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Research and statistics
We provide research and statistics on Home Office responsibilities such as crime, counter-
terrorism, the justice system and immigration. Ministers and policy-makers then use these
research findings and statistics to inform their decisions.

Some of our older publications have been archived and can be found on the archived RDS
website (new window).

Latest publications

      The effectiveness of partnership working in a crime and disorder context
       Home Office Research Report 52
       Published 31 March 2011
      Describing and assessing interventions to address anti-social behaviour
       Home Office Research Report 51
       Published 31 March 2011
      Monthly Asylum Statistics - January 2011
       Published 31 March 2011
      Children entering detention held solely under Immigration Act powers, by age and place
       of initial detention, February 2011
       Published 31 March 2011

More publications

      Research and statistics publications on this website
      Archived RDS website (new window) - for publications from before May 2010
We release statistics on terrorism arrests and outcomes based on information from the Office of
the National Coordinator of Terrorist Investigations.


We collect statistics based on police recorded crime and conduct research like the British Crime
Survey to help reduce and prevent crime.


We carry out social research on immigration and collect statistics on migration to inform policy
and operational development.


We carry out research to support the police service in its work to tackle crime and keep our
communities safe. We also collect data from police forces in England and Wales.


Our many scientific and research projects help us to develop and evaluate policies and new
technologies for reducing crime and keeping Britain safe from terrorism.


Research and statistics publications
Home Office research and statistics publications

Research and statistics publications

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      Research and statistics publications

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      Archived RDS website
      UK National Statistics publication hub
      Country of Origin Information Service

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