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					                       By South County
                                                                  The Terlingua Moon
                         Mud clowns                               December 14th, 2010 ~ VOL. 21, # 50
                                                 “You’re not on an adventure until you’ve run out of money.”
                                                  “It’s all just minor details.”                Wade Copeland 1936 - 2010

                If you are alive for another 30 years from now, you will still remember him – and laugh. A vacuum now
        exists here, where his physical self once was. His nature was kind; his heart was gentle and generous. He was an
        honest and honorable man. He was a master artist at his craft – and, in his day – he toiled tirelessly. His enthusiasm
        was high. He always had a good time, like it might be his last. He was peaceful, loving and forgiving . . . He was one
        of the people on the planet that makes our brief journey here an absolute blast.
                No, this isn’t about John Lennon, but our friend and brother, Wade Copeland – both unique and precious
        people – who left on the same date, December 8, albeit 30 years apart.
                Wade was famous for, somehow, keeping his truck mostly shiny side up. His parking skills were nothing short
        of incredible (hanging off the edge of cliffs, high-centering in Terlingua Creek and “napping” in the middle of the
        highway – at midnight – headlights off). I heard someone say today, “He sure had some powerful angels.”
                Another of Wade’s fames was that he was a dancer. He had some darned tricky moves… which included steps
        even Jojo doesn’t know. Man-o-man, could Wade trip the light fantastic (and you, too if you weren’t careful). Wade
        charmed his potential dance partners with the come on, “Yerrr jus about tha purdiest thing I ever did see.” It worked
        for him, a lot ! Tee shirts were made in his honor boasting that the wearer had “Danced with Wade” (and survived).
               People like Wade make me remember the past here in South County. There were only about 300 of us back
        then and, believe it or not, at least 90% of us were Wade clones – long before he came to join his flock here. Wade
        was very private about his life; however, a handful of his friends know bits of his story. He was born in Pennsylvania.
        Wade had been a preacher for a time in his past, and remained a very soulful man. It might surprise many to know
        that Wade was very mindful of both his physical and spiritual health. His physique was that of a much younger man.
        (…Great legs ! Must have been all that dancing).
               We don’t have to regret not letting Wade know how much this community loved him. He accidentally
        arranged a situation which brought about a benefit for him. The love, money and sweat poured out for him for
        months thereafter.
                Wade didn’t want a formal memorial service. However, his ashes will be spread in several of the places he
        loved – the horseshoe pit for example. I hope to have a few to spread around my home. Wade ran the building crew
        out here for many months.
               A special dance memorial will be held at LaKiva (see details below). Wade’s girlfriends Shirley, Kristinna and
        Suzanne will be here in about two weeks.
                Wade really did spend his final hours with 3 pretty nurses giving him a sponge bath. We should all aspire to
        make our exit with the same dignity he did. The road was pretty rough for a while, but – as always – Wade finally
        made it home.

Wade's Memorial will be held at La Kiva on December                      The Moon comments and submissions page doesn’t
30th. It will be a Dancing Memorial to celebrate the life                always work properly. Just to be sure we get it, submit
of our own square headed cotton picker. He loved all kinds               news to:
of music, so long as it was good, so we will try to play                 The Joee May Memorial Scholarship Fundraiser was
every kind of music. Please bring mementos, photos,                      another success! The Barnes family would like to send a
stories and your dancing shoes because from 8 pm until                   big heart-felt THANK YOU to everyone who helped,
they throw us out we will dance for and with our friend.                 donated their time, donated food, and participated in the
Stay tuned for developments as the date approaches but                   tournaments – and of course to everyone who attended.
please tell your friends who live far away so they can come              We raised just over $2,000 and more coming in the mail.
dance with us too. The date was set during Xmas week for                 Congratulations to our tournament winners, who
that purpose.                                                            donated their winnings back to the fund: Jack Lowry won

India and William want to thank everyone for supporting                  the horseshoe tournament and Darren Wallace won the
their small café throughout the summer. For the first time               cribbage tournament. This community is what makes it all
since they opened, they are going to take a regular day off              worthwhile – see you next year!
– So, they will close on Thursdays. Tuesday’s ongoing                    LMLB’s performance of “Side Man” is the best they have
Special is a variety of delicious smoked meats. 371–2888.                ever done (in the opinion of many who attended). I could
                                 ~~~                                     have sworn I heard Frosty there, so I laid off the
The Ghost Town Café will serve a traditional Christmas                   champagne punch, and the voices went away. If you
Eve Dinner… (Lina’s Southern-Style Dressing is the                       missed the play last week, you can go Fri., Sat. evening -
awesomest.) They will be closed Christmas Day. 371-3000.                 8 p.m. and to Sunday Matinee at 2 p.m. this week.

  This week’s Moon is BIG and BUSY ! Flip this page for more news. Page 3 is a photo-collage remembering our buddy, WADE

                                  Thanks Cindy B, Kristinna B, Carolyn B and Sue Rife for sharing photos.
Heard around town: “You’ve gotta be kiddin’. No                We now have absolute proof that there is a camera
smokin’ in a bar? Here? This ain’t Austin; it’s Terlingua,     trained on the hot springs in the Park. Do not buy
for God’s sake.” (Ask a Hogwallop what a non-smoking           Mexican goodies, go naked, bring beer or your dog
policy does to their gigs).                                    because, in time, there will be two uniformed Park Rangers
                                                               there to escort you to your vehicle, ask to see your driver’s
Big Bend Resort & Adventures Cafe, Presents Comfort
                                                               license and perhaps write you a ticket. You have been
Food December, all you can eat on Friday & Saturday
nights from 5:30 PM to 9:00PM for only $10.95 per                                       *******************

person including coffee or tea. our Great menu has Fried       VRRRoooooM! Get Your MOTOR Running! HEad on Down
Chicken, Honey Baked Ham, Mac & Cheese, Mashed                 the HiGHWay to the STARLIGHT THEATRE for the Art Show
Potatoes & Gravy, Fried Squash, Buttered Corn, Broccoli        for Grease Monkies, Motorheads, Speed Freaks, Road
Casserole, Glazed Carrots, Butter Peas, Lima Beans,            Warriors, Mad Mechanics, Gearbox Junkies and ART
Tomato Soup, Mushroom Soup, Green Bean Salad, Mix              LOVERS. You can Muscle up to the Bar for CHoPPed and
Green Salad, Waldorf Salad, Slaw... some Items are             LOWeRed Drink Specials all night. The Checkered Flag will
subject to change weekly. PLUS HOME BAKED DESERTS              Fly at the START of the Festivities this time. It's the End
                                                               of one Race and the Beginning of a Grand Party,
Merry Christmas Y’all~ “Tuesday, December 14, The
                                                               celebrating the Creative Creatures of Brewster County. If
Barton Warnock Visitor Center will be celebrating the
                                                               you have a Custom Craft, or Whacky WheeLs of any kind,
holiday season in West Texas border fashion. Local
                                                               park in the Front Row (Porch Position) of the Starlight Lot
community performers will provide the entertainment.
                                                               early in the evening to show off your THRobbing STEEL.
Refreshments and treats will be served and we will have a
                                                               Dress to Kill (bunnies), the Best VRRRoooooM Costume will
special visit by Santa Claus for the children. Everyone is
                                                               win a work of art by Mark "EYE CANDY" Kneeskern.
invited. Doors open at 6:30”                                                            *******************
                                                                        STARLIGHT SCHEDULE AND SPECIALS
Terlingua Elementary Christmas program featuring
                                                               Monday - Dec 13 - Burger Night with Trevor Reichman
songs and readings by classes will be held in Big Bend
                                                               Tuesday - Dec 14 - Uh Clem plays
Library at 3:45 on Wednesday, Dec. 15. The community
                                                               Wednesday - Dec 15 - Early Bird Special - $9.95 Tilapia
Christmas program featuring the Community Choir, Big
                                                               Special. Community Choir sings Christmas favorites
Bend School Band, and the Paisano Dancers will be
                                                               followed by Alex and Marti Whitmore.
Thursday night, December 16 at 7:00 in the Community
                                                               Friday - Dec 17 - Diego's Ceviche Special. Dr. Fun plays
                                                               Saturday - Dec 18 - VRooM! Art Show - Roll on out to see
        AND - 19 Terlingua Elementary and Middle
                                                               some innovative and unique art work done by local artists.
School students competed at the UIL District Academic
                                                               Fabulous prize goes to the most creative costume!
Meet in Balmorhea on December 3. The team brought                                       *******************

home 7 1st place medals, 13 2nd place medals, 8 3rd            FARMERS MARKET Sat.12-18, 10AM-2PM. A special
place medals, 3 4th place ribbons, 7 5th place ribbons and     thanks to Jack and Cindy for sharing their amazing cilantro
5 6th place ribbons. The Terlingua students competed           and greens, and Zbynek for the excellent wormcomposting
against the UIL academic teams from Ft. Davis,                 workshop! This week: Warm fuzzies, hot drinks, mesquite
Balmorhea, Valentine, Del City and Sierra Blanca.              roasted Terlingua Creek green chilies,Tomales, Jalepeno
                                                               bread, garden starts, nuts and gluten free yummies. We
Come and meet the "Up-River Guy" --> Jared Jellison
                                                               thank our community by sharing our abundance. Closed Dec
(Locals know him as Mr. LaNetta Barnes)
                                                               25th and Jan 1st. Think Global; Buy Local
Book Signing - Fighting the Current: There & Back                                       ******************

At the Leapin’ Lizard in the Ghostown -Saturday,               Holiday Hours for Otra Vez!
December 18th from 5:30 to 7:30 PM. . .the perfect time        We will be open December 22 from 10AM until noon and
to enjoy the sunset! He will be sharing his 8000 mile          December 23 from 3PM until 5PM in case you need some
canoe journey that included (in part) paddling UP the Rio      last minute decorations or gifts. Thanks to all of our
Grande from Amistad Lake to Presidio.                          customers for their support and to the workers for their
                                                               hard labor.             ********************
Ghost Town Saloon - 1001 Ghost Town Road
Brand new addition has arrived. 40" of high def TV.
Don't forget Thirsty Thursday's featuring Rocky Top's Alien
Breeding Experiment. Happy Hour starts with the band.

If you love Christmas Decorations, come to the Artists’
Market held at the "Y" Barn on the 18th! I have Santa's,
Snowmen, Stuffed Animals, Christmas Linens, Silk/dried
Arrangements, Candy Dishes, Musical Figures, Gift Sacks
and so much more to delight all ages. You don't want to
miss these, they are reasonably priced and in excellent

Water Catchment Tanks – it looks like 2 full truckloads
may be coming soon. Remember though that yours likely
won’t be on the truck if you haven’t gotten a deposit to us.
We’ll check the mail slot at the store this week, but next
week we will be closed. HOME PHONE is 371 – 2506.
ALSO– there are 2 trees left. One well-made 4-footer
($15) and one suitable for a table top ($7). Assorted gift
bags 50% off.
                                                                  The Shirley Bird Method of safely dancing with Wade

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