Building Materials Market Survey- sanitary ware price muddle by iupon13


									?Home decoration, ceiling, living room, bedroom, kitchen utensils and other diverse
types and decoration materials, decoration is a wide range of squandering fans eyes,
how to choose a number of decorative building materials to best suit their needs,
become so many new consumers purchase a headache problem. Consumers have to
reflect the recent newspaper, sanitary ware sales price of chaotic phenomena exist.
Consumer questions, the reporter has some building materials market in Chengdu
price of sanitary conditions were investigated.

Time and place: April 25 14:20 PM 512 building materials market in Chengdu's
observation: a large difference in price with fixed prices

Press into a well-known brands of health with shops, Shopping guide the visit and
was to miss that new houses are still decorated with the time to buy health,
immediately introduced several display at the front door of the toilet: "This is We
store the new goods arrived, the new design and many parts are imported in the
"reporter in the outer of the price tag on the toilet to see, this 2901 Jet Siphon Siamese
toilet on the marked price is 3760 yuan.

Shopping guide Miss concern that journalists in price, quickly said that although the
toilet is new, but can play in the price value of the half price, and if the shop to buy
other commodities, prices can be more favorable. Journalists immediately went to
pick up a bid for the 7900 yuan are deep bathtub acrylic skirts.

"I sincerely want different, you report a Nett Well."

"You so, I give you the math. Different combined discount off on your 5000 income
Well, Minato integers."

"Can tear receipt?"


Out of the shop after the press probably figured, different from the original price was
11,660 yuan of goods, but the actual fees received only 5,000 yuan, the price is more
than playing the "Wu Zhe."

Time and place: April 26 15:30 PM House Creek building materials market in
Chengdu's observation: a large difference in price and quality difficile true Nett
reporter visited, the focus is well-known foreign brand with health, a few stores to see
down, that's what impressed me most foreign brands compared with China's domestic
satellite, due to the price itself is much higher than with domestic health, so its price
exceeded the rate of change.

In several foreign brand stores, the reporter consulted a few different models of the
same style piece Toilet Siphon jet and acrylic deep bathtub, the price marked on their
packaging are among the 12,000 to 30,000 yuan, but after Reporter's some bargain
down the price discount compared to the original price at least 5,000 yuan less than
the maximum discount can be cheaper than 10,000 yuan.

Compared with the domestic brand health, with the average import price of foreign
satellite to be 20% higher, with foreign health where exactly is the good news is the
quality superior? Or raw material fine? Or is the production of fine technology unique?
Reporters can not come from the goods outside observers. Purchasing Guide
explanation of either the ambiguity, or else pack of terminology. A Purchasing Guide
told reporters: "Our brand has long been famous, quality is no problem." And another
selling sanitary ware Purchasing Guide, told reporters that they sell the tub, raw
materials and production processes are internationally very advanced. Let's
unintelligible, Ruzhui mist.


Some drill "line do not know," empty

"Because consumers do not understand line, which gives some businesses the
opportunity to reap huge profits." Face of sanitary ware "Xuanhu" price fog, a product
of anonymity to send a sales manager Wu Wei respect not taboo.

According to Manager Wu, currently a deep bathtub motor core basically using
imported technology, but the brand manufacturers and the small gap between the
production plant is very clear. Jacuzzi brand manufacturers use the movement as a
whole imported from abroad, and small production plants Jacuzzi movement, only
some of the key parts are imported. Motor exterior looks not much different, but
because the structure and electrical accessories and bathtub quiet, and security are
directly related to performance, so the overall level can not be compared with branded

In addition, the prices in the bathtub material, color, shape, etc. of different brands
vary greatly. In the same brands, the price is the most expensive cast iron bathtub,
followed by steel and acrylic. But the tub is difficult to horizontal price comparison,
the same material prices vary widely in the bathtub. According to the survey, several
of the same brand acrylic bathtub, the price difference also between 700 yuan to 6,000
yuan range. The price difference between different brands of acrylic bathtub there
from 3000 to 5000 yuan for a large, often the most expensive brand of acrylic bathtub
common than the other more expensive brands of massage bathtub.

In addition, installation, leading and supporting, warranty problems can vary
considerably. Some cheap bathtub installation, fitting together the massage bath house
prices and other price comparable to an acrylic bathtub.

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