Building a Booth that is Targeted for the Tradeshow by iupon13


									?With so many different trade show booth options out there, it can literally make your
head spin. They all have their advantages-and disadvantages. How do you know
which is best for you?

Well, a portable trade show booth is perhaps the best of all worlds. Portable trade
show booths are generally cost much less than permanent trade show booths or rentals.
Not only are they less expensive than other trade show booth alternatives, they're
usually a great deal easier to manage too.

That is, if they're designed correctly. You want to be sure that the portable trade show
booth is configured for easy set up and break down. The panels should be easily
handled and not too heavy. A popular lingerie brand needed a portable booth designed
that could be set up and broken down by four women. That was their only rule, and
the design firm that took the project delivered a portable trade show booth that could
be put up and taken down not by four women, but by just two! So before buying a
portable trade show booth, you want to make sure that it is appropriately designed for
use by your trade show booth event staff.

Another advantage to portable trade show booths is that they are normally designed
using panels that can be shipped to trade show event venues and then easily
assembled. The great thing about these panels is that they hold your marketing visuals.
These panels can easily be updated year by year-or even event by event by having
new ones designed and printed. And all the switching out can be done before the
booth is shipped to the trade show event site, so there's no last minute panic when you
get there to find out a panel is missing!

This flexibility opens a world of opportunities for your portable trade show booth
because it can not only be updated, it can be shared by different divisions of your
business or company, just by switching out the panels. The panel inserts can be
changed to make them appropriate for any trade show event your company may ever
want to be part of-and when you only have printing charges to deal with, you will
save literally tons of money on rentals or buying more than one trade show booth.

Portable trade show booths can also be designed so that it is possible to configure
them in different arrangements. What this means is that you can add or subtract parts
of your booth to fit the rental space. This allows you to take part in a wider variety of
trade show events without having to spend extra money to do so. And there's nothing
worse than finding out your booth is going to be dwarfed or overwhelmed by either
the available space or your competitors' trade show booths. With a portable booth, you
can get the right fit every time!

The key to getting a great portable trade show booth is in choosing a great portable
trade show booth designer. Don't just go with a cookie-cutter trade show booth
designer. Hire graphic design firms to give your portable trade show booth some real
pizzazz-and to ensure that all your specifications for size and assembly are met.

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