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It is important to know what a template is before learning about kompozer templates.

What is a template?
We can tell that the templates are same as letter heads. The templates are identical in
structure as well as graphical form. The same template can be used all over a website.
It is said that the blank sheet is the common template.
Generally a template can be bifurcated in to two parts, boilerplate- which remains
fixed for all the pages and the second part of the template which can be altered or
Now we know about template, let us discuss about
Within the line and inside the block are the flow items of the Kompozer templates .
You can consider this, when you alter some words and lines in a paragraph, it means
you are following the flow items.

What are the ways that can be used to prepare a kompozer templates?
It is necessary to open a blank template to create a template. As a default process the
templates are prepared with the transitional HTML.
Now you can add the content that you want to appear on all the pages. You have to
save the created template before proceeding to create the Kompozer templates as style
sheet. You have to include the editable areas now. To finish the layout of the page
dummy data can be added. In the future you can edit the data.
By selecting the file and saving it in a template name you can save a kompozer
template. The HTML file is made.
You can check the video tutorial for kompozer at to learn the step by step procedure to
learn creating kompozer templates and much more.

Block's editing
Select and highlight the blocks that are to be edited. To select, click the HTML tag.
When you right click the HTML tag, you get the option to make the templates
Name the block, by going to 'insert an editable area' and select ok
Edit the flow items
Highlight the items that you want to edit. Use insert templates, Insert editable area.
Save it after naming the block.

How to use Kompozer templates ?
Save and close a template first to create a page based on template.
It should be noted that HTML is used to create kompozer templates which are used to
create pages. XHTML document using a template cannot be created. *.mzt is the
extension to save the template.

Page creation.
In order to create a page, create new document with template is selected,
The document will contain the boiler plates, the labels and the sample text.
Now, you can delete the sample text, and fill it with new text. When needed, you can
edit with menu commands after saving the page.

You can easily create and modify the kompozer templates. The video tutorial for
kompozer found at can help you get detailed information
and can also help you in learning to create these templates. If you are convinced with
the video you can buy the product.

To findout more about Kompozer templates in video tutorial on Kompozer Templates
Click Here

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