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					?Combining the highest quality service with the lowest possible prices, Budget Van
Lines has helped thousands of customers save time and money on their moving needs.
In operation throughout the United States, Budget Van Lines specializes in full service
long distance moves, expedited deliveries, and last minute moves. Specific services
Budget Van Lines offers include the loading and unloading of items, standard
disassembling and assembling of furniture, and careful furniture packing with moving
pads and blankets. Unique among its competitors, Budget Van Lines maintains active
relationships with nearly 300 independent moving companies across the United States.
Through its extensive network, Budget Van Lines customers have access to more than
3,500 moving trucks nationwide, ensuring that moves can be arranged with minimal
hassle and, if necessary, on very short notice. Additionally, because most of the trucks
that Budget Van Lines utilizes are used for one-way deliveries, the company is able to
negotiate substantial discounts when using them for return trips. This innovative
solution helps moving companies increase their business, saves natural resources by
filling trucks that would otherwise be empty, and most importantly, allows for
customers to save money on their moving costs. Former Budget Van Lines customers
have reported savings of as much as 50% compared to local and national competitors.
Furthermore, because Budget Van Lines calculates all additional costs into your move,
including tolls, taxes and fuel charges, customers don't have to worry about the hidden
fees that many self-service moving companies charge. Budget Van Lines' starting
rates are $999 for shipments up to 1,000 lbs., however, this price fluctuates according
to specific customer needs. Budget Van Lines is thoroughly licensed by the United
States Department of Transportation and endeavors to partner with only the most
dependable moving companies nationwide. To learn more about Budget Van Lines, or
to receive a complimentary, no-obligation moving estimate, call 1-800-611-6001

Moving Tips
Reposted by Budget Van Lines

People naturally want to get on the other side, especially if the grass there is greener
and attractive. That is why it is not surprising that a lot of people choose to live in
other places. But hey, packing and unpacking your bags are not part of the excitement

If you are one of those people who is looking forward to a new home but not so into
the packing-and-unpacking idea, then these ultimate moving tips will surely help you.
Get up to the challenge of the idea of moving!

You can't really rush packing time. Doing so will also put the risk of leaving
important items and bringing of unnecessary things. Set a time-table for your packing.
Remember that unpacking is actually an easier task, something that you can do in
your first few days in your new place.
Have a day dedicated for the inventory of your belongings. This would give you an
idea on how long it would take you to sort, pack and dispose your things.

Pick the section of your house that has the most number of items. You can also
prioritise the one that is more important to you. Whatever you decide, just make sure
that you finish one section before starting on the next. This strategy will let you finish
your work rather than piling it up in a storm of unidentifiable finds.

Once you have determined the weight or number of items you can bring on with you,
make sure that you have enough boxes for storage. This would ensure that you can go
on with your packing without finding out in the middle of the night that you do not
have any boxes left to use.

While packing your things, write down their names in a notebook. This way,
unpacking things you will need in your new home would be a lot easier.

Labeling every box of general categories like 'kitchen items' would do great wonders
for you once you start unpacking your stuff. You can also consider labeling the boxes
with your full name, new address and contact details. This would ensure that you have
a chance of finding your boxes in case they get lost.

Once you've decided that you don't need a stuff, put it in your 'for disposal' box. After
packing, try going over those items one more time. Doing will give you the chance to
have second thoughts and re-evaluate if you don't really need those items. After that,
you can just put your should-be-disposed stuff on garage sales or donate them to
recycling institutions.

Packing your things could be a stressful task. So to reverse that kind of feeling, make
sure that you look forward to settling in your new home. You can also look at packing
as a chance to look back to your memories. There are a lot of moving tips that you
will find on the Internet. However, such moving tips would only be useless if you
don't have the heart to live your place behind. So, take the time to digest things and
see the bright side of your future in your new home.

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