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Famous Finns
         Jean Sibelius
          He was a Finnish composer of the later Romantic
          period whose music played an important role in the
          formation of the Finnish national identity.
Famous Finns
         Johan Ludvig Runeberg:
          He was a Finnish poet, and is the national poet of
          Finland. He wrote in the Swedish language.
Famous Finns
           Elias Lönnrot:
            He was a Finnish philologist and
            collector of traditional Finnish oral
            poetry. He is best known for
            composing the Kalevala, the Finnish
            national epic compiled from national
Famous Finns
          Mikael Agricola:

           - He was a Finnish clergyman who became de
           facto founder of written Finnish and one of the
           prominent proponents of the Protestant
           Reformation in Sweden-Finland. He is often
           called "the father of Finnish written language.“

           - He translated the New Testament, the
           prayerbook, hymns, and the mass into
           Finnish, and through this work set the rules of
           orthography that are the basis of modern
           Finnish spelling.
Famous Finns
         Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim:

          He was the Commander-in-Chief of Finland's
          Defence Forces, Marshal of Finland, a politician,
          and a military commander. He was Regent of
          Finland (1918–1919), and the President of Finland
   Lordi (Hard rock)
   Nightwish (Symphonic metal)

                                     HIM (Love metal)
   The Rasmus (Rock)

                           Apocalyptica (Symphonic metal)
   Children of Bodom (Symphonic metal)

                                Poets of the Fall (Rock)
Finnish food
   Mashed potatoes and sausage

                            Escalloped macaroni
Finnish food
   Roast reindeer

                        Roast salmon
Finnish food
   Karelian pies

                       Karelian hot pot
Finnish food
   Crisp bread

                     Rye bread
Finnish food
   Pea soup

                  Finnish squeaky cheese
Finnish food
   Gingerbread

                     Christmas Tarts
Finnish food
   Mämmi
    (Finnish Easter malt pudding)

                                       Runeberg's tart
   The Kalevala
    The Kalevala is a book and epic
    poem which Elias Lönnrot compiled
    from Finnish and Karelian folklore in
    the nineteenth century. It is held to
    be the national epic of Finland and is
    traditionally thought of as one of the
    most significant works of Finnish
   A room where the
    temperature can reach
    over 90 ºC.