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									?Many organizations have learned that Business Process Management (BPM) can
compress cycle times, reduce cost and improve responsiveness, yet only about
one-third of "process-oriented" companies go beyond the basics of the initial project.
A growing number of companies are starting to implement the basics of documenting,
analyzing and designing business processes, as well as process improvements. Yet
companies must go beyond the basics to practice continuous process improvement. If
you keep moving by monitoring and continuously improving core processes, you are
sure to double your performance improvements.

Management and improvement of end-to-end business processes is difficult and
requires more than a simple, one-time effort. Continuous process improvement means
a fundamental shift in leadership values and disciplined measurement and
management of the value that processes create for customers and shareholders.

Those companies implementing business process management have learned that it can
compress cycle times, reduce cost and improve responsiveness. However, if you treat
BPM as a once-and-done project, you run the risk of suboptimal gains or the gradual
erosion of initial gains. If you cut costs by automating the customer-inquiry process,
for example, but don't go on to analyze, redesign and manage the larger order-to-cash
process, you'll miss further gains simply because the root causes of many customer
complaints stem from the larger, end-to-end process.

Business Process Management is a disciplined approach to identify, design, execute,
document, monitor, control, and measure both automated and non-automated business
processes to achieve consistent, targeted results consistent with an organization's
strategic goals. BPM involves the deliberate, collaborative and increasingly
technology-aided definition, improvement, innovation, and management of
end-to-end business processes that drive business results, create value, and enable an
organization to meet its business objectives with more agility.

Primarily, BPM is a process and a management discipline. Enabling technology is
meaningless without the processes and management disciplines for exploiting the
technology - in this case the tools for managing an organization's business processes.
BPM involves managing the end-to-end work that organizations perform to create
value for their customers. The performance of this work is how organizations fulfill
their mission. An entire industry has emerged around BPM, as organizations have
recognized the importance of actively managing their business processes. Many
organizations have also recognized a gap in the skills necessary to be effective at

Many companies have taken the first step towards Business Process Management by
documenting existing processes, designing and implementing automated and
streamlined approaches. Yet only about one third of self-proclaimed
"process-oriented" companies go beyond these basics. BPM is not a once-and-done
project; it is an ongoing discipline of continuous process improvement.

NVISH BPM Software implementation services enable your business to establish
required infrastructure, including process governance, process methodology, and
measurements, prior to undertaking a BPM Software implementation project. Once
the infrastructure is built, NVISH performs the Business Process Engineering and
Modeling steps required to establish the scope of the automation. Continuing to utilize
NVISH BPM methodology, a solution analysis is performed to determine functional
components such as web services, legacy functions, and newly developed or acquired
services, business rule exposure and workflow automation. Throughout
implementation, testing and deployment, NVISH works to ensure that our clients
understand how to operate, analyze and optimize processes with the BPM Software.

BPM is the core domain of NVISH. Our team has enormous experience in application
development and integration around various BPM engines such as Fujitsu Interstage
BPM, BEA Aqualogic, etc. Our pre-packed BPM service offerings make it easy for
our customers to relate with us, irrespective of where they are in their BPM

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