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Jim Gill


									Creativity Health & Well Being
A City that had lost its way
Low confidence and a lack of aspiration

• Highest Council Tax
• Poor Inefficient Services and poor VFM
• Failing Local Education Authority
• Poor Entrepreneurial Climate
• Stagnant development market
• Low rental & property values
• Declining retail offer
Capital of Culture
Capital of Culture is the rocket
fuel to accelerate progress
towards achieving the community

Liverpool First Vision
• For Liverpool to become a
  premier European City.
  Achieved by building a more
  competitive economy,
  developing healthier, safer and
  more inclusive communities and
  enhancing the potential of every

Vision for 2008
• To deliver the best ever
  European Capital of Culture and
  leave an enduring legacy for the
  people of Liverpool
The Bid
“Liverpool’s bid, crucially, best combines strong central
direction, civic leadership, with wholehearted public

Wholehearted and widespread participation was central

Creative Communities approach proved its value
Creative Communities

A unique partnership delivering
for the whole city

Ensuring good practice is shared
with strategic partners

A national joined up approach
both with strategic delivery
partners and neighbourhood
management service
Added Value to Mainstream Priorities
Adds extra value to mainstream interventions
Activity targets all the shared priority areas agreed between
local and central government
Creative Communities programme:
• Is tackling core regeneration issues such as health, crime
and litter.
• It dovetails with national and local policies to combat social
exclusion and adds extra value to our interventions
• It provides a stepping stone back into mainstream society
• It is increasing social capital (bonding and bridging) in some
of England’s most excluded communities
• Is improving community perceptions of the Council
Its Not Ok

Violence prevention for young
people, led by young people


Health and creativity and using

Coming of Age

A structure to deliver a cultural
offer to every school

Four Corners

Neighbourhood decision making

Underpinned with an extensive
workshop and seminar
                   Health is
• Not just the professional concern of health
  professionals but that architects, town
  planners, sports officers, artists, teachers
  and many others all have a part to play in
  health promotion and in the maintenance
  of well being: most of all, every
  patient/client/citizen must also join in this
          » Dr Malcolm Rigler, GP Withymoor Village Surgery
            1982 -1999
                          Profile of the city
2003            441,800
2005            447,500

6.3% economic output is well ahead of the national average of 5.5% and
   North West average 5.4%

Index of Multiple Deprivation
Nearly 60% of Liverpool’s population in most vulnerable 10% in England.
Certain wards suffer disproportionally with high levels of poor housing,
   worklessness and ill health

                                               Information from Impacts 08
          Liverpool, European Capital of Culture

Overall aim
To deliver the best ever European Capital of Culture in 2008 and
leave an enduring legacy for the people of Liverpool

One of 6 Objectives to meet the above
To build community enthusiasm, creativity and participation

Impacts 08
Cultural access and participation with particular emphasis on direct
and indirect participation and engagement with Liverpool ECoC on
people’s quality of life and well being. (6 themes)
    Another story to tell underneath the large
           Capital of Culture events
By bringing creativity, imagination, play, humour,
    heritage and the arts into individual’s lives,
    communities and health organisations
        health and well being is understood as
    more than medical and scientific practice.
It is also about who we are, what we do, with
    whom and where.
Creative health and
well-being, Liverpool
Echo Arena, May 2008
Through culture and the arts we can find meaning,
make sense of our experiences, express our
thoughts and emotions, make relationships,
discover skills and qualities in our selves; and these
experiences provide an opportunity to integrate
body, mind and spirit, to learn and to make changes
in our lifestyle.
    Department of Health Targets
•   Developing more patient centred care
•   Delivering public health priorities
•   Asthma
•   National Service Framework for Older People
•   Promoting Self Care
•   Improved healing environments
•   Supporting staff
•   Improving education of health workers
                                   April 2007
 Wider Government Targets
• Contributing to regeneration of deprived
• Creating greater community cohesion
• Enabling increased participation and
  reducing exclusion
• Helping people back into employment
• Supporting Local Area Agreements
                                 April 2007
            Well Being

       North West definition

The quality of people’s experience of
              their lives
Corey Keyes
Social psychologist Emory University, Atlanta
“Positive psychology”

“You are not going to understand something as complex as
health through one discipline.”

“We are living on average 30 years longer than at the start of the
twentieth century yet we are not healthier.”

a new paradigm – shift from fixing what isn’t working to developing what
is working.

From languishing to flourishing………………………..
Creativity – the art of possibility

                 Don’t establish the
                 The squares, triangles,
                 Of preconceived
                 And then
                 Life into them, trimming
                 Off left over edges,
                 Ending potential

                        A.R. Ammons
Health is?

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