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									?Various strategies for cost control will be helpful for most small businesses trying to
cope with reduced sales volume. Business planning and consulting are likely to be
among the most effective alternatives to help small business owners deal with recent
distressed financial conditions.

The need for new business planning tools is rarely a high priority for a company that
is not experiencing one or more substantial problems. However contingency plans are
advisable even for the most healthy business. Recent examples of banks suddenly
eliminating commercial loan programs with little or no advance notice serve as sharp
illustrations of the value of contingency planning for business financing. The level of
chaos that currently prevails throughout commercial banking unfortunately means that
changes can continue to occur with little warning.

Business consulting will often not be thoroughly considered by small businesses
because of the potential cost. As with any any other corporate service, costs cannot be
ignored. Because very few businesses have substantial discretionary funds to cover
new business expenses, this is particularly true in the current economic environment.
In order to either make money or reduce costs, it will nevertheless be necessary
sometimes for a business to spend money like this.

The growing need for business consulting and management tools is supported by the
disturbing number of changes which have occurred throughout the business world
recently. Most business owners will not have enough information or technical skills to
address many of the complicated changes impacting small business loans and working
capital financing. Finding less costly (and effective) alternative business funding
services will prove difficult for even the most skilled borrower when they discover
that many banks have imposed significant fee increases for their commercial finance
services. Viable business finance alternatives can seem confusing simply because they
are new and different approaches to replace traditional bank financing.

There are rarely simple solutions for complex problems. The current difficulties for
small business owners are a growing challenge. Similar circumstances have not been
seen during the past fifty or more years for most businesses. As a result, even a highly
experienced business owner is likely to be missing enough direct experience to make
it through the maze of current changes and problems without at least some outside

A combination of several approaches undertaken with a coordinated effort will often
serve as the most realistic (and effective) use of business planning tools. As noted
above, complicated problems will usually require complex solutions. This will often
translate to a series of business management and planning maneuvers that can take a
number of months or even several years to complete. Small business owners should
generally avoid any business consulting expert that portrays the problem-solving
process as quick and easy.

Stephen Bush has provided candid advice to business owners for 30 years and is a
working capital loans expert. AEX Commercial Financing Group offers small
business financing options and commercial real estate loans

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