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					                                                 TRAVEL REQUEST
              The travel request module is used to record authorized United Nations travel. This module
              requires the travel purpose, itineraries, allowances entitled shipments weight / volume and
              shipment insurance, estimated costs, the budget line to which all costs will be charged to, and
              advances, etc.
              The Procedure below outlines the steps required to create a Travel Request in IMIS.
                      1) From the main menu click on Finance > Travel > Travel Request. Travel Request –
                         Create screen is displayed. (Figure 1)
                      2) Click on Actions > Prepare Travel Request > Create Travel Request. Travel Request
                         – Create screen is displayed with defaulted data on fields like: Travel and Shipment
                         status, Amend, Request Date and Posted accounting period. Explanation is given for
                         each of them in the corresponding boxes.

                                                                                                           Date travel
 Travel purpose                                                                                            request was
 can be changed                                                                                            created.
                                                                                                           Total estimated
                                                                                                           amounts on the
 Traveller Type                                                                                            travel details &
 defaults after                                                                                            shipment details
 entering index
 number (excluding
 type “Other”).                                                                                            Approved travel
                                                                                                           advances to the
Same as Mission                                                                                            traveller. Shows
ID. Mandatory if                                                                                           after creating the
the organization is                                                                                        advance.
providing tickets
to a
representative of                                                                                          Brief description
a least developed                                                                                          of the travel

PAP only

                                                  Figure 1: Travel Request – Create

              Create Travel Request -                                                                           -1-
   3) Click on Options > Maintain Itinerary/Self-Ticket/Lump Sum Line > Add. The
       structure of the itinerary array facilitates automation of travel claim and provides
       meaningful statistics. Itinerary/Self-Ticket/Lump Sum Line - Add screen appears as
       shown below.

         Not modifiable

                          Figure 2: Itinerary/Self-Ticket/Lump Sum Line - Add

Create Travel Request -                                                                       -2-
       Click one of the following buttons to perform the respective action.
             OK - Save information and return to base screen.
             Cancel - Exit the screen without saving your entries/changes.
             Next and Previous - Navigate through the Itinerary/Self-ticket detail lines in the

        NOTE:          The total of the itinerary detail pending amount should equal the
                       pending total amount on the Itinerary/Self-Ticket/Lump Sum Line
                       screen, an error message will appear if they are not equal.
                       A Self-Ticket Line is added if the traveler is authorized to purchase
                       the ticket and claim reimbursement
                       No Cost line is used if the ticket is not provided by the UN and also
                       when the UN does not pay for the ticket but the Authorized Itinerary is
                       required for travel claim processing purposes.
                       A travel line can have multiple BAC lines. The BAC line total must be
                       equal to pending amount.

   4) Click on Options > Maintain Traveler Contact Information. Use this window to enter
       address and telephone contact information of the traveler.
   5) From the Travel Request – Create window, click on Options > Maintain Travel Line
       Budget Account Class.

Create Travel Request -                                                                           -3-
      Add BAC
      details to
      be used for
      the travel

                                                                                       View selected
   Modify or                                                                           BAC
   delete BAC

                                                                                       Navigate through
                                                                                       detail lines
     Save and
     close                                                                             Exit window
                                                                                       without saving

                             Figure 4: Associated Budget Account Classification List

BAC details are
provided by

Provide amount
going to be
charged to the

                                    Figure 5: Associated BAC Details - Add

        Create Travel Request -                                                               -4-
   6) Click on Options > Maintain Shipment Line > Add. Shipment and Insurance Line Detail
       – Add screen is displayed. Use this window to record the authorization for and use of
       unaccompanied shipment entitlements and also enter obligated shipment/insurance

          origin and                                                                                        Select if
          destination                                                                                       shipment will
          locations                                                                                         be paid for by
                                                                                                            the traveller
            entitlement                                                                                      Shipment



                          Figure 6: Shipment and Insurance Line Detail – Add
          The shipment entitlements (weight and volume) have to be entered together with the
          estimated amount of funds for this shipment.
          If the shipment to the specific destination has to come from the different locations (split
          shipment) only one shipment line should be created for the full shipment entitlements (weight
          and volume) and the amount to cover the entitlements.
          The detailed explanation of how the shipment is split (from-to, kg, etc.) must be provided in
          the "Remarks" field on the "Shipment and Insurance Line Detail" screen. However, if the
          funds for such split shipment are covered by different BACs which belong to different
          organizations (i.e. UNHQ and Geneva) different shipment lines must be created with the
          entitlements and amounts for each BAC.
          If the shipment entitlements (weight and volume) are entered for the "Air Freight" the
          explanation of how these "Air" entitlements were established from the "Surface"
          entitlements must be provided in the "Remarks" field on the "Shipment and Insurance Line
          Detail" screen.
          If there is an insurance entitlement for this shipment the insurance entitlement has to be
          entered, together with an estimated amount of the premium, which will be used to pay the
          invoice from the insurance company.

Create Travel Request -                                                                               -5-
   7) Click on Options > Maintain Subsistence/Miscellaneous Line > Add.
       Subsistence/Miscellaneous Detail – Add screen is displayed. See figure below.

                          Figure 8: Subsistence/Miscellaneous Detail – Add
              Daily Subsistence Allowance
                 • The DSA screen has an array allowing for multiple locations to be entered
                   per screen.
                 • DSA for multiple locations is automatically computed online.
                 • Multiple DSA locations per screen facilitates automation and provides
                   meaningful statistics.
                 • The BAC is displayed on the screen and can be accessed using a push-

              Local Transportation Lines - used if air services do not exist between two
              official points.
              Transportation of Car Line - used to authorize funds when the staff member is
              assigned to a specific designated duty station which has the entitlement to
              reimburse staff members for the transportation of car to duty station.
              Excess Baggage line is used to authorize the funds when the traveler is entitled
              to accompany excess baggage. If the traveler is entitled to excess baggage

Create Travel Request -                                                                    -6-
               exceeding 10kg, remember to indicate it in the “remarks” field of the excess
               baggage screen.
               Miscellaneous Line includes costs for visa, telephone charges and any other
               authorized miscellaneous expenses.
   8) Choose Actions > Save/Confirm to save the travel request. Confirmation message
       appears, click OK. IMIS will automatically assign a travel request number upon saving
       which will be displayed on the Request Number Field.

       NOTE: Always note down the Request Number for future reference

Create Travel Request -                                                                    -7-