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Timber Committee                                                    European Forestry Commission
Economic Commission for Europe                                   Food and Agricultural Organization


               Team Business Meeting, 11-12 October 2007, Geneva, Switzerland

                                       Meeting Report

Dr. Ed Pepke, Forest Products Marketing Specialist, UNECE/FAO Timber Section, and
secretary of the Team, welcomed Team members following the joint Timber Committee and
International Softwood Conference Market Discussions on 8-9 October and the UNECE/FAO
Policy Forum on 10 October. He thanked the members for their work over the past year, and
their participation in the Market Discussions and Forum. He acknowledged members important
contributions to the production of the UNECE/FAO Forest Products Annual Market Review,
2006-2007, and noted that a number of its authors presented their findings, along with the
Timber Committee forecasts, at the Market Discussions. He thanked the European Commission
for providing meeting facilities on 12 October when the Palais des Nations was closed for a UN

As there were some new participants at the meeting, including three from CIS countries who are
also members of the UNECE/FAO Team of Specialists on the Contribution of Forests to
Sustainable Development in Eastern Europe, he reviewed the Team’s mandate, including:
     Providing a forum for discussion of markets and marketing, and advising the Timber
       Committee (TC) and the European Forestry Commission (EFC)
     Undertaking studies
     Building forest products marketing capacity in southeast Europe and the CIS.
(Full mandate available at:

Opening Comments
Dr. Richard Vlosky, Leader of the Team of Specialists, welcomed the Team members to this 6th
annual business meeting, and commended them for their work throughout the past year.

Dr. Branko Glavonjic, Deputy Leader of the Team of Specialists, also welcomed the Team,
adding thanks for their support of forest products marketing capacity building workshops in the
Balkan region. He noted that the Team had continued working on follow-up actions from the
2006 workshop in Novi Sad, Serbia, for example on development of a marketing information

1. Adoption of the Agenda
The provisional agenda was adopted with the addition of 2 presentations by Dr. Anders Baudin
(Sweden) on innovative distance learning and wood-frame construction of 8-story apartment

2. 2006-2007 Goal Achievement and 2007-2008 Goals

a) Dr. Vlosky drew attention to the annual meeting of the FAO/UNECE Working Party on
Forest Economics and Statistics (WPFES) of the Team’s efforts and contributions. He cited
several examples, including:
 The Team’s presentation on the market effects of public procurement policies at the 2006
    UNECE/FAO Policy Forum. In fact, the Team suggested this subject for the Forum.
 Presentation of green building policies at the 2007 Policy Forum
 Improved country market statements for the Timber Committee Market Discussions
 Presentation at UNECE/FAO Wood Mobilization Workshop in January 2007
 Distance learning and training website created
 Participating in capacity building at forest products marketing workshops
 Lead role in UNECE/FAO Forest Products Annual Market Review.

He noted the tremendous increase in visits to the Team’s Current Issues Forum Website
(, following a website redesign and the addition of over 150 new
reports to the site in September 2007. Dr. Vlosky announced this to members of the joint Team
and IUFRO Marketing Experts List and encouraged members to submit new material to the site,
via an e-mail message to him.

b) Dr. Vlosky discussed the joint Team-IUFRO Marketing Specialist Database. The list has
grown from 80 members in 2005 to over 200 members. The list is a valuable tool for global
forest products marketing networking.

3. Subgroup Reports: 2005-2006 Accomplishments and Discussion

a. Responsible Trade Subgroup
i) Mr. Carl-Eric Guertin, (Canada), Subgroup Leader, reminded the members that the Team had
proposed that the 2006 UNECE/FAO Policy Forum be on public procurement policies and their
impacts on Forest Products Markets. The Team had conducted a study and presented it at the

ii) Green building policies were discussed at the Forum, and the Team suggested that they also
have a significant impact on current and future demand for wood products—the Team strongly
supports making green building the central theme of the 2008 Policy Forum. As part of the prior
days’ Market Discussions, Mr. Sylvain Labbé (Canada) presented a campaign on wood as the
preferable building material (green building and climate change).

b. Emerging Markets for Forest Products Subgroup
Mr. Jeremy Wall, (European Commission), Subgroup Leader, apologised for the fact that a
Subgroup meeting during the year had not been possible. Nevertheless, there had been notable
developments, as follows:

i) The interactions of the demands for wood between bio-energy and traditional forest products
continued to be more acute, with significantly higher prices and tight supplies in many regions
of Europe, particularly central continental areas. The energy demand was being driven to a large
extent – though not exclusively – by EU policies, especially the ―Green Electricity Directive‖.
Mr. Wall gave an up-date on recent EU policy changes and implementation, indicating the
―20/20‖ targets, under which 20 % of all the EU’s finally consumed energy was due to come
from renewable sources by the year 2020, together with a 20% overall saving in energy. Under
the new legislative package currently being prepared, there would be significant implications for
the forest-based sector through new proposals on: heating & cooling and liquid bio-fuels.
Much co-operative work on improving wood/energy information had already been achieved by
the EC and UNECE et al. through the Task Force on Wood Energy and the WPFES. The

Subgroup, which had originally given rise to this work, continued to support these efforts. (A
possible meeting of the Subgroup and/or the Task Force was being considered in the context of
the 2008 World Sustainable Energy Days at Wels, Austria in March).

ii) On the topic of the enhanced use of wood, he reported on an EU survey of the supply and
demand of education and training in and around the woodworking sector at the three levels:
operative, technician, tertiary (i.e. graduate). The results of the survey – which are available as a
PowerPoint presentation from Mr. Wall – provide a valuable overview of the EU situation and
became the basis for an EU workshop on education and training for the woodworking sector.
(He suggested a possible enlargement of the survey to cover non-EU countries in the UNECE

iii) Mr. Douglas Clark, UNECE/FAO Timber Section presented marketing capacity building in
the CEECs and CIS:
      (1) The Forest Sector Marketing Development project proposal was drafted in 2004-2005,
      and thus far has not attracted financial contributions. Team members’ inputs are still
      solicited to suggest potential donors.

         (2) Mr. Clark reviewed the marketing workshops in Serbia and Croatia, and thanked the
         Team for its participation and support. He noted three upcoming workshops, of which two
         have a wood-energy markets’ focus (Belgrade, Serbia in November 2007 and again in
         2008) and a broader marketing workshop in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina in
         December 2007). He thanked the Team in advance for it participation and contributions.

         (3) He thanked Ms. Lindsey Farquharson (University of Wales, Bangor, UK) for her work
         as a UNECE/FAO Timber Section student intern during the summer 2007, on Marketing
         Information Systems in the UNECE region. The outcomes of her work have been
         circulated to the Team and is on the Current Issues’ Website. The impetus for this work
         was the call to create a Balkan-wide MIS at the 2005 Novi Sad, Serbia workshop. Dr.
         Glavonjic mentioned his progress in Serbia, and thanked his hosts in Finland for showing
         him three MIS systems in August 2007.

         (4) Mr. Clark thanked Ms. Veronica Lanza (Italy) for her work as a UNECE/FAO Timber
         Section student intern during early 2007, on distance learning in forest products marketing.
         She established a website on distance learning in the forest-based sector under the Team’s
         site within the TC/EFC site. Team members contributed information, and are requested to
         check the site, and suggest additions.

         (5) Corporate social responsibility in the forest products industries was again a topic of an
         expert presentation at the TC Market Discussions. The speaker, Mr. Andy Roby (UK
         Timber Trade Federation), called upon the TC to carry on work on CSR, and the TC
         Market Statement echoes his challenge. The Team supports work on CSR, especially in
         carrying examples of best practice to trade associations and industries in countries where
         CSR still remained a new concept. Mr. Wall referred to the EU’s work on CSR, including
         a web-site1.

iv) Mr. Wall mentioned continued interest of the Subgroup in wood and forest promotion
campaign effectiveness. Such work was originally supported by Mr. David Venables, European
Director, American Hardwood Export Council. However it remains on hold, pending matching
funding and wider interest.


4. Wrap-up and discussion
Team members had a brief discussion before breaking into subgroups.

5. Instructions for Subgroup Breakout Sessions
Dr. Pepke encouraged the Subgroups to review their accomplishments and to set realistic goals
for the next 12 months and identify deliverables and to propose an action plan with milestones,
lead persons and deadlines before reporting to back to plenary.

6. Subgroup breakout sessions
Breakout sessions were held during the afternoon up until the Team’s reception and then
continuing the next morning.

7. Subgroup breakout session reports and discussion
a) On behalf of the Responsible Trade Subgroup, Mr. Guertin, proposed that the 2008
UNECE/FAO Policy Forum center on green building. The rational for the proposal is the demand for
green building is a strong trend observes in the residential and non-residential sectors in North America and
Europe. What is Green building really about in term of a concept and demand? For stakeholders in the wood
products sphere, wood represents the only true sustainable building material but is it known and recognized
amongst policy and decisions makers, architects and designers and by the construction industry. Is wood
well positioned in the green building rating systems? The increase of wood utilisation is put forward as a
way to contribute to tackle climate change. Finally, green building represents new business opportunities for
wood products and contributes for the demand of certified wood products from sustainably managed forests.

Six themes are proposed (please refer to annex for details on each theme):
      1. Green building and its implications
      2. Demand for green building
      3. Green building and the carbon cycle
      4. Overview of building rating systems
      5. Green building in different regions
      6. Wood promotion campaigns

b) On behalf of the Emerging Markets for Forest Products Subgroup, Mr. Wall reported that the
Subgroup supports continued work on these items:
i)     Wood-based bio-energy, including: support to Task Force on Wood-energy Information and
to wood-energy workshops (Serbia: Nov 2007; Romania, 2008).

ii)      Enhanced Use of Wood: education & training
       (1) Dissemination of EU Education and Training survey results. (PowerPoint file available
       on request from Mr. Wall)

       (2) Possible extension of survey to UNECE region (2009)

       (3) Support to possible TC Wood in Green Building Policy Forum (October 2008)

       (4) How to attract young people into the wood-based sector? (2009)

iii)     Marketing in the CEECs
       (1) Forest Sector Marketing Development Project – progressing, but long-term funding

       (2) Marketing workshops: e.g. Sarajevo (Dec.2007); Macedonia (2008) and CIS-oriented
       workshop in Czech Republic (2008)

      (3) Market Information Systems.

      (4) Corporate Social Responsibility.

      (5) Emerging markets: improve information, especially for investors, forest-based sector and
      marketing, business models/climate, risks and opportunities. UNECE/FAO to discuss
      enhancement of online country profiles

iv)    Wood and forest promotion campaigns (NB on hold)

Other potential work items (from 2009 onwards):
Using technology for: communication, transfer, training (possible forum follow-up).

Following the subgroup presentations, the Team discussed the commonalities between the
subgroups, focusing on the green building policy forum. The secretary was requested to make
initial inquiries about its feasibility. A fall back position would be a separate workshop, perhaps
during the European Forest Week, 20-24 October 2008.

8. Production of a forest products marketing book
On behalf of Professor Eduard Akim, (Russian Federation), Deputy Leader of the Team, Dr.
Pepke presented a proposal for a wide-ranging forest products marketing book to be produced
by the Team. The Team found the proposal to be ambitious, and noted that it would take
considerable financial and in-kind resources to produce in its proposed format. Professor Akim
was requested to elaborate the proposal, adding in resource needs, in order that the Team could
better evaluate this activity.

An alternative proposal surfaced in light of current limited availability of resources. This would
be to develop a compendium of invited chapters for a book titled ―Advances in Forest Products
Marketing.‖ This concept would focus on current marketing issues such as corporate social
responsibility, non-wood forest products, global trade flows, and supply chain management.

A second related suggestion was that the Team develop a compendium of on-going research
briefs to be put on the Team’s Current Issues website.

9. Provision for producing and distributing meeting report
Dr. Pepke is to send a draft report to the 2 team leaders who were present and 2 subgroup
leaders by end October. Their input is due by 10 November in order that the report can be
finalized and distributed by mid November.

10. Election of officers
The current team leaders were approved for another year.

11. Next Team meetings (Dr. Vlosky)
a) Week of 20-24 October 2008, in conjunction with TC/EFC Market Discussions in Rome. The
Team would like to have more presentations on current issues at their next meetings.

b) Other potential meetings, subject to confirmation:
i) In conjunction with the Forest Products Society, St. Louis, Missouri, USA, June 2008

ii) Subgroup Emerging Markets meeting on Bio-energy, possibly with the Task Force on Wood-
energy Information, at the World Sustainable Energy Days, Wels, Austria, 5-8 March 2008

iii) Subgroup Emerging markets meeting on education & training, early 2008.

12. Other business
The Team gave warm thanks to Mrs. Nadine Choucq of the European Commission’s Geneva
Delegation for having kindly arranged the meeting room and support facilities on 12 October
when the Palais des Nations was closed for a holiday. The Team also expressed appreciation to
the Louisiana State University’s Louisiana Forest Products Development Center and the
UNECE/FAO Timber Section for the Team’s reception on 11 October.

                                      Annex 1. List of Participants

CANADA                                                   FINLAND
Dr. Robert BEAUREGARD                                    Mr. Jarmo HAMALAINEN
Associate Professor                                      Metsäteho Oy
Département des sciences du bois et de la forêt          P.O.Box 194
Pav. GH, Kruger, Université Laval                        FI-00131, Helsinki, Finland
G1K 7P4, Québec, Canada                                  +358 9 132 5224
+1 418 656 7684                                
                                                         Mr. Olli KAUKONEN
Mr. André D'ARCY                                         University of Helsinki
Ministère des ressources naturelles et de la faune       Aurorankatu 15 D 39
du Québec                                                FI-00100, Helsinki, Finland
880 Chemin Sainte-Foy, 7e étage                          +358 50 545 5332
G1S 4X4, Québec, Canada                        
+1 418 627 8644/4106                              Mr. Tapani PAHKASALO
Dr. Christopher GASTON                                   Toolonkatu 11 A
Director                                                 FI-00100, Helsinki, Finland
Markets and Economics                                    +358 9 684 011 15
2665 East Mall                                 
V6T 1W5, Vancouver, Canada
+1 604 222 5722                                          Mme. Leila RASANEN                                   University of Helsinki                                     Tilanhoitajankaari 11 D 112
                                                         FI 00790, Helsinki, Finland
Mr. Carl-Eric GUERTIN (Subgroup Leader)                  +358 44 596 6302
Communications and Responsible Trade Manager   
Quebec Wood Export Bureau (Q-WEB)
979, avenue de Bourgogne, suite 540                      IRELAND
G1W 2L4, Québec, Canada                                  Mr. Eoin O'DRISCOLL
+1 418 650 6385                                          Forestry/Forest Products Market Research                           Drima Market Research                       6 Taney Avenue, Goatstown
                                                         Dublin 14, Ireland
Mr. Francois ROBICHAUD                                   +353 87 9679 528
Market Researcher                              
319 Franquet                                             ITALY
G1P 4R4, Ste-Foy, Canada                                 Mr. Pierre-Marie DESCLOS
+1 418 659 2647                                          Consultant                        1004 Via Cassia                                          I-00189, Rome, Italy
                                                         +39 06 303 11 046
Mr. Denis ROUSSEAU                             
Conseil de l'industrie forestier Quebec
300 des Cormorans, St Nicolas                            LATVIA
G7A 3A1, Québec, Canada                                  Mr. Igors KRASAVCEVS
+1 418 657 7916                                          Latvian Forest Industry Federation                                Skaistkalnes Street 1
                                                         LV-1004, Riga, Latvia
                                                         +371 292 580 42

ROMANIA                                            TURKEY
Mr. Gheorghe Florian BORLEA                        Mr. Ramazan BALI
Director                                           Head of Division
Timisoara Directorate                              General Directorate of Forestry
National Forest Administration                     Ministry of Environment and Forestry
Steet Iosif Nemoianu 7                             Orman Genel Mudurlugu
300011, Timisoara, Romania                         Isletme ve Pazarlama Dai. Bsk.
+40 256 294255                                     2 Nolu Bina                              TR-06560, Gazi-Ankara, Turkey
                                                   +90 312 296 4147
RUSSIAN FEDERATION                       
Ms. Fatima MELESHKEVICH                  
Moskovskoe Shosse 2
Saratov, Russian Federation                        UKRAINE
+7 8452 45 900                                     Ms. Liubov POLYIAKOVA                                    Senior Specialist of Scientific Department
                                                   State Forestry Committee
SERBIA                                             9A Shota Rustavely Street
Prof. Branko GLAVONJIC (Deputy Leader)             01601 Kiev, Ukraine
Professor                                          +380506983543
Faculty of Forestry                      
Belgrade State University
Kneza Viseslava 1                                  UNITED KINGDOM
11030, Belgrade, Serbia                            Mr. Roger COOPER
+381 11 355 3122                                   Head of School
brankogl@net.yu                                    School of Agriculture and Forest Sciences                                      University of Wales
                                                   LL57 2UW, Bangor, United Kingdom
SLOVAKIA                                           +44 1248 382 / +441 382 443
Mr. Roman SVITOK                         ,
Senior Researcher, Forest Policy and Economy
National Forest Centre                             Mr. Rupert OLIVER
Forest Research Institute (LVU) Zvolen             Director
T. G. Masaryka 22                                  Forest Industries Intelligence Limited
SK-96292, Zvolen, Slovakia                         19 Raikeswood Drive
+421 45 531 4162                                   BD23 1NA, Skipton, United Kingdom                                   +44 1756 796 992                            
Prof. Anders BAUDIN                                UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
Professor--Forest Products Market Analysis         Dr. James BOWYER
School of Industrial Engineering                   Dovetail Partners, Inc.
Växjö University                                   528 Hennepin Ave, Suite 202
SE-351 95, Växjö, Sweden                           55403, Minneapolis, United States of America
+46 470 708 986                                    +612 333 0430                 

                                                   Mr. Hakan EKSTROM
                                                   President, Wood Resources International LLC
                                                   10654 NE 204th Pl; P.O. Box 1891
                                                   98041, Bothell, United States of America
                                                   +1 425 402 8809

Dr. Richard P. VLOSKY (Team Leader)                    Mr. Matthew FONSECA
Professor in Forest Products Marketing, Director       Publication Assistant
Louisiana Forest Products Development Center,          UNECE/FAO Timber Section
School of Renewable Natural Resources                  Trade and Timber Division
Agricultural Center, Louisiana State University        United Nations Economic Commission for Europe
227 Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries                   Palais des Nations
70803, Baton Rouge, United States of America           8-14, Avenue de la Paix
+1 225 578 4527                                        CH-1211, Geneva 10, Switzerland                                         + 41 22 917 1846
Chief Expert                                           Mr. Ed PEPKE (Team Secretary)
Department of International Relations, Uzbek           Forestry Officer (Marketing)
Scientific Production Center for Agriculture           UNECE/FAO Timber Section
Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources            Trade and Timber Division
8-21 Qatortol Str.                                     United Nations Economic Commission for Europe
100113, Tashkent, Uzbekistan                           Palais des Nations
+998 71 1428421                                        8-14, Avenue de la Paix, Room 448,                     CH-1211, Geneva 10, Switzerland
                                                       +41 22 917 2872
EUROPEAN COMMISSION                          
Mr. Jeremy WALL (Subgroup Leader)            
Principal Administrator
DG Enterprise and Industry, Forest-based and           INTER-GOVERNMENTAL
Related Industries Unit                                ORGANIZATIONS
European Commission                                    Ms. Frances MAPLESDEN
Avenue d'Auderghem 45                                  Statistician
Brey (12/218)                                          Economic Information and Market Intelligence
B-1049, Brussels, Belgium                              International Tropical Timber Organization
+32 2 295 3726                                         International Organizations Center, 5th Floor,                               Pacifico-Yokohama, 1-1-1 Minto-Mirai, Nishi-ku       220-0012,Yokohama, Japan
based/index.htm                                        +81 45 223 1110
UNITED NATIONS ECONOMIC                      
Mr. Douglas CLARK                                      NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS
Consultant (Marketing)                                 Mr. Ladislaus DÖRY
UNECE/FAO Timber Section                               President
Trade and Timber Division                              European Panel Federation
United Nations Economic Commission for Europe          Montoyerstraat 24, Box 20
Palais des Nations                                     B-1000,Brussels, Belgium
8-14, Avenue de la Paix, Room 435-1                    +32 2 556 25 89
CH-1211, Geneva 10, Switzerland              
+41 22 917 2870                                                           Ms. Bénédicte HENDRICKX
                                                       Economic Adviser
                                                       European Panel Federation
                                                       Montoyerstraat 24, box 20
                                                       B-1000,Brussels, Belgium
                                                       +32 2 556 2589

                  Annex 2. Responsible Trade Subgroup Action Plan for 2007-2008
                            By Mr. Carl-Éric Guertin, Subgroup Leader

List of participating members of Subgroup:
Carl-Éric Guertin
Robert Beauregard
Chris Gaston
Frances Maplesden
Benedicte Hendrickx
Rupert Oliver
Pierre Desclos
Roman Svitok

Actions for 2007-2008
The Subgroup members propose to organize and conduct a policy forum on Green Building policies and
their forest products market effects. They identified 6 themes in which specific issues should be addressed.
Also, some specific actions are to be undertaken by members as identified in the proposed themes.

The demand for green building is a strong trend observes in the residential and non-residential sectors in
North America and Europe. What is Green building really about in term of a concept and demand? For
stakeholders in the wood products sphere, wood represents the only true sustainable building material but is
it known and recognized amongst policy and decisions makers, architects and designers and by the
construction industry. Is wood well positioned in the green building rating systems? The increase of wood
utilisation is put forward as a way to contribute to tackle climate change. Finally, green building represents
new business opportunities for wood products and contributes for the demand of certified wood products
from sustainably managed forests.

Theme 1: Green building and it’s implications
    Introduction on the notion of green building
    Stakeholders and rationale behind green building development
    The technology behind and needed for green building development

Theme 2: Demand (residential and non-residential) for green building
    Public and private sector demand and policies in place
    Business case from a large, well-known construction or architect company
    Social (public) dimensions
    Market opportunities for wood products
    Passive house
    Eco-design of wood products (glue, VOC, finishing, etc.)

Theme 3: Green building and the carbon cycle
     How wood compares to other building product
     What is life cycle analysis
     Best practices / best policies on wood waste and recovery management
Action: Bénédicte Hendrickx to look with CEI-Bois for studies on wood waste and recovery management

Theme 4: Overview of building rating systems
    Presentations on the different rating systems (including LEED, GBI, BREAM, others) by their
      respective organisations
    Commonalities, differences
    How wood performs in the rating systems
    How is the life cycle is taking into account in the rating systems
    Responsible sourcing of products (certification, illegal logging, why wood as a different treatment vs
      other building material)

Theme 5: Green building in different regions
     What do it means in different parts of the world
     Comparisons of different initiatives in different countries or regions (North America, Europe and
        CIS) for a global comprehension (ex.: Canadian Sustainable building Coalition)
     Code and standards
     Benedict Hendrickx, Robert Beauregard, Frances Maplesden and someone from CIS countries) to
        develop a common matrix/questionnaire to asses the different initiatives.
     Use team members to identify within their respective countries the key person to fill the
     Use UNECE TC to compile the matrix/questionnaire

Theme 6: The wood promotion campaigns
     Commonalities and differences
     Impact assessment
     Assessment of their objectives and goals
     Governments policies to favour wood uses
     Ed Pepke to verify with Forest Communicators Network work on assessment
     Chris Gaston to verify with WPN for work on assessment

Other actions:
Ed Pepke to get in touch with key person within the four following organisations to propose the policy
       1. European forest week organizers
       2. FAO
       3. UNECE TC
       4. MCPFE

                     Annex 3. Emerging Markets Action Plan for 2007-2008
                              By Mr. Jeremy Wall, Subgroup Leader

Subgroup attendees were:
Branko Glavonjic                     Richard Vlosky                        Anders Baudin
Douglas Clark                        François Robichard                    Roger Cooper
Liubev Poliakova                     Gheorghe Florian Borlea               James Cunningham
Gulusa Vildanova                     Eoin O’Driscoll                       Fatima Meleshkevich
Igors Krasavceres                    Håkan Ekström                         Jeremy Wall

Work item         Description of elements             Who                 Time-frame      Status
                                                      responsible                         (progress)
a) Wood-          i) Overall role of Subgroup:        All                 2008-9          On-going
based bio-        support to Task Force on                                Wels,
energy            Wood-energy information (NB         Task Force          Austria,        Pending
(See also c.ii)   possible meeting of Subgroup                            March 2008
                  and/or Task Force on Wood
                  Energy Info.)
                  ii) Support to wood-energy          Planning:           Serbia: Nov     Done
                  workshops                           Borlea, Clark,      2007

                                                      Speakers:           Timosoara,      Pending
                                                      Cunningham,         Romania
                                                      Vlosky),            (2008)
                                                      Funds: all          Wood – from
                                                      (Wall to check      Bio-energy to
                                                      possibilities for   Green
                                                      Romania -EU         Building‖.
                                                      member state).
b) Enhanced       Education & training:               Wall                2008            Done
Use of Wood       i) Dissemination of EU
                  Education and Training survey
                  results. (See PowerPoint file).
                  Education & training:               Pepke, Cooper,      2009?           Subject to
                  ii) Possible extension of survey    Wall                                further
                  to UNECE, using standardised                                            discussion by
                  national supply/demand                                                  ToS.
                  summaries and possibly
                  including marketing
                  iii) Support to possible TC                             2008?           Subject to
                  Wood in Green Building                                                  further
                  Policy Forum October 2008:                                              discussion by


                      - Roles of building tradition               (Borlea, Vlosky)
                      and fashion;

                      wood ―psychometrics‖                        (Vlosky,
                      (attitudes and perceptions of               Baudin)
                      wood: NB different target

                      - Status of harvested wood                  Cooper,
                      products under Kyoto Protocol               O’Driscoll, Wall
                      after 2012?2

                      - What kind of green building               Baudin,
                      (to focus on in the future)? E.g.           Robichard,
                      non-residential sector & others             O’Driscoll


                      - LCA as tool for wood in                   Cooper
                      green building                              Vlosky
                      (sub-item under web-site);
                      material substitution.

                      - Environmental labelling –                 Robichard
                      gap between public & industry
                      practice – fill gap through 2-
                      way education &

                      - Identify & promote best                   O’Driscoll,
                      policies & practices in green               Robichard
                      building e.g. off-site
                      construction (web-site issue)

                      Knowledge of wood for                       David Venables,
                      architects                                  Wall

                      - Statistics on wooden building             All

                      iv) How to attract young                    All                     2009?     Subject to
                      people into the wood-based                                                    further
                      sector? (Which info needed?)                                                  discussion by
                                                                                          2008/9?   ToS
                      E.g.: distance learning3                    Baudin, Vlosky,

 In December 2007, it has been proposed by the EU Advisory Group on Forests and Cork to the EU Standing Forestry
Committee to set up a working group ―Climate Change and Forestry‖. One work item would be the contribution of
wood products to climate change mitigation due to their carbon-storage potential.
3 Also see website:

                                                                       Cunningham                               Proposal
c) Marketing           i) Forest Sector Marketing                      Clark?            ?                      Proposal
in the CEECs           Development                                                                              needed
                       ii) Marketing workshops                         Glavonjic         Sarajevo               Done

                                                                       Miroslav          CZ Republic            To be
                                                                       Kravka            for CIS, 2008          confirmed
                       iii) Market Information                         Clark             2008?                  To be
                       Systems: NB proposal &                          GTZ? Austria?                            confirmed
                       resources needed.
                                                                       Reactions         Early 2008
                       NB Farquharson Report                           needed from all                          Pending
                       iv) Corporate Social                            All               From early             Pending
                       Responsibility5:                                                  2008
                       - information gathering (web-
                       site responsible trade?)
                       v) Emerging markets: improve
                       information esp for:                            Ekström           2008                   Pending
                        - investors
                        - forest-based sector (forest
                       resources; products,                            Vildanova         2008                   Pending
                       processing) and marketing,
                       business models/climate, risks
                       and opportunities (E.g. esp. in                 Clark & Pepke?    2008                   Pending
                       CIS products, processing,

                       UNECE/FAO to discuss
                       enhancement of on-line
                       country profiles
d) Wood &              Wood & Forest Campaign                          David Venables                           Project - on
Forest                 Effectiveness Survey                            (AHEC)                                   hold?
Campaigns                                                              Vlosky                                   Proposal?
e) Using               for:                                            All                                      Subject to
technology             - communication (industry,                                                               further
                       govt, public, academia)                                                                  discussion by
(NB = new              - technology transfer                                                                    ToS
item)                  - training (possible forum

4 See: ―A report into Forest Products Market Information Systems in the UNECE region‖, L. Farquharson, August
5 See also web-site:


Description: Marketing Products from Sustainably Managed Forests document sample