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2006112385951CLASS 9 - DOC


  • pg 1
									A0001 Abacuses 090627 B0727
A0020 Accounting machines 090135 C0099
A0021 Accumulator boxes 090009 C0100
A0022 Accumulator jars 090008 B0005
A0024 Accumulators, electric 090361 A0035
A0025 Accumulators, electric, for vehicles 090007 A0040
A0043 Acid hydrometers 090387 P0341
A0045 Acidimeters for batteries 090010 A0041
A0051 Acoustic conduits 090015 C1162
A0052 Acoustic couplers 090593 C1408
A0053 Acoustic [sound] alarms 090014 A0869
A0057 Actinometers 090018 A0094
A0060 Adding machines 090019 A0102
A0105 Aerials 090045 A0573
A0107 Aerometers 090020 A0136
A0119 Agendas (Electronic –) 090628 A0167
A0130 Air analysis apparatus 090025 A0232
A0171 Alarm bells, electric 090071 T0274
A0173 Alarms * 090026 A0272
A0174 Alarms (Fire –) 090068 A0874
A0193 Alcoholmeters 090027 A0311
A0202 Alidades 090028 A0330
A0231 Altimeters 090033 A0387
A0257 Ammeters 090036 A0475
A0268 Amplifiers 090037 A0477
A0269 Amplifying tubes 090038 T0554
A0270 Amplifying valves 090038 T0554
A0272 Amusement apparatus adapted for use with television receivers only 090576 D0263
A0286 Anemometers 090039 A0501
A0312 Animated cartoons 090176 D0140

A0320 Anode batteries 090044 B0254
A0321 Anodes 090043 A0571
A0322 Answering machines 090629 R0230
A0323 Antennas 090045 A0573
A0328 Anticathodes 090507 A0580
A0334 Anti-dazzle shades 090047 V0267
A0344 Anti-glare glasses 090046 A0587
A0345 Anti-glare visors 090047 V0267
A0348 Anti-interference devices [electricity] 090048 A0608
A0375 Anti-theft warning apparatus 090511 A0871
A0383 Apertometers [optics] 090050 A0625
A0406 Armatures [electricity] 090305 I0079
A0445 Asbestos clothing for protection against fire 090035 A0440
A0450 Asbestos gloves for protection against accidents 090034 A0435
A0475 Astronomy (Apparatus and instruments for –) 090384 A0812
A0476 Astrophotography (Lenses for –) 090059 A0813
A0484 Attracting and killing insects (Electric devices for –) 090528 A0827
A0485 Audiovisual teaching apparatus 090061 A0831
A0504 Aviators (Protective suits for –) 090070 C1071
A0513 Azimuth instruments 090512 A0890
B0059 Balances (Precision –) 090489 T0490
B0060 Balances [steelyards] 090433 R0358
B0061 Balancing apparatus 090237 E0408
B0071 Balloons (Meteorological –) 090075 B0118
B0111 Bar code readers 090581 L0172
B0128 Barometers 090079 B0195
B0199 Batteries, electric 090360 P0471
B0200 Batteries, electric, for vehicles 090007 A0040
B0201 Batteries for lighting 090031 B0253
B0202 Batteries for pocketlamps 090320 L0093

B0205 Battery boxes 090009 C0100
B0206 Battery chargers 090266 S0602
B0207 Battery jars 090008 B0005
B0214 Beacons, luminous 090513 B0104
B0277 Bells (Alarm –), electric 090071 T0274
B0281 Bells (Signal –) 090127 C0955
B0282 Bells [warning devices] 090402 S0395
B0326 Betatrons 090085 B0329
B0393 Binoculars 090475 J0062
B0465 Blinkers [signalling lights] 090126 C0944
B0482 Blueprint apparatus 090106 P0376
B0499 Boats (Fire –) 090601 B0241
B0512 Boiler control instruments 090120 C0583
B0649 Branch boxes [electricity] 090094 B0607
B0678 Breathing apparatus, except for artificial respiration 090431 R0266
B0679 Breathing apparatus for underwater swimming 090355 N0002
B0763 Bullet-proof waistcoats [vests (Am.)] 090582 G0189
B0771 Buoys (Marking –) 090583 B0694
B0774 Buoys (Signalling –) 090518 B0696
B0809 Buzzers 090522 R0366
B0810 Buzzers, electric 090521 B0731
C0006 Cabinets for loudspeakers 090087 B0623
C0016 Cables (Coaxial –) 090665 C0017
C0017 Cables, electric 090215 C0021
C0018 Cables (Fibre [fiber (Am.)] optic –) 090666 C0015
C0020 Cables (Junction sleeves for electric –) 090626 M0086
C0048 Calculating disks 090101 D0223
C0049 Calculating machines 090103 C0125
C0053 Calibrating rings 090040 A0556
C0057 Calipers 090066 C0132

C0060 Camcorders 090630 C0147
C0062 Cameras (Cinematographic –) 090107 C0146
C0063 Cameras [photography] 090184 P0390
C0097 Capacitors 090140 C1131
C0099 Capacity measures 090108 C0203
C0101 Capillary tubes 090109 T0555
C0153 Cards (Encoded –), magnetic 090599 C0295
C0160 Carpenters' rules 090343 R0179
C0172 Carriers for dark plates [photography] 090309 I0113
C0176 Cartoons (Animated –) 090176 D0140
C0195 Cases especially made for photographic apparatus and instruments 090246 E0531
C0196 Cases (Eyeglass –) 090248 E0528
C0199 Cases fitted with dissecting instruments [microscopy] 090563 T0539
C0209 Cases (Pince-nez –) 090248 E0528
C0212 Cash registers 090525 C0105
C0227 Cassette players 090631 L0171
C0248 Cathodes 090543 C0345
C0249 Cathodic anti-corrosion apparatus 090412 R0394
C0275 Cell switches [electricity] 090168 R0159
C0298 Centering apparatus for photographic transparencies 090183 D0192
C0301 Central processing units [processors] 090619 P0965
C0329 Chains (Eyeglass –) 090115 C0433
C0357 Chargers for electric batteries 090083 A0036
C0390 Chemistry apparatus and instruments 090549 C0757
C0438 Chips [integrated circuits] 090540 P1015
C0450 Choking coils [impedance] 090441 S0191
C0465 Chromatography apparatus for laboratory use 090585 C0798
C0476 Chronographs [time recording apparatus] 090586 C0808
C0493 Cigar lighters for automobiles 090032 A0373
C0514 Cinematographic cameras 090107 C0146

C0515 Cinematographic film (Apparatus for editing –) 090124 F0200
C0516 Cinematographic film [exposed] 090550 C0868
C0519 Circuit breakers 090191 D0218
C0520 Circuit closers 090143 C1178
C0543 Cleaning apparatus for phonograph records 090230 D0226
C0544 Cleaning apparatus for sound recording discs 090230 D0226
C0563 Clinometers 090299 I0068
C0567 Clips for divers and swimmers (Nose –) 090655 P0502
C0578 Clocks (Time –) [time recording devices] 090649 P0703
C0603 Clothing for protection against accidents, irradiation and fire 090005 V0196
C0604 Clothing for protection against fire 090288 H0003
C0637 Coaxial cables 090665 C0017
C0685 Coils (Choking –) [impedance] 090441 S0191
C0686 Coils, electric 090001 B0500
C0687 Coils (Electromagnetic –) 090024 A0227
C0688 Coils (Holders for electric –) 090514 B0501
C0690 Coin-operated apparatus (Mechanisms for –) 090063 P0932
C0692 Coin-operated gates for car parks or parking lots 090382 P0854
C0693 Coin-operated mechanisms for television sets 090340 T0176
C0706 Collectors, electric 090129 C1033
C0745 Commutation (Electric apparatus for –) 090163 C1095
C0746 Commutators 090132 C1094
C0747 Compact disc players 090632 L0173
C0748 Compact discs [audio-video] 090587 D0229
C0749 Compact discs [read-only memory] 090588 D0232
C0750 Comparators 090067 C1100
C0751 Compasses (Directional –) 090523 B0739
C0753 Compasses [measuring instruments] 090200 C1101
C0769 Computer game programs 090670 L0343
C0770 Computer keyboards 090537 C0932

C0771 Computer memories 090342 M0254
C0772 Computer operating programs, recorded 090589 P0969
C0773 Computer peripheral devices 090590 P0328
C0776 Computer programmes [programs], recorded 090373 P0968
C0777 Computer programs [downloadable software] 090658 P0967
C0778 Computer software [recorded] 090591 L0342
C0779 Computers 090372 O0090
C0780 Computers (Printers for use with –) 090618 I0027
C0794 Condensers [capacitors] 090140 C1131
C0796 Condensers (Optical –) 090592 C1133
C0804 Conductors, electric 090141 C1144
C0805 Conductors (Lightning –) 090381 P0140
C0806 Conduits (Acoustic –) 090015 C1162
C0807 Conduits (Electricity –) 090142 C1155
C0820 Connections, electric 090220 R0004
C0821 Connections for electric lines 090219 R0006
C0822 Connectors [electricity] 090144 C1179
C0826 Contact lenses 090554 L0187
C0827 Contact lenses (Containers for –) 090555 E0530
C0829 Contacts, electric 090148 C1212
C0830 Contacts, electric, of precious metal 090147 C1213
C0832 Containers for contact lenses 090555 E0530
C0834 Containers for microscope slides 090128 C1010
C0850 Control panels [electricity] 090217 T0028
C0854 Converters, electric 090153 C1235
C0890 Copper wire, insulated 090558 C1644
C0925 Correcting lenses [optics] 090159 V0171
C0941 Cosmographic instruments 090161 C1337
C0957 Counterfeit [false] coin detectors 090173 D0158
C0958 Counter-operated apparatus (Mechanisms for –) 090064 J0026

C0959 Counters 090138 C1125
C0962 Couplers (Acoustic –) 090593 C1408
C0963 Couplers [data processing equipment] 090594 C1407
C0964 Couplings, electric 090220 R0004
C0985 Covers for electric outlets 090667 C0040
C1038 Crucibles [laboratory] 090170 C1551
C1064 Cupels [laboratory] 090170 C1551
C1080 Current rectifiers 090167 R0158
C1119 Cutting apparatus (Electric arc –) 090051 A0676
C1147 Cyclotrons 090172 C1709
D0008 Darkroom lamps [photography] 090318 L0106
D0009 Darkrooms [photography] 090117 C0460
D0016 Data media (Magnetic –) 090607 S0582
D0017 Data media (Optical –) 090616 S0583
D0018 Data processing apparatus 090306 I0083
D0030 Decompression chambers 090595 C0108
D0048 Demagnetizing apparatus for magnetic tapes 090076 D0058
D0050 Densimeters 090175 D0072
D0051 Densitometers 090532 D0073
D0083 Detectors 090180 D0157
D0084 Detectors (Metal –) for industrial or military purposes 090178 D0161
D0085 Detectors (Smoke –) 090623 D0159
D0100 Diagnostic apparatus, not for medical purposes 090633 D0179
D0114 Diaphragms [acoustics] 090182 D0189
D0115 Diaphragms for scientific apparatus 090439 S0136
D0116 Diaphragms [photography] 090562 D0190
D0124 Dictating machines 090188 D0200
D0133 Diffraction apparatus [microscopy] 090189 D0206
D0142 Dimmers [regulators] (Light –) [electric] 090606 V0036
D0155 Discharge tubes, electric, other than for lighting 090559 T0551

D0156 Discs (Compact –) [audio-video] 090587 D0229
D0157 Discs (Compact –) [read-only memory] 090588 D0232
D0158 Discs (Optical –) 090617 D0231
D0176 Disk drives [for computers] 090634 M0228
D0177 Disks [magnetic] 090533 D0230
D0189 Distance measuring apparatus 090187 M0286
D0190 Distance recording apparatus 090194 E0326
D0193 Distillation apparatus for scientific purposes 090564 D0242
D0198 Distribution boards [electricity] 090197 T0030
D0199 Distribution boxes [electricity] 090054 A0753
D0200 Distribution consoles [electricity] 090198 P1029
D0201 Distribution machines, automatic 090065 D0246
D0205 Divers' apparatus 090438 S0126
D0206 Divers' masks 090597 M0176
D0211 Diving suits 090162 C1069
D0222 Dog whistles 090508 S0304
D0238 Door closers, electric 090527 F0068
D0250 Door openers, electric 090376 P0828
D0262 Dosage dispensers 090565 D0277
D0263 Dosimeters 090565 D0277
D0276 Drainers for use in photography 090212 E0171
D0310 Dressmakers' measures 090169 C1470
D0331 Drives (Disk –) [for computers] 090634 M0228
D0353 Drying apparatus for photographic prints 090282 E0398
D0356 Drying racks [photography] 090122 S0163
D0359 Ducts [electricity] 090216 C0160
D0387 Dynamometers 090203 D0318
E0003 Ear plugs 090681 O0105
E0004 Ear plugs for divers 090401 T0093
E0034 Editing appliances for cinematographic films 090124 F0200

E0041 Egg timers [sandglasses] 090683 S0006
E0042 Egg-candlers 090241 M0393
E0062 Electric arc cutting apparatus 090051 A0676
E0063 Electric arc welding apparatus 090052 A0674
E0064 Electric door bells 090566 S0398
E0066 Electric installations for the remote control of industrial operations 090130 C1082
E0068 Electric loss indicators 090213 I0069
E0071 Electric welding apparatus 090428 S0428
E0073 Electricity conduits 090142 C1155
E0074 Electricity mains (Material for –) [wires, cables] 090553 E0184
E0075 Electrified fences 090669 C0963
E0076 Electrified rails for mounting spot lights 090635 R0055
E0082 Electro-dynamic apparatus for the remote control of railway points 090022 A0202
E0083 Electro-dynamic apparatus for the remote control of signals 090447 S0311
E0084 Electrolysers 090226 E0205
E0085 Electromagnetic coils 090024 A0227
E0088 Electronic notice boards 090643 T0027
E0089 Electronic pens [visual display units] 090598 C1522
E0090 Electronic pocket translators 090636 T0447
E0091 Electronic publications [downloadable] 090657 P1014
E0092 Electronic tags for goods 090637 E0495
E0093 Electroplating apparatus 090225 G0039
E0100 Elevator operating apparatus 090057 A0793
E0129 Encoded cards, magnetic 090599 C0295
E0130 Encoders (Magnetic –) 090608 E0287
E0144 Enlarging apparatus [photography] 090021 A0181
E0157 Epidiascopes 090235 E0378
E0163 Ergometers 090239 E0410
E0206 Exposure meters [light meters] 090251 E0555
E0208 Extinguishers 090041 E0558

E0218 Eyeglass cases 090248 E0528
E0219 Eyeglass chains 090115 C0433
E0220 Eyeglass cords 090156 C1278
E0221 Eyeglass frames 090364 M0455
E0222 Eyeglasses 090397 P0486
E0230 Eyepieces 090134 O0010
E0231 Eyepieces (Instruments containing –) 090332 L0371
E0233 Eyeshades 090277 G0068
F0015 Face-shields (Workmen's protective –) 090210 E0129
F0017 Facsimile machines 090600 T0154
F0022 False coin detectors 090173 D0158
F0075 Fences (Electrified –) 090669 C0963
F0083 Fermentation (Apparatus for –) [laboratory apparatus] 090253 F0063
F0115 Fibre [fiber (Am.)] optic cables 090666 C0015
F0145 Film cutting apparatus 090262 F0199
F0148 Films (Editing appliances for cinematographic –) 090124 F0200
F0149 Films, exposed 090515 F0197
F0169 Filters for respiratory masks 090263 F0260
F0171 Filters for ultraviolet rays, for photography 090574 F0262
F0175 Filters [photography] 090264 F0258
F0183 Fire alarms 090068 A0874
F0185 Fire beaters 090082 B0258
F0186 Fire blankets 090638 C1481
F0187 Fire boats 090601 B0241
F0189 Fire (Clothing for protection against –) 090288 H0003
F0190 Fire engines 090298 P0759
F0191 Fire escapes 090205 E0087
F0192 Fire extinguishing apparatus 090041 E0558
F0195 Fire hose nozzles 090296 L0119
F0277 Flash-bulbs [photography] 090206 F0278

F0278 Flashing lights [luminous signals] 090126 C0944
F0282 Flashlights [photography] 090639 A0480
F0288 Flat irons, electric 090569 F0108
F0311 Floats for bathing and swimming 090265 F0306
F0326 Floppy disks 090534 D0237
F0361 Fluorescent screens 090208 E0128
F0385 Fog signals, non-explosive 090524 S0315
F0397 Food analysis apparatus 090029 A0341
F0453 Frames for photographic transparencies 090099 C0070
F0463 Franking (Apparatus to check –) 090149 A0158
F0469 Frequency meters 090268 F0426
F0513 Fuel dispensing pumps for service stations 090110 D0248
F0520 Fuel pumps (Self-regulating –) 090406 P0762
F0552 Furnaces for laboratory experiments 090568 F0405
F0563 Furniture especially made for laboratories 090315 M0414
F0578 Fuse wire 090505 A0360
F0580 Fuses 090269 F0506
G0005 Galena crystals [detectors] 090271 G0018
G0015 Galvanic batteries 090272 P0472
G0017 Galvanic cells 090218 E0206
G0019 Galvanizing apparatus 090273 G0035
G0022 Galvanometers 090092 G0038
G0030 Games (Apparatus for –) adapted for use with television receivers only 090542 J0035
G0048 Garments for protection against fire 090413 V0210
G0068 Gas testing instruments 090278 G0112
G0079 Gasoline gauges 090243 N0078
G0080 Gasoline pumps for service stations 090196 E0437
G0081 Gasometers 090279 G0144
G0084 Gates for car parks (Coin-operated –) 090382 P0854
G0087 Gauges 090242 J0020

G0135 Glass covered with an electrical conductor 090224 V0164
G0158 Glassware (Graduated –) 090285 V0168
G0165 Glazing apparatus for photographic prints 090283 E0397
G0174 Gloves for divers 090275 G0053
G0179 Gloves for protection against accidents 090274 G0059
G0180 Gloves for protection against X-rays for industrial purposes 090276 G0054
G0211 Goggles for sports 090654 L0368
G0233 Gradient indicators 090299 I0068
G0291 Grids for batteries 090287 G0339
H0039 Hair-curlers, electrically heated 090548 B0406
H0124 Head cleaning tapes [recording] 090535 B0151
H0130 Headphones 090671 C0323
H0146 Heat regulating apparatus 090116 C0443
H0173 Heliographic apparatus 090290 H0058
H0176 Helmets (Protective –) 090112 C0324
H0177 Helmets (Protective –) for sports 090656 C0325
H0180 Hemline markers 090313 A0766
H0201 High tension batteries 090044 B0254
H0202 High-frequency apparatus 090267 F0425
H0211 Holders for electric coils 090514 B0501
H0219 Holograms 090291 H0080
H0260 Horns for loudspeakers 090575 P0230
H0339 Hydrometers 090011 H0202
H0346 Hygrometers 090292 H0212
I0023 Identification sheaths for electric wires 090294 G0014
I0024 Identification threads for electric wires 090293 F0218
I0025 Identity cards, magnetic 090529 C0296
I0028 Igniting apparatus, electric, for igniting at a distance 090030 A0362
I0032 Ignition (Electric apparatus for remote –) 090030 A0362
I0047 Inclinometers 090299 I0068

I0052 Incubators for bacteria culture 090556 C1492
I0059 Indicators [electricity] 090042 I0064
I0060 Indicators (Quantity –) 090301 I0071
I0061 Indicators (Speed –) 090303 I0074
I0062 Indicators (Water level –) 090204 I0067
I0070 Inductors [electricity] 090304 I0078
I0117 Insects (Electric devices for attracting and killing –) 090528 A0827
I0138 Integrated circuit cards [smart cards] 090640 C0289
I0139 Integrated circuits 090538 C0877
I0141 Intercommunication apparatus 090308 I0111
I0142 Interfaces [for computers] 090603 I0112
I0145 Inverters [electricity] 090310 I0115
I0146 Invoicing machines 090252 F0002
I0157 Ionisation apparatus, not for the treatment of air 090311 I0125
I0176 Irons (Flat –), electric 090569 F0108
J0015 Jars (Accumulator –) 090008 B0005
J0043 Jigs [measuring instruments] 090105 G0002
J0061 Juke boxes [for computers] 090604 C0478
J0062 Juke boxes [musical] 090062 A0847
J0064 Junction boxes [electricity] 090145 B0609
J0065 Junction sleeves for electric cables 090626 M0086
K0029 Kilometer recorders for vehicles 090232 E0332
K0045 Knee-pads for workers 090605 G0168
L0006 Laboratory trays 090177 P0618
L0021 Lactodensimeters 090316 L0017
L0022 Lactometers 090317 L0018
L0046 Lamps (Darkroom –) [photography] 090318 L0106
L0057 Lanterns (Magic –) 090321 L0132
L0058 Lanterns (Optical –) 090319 L0104
L0060 Laptop computers 090372 O0090

L0064 Lasers, not for medical purposes 090323 L0146
L0108 Leather (Appliances for measuring the thickness of –) 090171 C1623
L0153 Lens hoods 090088 B0640
L0154 Lenses for astrophotography 090059 A0813
L0156 Lenses (Optical –) 090324 L0188
L0163 Letter scales 090325 P0343
L0170 Levelling instruments 090363 N0079
L0171 Levelling staffs [surveying instruments] 090281 J0006
L0172 Levels [instruments for determining the horizontal] 090362 N0077
L0176 Life belts 090547 C0356
L0177 Life buoys 090517 B0695
L0178 Life jackets 090546 G0188
L0179 Life nets 090260 F0190
L0180 Life saving apparatus and equipment 090295 S0166
L0181 Life-saving rafts 090073 R0018
L0183 Lift operating apparatus 090057 A0793
L0193 Light conducting filaments [optical fibers [fibres]] 090571 F0155
L0195 Light dimmers [regulators] [electric] 090606 V0036
L0196 Light-emitting electronic pointers 090679 P0704
L0202 Lighting ballasts 090672 B0109
L0203 Lighting (Batteries for –) 090031 B0253
L0210 Lightning arresters 090381 P0140
L0211 Lightning conductors [rods] 090381 P0140
L0229 Limiters [electricity] 090165 L0253
L0311 Locks, electric 090443 S0252
L0319 Logs [measuring instruments] 090326 L0338
L0325 Loss indicators (Electric –) 090213 I0069
L0331 Loudspeakers 090190 H0047
M0016 Magic lanterns 090321 L0132
M0024 Magnetic data media 090607 S0582

M0025 Magnetic encoders 090608 E0287
M0027 Magnetic tape units [for computers] 090609 U0006
M0028 Magnetic tapes 090078 B0142
M0029 Magnetic wires 090256 F0227
M0030 Magnets 090023 A0226
M0031 Magnets (Decorative –) 090660 A0228
M0032 Magnifying glasses [optics] 090328 L0356
M0049 Make-up removing appliances, electric 090560 D0060
M0083 Mannequins (Resuscitation –) [teaching apparatus] 090680 M0112
M0084 Manometers 090336 M0114
M0095 Marine compasses 090133 C1102
M0096 Marine depth finders 090668 S0392
M0099 Marking buoys 090583 B0694
M0101 Marking gauges [joinery] 090490 T0547
M0113 Masks (Divers' –) 090597 M0176
M0116 Masks (Protective –)* 090338 M0177
M0134 Masts for wireless aerials 090471 P1043
M0142 Material testing instruments and machines 090240 E0430
M0146 Mathematical instruments 090339 M0211
M0166 Measures 090201 M0288
M0167 Measuring apparatus 090202 M0289
M0168 Measuring devices, electric 090214 M0282
M0169 Measuring glassware 090285 V0168
M0170 Measuring instruments 090347 M0287
M0171 Measuring spoons 090641 C1596
M0188 Mechanical signs 090234 E0346
M0212 Megaphones 090341 M0246
M0227 Mercury levels 090344 M0276
M0230 Metal alloys (Wires of –) [fuse wire] 090505 A0360
M0233 Metal detectors for industrial or military purposes 090178 D0161

M0244 Meteorological balloons 090075 B0118
M0245 Meteorological instruments 090348 M0315
M0246 Meters 090138 C1125
M0252 Metronomes 090139 M0323
M0256 Micrometer gauges 090379 M0351
M0257 Micrometer screws for optical instruments 090350 V0257
M0258 Micrometers 090379 M0351
M0264 Microphones 090351 M0359
M0265 Microprocessors 090610 M0360
M0266 Microscope slides (Containers for –) 090128 C1010
M0267 Microscopes 090193 M0361
M0268 Microtomes 090352 M0363
M0271 Milage recorders for vehicles 090232 E0332
M0320 Mirrors for inspecting work 090307 M0398
M0323 Mirrors [optics] 090354 M0396
M0346 Modems 090611 M0420
M0377 Money counting and sorting machines 090053 A0705
M0379 wing apparatus, electric 090151 S0601
M0380 Monitors [computer hardware] 090612 M0435
M0381 Monitors [computer programs] 090613 M0436
M0414 Motor fire engines 090297 A0865
M0447 Mouse [data processing equipment] 090614 S0465
M0448 Mouse pads 090662 T0117
M0480 Musical automata (Coin-operated –) [juke boxes] 090062 A0847
N0031 Nautical apparatus and instruments 090356 N0018
N0032 Naval signalling apparatus 090357 N0020
N0033 Navigation apparatus for vehicles [on-board computers] 090659 V0055
N0034 Navigational instruments 090358 N0027
N0045 Needles for record players 090462 S0088
N0052 Neon signs 090330 T0560

N0063 Nets for protection against accidents 090259 F0189
N0068 Nets (Safety –) 090260 F0190
N0111 Nose clips for divers and swimmers 090655 P0502
N0114 Notebook computers 090642 O0091
N0115 Notice boards (Electronic –) 090643 T0027
N0120 Nozzles (Fire hose –) 090296 L0119
O0008 Objectives [lenses] [optics] 090160 O0001
O0011 Observation instruments 090366 O0004
O0014 Octants 090367 O0009
O0019 Ohmmeters 090368 O0028
O0081 Optical apparatus and instruments 090370 O0079
O0082 Optical character readers 090615 L0174
O0083 Optical condensers 090592 C1133
O0084 Optical data media 090616 S0583
O0085 Optical discs 090617 D0231
O0086 Optical fibers [fibres] [light conducting filaments] 090571 F0155
O0087 Optical glass 090371 V0156
O0088 Optical goods 090335 L0363
O0089 Optical lamps 090319 L0104
O0090 Optical lanterns 090319 L0104
O0091 Optical lenses 090324 L0188
O0122 Oscillographs 090374 O0132
O0128 Ovens for laboratory experiments 090568 F0405
O0139 Oxygen transvasing apparatus 090377 O0168
O0145 Ozonisers [ozonators] 090378 O0172
P0027 Pads (Mouse –) 090662 T0117
P0135 Parking meters 090383 P0144
P0142 Particle accelerators 090002 A0017
P0203 Pedometers 090137 P0680
P0206 Peepholes [magnifying lenses] for doors 090312 J0059

P0228 Pens (Electronic –) [visual display units] 090598 C1522
P0261 Peripheral devices (Computer –) 090590 P0328
P0262 Periscopes 090337 P0329
P0265 Personal stereos 090663 B0087
P0277 Petrol gauges 090243 N0078
P0278 Petrol pumps for service stations 090196 E0437
P0297 Phonograph records 090016 D0224
P0305 Photocopiers [photographic, electrostatic, thermic] 090154 P0381
P0312 Photographic prints (Drying apparatus for –) 090282 E0398
P0313 Photographic prints (Glazing apparatus for –) 090283 E0397
P0315 Photographic transparencies (Centering apparatus for –) 090183 D0192
P0316 Photographic transparencies (Frames for –) 090099 C0070
P0321 Photometers 090393 P0403
P0324 Phototelegraphy apparatus 090394 P0406
P0325 Photovoltaic cells 090531 C0367
P0329 Physics (Apparatus and instruments for –) 090395 P0409
P0369 Pince-nez 090397 P0486
P0370 Pince-nez cases 090248 E0528
P0371 Pince-nez chains 090115 C0433
P0372 Pince-nez cords 090156 C1278
P0373 Pince-nez mountings 090364 M0455
P0412 Pipettes 090398 P0512
P0437 Plane tables [surveying instruments] 090399 P0570
P0439 Planimeters 090400 P0573
P0475 Plates (Carriers for dark –) [photography] 090309 I0113
P0477 Plates for batteries 090012 A0039
P0498 Plotters 090596 T0047
P0503 Plugs (Ear –) 090681 O0105
P0507 Plugs, sockets and other contacts [electric connections] 090166 P0962
P0508 Plumb bobs 090257 P0638

P0509 Plumb lines 090258 F0205
P0520 Pocket calculators 090644 C0123
P0521 Pocket lamps (Batteries for –) 090320 L0093
P0529 Pointers (Light-emitting electronic –) 090679 P0704
P0532 Polarimeters 090404 P0724
P0569 portable telephones 090661 T0163
P0572 Postage stamp meters 090482 T0276
P0640 Precision balances 090489 T0490
P0641 Precision measuring apparatus 090346 M0285
P0669 Pressure gauges 090336 M0114
P0670 Pressure in vehicle tires [tyres] (Automatic indicators of low –) 090069 A0870
P0671 Pressure indicator plugs for valves 090090 B0677
P0672 Pressure indicators 090410 E0331
P0673 Pressure measuring apparatus 090409 P0953
P0681 Printed circuits 090125 C0876
P0688 Printers for use with computers 090618 I0027
P0704 Prisms [optics] 090365 P0963
P0707 Probes for scientific purposes 090436 S0389
P0709 Processors [central processing units] 090619 P0965
P0711 Programs (Computer –) [downloadable software] 090658 P0967
P0712 Programs (Computer game –) 090670 L0343
P0713 Programs (Computer operating –) recorded 090589 P0969
P0715 Projection apparatus 090411 P0972
P0716 Projection screens 090209 E0127
P0729 Protection devices against X-rays [Roentgen rays], not for medical purposes 090422 R0119
P0730 Protection devices for personal use against accidents 090004 P0990
P0732 Protective helmets 090112 C0324
P0733 Protective helmets for sports 090656 C0325
P0734 Protective masks * 090338 M0177
P0737 Protective suits for aviators 090070 C1071

P0738 Protectors (Voltage surge –) 090676 R0185
P0742 Protractors [measuring instruments] 090419 R0074
P0747 Publications (Electronic –) [downloadable] 090657 P1014
P0775 Punched card machines for offices 090097 B0899
P0791 Push buttons for bells 090093 B0767
P0800 Pyrometers 090415 P1047
Q0001 Quantity indicators 090301 I0071
R0008 Racks (Photographic –) 090212 E0171
R0009 Radar apparatus 090416 R0017
R0016 Radio pagers 090673 T0153
R0021 Radiological apparatus for industrial purposes 090418 R0035
R0024 Radiology screens for industrial purposes 090526 E0130
R0026 Radios 090270 R0026
R0027 Radios (Vehicle –) 090417 R0027
R0028 Radiotelegraphy sets 090408 P0860
R0029 Radiotelephony sets 090407 P0861
R0051 Railway traffic safety appliances 090254 T0448
R0066 Range finders 090195 T0161
R0093 Readers (Bar code –) 090581 L0172
R0094 Readers [data processing equipment] 090620 L0170
R0095 Readers (Optical character –) 090615 L0174
R0107 Receivers (Audio-- and video--) 090289 R0129
R0108 Receivers (Telephone –) 090207 E0120
R0111 Record player needles (Apparatus for changing –) 090503 A0205
R0112 Record players 090192 T0425
R0113 Recording distance (Apparatus for –) 090194 E0326
R0116 Reducers [electricity] 090168 R0159
R0135 Reflecting discs for wear, for the prevention of traffic accidents 090003 D0234
R0138 Refractometers 090250 R0164
R0139 Refractors 090424 R0163

R0153 Registers (Cash –) 090525 C0105
R0160 Regulating apparatus, electric 090150 C1224
R0161 Regulators [dimmers] (Light –) [electric] 090606 V0036
R0173 Relays, electric 090222 R0195
R0174 Releases (Shutter –) [photography] 090174 D0026
R0178 Remote control apparatus 090470 T0160
R0179 Remote control of industrial operations (Electric installations for the –) 090130 C1082
R0180 Remote control of railway points (Electro-dynamic apparatus for the –) 090022 A0202
R0181 Remote control of signals (Electro-dynamic apparatus for the –) 090447 S0311
R0203 Resistances, electric 090427 R0263
R0205 Respirators for filtering air 090430 R0265
R0206 Respirators [other than for artificial respiration] 090113 M0180
R0207 Respiratory masks [other than for artificial respiration] 090113 M0180
R0208 Restraints (Safety –) [other than for vehicle seats and sports equipment] 090621 H0035
R0210 Resuscitation mannequins [teaching apparatus] 090680 M0112
R0211 Retorts 090157 C1304
R0212 Retorts' stands 090158 D0146
R0214 Revolution counters 090485 C1124
R0217 Rheostats 090432 R0299
R0267 Road signs, luminous or mechanical 090516 B0649
R0288 Rods for water diviners 090072 B0038
R0292 Rods [surveying instruments] 090281 J0006
R0294 Roentgen apparatus not for medical purposes 090425 R0350
R0295 Roentgen films, exposed 090573 R0353
R0298 Roentgen rays (Protection devices against –), not for medical purposes 090422 R0119
R0367 Rulers [measuring instruments] 090284 R0176
R0369 Rules [measuring instruments] 090349 M0322
S0003 Saccharometers 090435 S0014
S0024 Safety nets 090260 F0190
S0025 Safety restraints [other than for vehicle seats and sports equipment] 090621 H0035

S0027 Safety tarpaulins 090261 B0002
S0047 Salinometers 090389 P0344
S0102 Satellite navigational apparatus 090674 N0025
S0103 Satellites for scientific purposes 090437 S0094
S0137 Scales 090074 B0095
S0138 Scales (Lever –) [steelyards] 090433 R0358
S0142 Scanners [data processing equipment] 090622 E0549
S0170 Screens for photoengraving 090286 T0458
S0175 Screens [photography] 090211 E0124
S0185 Screw-tapping gauges 090466 T0127
S0210 Sealing plastics (Electrical apparatus for –) [packaging] 090375 S0418
S0243 Self-regulating fuel pumps 090406 P0762
S0247 Semi-conductors 090539 S0225
S0274 Sextants 090444 S0285
S0306 Sheaths for electric cables 090098 G0015
S0369 Shoes for protection against accidents, irradiation and fire 090645 C0632
S0396 Shutter releases [photography] 090174 D0026
S0401 Shutters [photography] 090181 O0006
S0420 Sighting telescopes for firearms 090509 L0369
S0423 Signal bells 090127 C0955
S0424 Signal lanterns 090322 L0130
S0426 Signalling buoys 090518 B0696
S0427 Signalling panels, luminous or mechanical 090380 P0060
S0430 Signalling whistles 090445 S0303
S0432 Signals, luminous or mechanical 090434 S0307
S0433 Signals (Transmitters of electronic –) 090227 E0261
S0438 Signs, luminous 090329 E0345
S0483 Simulators for the steering and control of vehicles 090448 S0332
S0489 Sirens 090449 S0335
S0517 Skins (Apparatus for measuring the thickness of –) 090386 P0238

S0554 Sleeves (Junction –) for electric cables 090626 M0086
S0561 Slide calipers 090104 P0426
S0564 Slide projectors 090186 D0193
S0567 Slide-rules 090102 R0177
S0570 Slides [photography] 090185 D0191
S0580 Slope indicators 090299 I0068
S0582 Smart cards [integrated circuit cards] 090640 C0289
S0586 Smoke detectors 090623 D0159
S0619 Sockets, plugs and other contacts [electric connections] 090166 P0962
S0621 Socks, electrically heated 090121 C0614
S0635 Software (Computer –) [recorded] 090591 L0342
S0638 Solar batteries 090557 P0473
S0643 Solderers' helmets 090114 S0425
S0644 Soldering apparatus, electric 090456 S0417
S0649 Soldering irons, electric 090570 F0111
S0656 Solenoid valves [electromagnetic switches] 090675 V0015
S0665 Sonars 090179 S0385
S0676 Sound alarms 090014 A0869
S0677 Sound locating instruments 090455 S0399
S0678 Sound recording apparatus 090451 E0328
S0679 Sound recording carriers 090111 E0329
S0680 Sound recording discs 090016 D0224
S0681 Sound recording strips 090231 F0201
S0682 Sound reproduction apparatus 090452 R0240
S0683 Sound transmitting apparatus 090450 S0383
S0684 Sounding apparatus and machines 090453 S0386
S0685 Sounding leads 090454 P0640
S0686 Sounding lines 090327 L0240
S0704 Spark-guards 090245 P0152
S0712 Speaking tubes 090017 P0852

S0713 Spectacle cases 090567 E0521
S0714 Spectacle frames 090359 M0453
S0715 Spectacle glasses 090334 V0178
S0716 Spectacles [optics] 090331 L0364
S0717 Spectrograph apparatus 090457 S0487
S0718 Spectroscopes 090426 S0488
S0719 Speed checking apparatus for vehicles 090152 C1229
S0721 Speed indicators 090303 I0074
S0722 Speed measuring apparatus [photography] 090345 V0270
S0723 Speed regulators for record players 090486 R0189
S0724 Spherometers 090458 S0490
S0739 Spirit levels 090096 B0895
S0755 Spools [photography] 090233 E0335
S0762 Sports (Goggles for –) 090654 L0368
S0764 Sports (Protective helmets for –) 090656 C0325
S0781 Sprinkler systems for fire protection 090646 G0185
S0799 Stage lighting regulators 090682 R0192
S0819 Stamping mail (Apparatus to check –) 090149 A0158
S0833 Stands for photographic apparatus 090391 P0430
S0851 Starter cables for motors 090647 C0020
S0897 Steelyards [lever scales] 090433 R0358
S0898 Steering apparatus, automatic, for vehicles 090396 P0477
S0907 Stereos (Personal –) 090663 B0087
S0908 Stereoscopes 090460 S0522
S0909 Stereoscopic apparatus 090461 S0523
S0930 Stills for laboratory experiments 090504 A0270
S1005 Strips (Sound recording –) 090231 F0201
S1022 Styli for record players 090462 S0088
S1042 Sulphitometers 090463 S0570
S1059 Sunglasses 090648 L0367

S1083 Surveying apparatus and instruments 090280 G0170
S1084 Surveying chains 090056 C0422
S1085 Surveying instruments 090055 A0759
S1086 Surveyors' levels 090333 L0372
S1105 Swimming belts 090544 C0355
S1106 Swimming jackets 090545 G0187
S1114 Switchboards 090146 T0029
S1115 Switchboxes [electricity] 090131 B0592
S1116 Switches, electric 090164 I0114
T0029 Tachometers 090465 T0056
T0063 Tape recorders 090077 E0330
T0064 Tape units (Magnetic –) [for computers] 090609 U0006
T0068 Tapes (Demagnetizing apparatus for magnetic –) 090076 D0058
T0095 Taximeters 090300 T0144
T0111 Teaching apparatus 090440 E0339
T0127 Teeth protectors 090414 P0995
T0132 Telegraph wires 090469 F0233
T0133 Telegraphs [apparatus] 090467 T0156
T0134 Telemeters 090195 T0161
T0135 Telephone apparatus 090423 T0165
T0140 Telephone receivers 090207 E0120
T0141 Telephone transmitters 090473 T0169
T0142 Telephone wires 090572 F0234
T0143 Telephones (Portable –) 090661 T0163
T0144 Teleprinters 090464 T0173
T0145 Teleprompters 090472 T0170
T0146 Telerupters 090474 T0171
T0147 Telescopes 090476 T0172
T0148 Telescopes for firearms (Sighting –) 090509 L0369
T0149 Teletypewriters 090464 T0173

T0150 Television apparatus 090468 T0175
T0154 Temperature indicators 090477 I0072
T0164 Terminals [electricity] 090089 B0648
T0171 Test tubes 090236 E0399
T0173 Testing apparatus not for medical purposes 090249 A0493
T0183 Theft prevention installations, electric 090497 V0304
T0184 Theodolites 090479 T0245
T0189 Thermionic lamps and tubes 090506 T0251
T0190 Thermionic valves [radio] 090060 A0830
T0193 Thermometers, not for medical purposes 090429 T0253
T0195 Thermostats 090238 T0255
T0196 Thermostats for vehicles 090481 T0256
T0207 Thread counters 090136 C1121
T0216 Threads (Identification –) for electric wires 090293 F0218
T0227 Ticket dispensers 090086 D0247
T0255 Time clocks [time recording devices] 090649 P0703
T0256 Time recording apparatus 090478 T0179
T0257 Time switches, automatic 090353 M0392
T0279 Tires (Automatic indicators of low pressure in vehicle –) 090069 A0870
T0344 Tone arms for record players 090095 B0792
T0379 Totalizators 090484 T0411
T0405 Traffic accidents (Reflecting discs, for wear, for the prevention of –) 090003 D0234
T0413 Transformers [electricity] 090049 T0466
T0415 Transistors [electronic] 090624 T0468
T0425 Transmitters of electronic signals 090227 E0261
T0426 Transmitters [telecommunication] 090488 T0469
T0427 Transmitting sets [telecommunication] 090228 E0260
T0428 Transparencies [photography] 090185 D0191
T0430 Transparency projection apparatus 090186 D0193
T0477 Tripods for cameras 090577 T0500

T0519 Tubes (Electric discharge –), other than for lighting 090559 T0551
T0545 Turnstiles, automatic 090487 T0435
T0568 Tyres (Automatic indicators of low pressure in vehicle –) 090069 A0870
U0041 Urinometers 090492 U0019
V0007 Vacuum gauges 090302 V0002
V0009 Vacuum tubes [radio] 090491 T0563
V0024 Valves (Solenoid –) [electromagnetic switches] 090675 V0015
V0036 Variometers 090493 V0038
V0063 Vehicle breakdown warning triangles 090446 T0512
V0074 Vehicle radios 090417 R0027
V0097 Vehicles (Navigation apparatus for –) [on-board computers] 090659 V0055
V0105 Vending machines 090065 D0246
V0117 Verniers 090494 V0132
V0122 Vests (Am.) (Bullet-proof –) 090582 G0189
V0132 Video cassettes 090650 C0337
V0133 Video game cartridges 090651 C0314
V0134 Video recorders 090536 M0028
V0135 Video screens 090652 E0132
V0136 Video telephones 090653 V0268
V0137 Videotapes 090495 B0169
V0138 Viewfinders, photographic 090392 V0265
V0155 Viscosimeters 090496 V0262
V0165 Voltage regulators for vehicles 090498 R0190
V0166 Voltage surge protectors 090676 R0185
V0167 Voltmeters 090500 V0324
V0168 Voting machines 090499 V0325
W0004 Wafers [silicon slices] 090584 P0603
W0016 Waistcoats (Bullet-proof –) 090582 G0189
W0017 Waling glasses 090136 C1121
W0019 Walkie-talkies 090677 T0072
W0045 Warning triangles (Vehicle breakdown –) 090446 T0512
W0064 Washing trays [photography] 090390 B0007
W0099 Water level indicators 090204 I0067
W0115 Water wings 090265 F0306
W0144 Wavemeters 090369 O0055
W0178 Weighbridges 090081 B0218
W0179 Weighing apparatus and instruments 090388 P0339
W0180 Weighing machines 090080 P0340
W0182 Weights 090403 P0684
W0184 Welding apparatus, electric 090456 S0417
W0185 Welding apparatus (Electric arc –) 090052 A0674
W0188 Welding electrodes 090223 E0204
W0231 Whistle alarms 090013 A0868
W0249 Wind socks [for indicating wind direction] 090678 M0070
W0284 Wire connectors [electricity] 090442 S0243
W0293 Wireless aerials (Masts for –) 090471 P1043
W0294 Wires, electric 090255 F0221
W0295 Wires of metal alloys [fuse wire] 090505 A0360
W0296 Wires (Telephone –) 090572 F0234
W0346 Word processors 090541 M0011
W0348 Workmen's protective face-shields 090210 E0129
W0366 Wrist rests for use with computers 090664 R0231
X0002 X-ray films, exposed 090573 R0353
X0005 X-ray photographs, other than for medical purposes 090625 R0034
X0007 X-rays producing apparatus and installations, not for medical purposes 090420 R0117
X0009 X-rays (Protection devices against –), not for medical purposes 090422 R0119
X0011 X-rays tubes not for medical purposes 090421 R0111

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