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                                                                                                                                                                           Larry Magid:
                                                                                                                                                                           Mobile payment
                                                                                                                                                                           technology is
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that track
you online
Latest versions of Firefox,
Internet Explorer, Chrome
let users opt out of ads
    Last week, when I wrote about
the new versions of the three
leading Web browsers, I briefly dis-
cussed how each of them now has
a feature that blocks websites and
advertisers from tracking users’
movements online.
    After my column ran, the reaction
from readers was, “Tell us more.”
                   there’s no easy
                   way to handle
                   that request.
                   Each of the three
                   major browser
                   makers has put in
                   place its own dis-
TROY WOLVERTON tinct anti-tracking
TECH FILES         system. None of
                   them is turned
ONLINE EXTRA on by default; in
Read Troy’s        fact, they can be
previous           quite complex to
columns            activate.
at www.                Websites and
mercurynews.       advertisers keep
com/troy-          track of consum-
wolverton.         ers’ movements
                   online typically
through the use of cookies, small
files that they install within users’
    The tracking tools are used by
advertisers and marketing re-
search companies to get a better
understanding of their users, who
are otherwise generally anony-
mous, and to target advertisements
to individual consumers based
on their online activities. Online
marketers argue that tracking
helps them deliver ads that are
relevant and helps support many of
the services such as email or news
that are offered for free to Web
surfers. Privacy advocates have
persuasively countered that online                     For newest on-demand services, ‘cloud’ is the place to be
tracking is far more extensive than
most consumers realize or have                                       By Mike Swift                 Cloud Drive, a service that allows you    new services did find flaws but also
knowingly consented to.                                            to upload music files from your com-       concluded that such “cloud” music
    Firefox browser maker Mozilla                         At their best, the on-demand Inter-      puter and stream them to any device       services offer a valuable alternative to
                                                       net music services Rdio and Mog are         connected to the Internet, including      Apple’s dominant iTunes-iPod digital
     See WOLVERTON, Page 2                             almost like being set loose in a record     Android smartphones. Google and           music platform. The cloud services
                                                       store with a bottomless bag of cash.        Apple are expected to follow suit with    offer freedom from the annoying and
                                                       With record stores getting harder to        similar “locker” services in the near     overly restrictive process of “syncing”
                                                       find, streaming or storing endless tunes     future, where people can upload digital   files back and forth between your com-
                                                       on a smartphone or desktop may be the       files they already own to a personal on-   puter and mobile devices. Nor do you
                                                       closest thing to that audiophile fantasy.   line library and stream their music to    have to worry about losing your music
                                                          Meanwhile, e-commerce giant Ama-         desktop or mobile devices.
                                              recently launched Amazon               A two-week test drive of the three               See MUSIC, Page 2
Step-by-step instructions on how to
block ads, tracking on three browsers.
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