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					    6th Annual
Sexual Health Forum

    26 November 2010
    Elizabeth Harrison
     DCI Mark Yexley
        Pan London Activity
April – September 2010:

• 791 forensic examinations
• 503 follow up clients
• of which, 255 clients attended for both
 = 1040 clients in total
Age range of forensic clients






         <12 13- 16- 18- 25- 35- 45- 55- 65+
             15 17 24 34 44 5 64
      Follow up appointments
             46 18
        88                       Counselling

                                 medical follow up
224                              Psychology

                                 Young Person's
                                 Nurse led clinic

                                 SOIT clinic

  263                            Asian Development
               NST visit

 3 day visit in June identified strengths and
 good practice: -

• Strong partnerships between Metropolitan
  Police Service and PCTs
• 50:50 funding arrangement
• Asian Development Worker post
     Commissioning changes

 Move to Specialised Commissioning 1
 October 2010 leading to:

• Standardised DH Contracts aligned with
  Sexual Health commissioning
  arrangements from April 2011
• Detailed service specification
• Clear patient pathways
            New projects
Department of Health and Home Office funding:

• Open Doors Independent Sexual Violence
  Advisor in Whitechapel
• Vulnerable Adult /Mental Health ISVA in
  Camberwell and Paddington
• Extended evening clinic hours to increase
• Needs assessment to be undertaken by COI
• Review of client feedback
            10th Anniversary
 On-line survey of over 1000 18-25 year olds in

• 56% said they would never try to pressure their
  partner into having sex with them

• 41% said they had been pressured into some
  sort of sex that they didn’t want
            10th Anniversary

• 92% of women (compared to 77% of men) said
  when a person says no to sex, and the other
  goes ahead regardless, that’s rape.

• 75% of women (compared to 54% of men)
  believe if you change your mind during sex, and
  the other person goes ahead, that’s rape.
            10th Anniversary

• 71% of 22-24 year olds (compared with just 60%
  of 18-19 year olds) believe having sex with
  someone who is asleep is rape.

• 35% of young men would carry on having sex
  with someone who was too drunk/out of it to
  know what was going on.
            10th Anniversary

• Commissioned interactive film by Sara Dunlop
• Social networking sites used to seed film on
  internet aimed at 18-25 year olds
• Boris Johnson, Mayor of London: “Young people
  clearly need to think much harder about
  consent. I hope this film will help prompt that
  debate and I’m grateful to the Havens for the
  vital and remarkable service they have delivered
  for the past ten years.”
Haven film
     Youtube comments
Over 36,000 views on Youtube to

Very hard hitting, hard to watch but absolutely
necessary! No means NO and young men have to
recognise the damage to not only the potential
victim but to themselves by continuing when there
has not been consent. Its about time this country
started standing up for the victims of sexual assault
and Rape in the same way they stand up for
victims of other crime!
        Youtube comments

Everyone should see this, and everyone should talk
to their mates/ colleagues/ kids about it. There's a
shocking amount of people out there who still think
that if a girl is drunk and wearing a short skirt, then
she's asking for it. I absolutely don't buy into this
myth that men have this strong inner urge that
overpowers them, if men can't control themselves
when they're drunk then don't drink, don't put the
responsibility on the girl to not be attacked.
       Youtube comments

Great movie.

Gets the message across

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