Geoscience Outreach Collaborative Effort

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					Geoscience Outreach:
A Collaborative Effort
         Cindy Martinez
      Department of Education
     American Geological Institute

Outreach Programs at AGI

  Earth Science Week
  New programs in development
      Earth Science World
      Origins Television Series
         Earth Science Week:
               A Brief History
   ESW was initiated in 1998

   The week has grown to include events in all
    50 states and more than 15 countries

   State and national proclamations of the week
    are made each year

   The ESW Website received more than 45,000
    visitors in 2002

   Currently organized by the Education
         Earth Science Week:
            Plans for 2003

• New Theme for this year:

         “Eyes on Planet Earth:
     Monitoring Our Changing World”

• Dates: October 12-18, 2003.
          Earth Science Week:
         New programs and plans
• Created a newsletter to keep planners and
  participants up-to-date on Earth Science Week
• Re-designed website:
• Started a “Sponsor-a-school” program
• Will include a Global GIS CD in each ESW kit
• Encouraging increased national media coverage.
• New materials: new kits for teachers, information for
  event planners, and a new poster
 *AGI wants to engage Member Societies,
   their members and local and regional
 geoscience societies to participate in Earth
  Science Week at the “grassroots” level.

With help from our member societies, we
   can reach out to more than 100,000
     geoscientists around the world!
      Earth Science Week:
How can your society get involved?
   AGI will send 50 free kits to every member
       Distribute them to your Education Committees,
        Outreach staff, Regional subcommittees and other
   Encourage your members to participate!
       Buy kits for local schools and teachers
       Plan to visit a classroom, host an open house, or lead
        a field trip in their local area
   Include the Earth Science Week poster in
    your journals
          Earth Science World:
         A Gateway to Learning
• AGI is submitting a proposal to NSF’s Informal
  Science Education program to fund the creation of
  an outreach website: Earth Science World.

• Earth Science World will contain comprehensive,
  up-to-date scientific information about the Earth
  sciences accessible to the public

• The goal of this site: To create a more
  scientifically literate society by educating the
  public about the importance of studying the
The Site will include information about:

    •   Earth Science Careers
    •   Current events/news in the geosciences
    •   Image Bank
    •   Earth Science Week
    •   Learning resources
        • Virtual field trips
        • Summaries of current scientific theories

    • A book center, Geo-calendar and more!
      Earth Science World:
How can your society get involved?
   What web-based resources do you have
    that can be linked with the Earth Science
    World site?
     Education or outreach materials
     Discipline-specific information

   Link to the Earth Science World site from
    your web pages
     ORIGINS Television Series
   Develop a prime-time television series based on
    Ron Redfern’s Book: Origins: The Evolution of
    Continents, Oceans and Life

   Series will focus on the origin of the circum
    North Atlantic Basin and the geologic history of
    North America, Western Europe and North
    Africa over the past 700 million years

   Related science education materials will be
    developed, including a DVD and web based
    product called the Time Navigator System
     Origins Project Collaboration
   AGI is planning a broad-based international collaborative
    which includes participation of major scientific
    organizations and institutions of higher education
        NSF Informal Science Education program
        School of Education and Lifelong Learning, Exeter University
        School of Geology and Geophysics, University of Oklahoma

   Plan to work with producers from PBS, Discovery, BBC
    or other educational production teams to create the

    *AGI welcomes collaboration and support for this
      project from Member Societies. Contact us for
     more information about how your organization
              can join in the Origins project!
              Action Items:
    Get involved in outreach with AGI
   Earth Science Week
     Contact me to order 50 free kits for your
     Publicize the week to your members
     Help us distribute the ESW poster

   Earth Science World
       Let us know what web resources you have
        that can help enhance the site
              Action Items:
    Get involved in outreach with AGI

   Origins Television Series
     Become an affiliate or partner in producing
      the series
     Contact us if you are interested in
      participating in this exciting program
 By working together, we can really
        make a difference!

Contact me to get involved in collaborating
     on outreach projects with AGI!

           Cindy Martinez

        703-379-2480 ext. 227