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									Class Project Titles
     Advertisements in Communities: Online Marketing Case Study of World Climate Community
     VELUX A/S and the use of social media marketing
     A Survey on Augmented Reality Marketing
     Burgeoning Growth of Twitter: Impacts on Societies and Communities
     A Study on In-Game Advertising
     Level of web 2.0 in the organic food industry
     Case Studies on Viral Marketing
     Google Is Your Friend – In China Too? The Google AdWords Marketing Platform in China and the Competition
      with Baidu
     Performance-based marketing: clicks, cash & conversions
     User Motivations for and Effectiveness of Viral Video-Based Advertisements
     Internet Segmentation
     Viral Marketing - When things go really bad/ unpredicted failures-consequences
     Social Media: How to Join the Conversation
     The Future of SEO: Methodology of Search Engine Optimization
     Search Engine Optimization Using Web Analytics
     Social Media Marketing Measurement: Tools & Techniques
     Viral marketing in the Danish Election 2011
     The effects of using segmentation in e-mail marketing: A case study
     The psychological effects and results of in-game advertising
     Viral marketing of the ”Stoppested” music video by debuting Danish artist Kristian Luc
     Music streaming services and online music consumption
     Social Media - Implementing a Business Strategy for DR's presence on Facebook
     Increased brand awareness through viral marketing
     A Case Study of Online Marketing Strategies for a Struggling Small Business
     The Impact of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) in Product Branding and Promotion for Companies and

Masters Theses Titles:
     Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and Social media marketing – a new match? A case study of opportunities
      and challenges in the business world of 2010
     Communicating corporate social responsibility through social media

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