Bootstrapping Pointers for Startups

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					?There are a lot of unsung entrepreneurs out there who make a difference in the
business sector who used their own resources to fund their own business. One such
entrepreneur is Greg Gianforte, CEO of RightNow Technologies, a business software
company he founded in 1997. In the article published on, there are a few
bootstrapping keys which can help in giving you a headstart to jump headlong into a
river of opportunities. These bootstrapping keys are:

Ideas are overrated. Not all of your ideas for your business will work 100% of the
time but there are some that might and you have to be optimistic about every hassle
that comes your way in business because it just might be the one that would work this

Forget marketing at first. Before you focus on selling your products and services to
other potential customers, you have to ensure that the current offerings are suitable for
your regular customers, or the ones who patronize your business at the onset. You can
do a little research so that you can make some adjustments and improvements before
taking on a marketing strategy.

Use the internet. Whether you will take advantage of blogging, email marketing or
social media networking, the internet is a powerful tool in any entrepreneurs arsenal.
What you would just need to do is learn how to harness it to your advantage.

Isolation is a dream killer. You need to expand your network, not only to widen your
customer base but also to get support from other bootstrappers like yourself.

Bootstrapping can also have its risks, like every aspect of business. This tactic is a
great way to be self-reliant and really, what harm is there in that? In an economy
where every investor are wary, it is the best option to go for just to be able to start
your own business.

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