8       EN                              OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS

Model                                                           BPR 220E               BPR 220CE
Power input                                                      650 W                    680 W
No load speed                                                 0-1300 min-1             0-960 min-1
Variable speed                                                     yes                     yes
Constant electronics                                               no                      yes
Reversing                                                          yes                     yes
Safety clutch                                                      yes                     yes
Chuck capacity                                                 1,5-13 mm               1,5-13 mm
No load impact rate                                            5920 min-1              4370 min-1
Drilling capacity:
   - in concrete                                                22 mm                    22 mm
   - in steel                                                   13 mm                    13 mm
   - in wood                                                    30 mm                    30 mm
Weight                                                           2,7 kg                   2,7 kg
Drill bit connection                                            SDS-Plus                 SDS-Plus
Operation modes:
   - drilling                                                      yes                     yes
   - hammer drilling                                               yes                     yes
Safety class (EN 60745)                                             II

This power tool is supplied from single-phase            ACCESSORIES TO BE USED WITH THIS POWER
alternating current mains only. It is double insulated                   TOOL
according to EN 60745, IEC 60745 and can be
connected to grounded or not grounded sockets.            -   Drill bits for metal Ø3 to Ø13 mm
The power tool is radio suppressed in compliance          -   Drill bits for wood Ø3 to Ø30 mm
with EN 55014-1, EN 55014-2, EN 61000-3-2,                -   Drill bits for concrete Ø3 to Ø22 mm
EN 61000-3-3 for radio interference.

                  DESIGNATION                                              FOR YOUR SAFETY
                                                                         READ BEFORE USE!
The rotary hammer is designed for hammer
drilling in concrete, stone, masonry and various
                                                               Attention, dangeros operation!
brittle materials and for drilling in steel, wood,
plastics, etc.                                           The small chip and particles separated while
                                                         operating the power tool, as well touching its
               MAIN COMPONENTS                           rotating parts could cause severe physical
                                                         injuries, and noise loading from continuous
 1.    Securing screw                                    operation could damage the operator’s hearing
 2.    SDS-Plus socket                                   if the below-mentioned instructions and those in
 3.    Adapter                                           the enclosed Safety Instructions are not obser-
 4.    Rotary hammer journal                             ved.
 5.    Release button
 6.    Operation mode selector switch                          Safety operation instructions and pre-
 7.    Ventilation slots
 8.    Depth gauge                                       cautions
 9.    Auxiliary handle                                  Before starting to operate the power tool, always
10.    Reversing switch                                  check the following:
11.    ON/OFF switch                                       Make sure power supply voltage corresponds
12.    Lock-on button                                    to the value indicated on the name plate with
13.    Electronic regulator of rotation speed            technical data of the power tool.
       (BPR 220E)
III.   Three-jaw chuck
                                      OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS                                      EN       9

   Always check the position of ON/OFF switch.                      OPERATING DIRECTIONS
The power tool must be connected to the power
supply socket only when this switch is in OFF          Switching on - switching off
position.                                              - Brief activation
   Make sure the cord and the plug are in order.       Switching on: press ON/OFF switch 11.
If the replacement of the supply cord is               Switching off: release ON/OFF switch 11.
necessary, this has to be done by the manu-            - Continuous use
facturer or his agent in order to avoid a safety       Switching on: press ON/OFF switch 11 and in
hazard.                                                pressed position lock it by button 12.
                                                       Switching off: press ON/OFF switch 11 once and
                                                       release it immediately.

       DURING CARRYING OUT ANY WORK,                   Stepless electronic rpm control
    PLEASE DO OBSERVE THE FOLLOWING                    Light pressure on ON/OFF switch 11 results in low
          SAFETY REQUIREMENTS:                         rotation speed, further pressing the switch results
                                                       in stepless increase of the rpm to maximum upon
      Do not operate the machine without               reaching the extreme position.

goggles!                                               Selection of rpm value
                                                       The necessary speed can be pre-selected by
      Wear ear protectors!                             rotating the regulator dial 13 in direction towards
                                                       “+” for increasing, and towards “-” for decreasing
      Always wear dust-proof mask!                     the speed, thus ensuring the optimum mode for
                                                       drilling in different materials - metal, wood,
   Unplug the machine prior to any adjustment,         plastics, etc.
repair or maintenance or in case of mains drop
out.                                                   Reversing
   Always tie long hair behind and do not wear         The extreme position of lever 10 to the right is
loose clothing while working.                          equivalent to clockwise rotation, the extreme
   Always keep the cord away from the working          position to the left - to anti-clockwise rotation.
area of the machine.                                   When the ON/OFF switch 11 is depressed lever
   Always use the auxiliary handle.                    10 cannot be actuated. Reversing can be
   Always search for a secure and stable position      performed only when the spindle is not rotating!
of your body.
                                                       Operation mode selection
   Fix the machined piece in vice or in another
                                                       Switching the operation modes must be
appropriate way.
                                                       performed consecutively only at standstill or
   The chuck key should always be kept in its
                                                       stopping machine. Press the release button 5 on
holder provided on the cord.
                                                       mode selector switch 6 and rotate the switch to
   Watch out for the initial torque reaction of the
machine, especially when drill bit is tight.
   The power tool must not be used outdoors in                - Drilling - drilling in metal, wood, plastics,
rainy weather, or in moist environment (after rain)    etc.
or in close vicinity with easily flammable liquids
and gases.                                                       - Hammer drilling - hammer drilling in
   The working place should be well lit.               concrete, stone, etc.
   Noise and vibration values:
The values typical for the device measured             Inserting and fastening SDS-Plus drill bits
according to EN 60745 are:                             Pull backward the dust cup of socket 2 and insert
   Sound pressure level                  - 94 dB (A)   the SDS-Plus drill bit until stop. Ensure that the
   Sound power level                   - 105 dB (A)    socket grooves correspond to the shank
   Weighted acceleration                   - 14 m/s2   channels and release the cup to fix the drill bit.
10     EN                               OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS

A special device prevents extracting the drill bit,
without per forming the above-described                        In case of driving long bolts and screws
procedure. The rotary hammer is equipped with            there is a danger of slipping the rotary
adapter and three-jaw chuck, thus enabling               hammer.
utilization of straight shank drill bits. Insert adap-
ter 3 in socket 2, following the above-described         Auxiliary handle
procedure. Screw three-jaw chuck III onto                Tighten the auxiliary handle 9 on the journal 4 of
adapter 3 and fix it by securing screw 1. In this        the rotary hammer. In the interests of safety, the
configuration the rotar y hammer can be                  auxiliary handle 9 should always be used. The
operated in mode “drill bit”.                            depth gauge 8 can be used for fixing the depth
                                                         of the drilled bores.
Inserting and fastening drill bits with straight
shanks                                                   Recommendations for operation
- For three-jaw chuck rotary hammers                     Apply moderate pressure during drilling in
By turning the collar of chuck III clockwise or anti-    concrete (approximately 80-100 N). Higher
clockwise, the jaws move to a position ensuring          pressure will not increase drilling efficiency, but
inserting the bit shank. Rotate the collar of chuck      will lead to decreasing the operation life of the
II clockwise to tighten the drill bit shank. Fix the     machine.
drill bit finally into the chuck by means of the         Take the drill out of the opening from time to
special chuck key, tightening equally in all three       time to remove dust.
bores.                                                   Watch out the stage of blunting of the bit and
- For keyless-chuck rotary hammers                       replace it if considerable decrease of efficiency
Grip rear collar of chuck III and rotate front collar    is observed.
until chuck III is opened sufficiently for the tool to   Before drilling large-diameter holes in metal, first
be inserted, then tighten front collar. An audible       drill a small pilot hole.
“click” indicates that the chuck has automatically       The optimum capacity when drilling in concrete
locked.                                                  is up to 16 mm, and the possible capacity is up
                                                         to 22 mm.
Removing the chuck
 - For three-jaw chuck rotary hammers                    Maintenance and servicing
Open the jaws of chuck III completely, and by            These models rotary hammers do not require any
means of a screwdriver unwind the left-threaded          special maintenance. Ventilation slots 7 on the
securing screw 1. Fix the adapter 3 by an open-          motor casing should be cleaned out periodically.
end spanner S17. Insert the special key for chuck        If the rotary hammer should happen to fail
tightening in one of the three bores and rotate          despite the care taken, please notify the
the chuck anti-clockwise, using the chuck key            authorised service centres for warranty and post-
as a lever, to unscrew chuck III from the adapter.       warranty servicing of SPARKY power tools.
 - For keyless-chuck rotary hammers                      In case the supply cord is damaged, it must be
Grip rear collar of keyless chuck and rotate front       replaced with a special cord or assembly,
collar until chuck is opened. By means of a              available from the manufacturer or its service
screwdriver unwind the left-threaded securing            agent.
screw. Insert Allen key or screwdriver bit into the
chuck and clamp its free end in appropriate way.
Grip the adapter 3 with a spanner S17 and rotate
the chuck anti-clockwise.
Screwing / unscrewing bolts, screws and nuts
Following the above-described procedure,
tighten the corresponding accessory into chuck
III. Set mode selector switch 6 to symbol “drill bit”.
Select the rotation necessary by lever 10. These
operations must be performed only at low speed.
                                      OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS   EN   11

The guarantee period for SPARKY power tools is
determined in the guarantee card.
Faults due to normal wear, overloading or
improper handling will be excluded from the
Faults due to defective materials implemented
as well as defects in workmanship will be
corrected free of charge through replacement
or repair.
The complaints for defective SPARKY power tools
will be recognised if the machine is sent back to
the dealer or is presented to the authorised
warranty service centre undismantled, in its initial

      Environmental Protection
The machine, accessories and packaging
should be sorted for environmental-friendly
These instructions are printed on recycled paper
manufactured without chlorine.
The plastic components are labelled for cate-
gorised recycling.

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