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Business made Mobile with B2B Mobiles


									?The way business works these days is very different from earlier days. Latest forms
communication have enabled people to network more efficiently and effectively. No
longer does transfer of data and files between different business portals takes hours or
days. With the advent of internet, the face of communication changed drastically.
From basic computers, technology advanced to come up with laptops and palmtops.
An even further advancement is the introduction of phones that are self sufficient to
handle all intricacies involved in running a business, that being the introduction of the
business mobile.

What are Business Mobiles?

    Business mobiles are effectively phones used by the corporate sector
professionals that contain all softwares and applications needed to conduct any kind
of business dealing or transaction. These have been designed keeping the needs of
business professionals in mind. Also known as b2b mobiles because they allow
business to business interactions from anywhere in the world.

Features of a Smart Business Mobile

    The important features of a b2b mobile that have created a revolution in the way
people conduct their business are:

1   All business phones come armed with

4 There are other equally efficient connectivity portals a business phone houses.
These include GPRS, Bluetooth, infrared and USB and some others.

5 These phones are not just work phones; they also house the latest and most
exciting multimedia applications available in the market. Games with digitally
advanced graphics, high resolution camera with smart video options, etc., are some
features a good business phone offers.

6 There are a new range of phones in this class that provide a vehicle tracking
technology, which checks the location of the vehicle at any point of time. For example,
a GPS and CDMA module keeps sending out information about the cargo of a
particular shipment. Parameters like vehicle's distance travelled, position and speed
can be checked on a website.

The market has many different mobiles in this category, each with all the basic
features any business phone provides, plus some unique features of their own. Every
phone company also offer competitive tariff rates and other customer services.
Business has surely been made on the move with the invention of these smart phones.

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