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									      UPCOMING SCHOOL

Mark these dates in your
 28th May W2W 9:30am
   Monday 1st June
    Queen’s Birthday

  TUES 2nd June Rm2
     Assembly 2:30pm
 3rd & 4th June St John
    Safe Kids First Aid
  4th June Wacky Hair
  Day : Autism Awareness
  Day : Coin Trail Donation
 9th June BOT Meeting
 19th June EOHS Open
    Day Yr6 Parents &
Ngā mihi mahana ki a koutou!                                                        AWARDS Our students make amazing
Warm greetings to you all!                                                                      progress in their learning 27th
                                                Principal’s Pen                     every week and we love to recognize May
W ha t a f o rtn ig h t it‟s
been...Fireshows, Macraes                                                           them with awards presented on assem-
Mine Trips, Poetry Mornings,                                                        bly. A big congratulations to the following 2009
Library Visits, Photo Walks...the list goes on...and so too the great learn-        students who received awards this
ing at Waikouaiti School!
We have a number of new families in our school community and I trust                Room .1. Mitchell for great thinking in writing and
that you will join with me and make them all feel welcome! A friendly word          Levi - great attitude.
from parents with a new mum or dad makes the world of difference when
you‟re just starting out on your school journey!
                                                                                    Room .2. William and Giana
                                                                                    Room .4. Angus and Jake, Chantel and
By now you would have heard your children talking about our FISH! Phi-              Georgia, Callum, Atawhai and Maia.
losophy. Our senior students have worked with whanau groups across the              Room .5. Theodore Jorgensen :maturity         Ka
school to develop our understanding of the FISH! Philosophy. In next
week‟s curriculum news we will feature more information about this neat             and kindness to others, Nicole good con-     Pai!
way to ensure we all get the most out of every day of our lives!                    centration in class
We continue to develop exciting ways to ensure all our children succeed!
At the heart of everything we do at Waikouaiti School is the expectation                  Message from the Dental Therapist
that all students will achieve in every aspect of their education! I thank you
for your continued support of our great school!                                     The Mobile Dental Unit is now closed.
Kindest Regards,
                                                                                    Several children have been sent appointments
                                           National Standards and Reporting to
Trish Hodgson                                             Parents                   to come up to the Palmerston Dental Clinic for
PRINCIPAL                                    A number of meetings our being
                                           held across the nation to discuss the
                                                                                    treatment. If unable to keep these appointments
           Our next meeting
                                           national achievement standards and
                                            reporting to parents. To have your
                                                                                    please let us know as soon as possible as we
                                                                                    have limited time at the clinic. Phone or text
                                                       say log on to
              needs YOU!                         www.
              Monday 8th                            nationalstandards               027 284 9932 or leave a message with Lois the
         June from 3pm in
                                            Parent, Family and Whanau Infor-
                                            mation and Feedback Booklets are
                                                                                    secretary at Palmerston Primary on 4651 361.
       school library!                                    online!
                                                    HAVE YOUR SAY!
                                                                                    Thanks, Chris and Bernie

          St John Safe Kids Programme                                                            Our fundraising meeting was held
    Next week all children will participate in this                                  Fundraising earlier this week and a number of
   valuable programme as part of our Health and                                                  ideas were raised. We are keen to
           Physical Education curriculum.                                                  hear from any interested people who may
 Years 1-4 will learn about the role of the                                         help in any way with the following potential fund-
                                                                                    raising ideas!
 ambulance and crew, Dialing 111, People in the
                                                                                         Rodeo Catering : Lunch or BBQ and Break-
 community who help in an emergency                                                       fast (Waitangi Weekend 2010)
 Years 5-6 will learn about basic first aid, CPR,                                        Dog Barking Contest 2010
 Dialing 111, How you can help?                                                          School Reunion Market Day 2010
                                                                                         Xmas Market and Carols Night 2009
    All costs for this important programme are                                           Community Expo Nights (Men’s night & La-
      being meet by St John and the school!                                               dies Nights)
                                                                                         Clothing Swap Meet
            School Donations = 31%                          Reading                      Quiz Night
                  THANK YOU!!                              Recovery
 We have 68 families at Waikouaiti School           Waikouaiti      School          Please email or call the office to let us know how
 and 21 families have currently paid their          runs a Reading Re-              you might be able to help...all ideas are welcome!
 school donation. This equates to 31%               covery     Programme
 paid, we are so grateful and would love to         that assists our young
 hit the 100% mark before the end of this           children who are hav-              Some of our immediate fundraising targets in-
 term!                                              ing difficulty with              clude funds to purchase library books and class-
 We know you understand how difficult it is to      reading.     We    are                         room reading books!
    run the school on the funding we receive        thrilled to inform you
  from the Government so we really appreci-         that Rae Howland
    ate this donation to assist us through the      joins us this week to           This week we warmly        BOT NEWS
                        year.                       continue our Reading             welcome the Hagan                   Reminder       that
   Remember this is tax deductible and a re-        Recovery          Pro-         and Tremain families to      you can contribute to the
              ceipt is always issued.               gramme, as Noni                 Waikouaiti School! We
   There have been a number of requests                                            look forward to learning
                                                                                                                school‟s fundraising efforts
                                                    finishes up. Rae is an
  for an electronic funds transfer option
                                                    experienced, trained            and growing together!       by switching to Tower Ki-
  for payment of school donations. If you
   wish to pay via EFT our details are be-
                                                    Reading       Recovery          At the end of the week      wiSaver Scheme. Further
                                                    teacher and we wel-              our school roll will be    details are available at the
                                                    come her warmly to                  99 and growing!
     Account Number:031737 0023 252 00
                                                    our school!
                                                                                                                school office! Thank You!
         Thank You for your support!
CLASS Kia ora from Room One. We have been incredibly
      busy in Room One working hard at our reading, writ-                   Room 4 News
NEWS! ing and maths. The children are becoming extremely
                                                                            Our most exciting news for this fortnight has been our visit to
             good at recognising patterns in the world around them          the Oceana Gold mine last Tuesday. Graham was a most inter-
 and are repeating them with great success. We have been writ-              esting tour guide. He showed us a short video and explained
 ing about a whole range of topics. Last Friday we made jelly,              how gold is made at the mine. Half the group went on his bus
 recited a poem about jelly and wrote about our experience. On              tour looking at machines working at various sites. The other
 Monday we went to the Fire Show and the children thoroughly                half had a look at the old village then went down to the visitor‟s
 enjoyed it. We talked after the show about safe meeting places             viewing area to watch the dump trucks pass us as they worked,
 in case a fire should break out at school or at home. The chil-            and to sketch their favourite vehicle. A lunch break at Macraes-
 dren then wrote their thoughts down. Here is what Kararnina                Moonlight school gave us time to enjoy a game of soccer with
 wrote:                                                                     new friends there…just before it started to sleet!
           Today I went to a Fire Show. I feel good. The safe place
                                                                            Back in class we have made an informative display of the ma-
 at school is
                                                                            chines that MOVE IT, MOVE it at gold mines.
           outside on the courtyard behind the white line so that
                                                                            During our study of “Movement” we have also planned
 there is enough
                                                                            and created a variety of successful marble tracks that can
           room for the fire truck to come in. The teacher will tell
                                                                            move marbles using ramps and the force of gravity. We also
 us some rules
                                                                            discovered friction can slow the movement of marbles.
           and everyone will come outside onto the court so that
                                                                            The fastest track ( with steep ramps ) were made by Angus
 we are safe. I
                                                                            and Jake, Chantel and Georgia.
           had fun at the Fire Show. There might be another one
                                                                            The slowest tracks ( with friction from surfaces ) were made by
 next year.
                                                                            Callum, Atawhai and Maia. Mrs Callander -
           By Kararnina
 The children were impressed with the detail that Kararnina had
 in her writing. This week we are working on adding more inter-
 esting words to our writing. Please feel free to come into Room            ROOM 5: This week we have read some serious poems: Pig
 One and have a look at the children‟s lovely art work and their            and Flashlight. They gave us vivid, clear pictures in our mind.
 writing.                                                                   We drew pictures then coloured them in with pastels (you can
 From Room One                                                              see them in our class).
                                                                            Last week we went around the school teaching the fish philoso-
 Kia ora from Room 2! For the past two weeks we have                        phy to the classes and on Thursday we got back together and
 been working hard in Room 2 on our Topic and in                            made plays enacting examples of fish philosophy in the class-
                                                                            room and playground. Hannah, Jack
 Maths, Reading and Writing. In the next few weeks we
 are focussing on instructions in writing through making
 and creating in topic and art as well as looking at instruc-
 tion through games and recipes. In Maths the children                                      WORLD VISION @ Waikouaiti
 are continuing to practice skip counting, grouping ob-
 jects and multiplication.                                                  Well done to the 24 children who took part in the 20 Hour
                                                                            Famine over the weekend. Now its time to visit your spon-
                                                                            sors and collect your money and return it to Jill as soon as
 On Tuesday this week we visited the Macraes Goldmine                       possible so it can be used by World Vision - this year to help
 and had lunch at Macraes School. We have been look-                        people in Sri Lanka. Get your sponsored money back to Jill
 ing forward to the trip and thanks to those who provided                   by the end of the week and you will be given a small prize.
 transport without your support these trips will not be pos-
 sible. We enjoyed having Room 5 visit us to teach us
 about the „Fish Philosophy.‟ We have been focussing on
 different aspects of this and the children have completed
 artwork and learning how to have a positive attitude and
 making somebody‟s day. —Miss Burgess—
                                                                                              Both the Silver and Purple Netball teams have
                                                                             had two good wins in the past two weeks. We have noticed
                                                                             some great skills being displayed by all of the children, keep up
                          Wow! What a great start to Stars on Stage re-      the great work!
     STARS ON STAGE    hearsals. The swimmers, surfers, fish, and boaties    The players of the day for the teams were:
         2009         have their routines looking great. The birds are       Silver                                       Purple
                   also a flutter with great moves! The costumes are         Hannah                                       Georgia
 coming along wonderfully - thanks to the organisation skills and motiva-    Maddison                                     Chantel
 tion or Loraine. I will let you know when the tickets will be on sale as
 soon as I am informed. This is definitely not a show to be missed.
                                                                             Once again a big thank you for the great netball skirts the chil-
 Louise Ritchie
                                                                             dren look great!

                                                         Are your children away from school?
                                               Please remember to contact the office and let us know if
                                               your child is unwell or absent for the day for any reason.
    Wacky Hair Day is planned for              This can be done through a phone call or email:
   next Thursday, 4th June. All our
  students (and teachers) are invited
                                                                   Phone: 4657 225
  to wear their WACKY hair for the                        Email:
                 day!                                                 Thank you!

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