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									     A Common Resource
“Workshop Sessions I and II A entitled "GW/SW
            Interactions I and II"

              Kevin Pietersen
        Water Research Commission
               Purpose of Workshop
• Present “current” understanding of GW/SW interaction
  processes (through presentation of a number of papers)
   – Understanding and Quantifying groundwater’s contribution to
     baseflow (Roger Parsons).
   – Incorporating SW-GW interactions into the monthly Pitman
     rainfall-runoff model (Denis Hughes)
   – SW-GW interaction at small scales: implications for low flow
     estimates (Simon Lorentz)
• Develop recommendations (for research and
              Drivers for Understanding?
•   Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM)
     – Common Resource
•   National Water Policy and National Water Legislation
     – All water common resource…subject to national control…consistent status in law…
     – The location of water resource…in relation to land…shall not…confer preferential
       rights…riparian principle shall not apply
     – …the unity of the hydrologic cycle …interdependence of elements…basic hydrological
       unit is the catchment
•   Implementation, Scientific and Research Issues
     –   Water Situation in South Africa
     –   Resource Protection (RDM and SDC)
     –   Water Use
     –   Water Management
     –   Future Water Uses
     –   Process based studies
Common Resource
• Integration of surface water and groundwater management
  – Are we serious?
• Information about the groundwater resources situation is
  scarce, fragmented and unsuitable for management
  purposes – Inadequate knowledge base?
• Water resource assessments – Address the occurrence in
  space and time of both SW/GW quantities and qualities.
• Scientific Methods?
            Research Response?
• Support method development for RDM and piloting
• Research projects (understanding GW/SW
  interaction processes).
  – Zululand
  – Low Flows and Stream flow Reduction Activities
  – WR2005
• Popular Handbook
•   Research Agenda
•   Implementation of RDM
•   “Integrated” Water Resource Assessments
•   Low Flows and Stream Flow Reduction Activities
•   …..

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