut.
it1237 conspercunt in conspergunt corr.
e it1239 diuom in diuum mut.

82 alterations

Book V

a146ind. dis in diis mut.
*a1241ind. re et pertum linea recte coniunxit
it57 foederi in foedere corr.
e it158 diuom in diuum mut.
it158 dicere in decere corr.
e it199 //at in stat corr.
e a206 supere/// (superere(t)?) in superest (ē lig.) corr.
*a209 atris in aratris corr. (h.u. om. Q)
it216 imbris in imbres mut.
e it220 ali/ (alid) in alit corr.
e it221 atportant in adportant corr. (t in ras.)
it226 lucubri in lugubri corr.
it226 aecumst in aequmst mut.
e it241 natiuom in natiuum mut.
e it252 adsiduis in assiduis mut.
a253 exalat in exhalat corr.
e it264 quidquid in quicquid corr.
e it268 supter in subter mut.
sp a280 adsidue in assidue mut.
a282 adsidue in assidue mut.
it287 iumpere in rumpere corr.
298 nouom in nouum mut.
sp a304 quidquid in quicquid mut.
e it314 ualida// in ualidas corr.
*it324cap. nati/ in natiua corr.
a341 adsiduis in assiduis mut.
e it353 quead in queat corr.
*e it400 fluminis in fulminis (ul solum mut.) corr.
†*it406 uer in ueris mut.
†*it418 luna in lunae mut.
e it455 rutundis in rotundis mut.
e it459 apstulit in abstulit mut. (b solum mut.)
a463 exalantque in exhalantque mut.
e it481 plag/ in plaga corr.
a496 aque in atque corr.
†*it511 parti in parte mut.
e it515 supter in subter mut.
it527 quit in quid corr.
†it533 pedetem in pedetemti mut.
it545 quit in quid corr.
e it560 guberna/ in gubernat corr.
e577 quidquid in quicquid mut.
*e it580 aere in aera corr.
†*a581 mi in minimum (nimum in marg. add.) mut.
e it588 perparuom in perparuum mut.
†*a609 accedere in accendere mut.
(*)e it a626 super in subter (supter Q) corr.
it630 a ante caelo recte suppl.
a649 in in inter corr.
e it e653 concussus ///// in concussos corr.
e it653 post labefactos in ras. recte suppl. aere multo (Q)
(†)*it657 differte in deffert et mut.
*it675 postromo in postremo corr.
e it681 n//// in noctis (pr. dim. litt. n m. pr. retento) corr.
e it697 iubat in iubar corr.
e it702 t//dius in tardius corr.
it707 orbi in orbe mut.
e it708 doneque in donec mut.
a714 subole in sub sole corr.
*it718 lauitur in labitur corr.
sp it718 officians in officiens corr.
†*it721 parti in parte mut.
it723 donique in denique mut.
†e it727 babylonis/ in babylonisa mut.
†*it727 chaldeum in chaldeam mut.
it a744 secuntur in sequuntur mut.
a749 rusus in rursus mut.
it756 aliut in aliud corr.
e it765 aliut in aliud corr.
e it790 tum in ras. post noua recte add.
*e it790 uilgultaque in uirgultaque (r solum mutato) corr.
it a804 lincunt in linquunt mut.
†*it810 infantum in infandum mut.
†*it823 anima in animas mut.
e it832 aliut in aliud corr.
e it833 aliut in aliud corr.
*e it852 possi/ in possint corr.
e it852 manere in manare (e solum mutato) corr.
*e it853 possis in possit corr.
it a884 ecus in equus mut.
it a886 ecum in equum mut.
*a933 arari in aratri corr.
*it it941 aruita in arbuta corr.
*it it965 aruita in arbuta corr.
e it985 spumigeris uis in spumigeri suis corr.
*e it994 effigium in effugium corr.
†*a e995 uicerat in uiscera mut.
e it998 ignar// in ignaros corr.
†*a1008 deant in dedant mut.
†a it1019 auentes in habentes mut.
it1023 aequm in aequum corr.
it1044 et post uocibus recte add.
e it1082 quom in cum mut.
*it it1085 grecis in greges corr.
e it1108 artemque in arcemque corr.
*e it1126 thetra in taetra corr.
*e it1137 superua in superba corr.
†sp a1141 recidit in recidat mut.
*e it1142 patebat in petebat corr.
†*a1145 uicere in uincere mut.
e it1145 aeuom in aeuum mut.
e it1156 diuom in diuum mut.
a1162 arum in ararum corr.
e it1169 diuom in diuum mut.
*a1172 proptere in propterea corr.
†*it1220 fulmini in fulmine mut.
*it1221 murmure in murmura corr.
it1224 superue in superbe corr.
e it1229 diuom in diuum mut.
a1233 res post adeo recte add.
e it1234 opterit in obterit mut.
it1234 facis in fascis corr.
*it1245 uellum in bellum corr.
*it1247 uonitate in bonitate corr.
*e it1248 panguis in pinguis corr.
†*a1253 horribili in horribilis mut.
†it1253 altis in altas mut.
a1255 feuentibus in feruentibus corr.
e it1257 plumbum(?)// in plumbi quae cum corr.
†e it1259 capite in capiti mut.
*a1273 fui in fuit corr.
it1278 aliut in aliud corr.
*it1289 uelli in belli corr.
it1290 sereuant in serebant corr.
†*e it1301 escendere in ascendere mut.
e it1317 h/stis in hostis corr.
a1322 moribus in morsibus corr.
a1324 uentes in uentres corr.
*a1331 petebat in petebant corr.
e it1348 //emerent (tremerent?) in gemerent corr.
a1366 uirgu in uirgulta corr.
a1370 inqe in inque corr.
e it1393 riuom in riuum mut.
e it e1413 suabius imprimis in suauius inprimis corr.
*e it1416 sigilla in sic illa corr.
it it1422 disperiis in disperiisse corr.
*e it1427 ad in at corr.
†it1429 itque in idque mut.
e it1431 aeuom in aeuum mut.
e it1440 aeuom in aeuum mut.
*sp e it1441 discere//que in discretaque corr.

142 alterations

Book VI

a50ind. sollicitudine in sollicitudines corr.
†*a it1 frugiparos in frugiferos mut.
*e it1 aegros in aegris corr.
†*e it2 dididerunt in didederunt (nisi di dederunt?) mut.
e it24 pe/tora in pectora corr.
*e it31 signatura in sic natura corr.
*e it33 prustra in frustra corr.
*e it35 caelis in caecis corr.
it e it45 que//umque (quequumque?) in quaecumque corr.
e it52 diuom in diuum mut.
*it53 at in ad corr.
e it58 aeuom in aeuum mut.
it60 presentim in presertim corr.
*it66 rationi in ratione corr.
*it68 longique in longeque corr.
e it81 rei/iat in reiciat corr.
e it94 ///quies in requies corr.
*it95 laudi in laude corr.
*it a102 pretere in praeterea corr.
e it109 intentat heatri in intenta theatri corr.
e it112 ////arum (chatarum Q) in chartarum corr.
e it115 aur/s in auras corr.
*e it122 graui/// (grauiter?) emere in graui tremere corr.
*it132 perfiant in perflant corr.
e it134 modos(?) in modis corr.
*it136 perfiant in perflant corr.
*spp138 perfingens in perfringens corr.
*e it141 arbuste(?) uoluens in arbusta euoluens (a e in ras. add.) corr.
*it145 nubi in nube corr.
a146 umore in humore mut.
it153 comburins in comburens corr.
†*it160 fulgit in fulget mut.
*it162 percuciat in percutiat corr.
a180 aram in atram corr.
e it206 necessust in necessest mut.
*a e208 flameus/ in flammeus corr.
†*it208 colos in color mut.
†*a208 splendidusolis in splendidus solis mut.
e it214 nobila in nubila corr.
†*it225cap. FVLMINE in FVLMINIS mut.
e it spp237 //quae in usque corr.
†*e it237 tellens in tollens mut.
*e it237 feruere in feruore corr.
it238 mouilior in mobilior corr.
*e it239 nun//// in nunc ea corr.
†*a241 ligna (igna Q) in marg. perperam suppl., not. ante trabesque pos.
e it243 pecutes in pecudes corr.
a246cap. FVMINA in FVLMINA corr.
it246 putandumsi in putandumst corr.
a c249 doceres in docet res corr.
e it254 ///e in atrae (e m. pr. retento, cauda litterae e add.) corr.
it258 atra in atram corr.
it262 putandumsi in putandumst corr.
e it268 alie in alte corr.
*it285 repen// in repente corr.
*a288 pecurrunt in percurrunt corr.
†e it290 concussas in concussus mut.
a291 aeter in aether corr.
†*it296 incidit in incedit mut.
sp a297 quem in quam corr.
spp299 tullit in tulit corr.
e it305 paruola in paruula mut.
a306 plumea in plumbea corr.
it315 secius in setius corr.
†*e it324 percunt (Q) in pergunt (g solum mut.) mut.
sp a337 dupricatur in duplicatur corr.
*it spp344 regionem in e regione corr.
e it it a346 here quedam in aere quaedam corr.
†*a it350 perfigit in perfregit mut.
*it356 uincia in uincla corr.
†*a364 frigus in frigidus mut.
it366 agnoque in magnoque corr.
†*e it368 li//// (ligoris Q) eras. in liquoris mut.
*a372 uouitur in uoluitur corr.
a374 haec (lig. h ) post sunt recte suppl.
it382 indiua in indicia corr.
*e it390 abersabile in auersabile corr.
a393 concius in conscius corr.
e it396 f/ustra in frustra corr.
a399 ostis in hostis corr.
it416 multo in multa corr.
a431 us in uis corr.
†*a440 detruit in detrudit mut.
*it444 aeri in aere corr.
a447 inmane in inmanem corr.
e it447 promomit(?) in promouit corr.
*it453 indupetita in indupedita corr.
it454 exicuis in exiguis corr.
e it spp461 adsiduae in assidue corr.
*it481 urgit in urget corr.
it482 e in et corr.
e it485 profun// in profundi corr.
†*it492 cauias in caueas mut.
a e497 expedia/ in expediam corr.
e it511 nim/orum in nimborum corr.
*it c a c it512 urgite super oprimit in urget et e supero premit corr.
a517 uemens in uehemens mut.
*spp it521 rignante in rigantes corr.
†*e it523 re//alat (redhalat?) in rehalat mut.
†it524 in/e (ime?) in inte mut.
†*it e526cap. arquo in arci mut.
*a526 existi in existit corr.
e it526 arqui in arci mut.
*it531 auintis in auentis corr.
e it533 cr/eentur in creentur corr.
e it537 supter in subter mut.
it552 lucunas in lacunas mut.
†*it554 uacilla/ (uacillas Q) in uacillat mut.
*e it558 urges in urget corr.
e it597 inferna in inferne corr.
*a600 comple in complere corr.
†it604 subdit in subdita mut.
*it c604 parti in parte corr.
a609 decursu in decursus corr.
a611 tempestateque in tempestatesque corr.
e it613 su/s in suos corr.
a615 non ante augescere recte suppl.
*e it621 ad(? Q) in ab corr.
it e it634 quor/ in aequore corr.
*it638 pe in pede corr.
*e it639 faucas in fauces corr.
e it639 ae/nae (aetnae?) in aethnae corr.
a644 caeli in marg. recte suppl., not. ante scintillare pos.
it652 quoa in quota corr.
e it653 contue/// in contueare corr.
*it658 opturcescit in opturgescit corr.
†*it661 partim in partem mut.
e it c664 que aduis in queat uis corr.
e it665 putantumst in putandumst corr.
a667 quea in queat corr.
*it667 concusso in concussa corr.
†*it671 tempestatis in tempestates mut.
e it673 ad in at corr.
†*it694 parti in parte mut.
e it695 f///// in frangit corr.
it696 mari in mare mut.
it698 mari in mare mut.
u c700 arena &ollere in arenae tollere corr.
e it703 aliquod in aliquot corr.
e it703 aliquod in aliquot corr.
e it703 quar/m in quarum corr.
e it715 /t (et?) in aut corr.
†*e it718 manere in manare mut.
†*it721 parti in parte mut.
*a723 exorins in exoriens corr.
e it725 aduersis in ras. recte add.
*a726 rui in ruit corr.
e it728 et in ras. corr.
it747 aput in apud corr.
†e it747 egri in ecri mut.
*it749cap. at in ad corr.
*e it749 piso in ipso (so m. rec. retento) corr.
e it751 appell/// in appellunt corr.
e it754 //aium in graium corr.
*a761 appare in apparet corr.
†*e it762 poteis in potis mut.
e it763 anima/ in animas corr.
a763 aceruntis in acheruntis mut.
it775 dissimilisque in dissimilesque mut.
e it it782 /purceque in spurcaeque corr.
*e it787 netare in necare corr.
*it it803 precipimus in praecepimus corr.
a806 sulpur in sulphur mut.
e it813 p//// eras. in paruo corr.
it814 et ante quam recte add.
a815 quo in quos corr.
*it820 patium in spatium corr.
†*e it823 derigit in dirigit mut.
*it834 nisis in nisus corr.
e it848 fonl in fons corr.
†*e it858 per///ere in perquoccere mut. (postquam in perquocere mut. m. rec.)
it868 actum in tactum corr.
(†)(*)e it e it878 exoluit /la//em nouosoue (nobosque QU) in exsoluit (QU) glaciem nouosque corr. et mut.
e it888 /ispersa in dispersa corr.
e it891 //atit in scatit corr.
a897 aut post conueniunt recte add.
†*e it900 limin/ (limine) in limina mut.
e it908 magnet/ in magneta corr.
e it915 //ius in alius corr.
*e it it915 uintiaque in uinclaque corr.
*e it923 corpore in corpora corr.
*a931 requis in requies corr.
e it941 promptum si in promptu nisi corr.
e it947 //guiculosque in unguiculosque corr.
e it951 sax// in saxea corr. (sax m. pr. retento)
†*it952 uaposque in uaporque mut.
*it955 moruida in morbida corr.
e it962 ex//oquit (exquoquit? QU) in excoquit mut.
e it967 ad in at corr.
*it it969 colori in calori corr.
*e it974 benenumst in uenenumst corr.
it982 pradita(?) in praedita corr.
*a spp986 alo quae in alioque corr.
it987 odoris in odores corr.
e it993 m//// eras. in meare corr.
it995 aliut in aliud corr.
it1003 era in aera corr
a1009 ula in ulla corr.
a1016 aesit in haesit corr.
sp a1017 cunctis in cunctas corr.
it1027 ueruerat in uerberat corr.
e it1031 subtiliter in suptiliter mut.
e it1033 po//// (potest?) in post est corr.
e it1035 ae/ in aes corr.
a c1037 ferost in ferrost corr.
e it1037 abbicus in abditus corr.
*a1041 umpsit in sumpsit corr.
a1046 scapiis in scaphiis mut.
a1049 qui in quia corr.
a1058 auru in aurum corr.
e it1059 ad in at corr.
e it1062 ferr/ (ferro?) in ferri corr.
*a1062 loata in locata corr.
it1071 uincia in uincla corr.
e it1073 oliuom in oliuum mut.
e it e it1075 /an/e in lanae corr.
it1077 ndis in undis corr.
*it1092 moruida in morbida corr.
it1097 perturuarunt in perturbarunt corr.
*it1097 moruidus in morbidus corr.
a1117 locus in marg. recte suppl., not. ante est pos.
*e a1119 aelenum in alienum corr.
*a1125 estilitasque in pestilitasque corr.
a1126 fuges in fruges corr.
a1136 defer in deferat corr.
†*e it1139 cecropit in cecropiis mut.
it1139 funestus in funestos corr.
e it1147 intrins//// in intrinsecus corr.
*e it1148 uiceribus in ulceribus corr.
*e it1150 tacta in tactu corr.
a1153 lababat in lababant corr.
e it1159 adsidue in assidue mut.
e it spp1161 adsiduae in assidue corr.
†e it1165 iotius in totius mut.
*it1166 uiceribus in ulceribus corr.
*it1167 ui in ut corr.
†(*)e it1167 dum in cum (U) mut.
a1167 ditur in diditur corr.
a1169 stomaco in stomacho corr.
e it1170 cuiqu/m in cuiquam corr.
e it1170 leu/ ////// leue tenuque corr.
it1172 caelidos in gelidos corr.
it1189 uic in uix corr.
†*it1195 inhoret in inhorret mut.
†*a1195 mebat in meabat mut.
*it1198 aui in aut corr.
e it1198 reddebunt(?) in reddebant (a solum mut.) corr.
e it1199 funer/ in funera corr.
†*a1200 uiceribus in uisceribus mut.
a1215 corpo in corpora corr.
e it1222 fid/ in fida corr.
e it1228 /oluere in Voluere corr.
*a1228 turi in tueri corr.
*e it1251 tale in tali corr.
e it1266 inter/lusa in interclusa corr.
a1267 puli in populi corr.
†*it1271 uiceribus in uisceribus mut.
*e it1272 rellerat in replerat corr.
e it1276 diuom in diuum mut.
e it1280 et in ras. add.

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