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					COMMONWEALTH ACADEMY          february 2009
                                                                                                                2008–2009, VOLUME II

                       COMMONWEALTH kuDOs
                       Ginny hayneS ‘09 receiVeS hiGheSt award in                     INsIDE:
                       Girl ScoutinG                                                  Curriculum & Faculty News . . . . . . . . . 2
                       Ginny Haynes ‘09 received a Gold Award, the high-
                       est award in Girl scouts, for her service project last         Events & Announcements. . . . . . . . . . . 2
                       year. The project focused attention on the problem of          Middle school Play . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
                       invasive plants in the area. As part of her project, Ginny     C/A Happenings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
                       gave a power point presentation to the C/A Environ-
                       mental science class, created several informational            Alumni Brunch . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
                       notebooks, posted a bulletin board at her local nature         Recent Field Trips . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
                       center, and led a class outing at the Long Branch Na-          Focus on the Arts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
                       ture Center in Arlington to identify and remove non-na-
                       tive invasive plants. she also presented the information
                                                                                      Cougar Basketball . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10
                       to a Virginia Cooperative Extension service event at a
                       local farmers’ market. Congratulations, Ginny!
                                                                                    FIRST QUARTER HONOR ROLL
                                                                                    High Honor Roll               Natalie Gerdano ’13
                                                                                    Tunc Edmonds ’14              Ashley Haas ’13
                                                                                    Cole Miller ’15               Lawrence Hayes ’11
                                                                                    Megan Nadeau ’09              Jack Hubbell ’13
                                                                                                                  Elliott katz ’12
                                                                                    Honor Roll with Merit         Richard klein ’09
                                                                                    samuel Curtis ’12             Remy Lavelle ’09
                                                                                    Dean Julien ’09               Alex Lewis ’13
                                                                                    Joseph keller ’13             Connor Marley ’13
                                                                                    Juliet Landeck ’15            kathleen Mattoon ’10
                                                                                    Brendan McAuliffe ’13’        Nicholas McCulloch ’11
                                                                                    Ross Rubin ’14                Noah McGrath ’09
                                                                                    Alison Rowan ’15              Joshua Nyden ’12
                                                                                    kelly Witowsky ’09            kathryn O’Connor ’12
                       Ginny Haynes ‘09 prepares for a presentation about           Patricia “katie” Wood ’13
                       invasive plants.                                                                           Douglas Olinger ’10
                                                                                    Honor Roll                    Conor Powell ’13
                                                                                    Parker Alexander ’12          Clifton Rand ’09
                                                                                    Ben Bonyadian ’09             Camron saffarinia ’14
                                                                                    Griffin Brehm ’15             kelsey schaefer ’12
                                                                                    sean Brinza ’12               kevin seikel ’14
                                                                                    Andrew Brynczak ’09           Nicholas Walker ’11
                                                                                    Christopher Donilon ’14       Livvy Ward ’13
                                                                                    Matthew Fagnoni ’09           Tre’ Williams, III ’14

                                                                                    conGratulationS to chelSea wellS
                                                                                    Congratulations to High school Director and English
                                                                                    teacher Chelsea Wells and her husband Daniel on the
                                                                                    birth of their daughter kiara Ellen Wells on Thursday,
                       Commonwealth Academy students pull invasive plants           December 18th.
                       at Long Branch Nature Center.

                                       e m p ow e r t h e c hi ld. emp ower t he mi nd.
                       Curriculum Enhancements: Preparing                                             Events &

                       our students for 21st century careers.                                         Announcements
                       We have made some exciting additions to our curriculum that will better        c/a calendarS on Sale now
                       prepare our students for the new demands of 21st century careers.              Don’t miss out on the recently pub-
                       First, we have added a formal Visual Thinking and strategy Lab to our          lished 18-month calendars featuring
                       middle school math program. using manipulatives and games, this lab will       the beautiful artwork of some of our
                       help our students better develop the “right brain” visualization skills that   juniors and seniors. There were a
                       are essential to creative thinking, problem solving, and understanding com-    limited supply left after CAPA’s Cafe
                       plex mathematical concepts…skills that Fortune 500 businesses are looking      Night; these can be purchased for
                       for in new recruits.                                                           $15 each from Wendy Grant.

                       In February, we will begin using Geospatial Information systems (GIs) in       admiSSion open houSeS
                       middle school social science. As GIs plays an increasingly important role      We held our last Open House for
                       from simple cartography to homeland security, in global commerce, and          this admission season on January 25
                       in environmental science, we will embed the use of GIs into numerous           and were very pleased to welcome
                       courses and offer a full technology course in high school. Meanwhile, col-     over 20 families. We will continue
                       leges and universities are beginning to offer certificate through doctorate    to schedule school tours on an
                       programs in GI science as the need for research and education in this area     individual basis, so if you know of
                       grows exponentially.                                                           any student who would benefit from
                                                                                                      our program, please ask his or her
                                                                                                      parents to call!
                       Richard Delos Reyes: Concert to
                                                                                                      capa meetinG and new
                       benefit Commonwealth Academy.                                                  directionS preSentation
                                                           C/A’s music teacher, Richard Delos         Join us on February 18th from
                                                           Reyes and his band “Brother shamus”        7:30-9:00 a.m. for the next CAPA
                                                           will play at the Evening star Cafe in      meeting, followed by a presentation
                                                           Alexandria on February 5th to benefit      by New Directions about chal-
                                                           Commonwealth Academy. There is no          lenges facing young adults with
                                                           cover charge, so please come hear Mr.      developmental delays.
                                                           Reyes play bass and sing!
                                                                                                      hiGh School winter dance
                                                            As one of C/A’s new teachers this year,   February 21st at Emmanuel
                       Mr. Reyes teaches music, including introduction to guitar and bass guitar,     Episcopal Church, Alexandria
                       music theory, and music appreciation. His weekly music theory class intro-
                       duces students to reading staff and/or tablature and learning notes and note   ad/hd and
                       values. As part of music appreciation, students listen to songs and express    pSychopharmacoloGy
                       what color, emotion, rhythm, and a host of other situations come to mind.      Clifford sussman, MD will present
                                                                                                      information on AD/HD and medica-
                       Prior to joining C/A, Mr. Reyes taught music courses for Arlington County
                                                                                                      tions used for depression following
                       Parks and Recreation and has been a private instructor for years, something
                                                                                                      the CAPA meeting on March 18th.
                       that he will continue during the summer. His band has produced four
                                                                                                      More details will follow.
                       albums, has 67 original songs (Americana music with a southern back-
                       ground), and plays up and down the eastern seaboard. For more informa-         marK your calendar for
                       tion about Brother shamus, visit                   Science dayS!
                                                                                                      Parents are invited to attend science
                                                                                                      Days in May to listen to students
                                                                                                      present their power points and look
                                                                                                      at students’ project models or ex-
                                                                                                      periments that will be on display.

                                                                                                      6th & 7th Grades:
                                                                                                      MAY 8, 1:15–3:00 p.m.

                                                                                                      8th Grade
                       Guitar students take a bow at a music recital in December.                     MAY 22, 1:15–3:00 p.m.

                       seeds in space
                                                                                                          board of truSteeS
                       Plant growth will become an important part of space exploration as NAsA
                       plans for long-duration missions to the moon. NAsA scientists anticipate         Walter R. “Trip” Howell III,
                       that astronauts may be able to grow plants on the moon that could be used                   Chair
                       to supplement meals. As a result, the space shuttle Endeavour carried two        Diana A. Horvat, Vice Chair
                       educational payloads on mission sTs-118: (1) a plant growth chamber and
                                                                                                          Cathy Pharis, Treasurer
                       (2) ten million cinnamon basil seeds. subsequently, NAsA has developed
                       the seeds in space program.                                                      Julie B. Goodale, Secretary
                       As part of the program, our middle school scientists have planted packets          susan J. Johnson, PhD
                       of cinnamon basil seeds that were flown on that mission and packets of                Head of School
                       cinnamon basil seeds that remained on Earth to determine if there will be            Donald C. klawiter,
                       any difference in the growth rate of these plants.                                     Chair Emeritus
                                                                                                           Marilyn s. Burroughs
                       Families Forward Partnership                                                          Tristan Caudron
                       For the third year, Commonwealth Academy partnered with Families For-
                                                                                                              kathleen Criner
                       ward, a shelter in Virginia for service learning projects. Families Forward
                       provides a homeless shelter facility and transition housing for families. Our        John W. Hazard, Jr.
                       projects were coordinated by the Freshmen and senior classes. In conjunc-            Richard J. Nadeau
                       tion with this project, 9th graders read “Of Mice and Men” and the senior
                                                                                                                Rutha Piper
                       class studied legislation related to homelessness and discussed how the
                       current economic situation impacts this issue.                                        Christian J. spitz
                       At the end of January, the 9th grade Literary Genres class, accompanied                Gregory J. Vogt
                       by faculty members, took the subway to the hypothermia shelter at the               William E. Witowsky
                       Old DC General Hospital. They delivered the numerous boxes and bags
                       of clothing for babies, children, and adults that they had collected to the
                                                                                                             capa officerS
                       homeless families who live at the shelter. The students received a tour of
                       the facility and information about homelessness in the metro area.                stacey Nadeau, President
                       The senior Government class is coordinating a second service learning            Jolene Irwin, Vice President
                       project. This group would like everyone in the school community to bring          Terry Witowsky, Secretary
                       in personal toiletry items for the families at the shelter through mid Febru-
                                                                                                          Tina Mollen, Treasurer
                       ary and will visit the shelter and bring the items that they have collected at
                       the end of February or first of March.
                       Thank you to everyone who has donated items to-date!

                       Peace Corps Worldwise schools                                                     DO YOu HAVE NEWs TO
                       English, civics, and science students in middle school are participating in
                                                                                                           Please send any news
                       the Peace Corps Worldwise program, connecting them to a classroom at
                                                                                                              of interest to the
                       the Rabat student Center in Morocco. This program provides a cross-cul-           Commonwealth Academy
                       tural exchange of ideas so that students learn about the people and culture             community to
                       through peace corps volunteers living in other countries. Our volunteer's        Director of Communications
                       name is Tricia Friedman who has written us about her background. Ms.                       Mari Foret
                       Friedman taught in China and Thailand before arriving in Morocco. she is            at
                       currently working on ways to get girls involved in the youth center through
                       chess, science fairs, painting a mural of women leaders, and theater com-
                                                                                                         Commonwealth Academy
                                                                                                           1321 Leslie Avenue
                       Many thanks to the contributors for this edition of C/A News: Megan                Alexandria, VA 22301
                       Burgess, Mary Chamberlain, Peg DiGiammarino, Alex Downs, Cathy                         703.548.6912
                       Feehan, Earl Harris-Nicholls, Caroline Haynes, Rob Henneberg, David    
                       Roth, Ed synan, Terry Witowsky, and Mariel York.

                       MIsCHIEF, MAYHEM & MuRDER                                                    MS PLAYERS
                       On December 16th, the Middle school Players presented a collection of        Hamlet: Travis Ward ‘14
                       shakespearian scenes entitled, “Mischief, Mayhem & Murder.” The pro-         Polonius: Chris Donilon ‘14
                       duction represented the culmination of the 6th and 7th graders study of      The Queen: Marina Pharis ‘15
                       The Renaissance in art and drama. During the art portion of the semester,
                       students made Commedia dell’arte masks, castles, and Renaissance Village     MacBeth
                       paintings. During drama, students practiced the shakespearian scenes, as     Macbeth: Ross Rubin ‘14
                       well as working on improv skills, voice projection and pantomime under       Lady Macbeth: Jaelyn Brice ‘14
                       the tutelage of Mary Chamberlain and professional actor Joesef Villanasco.   Banquo: Jared kleiman ‘15
                       Mr. Villanasco also helped students hone their sword fighting skills and     Fleance: Jordan Wright ‘15
                       learn how to “look busy” on stage when not in a central role. The actors     king Duncan: Denis Brooker ‘14
                       wore the masks they created in arts and fabulous costumes were loaned to     Narrator: Tunc Edmonds ‘14
                       them from ksenya Litvak’s theatre. A true group production, Marina Pharis
                       and Tre Williams created the program.                                        Romeo & Juliet
                       Immediately following the play, entertainment was provided by the high       Benvolio: Camron saffarinia ‘14
                       school music class who performed The Who’s “Pinball Wizard” and John         Mercutio: Cole Miller ‘15
                       Prine’s “Angel from Montgomery.” Musicians included Tim Baltz ‘10, Ben       Tybalt: kevin seikel ‘14
                       Bonyadian ‘09, Andrew Brynczak ‘09, Devan Gosain ‘10, Lawrence Hayes         Romeo: Will Lydon ‘14
                       ‘11, steven Jones ‘09, Remy Lavelle ‘09, sean McConnell ‘09, Thomas Nel-
                       son ‘10, Bertram Nicholls ‘09, Tim Russell ‘11, Connell Wise ‘09.            A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream
                                                                                                    Quince: Griffin Brehm ‘15
                                                                                                    Bottom: Tre’ Williams ‘14
                                                                                                    snout: sarah keyser ‘15
                                                                                                    Puck: Juliet Landeck ‘15
                                                                                                    Titania: Alison Rowan ‘15
                                                                                                    Narrator: Tunc Edmonds ‘14
                                                                                                    Fairies: Chris Donilon ‘14, sarah
                                                                                                    keyser ‘15, Griffen Brehm ‘15,
                                                                                                    Juliet Landeck ‘15

                                                              WILD RIDE
                                                              Even if you missed Crystal City’s
                                                              Flight Auction in January, you will
                                                              soon see “Wild Ride” displayed at
                                                              Commonwealth Academy. “Wild
                              C/A                             Ride” was painted by Veronica
                                                              Nehemias and Gail Padgett. Thanks
                           HAPPENINGs                         to the plane’s sponsor, Transwest-
                                                              ern and to Maribeth spitz, wife
                                                              of Board member Christian spitz,
                                                              proceeds from the sale of Wild Ride
                                                              were donated to C/A. A group of
                                                              CAPA moms were the generous
                                                              auction winners.                         Photo from:

                                                              DOOR DECORATING
                                                              Winners of the annual door deco-
                                                              rating contest were: Mr. Teagle’s
                                                              advisory, 3rd place; Mr. Conroy’s
                                                              advisory, 2nd place; and Ms.
                                                              Burgess’ advisory, 1st place. The
                                                              first place winners enjoyed break-
                                                              fast at the International House of

                       HAT DAY RAISES $165 FOR                SUPER SENIORS
                       CHILDREN WITH CANCER                   Numerous events are planned for
                       On November 21st, C/A students         the Class of '09. Many dates are
                       paid $5 to wear a hat in school.       TBD; check Edline and the CAPA
                       $3 of every $5 was donated to the      Connection for details.                  THE NATURE OF PLAY
                       Foundation for Children with Can-                                               On December 4th, C/A hosted an
                       cer; the balance went to the student   Cosmic Bowling Trip: spring
                                                                                                       AIsGW speaker workshop with
                       Government Association to fund         senior skip Day: May
                                                                                                       stuart Brown, President of the Na-
                       future events.                         senior Trip: May 11-14
                                                                                                       tional Institute for Play. Dr. Brown
                                                              Internships: May 18-29
                                                                                                       discussed many different kinds of
                                                              Prom: May 30
                                                                                                       play, the natural development of
                       DR. JOHNSON’S                          Graduation: June 5
                                                                                                       play, how it crafts the social brain
                       PODCASTS                               There will also be a series of discus-   and how we should continue to
                       If you haven’t yet had a chance
                                                              sions in the spring with topics such     play for a lifetime. Providing a
                       to listen to Head of school Dr.
                                                              as Decision Making/Choices and           mixture of scientific and behavioral
                       Johnson’s podcasts, please log on to
                                                              Consequences; Peer Pressure; Time        information, Dr. Brown explained
              and listen to shows
                                                              Management; Managing Money;              how and why scientists have begun
                       #102, #103, and #104. As an expert
                                                              How to get along with your college       to view play as a “profound biologi-
                       in the education of students with
                                                              roommate; Approaching College            cal process” that can “dramatically
                       AD/HD and LD, Dr. Johnson was
                                                              Disabilities Office about Accommo-       transform our personal health, our
                       asked by the show’s producer and
                                                              dations; and Letting Go.                 relationships, the education we pro-
                       host, Whitney Hoffman, to share
                                                                                                       vide our children, and the capacity
                       some of her insights in the field.
                                                                                                       of our corporations to innovate.”
                       You will also hear more about the
                       philosophy and program that have                                                For more information, visit www.
                       built a culture of success and sup-                                   
                       port at C/A.


                       The Class of 2009 hosted a holiday brunch for alumni on December 23, 2008. Eleven alumni returned to school to
                       talk to seniors about college, lessons learned, anxieties, and interests. Pictured above, back row (l-r): Brian Dooley
                       ‘06, Michael Gainor ‘08, Tzachi Lozano ‘08, Matt Behringer ‘08, Ian Howell ‘07, Cameron Reynolds ‘06, Dewayne
                       Schembri ‘08. Front row (l-r): Jay Magill ‘05, Niinoi Akuetteh ‘05, Paul “JR” Clark ‘05. The event was spectacular
                       with lovely decorations, fantastic food (Dr. Johnson cooked the eggs!), and wonderful conversation. A special
                       thanks to Bonnie Brynczak, Earl Harris-Nicholls, Cathy Feehan, and Peg DiGiammarino.

                       Charles Cressey ‘06 catches up with Middle School             Seniors Remy Lavelle and Xander Erickson.
                       Director David Roth.

                          sENIOR/ALuMNI BRuNCH
                          ALUMNI: Please let us know what you are doing. Call or visit the alumni page at
                 We’re also on Facebook: Commonwealth Academy Alumni
                          (look for the official logo!)

                                                                 NATIONAL BUILDING MUSEUM & SMITHSONIAN
                                                                 AMERICAN ART MUSEUM.
                                                                 In mid-January, 6th and 7th grade students took part in an activity called
                                                                 “Growing a Green Community” at the National Building Museum. Their
                                                                 morning included going through an exhibit that provided real life exam-
                                RECENT                           ples of green communities in the united states. students discussed what a
                                                                 green community includes, what prevents a community from being green,
                              FIELD TRIPs                        and worked in small groups to create solutions for various environmental
                                                                 problems in a fictional town. solutions included better use of building
                                                                 space, saving of the wetlands, multi-use developments, and more envi-
                                                                 ronmentally friendly buildings.
                       Each year, proceeds from the
                       Annual Fund and the CAPA Cafe             Meanwhile, 8th grade students took part in an activity called “Fuller’s
                       Night (see page 9) help close the         Fantastic Geodesic Dome,” learning about different types of domes
                       gap between tuition and the cost          throughout the world and in greater depth, the geodesic domes designed
                       to educate our students. This year,       by Buckminster Fuller. Working with a partner, students created a dome
                       proceeds are earmarked for our            from very small blocks, using magnets to better understand the underlying
                       Experiential Learning program that        structures needed for a dome. To culminate the learning experience, the
                       includes numerous field trips and         entire 8th grade classed created a steel-beamed dome measuring 20 feet
                       off-premise learning opportunities.       wide x 12 feet high.
                       Here are just a few of the recent         After a quick lunch at Burger king, the middle school enjoyed the con-
                       ones students were able to enjoy.         temporary art exhibits and abstract pieces in the smithsonian American
                                                                 Art Museum, as well as a lively discussion about whether some pieces
                       LA TASCA                                  could in fact be considered ‘art’. The field trip concluded with a reading
                       Before the winter break, spanish          of a favorite piece of many of the 8th grade students: the Preamble to the
                       III students, accompanied by Mrs.         Constitution—made out of license plates.
                       Chamberlain and Ms. Theobald,
                       enjoyed a meal at La Tasca. The stu-
                       dents eagerly sampled an array of
                       spanish tapas including fried egg-
                       plant, spanish tortilla, garlic shrimp,
                       and chorizo. students also practiced
                       their conversational spanish, with
                       exclamations ranging from “...the
                       potatoes were magic...” to “Me
                       encantó la comida de La Tasca.”
                       Quite impressively, Mrs. Chamber-
                       lain parallel parked the minivan
                       perfectly on her first try!               AMERICAN INDIAN                        AIR & SPACE MUSEUM
                                                                 MUSEUM                                 After watching a video about black
                                                                 Middle schoolers visited the           holes to prepare for their trip to
                                                                 American Indian Museum just be-        the Air & space Museum, middle
                                                                 fore Thanksgiving. At the museum’s     school students visited the Einstein
                                                                 resource center, Juanita, a Mayan      Planetarium to learn more about
                                                                 woman, lectured about the Mayan        how Black Holes are created and
                                                                 culture, complementing what 6th        what they do. The show, “Black
                                                                 and 7th grade world geography          Holes: The Other side of Infinity,”
                                                                 classes had studied about Mayans.      greatly enhanced and deepened
                                                                 students enjoyed hearing more          their understanding of this amazing
                                                                 about how Mayans work, live, and       scientific phenomenon.
                                                                 have fun, and had the opportunity
                                                                 to weave friendship bracelets.
                       Middle schoolers enjoy a subway
                       ride en route to museums.


                           DECEMBER 9-10
                           WORLD HIsTORY I & II CLAssEs

                                                                                                           2008-09 annual fund
                                                                                                           Raising $37,000 so far, the 2008-09
                                                                INTO OUR OWN                               Annual Fund has reached 55%
                                                                                                           of our dollar goal. This represents
                                                                         COMMONWEALTH                      donations from 100% of our faculty
                                                                           ACADEMY                   75%
                                                                                                           and Board, and 30% of parents,
                                                                                                     50%   as well as numerous C/A friends.
                                                                                                           If you haven’t yet contributed to
                                                                                                     25%   this important fund, please do so
                                                                                                           today. Parent participation is a key
                                                                                                           indicator of the school’s vitality and
                                                                                                           is important when we apply for
                                                                                                           other funding such as grants and
                                                                  OUT TO THE WORLD                         will help pay for our Experiential
                                                                                                           Learning program.

                       SPANISH II SCAVENGER                    THE CHEMISTRY OF ART RESTORATION
                       HUNT                                    On December 15th, chemistry classes traveled to the smithsonian’s Lunder
                       Mr. Henneberg, Mrs. DiGiamma-           Conservation Center to witness the restoration of art through chemical
                       rino, and seven spanish II students     processes and appreciate the practical nature of chemistry in a career
                       enjoyed traditional Mexican and         setting: art conservation. Julie Heath, the museum’s conservator, gave a
                       salvadorian fare at El Pulgarcito       wonderful tour, explaining the many chemical processes that are currently
                       in Del Ray, and then went on a          being employed in order to preserve works of art. students learned that the
                       scavenger hunt throughout the local     job of an art conservator is primarily investigative in nature. Depending on
                       Latino shops and stores. Working        the media of the art (whether it be a cloth, paper, a sculpture, a painting, or
                       in groups, students were given a list   a frame), the art conservator must use his or her knowledge of chemistry in
                       of about 25 things to find, which       the material sciences in order to discover the best approach for conserving
                       centered around the vocabulary list     or preserving.
                       they had been studying the previous     After the tour and lecture, students spent an hour walking around, appreci-
                       two weeks.                              ating the art museum and finished up the day eating lunch in Chinatown.

                       FOCus ON THE ARTs AT COMMONWEALTH ACADEMY
                       CAPA’s Cafe Night, “Focus on the        Auction items included pet por-             purchase one, please call Wendy
                       Arts,” held on January 25th was a       traits by Deb Banowetz, art books           Grant. Additional copies are for sale
                       brilliant success on all accounts.      autographed by Hanoch Piven, and            at the front desk).
                       Approximately 65 parents, plus          paintings by ksenya Litvak, Giti            All told, the evening raised ap-
                       faculty and staff, gathered in          Mazhari, and Head of school susan           proximately $10,000 to help fund
                       the corridors of a wondrous “art        Johnson.                                    our Experiential Learning program.
                       museum” at 1321 Leslie Avenue.          Guests also had the opportunity             Just as important, it was a wonderful
                       student art hung throughout the         to purchase outright paintings by           community building event and an
                       school creating an atmosphere of        Ms. Litvak and Ms. Mazhari (who             unforgettable celebration of the tal-
                       beauty, amazement, and joy. The         both donated half of the proceeds           ent of our students and faculty!
                       best attended Cafe Night to-date,       to C/A), as well as some stunning           Many thanks to stacey Nadeau for
                       the evening progressed in a relaxed     photography taken and donated by            chairing the event, and to all the
                       manner as guests admired art,           our students.                               CAPA volunteers for their vision and
                       enjoyed wonderful food and bever-
                                                               Calendars displaying 18 months of           hard-work!
                       age, purchased raffle tickets, bid on
                                                               art and photography by our ju-
                       silent auction items, and purchased
                                                               niors and seniors were also sold at
                       student and faculty art for their
                                                               Cafe Night (if you weren’t there to
                       homes and offices.

             High school
             Cougars Defeat British                  C/A takes First Place at
             School 42-35                            Kingsbury Day Invitational
             January 24. The C/A Cougars won         Tournament and Receives
 COuGAR      their sixth game of the season when     Numerous Awards
BAskETBALL   they traveled to play the British
             school saturday, January 24th. This
                                                     December 12-13. The Cougars tour-
                                                     nament play included a victory over
             was the Cougars first game in over a    the JV squads of kingsbury Day
             month and began the second half of      school (37-12) on Friday, December
             their season.                           12th and the Lab school (48-26) on
             Marcus Cox ‘10 led the way with         saturday, December 13th. A num-
             13 points, including a three-pointer    ber of individual players were also
             in the first quarter to spark the       honored for their excellent play and
             Cougar’s scoring. Devan Gosain ‘10      exemplary sportsmanship. Devan
             was the second highest scorer with      Gosain ’10 received the Middle
             10 points. Lawrence Hayes added         Division MVP Award, while Marcus
             nine points to the Cougars offensive    Cox ’10 and Lawrence Hayes ’11
             attack and had some key defensive       were selected to the Middle Divi-
             stops. With this victory, C/A sits at   sion 1st Team All Tournament. Ally
             5–2.                                    Leader ’09 and Chris Foley ’10
                                                     rounded out the awards for C/A
                                                     with sportsmanship awards.

             Middle school Announces New Team!
             On January 23, the C/A Cougar Middle school team opened their season
             with a tough game against Burgundy Farms. Conor Powell ‘13 not only led
             the team in scoring (six points) but made the first ever basket for the C/A
             Middle school Cougars. sasha Reid ‘13 had three points and Tre’ Williams
             ‘14 chipped in with two. Despite the loss, Coach Roth says “I was im-
             pressed with the team’s effort and persistence and all students played with
             tenacity and vigor.”
             Fellow coaches for the new team are Jennifer Fahey and Ed synan. Team
             members: David Burke ‘13, Chris Donilon ‘14, Natalie Gerdano ‘13, Juliet
             Landeck ‘15, Marina Pharis ‘15, Conor Powell ‘13, sasha Reid ‘13, kevin
             seikel ‘14, Allegra snow ‘13, Travis Ward ‘14, and Tre’ Williams ‘14.
             Our next game will be held 2/18 against Browne Academy. Check Edline
             for updates to the schedule.


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