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Brand Identity


									?Developing a strong brand identity is the most important thing any company can do
to develop its brand. It cannot get any simpler than that. Most organizations fail
miserably at this very basic task though. Brand identity is how you want your
company or products to be perceived. If you get this wrong it could lead to big time
problems later in your brand image. So how does a company build its brand identity?

Start with performing some branding research. When was the last time you went out
to customers, prospects and past clients and asked them what they thought of your
industry? Do you really know what clients desires are? What about what they do not
want? Do you know where they go first to find a company like yours? Are they going
to the internet and doing searches or finding you in a trade publication?

Now you need to perform that same research internally with key employees. What do
they think? How do they perceive the company? Is this in line with what you want
your brand identity
  to be? Do you even have a clear identity? Do your employees know your brand
promise? Is there a brand promise? Do you have a value proposition? Do they know
what it is? If you have answered no to any of these questions you will need help!

Okay, so your research is done and you know what you want your identity to be. What
do you do next? We recommend establishing a new positioning with that identity. If
Volvo the automobile equals safety and Apple computer equals creativity what do you
want to equal? It should be very clear and easy.

What are the next steps? Start with developing strategies and tactics that will leverage
that new brand identity and positioning. They should all tie back to corporate
objectives. Avoid wasting money on reactive marketing that gets you know where and
wastes your marketing budget. Some of the tactics may include search engine
optimization, direct mail, advertising, banner ads, e- newsletters, e- mail marketing,
trade shows and much more.

It is imperative to choose the tactics that will benefit you the most. Do not waste
money on advertising if you are only going to place two ads for the year. It will not
work. Instead invest in tactics that will give you more bang for your buck like search
engine optimization (SEO). SEO is a great way to build brand identity and increase

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