How to Evangelise Muslims by gyvwpsjkko


									The Vision of Islam
Christian Response

    Daniel Shayesteh
    What do we need to Understand
 The vision of Islam
 The urgency of evangelism
 Political response to the strategy of Islam
 Christian response to the strategy of Islam
 Channels to take the message
 Making the best use of our time
 Thought provoking questions
        The Vision of Islam
 Nationally
    Formation   of Islamic State (Shari 'a)
      Moderate Muslim governments avoid
       offending extremist Muslims
      Moderate Muslims everywhere are
       terrified of making missteps that might
       upset the extremists
      The views and life choices of
       moderate Muslims are not respected
        The Vision of Islam
 Nationally   cont…
      Erosion  of religious freedom
      Brutal attacks and slaying
      Slavery, etc.
      The purpose of terrorism is to strike
       fear into the hearts of opponents in
       order to win political concession
        The Vision of Islam
 Internationally
   Seeking   to Win the World With Military
    There is the 1350-year war of Islam
     against its own various religious groups
     and against non-Muslims
    Islam makes war and calls it "peace"
     and "justice”
        Islamis at war with Buddhists in Thailand
        and in Burma, with Confucians and atheists
        in China
The Vision of Islam Cont…
   Islam  is at war with Hindus in
    Bangladesh, Pakistan, Kashmir, and
    India itself
   Islam is at war with Christians in Sudan,
    in the Philippines, in Indonesia, in
    Malaysia, in Bangladesh, in Pakistan, in
    Iran, in Saudi Arabia, in Iraq, in
    Lebanon, in Egypt, and in Algeria
   Islam is at war with animists in Sudan,
    with Ibgos in Nigeria, with nationalists in
    Islamic countries
The Vision of Islam Cont…
   Islam  is at war with whatever Jews can
    be found, in and out of Israel, since so
    very few remain, after years of
    persecution and murder, within the lands
    ruled by Muslim
   Islam is at war with everyone, for Islam
    divides the world between believer and
   Islam will always find a way to blame
    Infidels and fight against them
The Vision of Islam Cont…
Without Military Means
  Money, the best contemporary
   instrument for the spread of Islam
  Petro-dollar funding evangelism in
   non-Islamic countries
  But infidels have to supply aid to
   Egypt, Pakistan, the "Palestinians"
   and all other Muslim groups or
   countries that do not have oil
 The Middle-East and Freedom

 Authoritarian   leadership style
   No religious freedom in Islamic
    Islam encourages Muslims to demand
     freedom in non-Islamic countries but
     deny or ignore it to the followers of
     other religions in their own lands
    Islam does not tolerate others but
     demand tolerance form others
   The Middle-East and Freedom
 Authoritarian   leadership style cont…
    Building mosques and Islamic
     organizations in non-Islamic countries
    Prohibition of building churches or
     demolishing churches in the Islamic
 The Middle-East and Freedom
 Non-Muslims   are not permitted to set
 foot in Islam’s holiest city, Mecca

           and Jews were, are and will
 Christians
 be seen enemies
 The Urgency of Evangelism to
 Spiritual   reasons (need for Christ)
   Jesus  died for the sin of the world,
    including Muslims
     Forgiveness and salvation only
      through Jesus
     Peace only through Jesus
     He is the Way, the Truth and the Life
  The Urgency of Evangelism to
        Muslims cont…
 Worldly   reasons
  A militant religion that aims to rule the
    Islam has dominated every aspect of
     the life of the people who live within its
    The more power Islam accumulates,
     the more control it exerts over every
     aspect of people’s lives.
    Islam is concerned with imposing
     Shari’a (Islamic Law) on society.
The Urgency of Evangelism to
      Muslims cont…
 Universal Islamic claim
  Since many Muslims argue that Islam
   is the religion of peace and that it has
   perfected the earlier religions of
   Judaism and Christianity, we must
   freely analyze Islam and help Muslims
   to compare it with the way Jesus
   demonstrated while He was among
       Political Response
 Educating people about the tenets of
 Islam, the attitudes and atmospherics
 of Islam, and the history of both
 Jihad-conquest, and of the imposition
 of dhimmi status on subjugated non-
 Muslims, over 1350 years
     Political Response cont…

 Islam  is aiming to win every country
 and run it by Islamic law (Sharia)
 which is anti-democracy. Therefore,
 it is necessary to teach all citizens
 from the danger of Islam
    Political Response Cont…
 Supporting those who are keenly aware of
  what is going on, and able to articulate the
 Prevent the use of foreign money to
  promote Islam by funding mosques and
  madrasas (religious schools) until the
  funding country’s legal system allows
  Christians and other religions’ followers be
  given right to promote their religions in that
 Limit the ability of Islamic states or groups
  to acquire major weaponry
  The Christian Response

 Every warriors boot used in battle and
 every garment rolled in blood will be
 destined for burning, will be fuel for fire.
 For to us a child is born…(Isa.9:1, 5-7)
  Reconciliation of the nations with God
   (John3:16; 2Cor.5:18)
  Reconciliation of the nations with each
   other (Col.1:20)
  Christian response cont…
 We  are chosen to put our confidence in
 Christ who already won the victory
   “Do not fear those who kill the body
   but cannot kill the soul; rather fear
   Him who can destroy both body and
   soul in hell” (Matt.10:28)
  We are not allowed to threat Muslims
   like Islam threats us
        Love is the only and powerful weapon
        for us to win Muslims
   Christian response cont…
 Prayer for knowledge and peace
  Knowledge and peace are highly
   interrelated issues
  Christians need to encourage Muslims
   to open themselves to any idea that
   can bring peace and happiness to
     This minimizes the misery, and
      also makes the church fruitful both
      nationally and internationally
Channels to Take the Message
          to others
   Local evangelism
     Everypossible way that takes the
      message of Christ to people
        Individual or group visitation
        Distribution of books and leaflets

        Borderless   media and internet
 Overseas   evangelism
   When  Evangelism reaches into the
   multicultural and international arena, it
   takes on added dimensions
   Host country culture
     Collectivism  vs Individualism
     Masculinity vs Femininity
     Low Power Distance vs High Power Distance
     Low Uncertainty vs High Uncertainty
     Misunderstanding and communication problems
     Different religious values
 Thenature of leadership
     Attitudes   towards mission
     Participative leadership
     Multiculturalism or integration?
     Sharing the spirit of unity
How do we relate to…in day to day
   Temporary visits
     Start with prayer (1Jn.5:14-15; 3:8;
        Evangelism   starts with God
     If   time does not allow;
        Give them conscience awakening
         questions in written form
        Give them small Christian literatures, such
         as “Four Spiritual Laws” and the address of
         your Christian community so that they can
         come and see God in your midst
   Temporary visits cont..
 Raiseconscience awakening questions
 in your conversation with them;
   Ask  them questions such as; Do you have
    a personal relationship with God? What
    has God done for you in order to meet your
    spiritual needs? Are you sure of your
    salvation? What will happen to you after
    you die?
   Share your personal experience in Christ
   Avoid argument; friendship is so important
   Invite them to your community
How do we relate to…in day to day
          living? Cont…
   Long term visits
     Prayer
     Learn about beliefs and cultures
        Discover the differences and similarities
        Discover the witnesses God has left in their
         beliefs or cultures (Acts 14:17a)
        Jesus went cross-cultural and reconciled
         enemies to one another (today: Muslims
         and Jews)
 Long   term visits cont…
   Createa genuine relationship based on
   the nature of contact you have with
   them (shopping, gifts, hospitality, picnics,
   camps, sport, teaching, music, social events,
    Friendship  starts with a social
     relationship and results in salvation
    Personal God became flesh and
     related Himself to man
    Jesus and the Samaritan lady; Jesus
     and His healings
   Long term visits cont…
      Be a good listener first; do not rush in
      Evangelism is fruitful if it is based on
       one to one conversation
 Evangelism  must be accompanied with
 certainty and intellectual ability
  Prove yourself as a qualified person,
   like Jesus and His Apostles
  Ambassador: stand always with the
   winning Spirit
  Also, know what in the world is
 Share testimonies and ask questions about
 spiritual issues relevant to eternal life;
 Engaging people in discovery
Questions about God and Satan
     Should   God reveal His full and absolute
      justice and release man for Satan?
     Why wouldn’t God be interested in
      abolishing the work of Satan on earth?
     Is God holy and absolutely moral and
  Engaging people in discovery
Questions about Creation
      Where has Satan come from?
      Where did sin come from?
      Where did death and suffering come from?
      Can a Holy and Perfect God create a
       suffering imperfect world?
      Should God reveal His full and absolute
       justice and release man from Satan?
      Why wouldn’t God be interested in
       abolishing the work of Satan on earth?
Questions about the solution for sin
    •Are you able to abolish the work of lawless
    Satan in your life on earth?
    •Do you see sin, immorality,
    unrighteousness as a problem in
    everybody’s life on earth?
    •Do you need a higher power in order to
    overcome sin and Satan?
    •For how many sins were Adam and Eve
    taken from the Garden?
       •Have you sinned more than once?
Questions about salvation
      Is it good to be with God here on earth?
      What does it mean, “to be with God”?
      Does God desire man to be saved here in
       this life?
      Do you worry whether or not you will lose in
       the future life?
      Are you sure of going to heaven?
      Is salvation practical for you on earth or is it
       left for the life after death?
      Can’t man be delivered from sin on earth?
      Is your salvation based on human deeds or
       the grace of God? Which one is more
Questions about Man’s relationship with God
      Does your life please God?
      Have you ever cooperated with Satan?
      Was the lasting righteousness inspired in
      Who is able to implant holiness and
       righteousness in man’s heart?
      Has your relationship with Satan been
      Do you worship God in spirit, truth and
      Have you been reconciled to God? Do you
       have intimate relationship with God?
      Does God desire people to be holy, moral
       and righteous?
Questions must be about Salvation
and addressed to the Conscience
   Conscience can be awakened
     Rom.2:14-16
     2Cor.4:2
     Gal.3:24
     Rom.11:16b

   God’s salvation is better than man’s
     Jn.1:1-4, 14; Lk.2:30-32
     Eph.2:5, 8-9; 2Tim.1:9
Controlled and Patient Process
  Be patient and avoid arguments which lack
  Avoid public debates in which many might
   interfere unnecessarily
  Offer much loving support and
   encouragement for new converts to make the
   Word of God their guide and strength in the
   midst of opposition
      Make   disciples to make disciples
       How can you support this
   Prayer
   Literature
   Financial Support
    (Donation or Pledge)

Thank you
Daniel Shayesteh

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