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					?When looking for the perfect place to buy a car in the Philadelphia area, look
towards Burns Honda, especially when looking for one of Hondas fine products.
Burns Honda of Marlton, NJ is located on Route 73 South; a stones throw from the
Marlton circle. It is minutes from Route 295, Cherry Hill, Mount Laurel and other
surrounding communities.

 Burns Honda excels in customer service and delivering the highest quality vehicle in
the industry. With a newly built showroom and a state of the art service facility, Burns
Honda is a customers best bet to find the car of their dreams. Whether its a new or
used car, Burns Honda can meet your needs. Their lot, which spans from Route 73 to
the front of one of their neighbors lots, is packed with all of the popular models that
Honda sells so frequently.

 Burns Honda has a plethora of services that benefit the customer and keep them
coming back time after time. The first service offered by Burns Honda is a customer
shuttle that will take you to and from home or work when your car is being serviced.
On top of that, the Burns Honda service bay technicians are some of the best in the
business. Many of them will give an estimate of three hours or so for work being done
on your car but their technicians are so experienced and work so quickly that the
vehicle is usually complete with its service work within an hour or so.

  Burns Honda doesnt let its salespeople stalk and bother its customers around the lot
or showroom whatsoever. Salespeople at Burns Honda will approach customers and
say three innocent sentences; How are you today? Would you like any help, and If
you need anything dont hesitate to ask. The salespeople of Burns Honda will only
follow customers from car to car if the customer asks them to do so. Burns Honda
salespeople are some of the more knowledgeable salespeople in the business and the
friendliest as well. '/wholesale-Motoring_c1

  After a car leaves the service bay; a Burns Honda service technician will call the
owner and have the shuttle pick them up. The owner now has his/her car back and has
been driving it again for a week or so when the phone rings. On the other end is a
Burns Honda service technician asking how the car is running and if the service from
Burns Honda was up to par. Another customer service feature as a Burns Honda
customer is receiving greeting cards for different holidays and a phone call on the one
year anniversary of the purchase of a car from Burns Honda. Burns Honda strives to
be the best in the auto business when it comes to not only selling cars but also making
sure that their customers are satisfied with the services provided and the product
leaving the lot. Burns Honda has other dealerships located in Audubon and Oaklyn
and have a Burns Hyundai dealership located on Route 70 East in Marlton, NJ.

You can choose to extend your Wholesale Accessories Honda Motorcycle Brakes
after the first year, and take advantage of Hondas insurance and breakdown cover.
Suzuki motorcycle part are even happy to take another make of car in part exchange,
and are brilliant at helping you out with your budget.