Brand Reputation Management- Protecting Your Company’s Reputation and Image Online

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					?Protecting online brand reputation has become one of the most important functions
of online enterprises. The online market is becoming more vibrant as well as
competitive with every passing day. New players are added everyday with many
organizations extending their businesses to the online world. At the same time, the
number of online users (read customers) is also increasing at rapidly. People go online
looking for products and services. They also look for the best brand in the market
before taking decisions. Since most of the products and services look alarmingly
similar, it is brand reputation which is the deciding factor in influencing a customer's

Building up and protecting brand reputation online is also important because of
another very important factor. The reputation of your brand is one of the criteria of
search engines rankings. Major search engines take into consideration your brand
reputation in the industry while assigning the ranking of your website on the search
engines result pages. This means higher the reputation, better is your site's ranking.
And considering the fact that more than 80% of the online traffic originates from the
search engines, your site's rankings can well decide the fate of your business. Higher
rankings mean your business is exposed to maximum online users who can be your
clients, customers, or partners.

Once you have established a respectable brand reputation online, it is also necessary
that you keep monitoring it. Brand reputation monitoring is important because your
brand can come under attack at any time from unexpected quarters. At all the time,
you should keep in touch with your customers to ward off possible damages to your
image. For doing so, you require a sound brand reputation management system in
place. Such a system requires you to set up a company blog. The blog is the best
platform for PR exercises. You can post company's announcements, new policies,
product launches etc. on the blog. Users also get a chance to interact by posting
comments on postings. This way they also feel cared and given special treatment.
Also, active participation on social networking sites helps.