Boutique Christmas Display Ideas by iupon13


									?When you run a boutique, you really have a lot of creative freedom with your
displays. You can get really inventive and turn just about anything into a decoration.
But, there are some basic things that you should keep in mind when decorating your
boutique this Christmas.

Write down what you want people to think about your boutique. Do you want them to
feel like your boutique is eclectic? Maybe you would rather stick to vintage. Some
boutiques need a really sophisticated feel. Some like a more classic environment. The
environment in the store adds to your boutique's appeal. You need to make sure that
the decorations and displays that you choose for the holiday still fit in well with your
overall plan for the store. It's all about building that image and branding yourself.
Straying too far from what you originally intended will confuse the customers as to
what you're all about.

Christmas is really about having some special promotions, making as much money as
possible before year end, and gaining some more long-term customers. Make sure that
you are hitting on all of these areas and not just decorating.

Promotions during the holidays can be fun. You may want to roll out some clothing
racks on to the sidewalk, porch, or out in the hall, depending on your location. This is
a really effective marketing technique. People strolling by or driving by that normally
wouldn't have looked will check out your merchandise. Putting the clothing and
accessories out into the sun can fade them, so switch them out often. People also get
the feeling that they are going to get a good deal when they see a sidewalk sale. So,
some signage may be in order here. Another idea would be to greet the customers out
near the clothing racks and hand them a coupon good for that day or the next couple
of days.

Make the inside of your boutique festive and interesting, sticking with your image, of
course. Make sure that decorations feature your products and don't overpower them.
One way to do it is to decorate each garment rack with a small tree, angel, globe, or
whatever you feel draws attention. You can simply hang a glittery snowflake over
each garment rack, hang some lights and be done. Try not to go too gaudy or your
store may start to look crowded. Make sure you keep the clothing racks straight and
the aisles clear. No one wants to squeeze in with a crowd and rummage through
crowded racks.

Keep everything simple, keep your clothing racks straight, your promotions moving,
and stick with your image and you can have a wonderfully successful holiday season
in your boutique this year!

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