BT Web site shut down hackers take advantage of Internet users to download the last wild horse hung- by iupon13


									?Well-known BT site shutting down overnight
12 4, the largest BT seeds Search "BT China Alliance" audio-visual programs for
failing to obtain permits by SARFT shut down. Then, "Pig Paradise," "a lengthy birds
Forum "And dozens of well-known BT sites have been closed.

 VeryCD "shock" the day
BT blocked, the industry worried about Thunder, Express, eMule, etc. on the other
P2P (download term, meaning that while you download, your computer should
continue to do Host From this download method, the faster the more people) in the
form of video download site's fate. Quite coincidentally, the largest resource sharing
platform eMule VeryCD "something went wrong."

 9 began the afternoon, VeryCD site can not access the fault occurs. VeryCD widely
speculated that because they did not have the "dissemination of audio-visual programs
information network license" shutting down radio and television sector. According to
statistics, VeryCD average number of daily visits to 500 million, for the "BT Chinese
alliance" 20 times.

 VeryCD can not access the same afternoon, its founder Huang Yimeng says that the
only room fault, is not being blocked, is stepping up treatment, is expected to resume
at noon yesterday. Currently, VeryCD site has access to normal.

 Trojans take advantage of "BT will die, eDonkey also killed," the occasion of Sharu

  Yang Xun Beijing Daily ?With several well-known BT download site audio-visual
license for not being shut down, many used the network to download video resources
have started looking for other users to download resources, including eDonkey and
other downloadable tools and even once been "clogging" leads to can not access. But
the anti-virus software Expert That there are some small BT download stations take
the opportunity to hang horse in the pages, reminding users to download note
Security .

  Be "shell" antivirus software download station brought killing of BT Trojan
"BT download has been closed down, and maybe will be off when the eDonkey, to
make time to download resources." Yesterday, a forum for users in film and television,
said in recent days are in use eMule to download tools, etc. Resources to download. It
is reported that many users want to rush in before the shut-works collection of your
favorite television into the computer Hard disk , Download the large number of
resources led to many popular become popular resources. A user in a BBS for
high-definition panel, said the article made, as to download the large number of
eDonkey download speeds can reach more than three times in the past.

 "Recent BT download online crazy industry will pass into the winter group, this led
to a video sharing community shock, tens of millions of Internet users are looking for
BT download resources available, while filling the big opportunity to spread Trojan
horse." 360 anti-virus software safety engineer, said yesterday that the system
monitors found that, BTChina suspend large BT site visit, some bad BT small station
linked to a general increase in the number of horses attacked two or three times,
apparently leading to such sites against a sudden surge in traffic doubled.

  However, the video sharing industry has always been a fat horse, and some
individual owners use the site's open-source nature of the spread of BT yellow video,
take the opportunity as a Trojan horse of distribution channels.

 It is understood that, BT has become the Trojan horse hung the usual means of
industry, how to hang a horse BT Hacker Tutorial on-line everywhere, as long as the
search engine, type "BT hang horse", there is over 80,000 articles related to Web
tutorials, ordinary people can also quickly learned how to use BT seeds pages linked
to horse. "Because Technology Threshold much lower profit is very rich, so the
increasing scale of the industry chain, users are downloading the video must be
vigilant. "Security engineer to users.

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the rectification

 SARFT has continued to straighten out the BT site, including audio and video
programs, including the illegal site, has shut down more than 530 BT site, including
the "BT China" several major BT site.

 SARFT Network audio and video programs related to responsible management of
the Division 12 on shutting down "BT China Union" and other sites said in an
interview, audio-visual services, Internet campaign is a long term, if not resolved by
shutting down web piracy dissemination of vulgar sex shows and so on, can not be

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