ISSUE 1 – AUGUST 2006

Pedal For Scotland – On Sunday, 27 th August 2006 41 members of Dunfermline Carnegie Hockey Club took part in the
annual Pedal for S cotland Event to raise money for Leukaemia Research. Team Andy Stewart, named in honour of our
late team mate, cycled the 47.6 mile route from George Square, Glasgow to Roseburn Park, Edinburgh, raising a
significant sum in the process. A full report from various sources can be found inside.


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Royal Bank of Scotland

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                                                                                                                    WELCOM E

Hi all
The season hasn’t started yet but already there have been some big          CLUB NEWS AND INFORMATION                P3
happenings in the club over the past month, most notably the Pedal for
Scotland event pictured on the front page. A full report and some           PEDAL FOR SCOTLAND                       P6
photographs from some of the people involved can be found starting on
                                                                            LAST MONTH’S MATCH REPORTS               P13
page 6 and takes up a whopping 7 pages of this month’s issue. Click
here to go directly there.                                                  UPCOMING FIXTURES                        P14

There has also been a lot of goings on behind the scenes to get the club    FANTASY HOCKEY LEAGUE                    P15
ready for the coming season. Keith Rapley has been hard at work             AND FINALLY…                             P16
sorting out all the home and away fixtures for the district sides and
there will be a list of upcoming fixtures for this month later on. Sheila
Duncan and her social crew have been hard at work arranging
                                                                            Press Ctrl and then click on the link to go to that
There are also all the usual bits and bobs that regularly show up,
including all the latest club news.

The first friendly matches have now started and, by the time the next
issue comes out, everyone will have played at least one match and
there will hopefully be some match reports from those games.

Enjoy this issue and I’ll see you all on the pitch.


                                                                             THIS MONTH’S CONTRIBUTORS

                                                                            Thanks to each of the following for
                                                                            their contributions and assistance in
                                                                            compiling this month’s issue:

                                                                            Ken Begg
                                                                            Hew Bishop
                                                                            Liesl Craig
                                                                            Sheila Duncan
                                                                            Owen Goody
                                                                            Fraser Johnson
                                                                            Gordon Johnston
                                                                            Alan Lindsay
                                                                            Charlie Lambert
                                                                            Ewan Ogilvie
                                                                            Rod Ruzzak
                                                                            Liz Wilson

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                                                                                           NEWS AND INFORMATION

As always, every month there will be lots of goings on to inform you of and this month is no exception. Here is
what’s been happening, is happening and is going to be happening as of right now.

  START OF SEASON SIX-A-SIDES                                          UMPIRE’S CORNER

 This season’s annual start of season        As the new season is almost upon us, there are just a few things for you
 six-a-side tournament will take place       all to be aware of. Firstly, the new rule on the maximum bow allowed
 this Saturday (2nd September 2006) at       for your stick. As of the 1 st September 2006, the legal limit for the bow
 the Caledonia Fleet Grounds in              is 25mm, anything more and your stick is ILLEGAL.
                                             Secondly, during some of the early warm up games, we will be using
 As usual for start of season sixes, this    some of the lucky people who have done their theory test. But just need
 will be a good chance to shake loose        some games under their belt before they are watched. Please be
 all    the    cobwebs     that    have      understanding and don’t shout at them.
 accumulated over the summer months
 and get the old (very o ld in some          If you think you could d o better, let Eric or me kn ow and we’ll put
 cases) hand-eye co-ordination back up       you down for some games to umpire. REM EMBER NO UMPIRES NO
 and running.                                GAME.

 All club members are welcome along          To ensure that the umpires database is kept up to date, could all graded
 and, as usual, balanced teams will be       umpires please email me,            with the
 selected on the day from those who          following details:-
 turn up (unless Doc is doing the
 selecting).                                 Name
                                             Grade (Indoor & Outdoor)
 There is also going to be a barbeque        Availability
 and some other fun events for people        Email
 to take part in so why not bring along      Address
 the family so they can enjoy the day        Phone & mobile numbers
 as well.
                                             If you have already sent me this information, thanks very much. This
 The tournament starts around 10:00          will then be used at selection to get the right umpires at the right
 so everyone should come along for           games.
 then, although a few eager volunteers
 coming along early to help setup the        Anyone who wants to try it out, in a more relaxed manner, come down
 goals and the line the pitches would        to the 6 a side this weekend and give it a go.
 always be appreciated.
                                             Well done to everyone who took part in the Pedal for Scotland cycle
                                             ride last Sunday. Must say you all looked full of energy, when I saw you
     HOCKEY LEADERS COURSE                   at Kirk liston.

 Mungo has asked for anyone interested       ROD
 in attending a hockey leader’s course
 on Saturday, 1st October 2006 to
 contact    himself  to   make     the                                 FIRST AID COURSE
                                             Liz Wilson has kindly agreed to run a first aid courses for us. We would
 All coaching development matters,           like a member from each team to take part. The course is over 2 weeks
 including organising this course, can       and is planned for Wed 20th and 27th Sept at Civil 7-9pm.
 now be contacted through the club
 coaching        e-mail        address:      Can Captains please let Sheila Duncan know a.s.a.p. who will be              attending? It is vital if that person has to back out for any reason that
                                             they let me know (even on the day), so we can try and replace them.
 Please contact Mungo on this address if     This certificate lasts for 3 years.
 you would like to take part.
                                             Liz is also prepared to do a more in depth course for those who are
 A flyer/ form can be found at the end       interested.
 of this issue. Please complete and
 return and advise Mungo of your             Interested? Contact Sheila on 01383 737061 or 07831 394443
                                                                                             NEWS AND INFORMATION

               WEBSITE                            EUROHOCKEY YOUTH NATIONS CHAMPIONSHIP 2007
                                                                (9th-14th July)
The club website is now almost as
complete as I can make it with what           I (Owen Goody that is) have managed to get myself onto the organising
information I have at the moment. In          committee for this event and have been asked to appeal to you all for
case you’ve missed the several blatant        your assistance over the course of it. There are 3 main areas where
references to the new site’s location, it     assistance will be required, these are as follows:
can      now       be     found       at      Transportation;                    Team Liaison; and
Obviously, with the site being new,
there will undoubtedly be several errors      I will attempt to quantify each in turn and try to get you interested in
or glitches in there that have gone           assisting!!
unnoticed. If you find any, please send
me an e-mail to inform me at                  Transportation - this is probably the easiest of the three roles and is the          one that I am currently leading. It is also the longest though as
This address has been specifically setup      commitment is needed from Friday 6th July until Monday 16th July.
for issues, queries, additions, etc           Basically we have to organise the transport for the teams and officials
relating to the club website. Any e-mails     from the accommodation to the pitches and back again (I have been
at all regarding the website should now       given the impression that each team is bringing their own bus which
be sent to this address.                      would make it easier), arrange to meet people at the airport/train
                                              station upon arrival in the city and arrange to get the dropped off at the
The website, however, still has               airport/train station in time for their departures. As I said it is probably
Gigabytes of space available for              the easiest but is also the one with the most hassle as we have to cope
photographs and any other bits and bobs       with delays/roadwork’s/team itinerary changes etc at short notice.
that you may want to have included in         There is a need for a team of 5-10 volunteers to assist me with this, and
the site. Please send anything you have       it would be easier to manage if we could get them all from within the
onto me at the above address for              club.
inclusion, especially photographs as the
galleries at present are looking a little     Team Liaison Officers - This is probably the most enjoyable of the roles.
barren.                                       Basically you are attached to one of the teams for the duration of the
                                              tournament, from arrival in Edinburgh to departure at the end of the
It is hoped that the few remaining pages      tourney. Big Al and I filled similar roles at a tourney last year and we
to be completed will be done and              can both say that it was a hugely enjoyable experience. Your role is to
uploaded to the site by the start of the      act as the go-between for the Team Managers and the organising
league season.                                committee to ensure that everything is run smoothly for the teams. You
                                              get a free bed at the same accommodation as the teams and usually get
                                              a reward from the teams at the end of the event. For this role you will
              TRAINING                        require to undertake a Disclosure Check, although if you already have
                                              one for hockey another is not required.
Club training recommenced on Tuesday,
18th July at Caledonia Fleet Grounds.         Volunteers - this is basically the poorest of the possible roles. You could
                                              end up doing things such as crowd control, cleaning up etc…
Ladies training starts at 19:00 and runs
until 20:30 and the men’s 1sts and 2nds       The good things to come out of it all are that you get a free lunch paid
from 20:00 to 21:30.                          for by Scottish Hockey (well probably funded by your subscription
                                              anyway!) and you get to watch some of Europe’s up and coming hockey
As of Tuesday, 22 nd August the men’s 3rd     talent for free too!
to 8th team training moved to Queen
Anne High School and runs from 19:00 to       Basically, we are appealing now to try and get things in place early. If
20:30.                                        you have an interest in assisting in any of these roles please let me
                                              know via email ( or
All members are encouraged to attend. or by phone on 07956 269 511.

                   MEN’S 6TH XI                                                SUBSCRIPTIONS!!!!

The men’s 6th XI captain’s position is still vacant. As     It’s the start of the season again and that means the
the fixtures for the 6ths start up on Saturday 23s          club has forked out a lot of cash to register us all for
September, we need to get this position filled as           playing. We therefore need to get club subs from
quick ly as possible.                                       everyone ASAP to c over this cost. At the end of this
                                                            chronicle there is a standing order mandate, which you
Anyone interested should contact men’s club captain         can use to make these paymen ts. If you d o so before
Gordon Johnston as soon as possible to register an          the 30 th Septemb er you can g et your subs at a
interest.                                                   discounted rate.
                                                                                            NEWS AND INFORMATION

                    SOCIAL NEWS                                              30TH BIRTHDAY PARTY

A Social meeting was held on Mon 28 th Aug. 11 people         Just another quick reminder that yours truly celebrates
were there, haven’t had that many before so a big             30 years of existence this December and I’m having a
thanks to all who turned up. Some teams were not              party to do so.
represented so here is a list of who represented who :-
Gil, Kat (L1) Hayley, Mo (L3) Bease (M1) Owen (M2)            The big bash is on Saturday, 16 th December in the
John(M4) Ross, Dave S (M7) and Keith(M8). Here’s what         Rosyth Civil Service Club, starting at 19:00 (unless we
was decided.                                                  get back to the club sooner.

Sat 2nd Sept –   6 a side tournament                          All club members are invited. There will be a disco, a
                                                              buffet and plenty of drink so come along and have a
A barbeque will be provided selling burgers and sausages      good night. No giving me the bumps will be allowed.
on rolls, with juice crisps and sweets on sale too.

                                                                          WEBB IVORY
               Sat 14 Oct – Race night
£2 per person                                                 Yes it’s that time again; Christmas is on its way.
£5 per family (2 adults, 2 kids U16)                          Catalogues are currently being distributed. Remember
Ticket includes buffet.                                       anything you buy, regardless of price, earns money for
                                                              the club. Please pass books on to friends, work mates
On the night entry £3 per person, £6 per family.
Prize draw for people buying tickets in advance.

This is different from our normal race nights, instead of watching horses on the big screen, wooden horses (lik e the
one in the picture above) have to be wound across the room. On the night people will bid to become a jockey. should
be a good laugh, especially after a few cokes!

We are looking for prize donations for each race and for the raffle, if you know anyone who can donate things from
work etc like a meal for 2, bottles of spirits etc. The better the prizes the more money we can make.
Sheets will also be given out for you to sell to relatives, friends or work mates who will not be coming to the event, a
lot of money can be raised this way but we need everyone to put a bit of effort in.

Social reps will also sell raffle tickets to players who can’t manage to come along on the night so they don’t miss out
on winning a quality prize.
Remember Social nights are open to anyone, the more friends you bring along the more money we will raise. This
season we aim to raise at least £1500 and it can easily be achieved if everyone does a wee bit.

Schedule of events and starting time to follow.

Future events

Sat Feb       Ten pin bowling
Sat April     Fun Day for all ages and BBQ at Civil
Sat May       Presentation Night
Dates to be confirmed.

Next Social meeting will be on Monday 2 nd Oct. Everyone is welcome.
                                                                                               PEDAL FOR SCOTLAND

The much anticipated Pedal for Scotland charity bike ride took place this past Sunday (27 th August) and Team ANDY
STEWART, aka “Big Red”, rolled out from George Square at 9.30am with the event announcer confirming that with
41 riders we were the sing le biggest Team entry in this year's event! No mean feat considering that this year saw
over 2700 entrants... a record number of participants for PFS ...and that the vast majority of our Team had never
tack led any distance bike ride before.

How the day unfold ed......

The day had begun with the majority of the Team meeting at the C.S just after 6.00am. We had unfortunately
already gone a man down at this stage though as Gary Clark's alarm had apparently malfunctioned. Des pite
numerous attempts to reach him, he slumbered on, and as a result had ended up missing the bus pick -up through
from Kirkcaldy...more to follow on this story line as the day progressed..

                                                           We all loaded up our bikes onto Europa's lorry, although at
                                                           this point we almost went yet another man down as Koon
                                                           almost ruptured himself attempting to lift his very robust
                                                           “cast iron” bicycle onto the truck (I reckon his is the same
                                                           bike which had featured in the old Hovis Bread ad's on
                                                           telly    many     years    ago).    We     then      boarded
                                                           Robertson's....sorry I mean... Anderson's Coach (Team in-
                                                           joke here) just before 7.00am and we were off on our way
                                                           to the start line in Glasgow. The remainder of the Team
                                                           were to meet us in Glasgow, having made arrangements to
                                                           use the train transport provided from Edinburgh, and
                                                           planned to hook up with us in George Square.

Despite the early start the mood on the bus was actually pretty upbeat. In no small part as a result of Mr McInally's
detailed personal insights to his extensive pre-event training regime and his strategy for tackling PFS. It was also at
this stage that he was to pull out a mysterious and unmarked tube of cream! We were to discover later, that Mike's
mysterious cream actually contained banned performance enhancing ingredients. A lthough the exact nature of
where the cream was applied to Mike's personage really should remain a closely guarded secret...I'm sure for a small
donation to Team ANDY STEWART further details can be divulged !!

The Team arrived in Glasgow just before 8.00am and
upon unloading the lorry Fraser was to become our first
victim to fall foul of mechanical failure when he
discovered he'd punctured...remember we hadn't even
started the event yet! As Fraser began the repair, we
continued to disembark and then had to run for cover not
once, but twice. The first time was because we
encountered a fairly heavy shower of rain, which
thankfully was the only significant rain we were to
encounter all day.

                                              The second, and frankly more disturbing event, which also saw the
                                              Team scrambling for cover, was the sight of “Dita” Dave McIntosh
                                              strangely embarking upon an impromptu strip tease in the middle of
                                              George Square...and on a Sunday morning mind! Turns out that Dave
                                              was actually modelling the latest in hi-tech, triathlon tested, under
                                              garments and felt it necessary to let the rest of the Team, and
                                              residents of Glasgow, into his “little” secret. Suffice to say we saw a
                                              whole new side, back and yes unfortunately front to Dave :-)

We remained in a holding pattern in Glasgow until just after 9.00am, while waiting on the remainder of the T eam
arriving on the train. I had asked Ian Bease, the self appointed leader of the party travelling by train, if he could
provide regular updates of his group's progress on the train, but unfortunately he had completely misinterpreted my
request. H e began to send me blow by blow text messages advising of the fact that he had just gone through a lon g
dark tunnel, or later that he had passed some cows in a field and then yes had seen some trees and bushes! I reckon
he thought he was being amusing!!
                                                                                                PEDAL FOR SCOTLAND
Shortly after the train folks had joined us in George Square, I received the first call of the morning from Gary.
Advising us that yes he had s lept through his alarm and that he was now at the train station in Kirk caldy preparing to
travel through to Glasgow. Unfortunately though, the earliest he would be able to arrive in Glasgow was to be well
after we agreed that he should start as soon as he could get to Glasgow and hopefully catch up with the rest
of the Team later.

It soon became apparent, as we waited, that the impact
we had all hoped for by turning out as a Team,
resplendent in our distinctive red cycling tops, was really
going to bear fruit as one after another of the event's
cameramen asked us to pose for Team photos. It was all
good stuff, anything that brought additional publicity to
promote both the PFS event and the Charity had to be
time well spent. You'll be able to see a bunch of the
images captured by our own folks (Doc, Owen & Sheila)
via the club's website. Additionally, on the publicity
front, the Team's picture even made it onto the
BBC's...yes     that's    the      British    Broadcasting
Corporation'                 at              ...
(Picture 10)... as well as Bob Stewart being interviewed
by Clyde FM and Ken Begg and Jamie Stewart being
interviewed for an article which later appeared in
Monday's edition of the Glasgow Herald.

With Team pictures still being taken, we were shortly to realise that a small breakaway group had already decided
to get cracking with the event. The breakaway consisted of a mixed bag of hardened endurance cyclists and young er
sprinters led, it turned out, by Mr McInally (at this point we discovered now fully enhanced by copious applications
of his magic cream!). Like a coiled spring, the tension had built to such an extent that he had become anx ious
because of the extended wait in George Square and had decided to setoff ahead of the main Team peleton. Turns
out that the old Carnegie competitive spirit is not just restricted to hockey, but yes now equally applies to cycling
as well ......goan the Negie!!

                                                                 Anyway, it was just shortly after the larger part of
                                                                 the Team were underway that I received another
                                                                 update from Gary to confirm he was on the train to
                                                                 Glasgow and would be looking to setoff from the
                                                                 starting line just after 10.30am ...looked like he
                                                                 really would have his work cut out to catch up with
                                                                 us, but we would try and pace things accordingly to
                                                                 give him a fighting chance ....we therefore setoff at
                                                                 a steady pace.

I think the majority had given the first stop at Drumpellier Park a body swerve, but along the way we had our first
encounter with one of Glasgow's more colourful characters. A middle aged gent, wearing a green and white top
(surprise, surprise!), who clearly must have had more than just milk on his cornflakes that morning, was cheering
the Team on with great gusto .... in between his staggers I think his “encouragement” went something along the
lines of “Cum oan the Red's...You'z can ******* doo it!!”. Many of us reckon we could still hear him several miles
later... he gave us all a real laugh. On the weather front we did have a small rain shower before our next stop, but
this was to be the only other blip on what in fact turned out to be near perfect conditions for the Team's PFS outing.

For the majority of the Team the first stop
was at the kirk at fact it
turned out the lure of home baking was
just too much for most of the event's
participants as it was choc-a-block with
cyclists. However, as we sat in our “pews”,
the scones, cakes and other assorted treats
did go down rather nicely and as a result
we were fully invigorated for the minor
climbs that lay in wait.
                                                                                                PEDAL FOR SCOTLAND
As a side note, what had become very clear at this stage was that one of the major benefits and features of a larger
Team entry was that we had naturally split up into smaller groups going at a similar pace. These smaller groups
were able to support each other and there was always help and support at hand in the event that something
unforeseen happened like a chain coming off....all in all really good teamwork.

                                                            The miles were ticking over quite nicely, helped by the
                                                            weather conditions, and at the next stop, in Linlithgow,
                                                            again the majority of the Team were able to congregate
                                                            for some pasta. Always a favourite stop on the route and
                                                            again pretty busy. News at this stage was filtering through
                                                            that McInally's Marauders had made it safe and sound to
                                                            the finishing line in Edinburgh, and indeed Mike had
                                                            proclaimed himself the overall "winner" of the event in a
                                                            record time. The downside being that he and his sprinters
                                                            now faced a lengthy wait while the remainder of the Team
                                                            made it safely home.

After departing Linlithgow the next stop was Kirk liston and upon reaching the Leisure Centre we were now well
within striking distance of the finish line. As we waited there, bathed in the warm sunshine, (Koon has the sunburn
to prove it!) I made another call to figure out where Gary was at. As he panted and puffed on the phone he advised
that he had just left Linlithgow. Trying to get an exact pinpoint on his location he then confirmed that he had "just
gone through a wee village and was now approaching a farm with a caravan in the field next to it" !! Based on the
extent of his description, I immediately gathered that he had been a pupil a t the very same school as Mr Ian Bease !!
Most of the team then setoff from Kirk liston and agreed to maintain a s lower pace while a smaller group of us
agreed to wait for Gary and any other remaining Team members still en route. As we waited Hannah, Bob and Craig
Lemm appeared and it was then that we learned of Hannah's earlier accident, but that she was also undeterred. It
wasn't too long before Gary was also finally able to meet up with us and we were so relieved that he'd been able to
finally hook up with us. It was also clear though that he was really tired, but equally keen to press on. After taking
fluids onboard we subsequently setoff from Kirk liston on the final leg of the journey to the finishing line at

Nearing the finish line, and as we cycled along the
Silverknowes cycling path, Bob, Stevie, JC and I were
pleasantly surprised to see that everyone had agreed to
wait for us about a half mile or so from the end.
Everyone had decided that it would be a fitting end to
our journey that we all cross the finishing line together
as a Team. So, as Bob and I were ushered to the front
of the group, so it was that we cycled the last few
hundred yards together. The Team then received a
rousing reception from the assembled crowd as we
finished at Roseburn.

50 miles covered and job don e...the remaind er of
Team ANDY STEW ART all crossing the finish line just
after 3.00pm to bring an end to what had been a
fantastic day's cycling.

All that was left to do in Edinburgh was to congratulate each other on our efforts and then to complete the event's
finishing process , pick up goody bags, Certificates and of course our shiny PFS Medals. Having loaded the lorry the
Team then took me totally by surprise with the presentation of a Scotland Cycling top (to matc h my socks!!) and
thankfully yes I was almost lost for words! Still managed, I think and hope, to thank everyone for making it such a
special day. We then took some final team photographs (again they'll all be on the web) before it was onto the bus
to CS for most of us while saying cheerio to folks based in Edinburgh.

As we reached the CS, folks were clearly pretty tired, but all in all it was a "satisfying tired"... if you get my drift
and I believe everyone thoroughly enjoyed their day.

We unloaded at the CS and had a couple of drinks to reflect on the day, but then realised that there wasn't yet to be
an ending to Gary's adventures for the day. Having missed the bus through from Kirk caldy in the morning Gary
thought it would only be fitting to do the same for the return instead of staying on the bus back to Kirkcaldy
the bus was allowed to leave without him and he ended up also having to get the train back home again! It does
have a natural symmetry to it I guess.
                                                                                              PEDAL FOR SCOTLAND

Of course no event of this magnitude can pass without s ome kind of Awards being mad e ..... so her e are my
own personal s elections for some very worthy Team ANDY STEWART Award recipients.....

Kings of the Sprint Award
Despite his self proclaimed overall PFS Winner's award,
am afraid that Mr McInally's cream has come back to
haunt him. Yes just like Ullrich, Landis and co. before
him, Mike has failed the dope test and has had to be
"stripped" of his title.
Instead the next in line for Mike's crown, are not
surprisingly composed mainly of the younger element
of the Team are namely messers... Thomas Akrigg,
Malcolm Blyth, Robert Gillespie, Jamie Stewart, David
Lees and Stuart Wallace...all of whom thankfully
avoided the lure of Mike's cream but nonetheless
pedalled hard all the way to Edinburgh !!

Kings & Queens of Mechanical Failure
Number of folks in this category though thankfully none of the issues resulted in not being able to go the full
Hannah Archibald (Chain), Gael Eadie (Pedal & Chain), Fraser J. (Tyre), David L ees (Chain), Koon (Cast Iron Bike!!),
Shirley (Chain, but remember it's the bike she first got when still at Primary School), Duncan Griffiths (Chain) and
special mention here for Robert Gillespie who having stopped to help Jamie out with his chain was tot ally stunned
when Jamie then decided to take off while leaving Robert trailing in his wake!! You see there's that competitive
Negie spirit shining through again.....

Award for best Hi-Tech Innovation                                     OTHER CLUB’S GET INVOLVED
This was a close run thing....
First there was Kevin O'Neil's combined Picnic Hamper       Our friends from across the water (Inverleith, not the
and GPS Sat Nav contraption. I understand that Kevin        U.S.) also made a contribution to the Team Andy Stewart
regularly does his shopping at Tescos and uses his bike     cause. The following was added to the Inverleith club
to and from the shop. Told he can get a full week's         website in early August.
shop in the carrier which is strapped to the front of his
shiny new machine (another story!). But, unfortunately      As you may be aware, Dunfermline Carnegie Hockey Club
he is pipped for the award as the GPS part of his system    recently lost one of its most promising members (Andy
was to let him down on the day. It unfortunately was        Stewart) to Leukaemia at the age of just 15 years of age.
not waterproof and got wet when we were in                  Andy was diagnosed with Leukaemia on the 12th May, and
Glasgow...the ink on the map started to run!!               he sadly passed away on 24 th May 2006. Andy will be
                                                            sorely missed by everyone w ho knew him, and his
Although no one else will agree, I also think I had a       untimely death has touched everyone who knew him very
crack at winning this category with my super duper hi-      deeply.
tech cycling g lasses with their interchangeable            Dunfermline Carnegie Hockey Club has entered a Team in
lenses...actually I really think everyone was truly in      this year's Pedal For Scotland (PFS) (Glasgow to
awe of them!                                                Edinburgh) event in memory of Andy, and to raise money
                                                            and awareness for Leukaemia Research. They hope to
But no ... there really could only be one winner here       raise as much as possible for this very worthy cause.
and it's Di ta Dave. Not just for his hi-tech under         Dunfermline Carnegie see their participation in the Pedal
garments, but equally for his intricate stick y tape        For Scotland event as being a very appropriate tribute to
based securing system. It seemed that everything that       a young lad who lived his life to the full. Many of
Dave owned was either taped or strapped to his bike in      Inverleith Juniors will have played with Andy in District
a very secure fashion. In fact it also seemed that other    and National Hockey events. The cycle ride is being held
Team members had been consulting Dave during the            on Sunday 27th August 2006 and Alan McKeown from
event and began to adopt his approach ...Craig Duncan       Inverleith will be joining Carnegie for this event.
being one...Only downside being that I understand that
having secured things so well that they are both now        Inverleith are also hosting Carnegie on Sunday 20 th
unable to remove said items from their bikes!!              August at Peffermill for a pre-season friendly (12:30-
                                                            16:00). The 1st plan to take up a collection prior to the
Never give up ... Never give in Awards                      game, so if you are at training this week or at Saturday
There have to be two winners in this category.              and Sunday’s games, please see Alan (McKeown) and
One needs to go to Gary Clark for his outstanding           make a contribution.
efforts to make it through on his own from Kirkcaldy
and then to ride 90% of the event solo, at full tilt, to    Our thanks go to the members of Inverleith Hockey Club
try and catch up with the rest of the Team....well done     for their efforts.
to you Gary
                                                                                              PEDAL FOR SCOTLAND
The other recipient in this category has to go to Hannah Archibald. Having been the victim of an accident with
another cyclist, hitting a lamp post (yes you heard right), injuring her shoulder in the process, and also suffering
mechanical problems, she gritted her teeth and carried on to the finish. In doing so she embodied the depth of s pirit
within the Team and showed what positive attitude and determination can achieve ...well done Hannah

Best memories from the day....
There are really too many to highlight here and I've already included many of them in the main part of this update.
However, if I had to pick one out, it would have to be when the majority of the Team waited about half a mile or so
from the finishing line so we could all finish together at the end.
What a great moment as we all crossed the line. I know that Bob Stewart was particularly touched by this
gesture....and one I'll certainly never forget!

Also some notes of than ks......and apologies in advance if I offend anyone if I miss you out her e, but it's
certainly not intentional .....

Stevie Chalmers (ANDERSON'S Coaches)....we couldn't have made this happen without your efforts with planning and
organising both the transport as well as your overall guidance and fund raising.

The Girls....thanks for all of your fundraising efforts e.g. bag packing at Asda and proceeds from selling food and
drinks at your weekend Tournament, very much appreciated and have really helped boost our total raised.

Koon .... your ideas and suggestions for fund raising as well as getting publicity for the Team through Edinburgh
Council was invaluable

Alan Green (Europa Logistics)...the Team owes you a big thank you for laying on our bike transport completely free
of charge.

Angela Wallace (Endura Livingston)...suppliers of our Team tops as well as providing discounted bike stuff for the
whole Team at Sandy Wallace cycles.

Jim Stark (Dunfermline Press)...thanks for publicising the Team's fund raising activities with the excellent press

SHU ...for publicising our efforts via the SHU website and the resultant fund raising from clubs such as Hillhead and

Our Team Photographers....Doc, Owen and Sheila...thanks for capturing the special memories of our day on film

Fraser .... thanks for making sure we got the event communications out to the club and for publicising our efforts
through the club website

And of course to the Team....

Thomas Akrigg, Hannah Archibald, Ian Bease,
Kenneth Bease, Nic Beattie, Ken Begg, Malcolm
Blyth, Stevie Chalmers, Gary Clark, Jonathan
Clayton, Lynne Couper, Craig Duncan, Sheila
Duncan, Richard Duncan, Gael Eadie, Robert
Gillespie, Duncan Griffiths, Lynsey Grubb, Neil
Innes, Fraser Johnson, Andy Kinnell, David Lees,
John Lees, Craig Lemm, Alistair McEwan, Mike
McInally, Dave McIntosh, Joann e McKean, Alan
McKeown, Shirley Miln e, Kat Mollison, Kevin
O'Neil, Ewan Ogilvie, Ian Roberts, Dianne
Roxburgh, Christopher Seeley, Bob and Jamie
Stewart, Stuart Wallace, Andrew & Nick
Watson.... wer e all simply outstanding and I am so proud to have participated with you as a member of Team ANDY
                                                            PEDAL FOR SCOTLAND
In closing......

Apart from the obvious major life events that I have
experienced, this undoubtedly has been one of the
most significant things that I think I have ever been
part of. A throw away statement I know, but when all
the sponsorship numbers are tallied up we hope that
we'll have raised over £10,000 for Leukaemia Research,
done some serious exercise and had a lot of fun in the
process of paying tribute to Andy. I’m just so glad that
we were able to do something positive.

The Team should take satisfaction from the fact that I
believe we did Andy, and Andy's family, proud on
Sunday and each of us now have some amazing
memories as a result.

So what next for Team ANDY STEWART? I've already
been asked “Is Team ANDY STEWART going to be just
a one time deal?”

Having had initial feedback from some of the Team
members, I believe the response to this question has to
be absolutely and resounding ly..WE MUST KEEP THIS
EFFORT GOING. We owe it to ourselves and we owe it
to Andy that this becomes an annual even t.

So bring on Pedal for Scotland 2007.... Team ANDY
STEWART will definitely be there.

To the Team that participated this year, of course we
need all of you involved again next year. The challenge
for us all though is to ensure we get even more of our
club membership, plus as many willing friends &
family, to sign up so that Team A NDY STEWART lives
on, but at the same time flourishes as a sustainable
supporter of this charity event. We can't let this effort
simply fade away....

And so to the wider Club membership.....

Of course you don't have to take this request for more
of you to be signing-up next year just from me.... one
of the benefits of having 41 folks participate this year
is that we now have the experiences of the whole of
this year's Team to draw upon. Team ANDY STEWART
presents an opportunity for everyone to get involved
and so if you're not already sold on the prospect of
being part of a great Team , for a great cause, then
you can always seek them out and I'm sure you'll soon
be convinced about signing up for next Year's event,
when the time comes.

Finally.... honest!

There were a number of very young children
participating on Sunday .... some of whom were clearly
very keen cyclists. Just ask Stevie Chalmers about the
young lad who left him for dust on the way to
Cramond!! Just proving that this is definitely an event
for all ages...young and old!
                                                                                                       PEDAL FOR SCOTLAND
Having ridden with me over the eight miles from
Linlithgow to Kirkliston on Sunday, and seen Team
ANDY STEWART in action first hand, Grant (my 8 year
old son) has now really gotten the cycling bug. He tells
me he wants to sign-up to cycle the full event next
year and be part of the never know... he
might even make it into Mike McInally's Elite Sprinter
group next year ... but of course I'll be warning him to
stay well clear of Mike's mysterious magic cream :-)

Til next Year ...... Oagsie

Late news from the PFS camp is that the next two years of the Pedal for Scotland will also be supporting Leukaemia
Research to Team Andy Stewart will return. Keep an eye on the website over the next few weeks as a full
photographic diary of the day will appear there as soon as I can get it done.

                                       THE PHOTOGRAPHER’S PERSPECTIVE
Gordon “Doc” Johnston donned his press card and paparazzi outfit and followed the intrepid band of cyclists from Glasg ow to
Avonbridge, before becoming conspicuously absent shortly thereafter. Apparently the sight of exercise had worn him out and he
needed to head home for a breather. He did, however, see enough of the event to come up with his own perspective on the day.
Here’s his view:

No doubt a fuller report of the bike ride for Leukaemia Research will be found elsewhere in this Chronicle but I thought as
unofficial club photographer of the event I would briefly relate some of the stories that unfolded during Sunday 27th of August.

The day began with a 6am meet at Rosyth CS Sports Club – enough said. The bikes were loaded up on the Europa Worldwide
Logistics truck and 40 bodies gingerly placed on the Anderson coach. The remaining four participants would have there ow n
adventure on Scotrail to reach the starting point in Glasgow.


–   Gary Clark sleeping in (so did Neil Innes but he made the bus) but determined to
    take part he got to Glasgow by train and started about 40 minutes after the rest.
-   Fraz having a puncture before he had cycled even an inch
-   Dave McIntosh showing off his sexy black leotard but Dave what was the jar of vaseline for?
-   Mike McInally & John Lees massaging their finely honed bodies with oils just before the start
-   Sheila Duncan & others having fun playing with the Port a Loos flushing lever
-   The impressive massed group photos in George Square of Team Andy Stewart – see the photos on our website.
-   Radio Clyde interviewing Bob Stewart & Ewan Ogilvie
-   The sight of team members filling the pews at the Avondale church pit stop.
-   Shirley delicately remonstrating with her bike after it refused to go up the hill coming out of Avondale.
-   The total traffic chaos caused in Linlithgow
-   The team (all 44) riding the final stage from Kirkliston to Roseburn together
-   The banter, high spirits, enjoyment and determination

The photographers view is that these guys and girls plus all supporters are simply magnificent human beings – Andy will no
doubt be having a wry smile or two about the days events!

Thanks to all who took part – I certainly enjoyed it!

What about next year?

Gordon Johnston
                                                                                                       MATCH REPORTS

Its early days but already I’ve received the first match report of the season. Ladies 2 nd XI captain Liesl Craig has sent
in this little piece regarding their 1 st friendly match of the season. Here it is.

Having had a very successful 2005/2006 season, the Ladies 2s are looking forward to going one better this year and
winning the new Premier Division championship. Last yea r we qualified for this new league by winning every o ne of
our pre-qualifier matches but, due to a few hitches in the second half of the season (too much fun over the
Christmas break), we were pipped at the post, losing out on the championship by 1 point to MIM……ggrrrrrrr. We’re
gonna get them this year! Currently waiting to see how the 1/2/3s squads are to be made up, then we’ll be on our
way once again!


Stormy weather welcomed us back into the hockey season once again, with lovely sunshine beating down whilst the
Ladies 1s played their friendly against Grove, but alas, pouring rain encountered during our warm -up spot ensured
we were all thoroughly soaked through for the remainder of our game, which took place during another sunny spell.
This match had been arranged to provide us with a training opportunity and both teams had agreed to bring along a
mixture of experience levels so we ended up with a fairly 50/50 split of 2s and 3s players, about 15 in to tal. We
played 3 sets of 20 minutes which allowed time for training pointers to be given in the two break -off times, ably
delivered by Gail Kinmond.
Bit rusty with this match-reporting lark so can't actually recall anything about their 3 goals (except one that
went past me and under Shorty's feet) but our 2 consisted of one "own-goal" and another, which was scored
by a new addition joining us from our 3rd squad for this season, Rachel Laing, when she caught onto a ball
coming in from last season's top scorer, Louise Tipling. What a great attacking duo those two are going to
make? Better get them into your Fantasy team for this year for sure!
Thanks to Chris Wyse for coming along to umpire (and well done Shirley for having a go. For those of you who are
interested, even though she’s umpiring, she can still talk just about as much as she does at other times – what a

Thanks to Liesl for this, the first match report of the season. See guys, even friendlies can have match reports. Since
the league season starts up again this month, I’m sure we’ll start getting more reports in here from next issue.
                                                                                              UPCOMING FIXTURES

Keith Rapley has sent me a complete list of all the fixtures for the coming month, with as much information
regarding home and away ties as he has available. Here’s who we’re all playing this month.

Ladies 1st XI –    9/9/06    – Grange EL (H)
                   16/9/06   – Highland (A)
                   24/9/06   – Stirling Wanderers (A)
                   1/10/06   – Western Wildcats (A)

Ladies 2nd XI –    9/9/06 - Erskine Stewarts Melvi lle (A) - 12:30 start at Mary Erskine
                   23/9/06 – George Heriots II (A)
                   30/9/06 – Edinburgh III (H)

Ladies 3r d XI –   23/9/06 – Haddington II (A)
                   30/9/06 – Watsonians IV (A)

Men’s 1st XI –     16/9/06   –   Quasar (A)
                   23/9/06   –   Greenock (H)
                   24/9/06   –   Hillhead Hornets (H)
                   30/9/06   –   Harris (A)
                   1/10/06   –   Uddingston (A)

Men’s 2nd XI –     9/9/06    - Men’s III
                   16/9/06   – Greenock II (H)
                   23/9/06   – GHK (A)
                   30/9/06   – Erskine Stewarts Melville II (H)
                   1/10/06   – Stirling University (A)

Men’s 3r d XI –    9/9/06    - Men’s II
                   16/9/06   – Inverleith A (A) – 12:30 start at Currie High School
                   23/9/06   – Stirling Wanderers (A) – TBC
                   30/9/06   – Alloa (H)

Men’s 4th XI –     23/9/06 – Inverleith A
                   30/9/06 – Falkirk GHG II (A)

Men’s 5th XI –     9/9/06    – Falkirk GHG IV
                   16/9/06   – Inverleith B (A) – 14:00 start at Currie High School
                   23/9/06   – Edinburgh II
                   30/0/06   – Erskine Stewarts Melville III (H)

Men’s 6th XI –     23/9/06 – Inverleith B (A) – 12:30 start at Currie High School
                   30/9/06 – Falkirk GHG III (H)

Men’s 7th XI –     23/9/06 – Falkirk IV (A) – 10:00 start at Linlithgow
                   30/9/06 - Kinross

Men’s 8th XI –     16/9/06 – Falkirk Juniors (H)
                   30/9/06 – Erskine Stewarts Melville IV

Every month, the upcoming fixtures for the month ahead will appear in the chronicle, hopefully with Home and
Away times and venue’s confirmed by fixtures secretary’s Ally Di ck and Keith Rapley. You can also view the next few
weeks’ upcoming fixtures on the club website at
                                                                                          FANTASY HOCKEY LEAGUE

A few weeks ago, I e-mailed out to all members about the Fantasy Hockey league restarting. Some entries have
already been received, however, we still have a long way to go to reach the same number of par ticipants as last
season. The entry fee is the same as last season (£5.00), with half of that going to the club and the other half
towards the prize money.

Entries need to be received by myself by midnight on Saturday 9 th September 2006 to be included in the
competition, however, I will be down at the pitch early on the day of the 9 th so I will accept last minute entries up
until the start of the first match. Last season Willie Dunster picked up £100 for winning the competition, as well as
an authentic stainless plastic trophy.

For those who are new to the club or didn’t pay attention last season, the competition is simple. Pick a team of
players and see how they perform over the season, with points being awarded for various reasons, i.e. goals, cards,
etc, etc, etc.

Full rules and guidelines can be found on the web at, detailing how
the game works.

So how do I enter, I hear you ask me? Well, over the next week or so there will be many ways to do so.

1.      Enter online – Go to ls and you’ll
        gain access to the online entry form. This is a Microsoft Excel document, so if you don’t have access to Excel
        you’ll struggle, however, if you do all you need to do is complete the form and e-mail it to me at The form is setup so you can check at the bottom whether you
        have complied with all the selection guidelines.

2.      Check your e-mail. – At the same time as the notification e-mail about this chronicle was sent out I also sent
        out an e-mail with an entry form attached. Again this is an Excel document so if you don’t have Excel this
        isn’t the option for you either. If you have you can access the entry form from this e-mail and, again, you
        can send the completed form back to me at for inclusion.

3.      There will be entry forms by the bucket load at the six-a-side tournament on Saturday. A ll you’ll need to do
        is pick one up, complete it and give it to me there.

4.      If for some reason none of these are suitable, there will be a box for entry forms in the CS club all next
        week so if you want to you can pop in and leave a form in the box.

If that isn’t suitable get in touch with me and we can sort something out. Remember the more entries we get, the
bigger the prize will be.

Once the leagues start on Saturday, 9 th September the updated tables will go onto the website every Monday and
the first chronicle report will come out next month.

Watch this space.
                                                                                                   AND FINALLY…

That’s the September issue out of the way now. Hope you enjoyed it.

Also hope you had no problems downloading it with all those photographs of the PFS event.

Next month, we’ll have the start of the regular sections again, with Match Reports, League Tables and hopefully a
few goals to report on in the Bishop’s Ball and Sheila Duncan Trophy.

Also we’ll have the first update on the Fantasy Hockey League and hopefully a few other bits and bobs that come up
throughout the month of September.

Until then, see you on the pitch…





Dunfermline Carnegie Hockey Club – Subscriptions for Season 2006/07

Please find below a note of the agreed subscriptions for this coming season.
If not paying by instalments, the full amount must be paid by the end of September unless an alternative
arrangement has been agreed with the club treasurer. Members who have not paid any subscriptions by
30/9/06 will not be registered with the Scottish Hockey Union and will not be selected to play until
payment has been received.
Please contact Kenneth Begg, 66 Old Kirk Road, Dunfermline, KY12 7SQ, 01383 739646 if you have any
Category                   Single Payment             Single Payment             Monthly Amount             Monthly Amount
                           (pre 30/9/06)              (after 30/9/06)            (1 payment pre             (1st payment after
                                                                                 30/9/06)                   30/9/06)
Full Adult                 £100                       £120                       £25                        £30
Student /                  £75                        £95                        £18.75                     £23.75
Under 18                   £50                        £70                        £12.50                     £17.50
Standing Order Instruction

Please complete the details below, detach this form and send it to your Bank for processing. Assistance is
provided in italics.

 Payee Bank                                                  Bank of Scotland, Dunfermline
 Payee Bank Sort Code                                        80-06-55
 Payee                                                       Dunfermline Carnegie Hockey Club
 Payee Account Numbe r                                       00288384
 Reference to be quoted on payments (Insert the
 members name(s) here)

 Your Bank name (e.g. Royal Bank of Scotland)
 Your Bank Sort Code (found in top right hand
 corner of cheque book)
 Name of your Bank Account (e.g. F Bloggs and
 J Smith)
 Your Account Number (found at the middle
 bottom of your cheque book)

 Payment Amount (from table above)                           £
 Frequency                                                   Monthly
 First payment date (insert date you wish first
 payment to be made)
 Last Payment Date (insert date of last payment)
 Number of Payments                                          4

 Signed                                                      Date
                                Hockey Leaders Award
                                        Kirkcaldy High
                                     Community Use School

                                    Sunday 1st October 2006

                                       10.00 am to 5.00 pm

                                                Cost £30

  If you wish to book a place on the above course please complete the tear off slip
   below and forward (with cheque for £30 made payable to ‘Fife Council’) to the
                                   address shown.

Places are offered on a first come first served basis and further details will be forwarded on
                         receipt of your completed application form.

  Fife residents can apply for Grant Aid assistance towards the cost of the course. If you
  wish to apply for Grant Aid please complete the enclosed form and submit it before the
                                    dates of the course.

Please return to:

Bill Hogg, Sports Development Office r – Developing Potential, Fife Council
Cowdenbeath Leisure Centre, Pit Road, Cowdenbeath, KY4 9NN
Tel: 01383 314641

I wish to attend the Hockey Leaders Award to be held at Kirkcaldy Community Use School on Sunday 1st
October 2006 and enclose a cheque for £30 to reserve my place on the course .............. YES / NO (please




          E- mail:

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