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					?Hello again,

    Today I would like to talk about traffic - to your website, not the kind with
exhaust fumes. Are you getting enough? If not, here are the ultimate traffic tips to get
you more web traffic every day. Most are free, which is the way we like it, right? I
thought so…
    Getting targeted traffic to your website is somewhat of a mystery to many, but it
doesn't have to be. There are many ways that people can find you on the web, mostly
from search engines - but how do you get "found" in a search engine? Here are the
main ones:
1) Search engine traffic (Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask, etc)
2) Finding articles in Ezine sites
3) Forums that contain links
4) Advertisements such as banner ads
5) Word of mouth

So what must you do to get your web address in front of people? If you want the
"free" kind of traffic (I say free in quotes because nothing is really free, you still have
to work for it!) you must do your homework. First of all, try writing articles that
pertain to your website subject, and always, always, put in as many keywords as you
can comfortably fit into them! Not every other sentence, of course, the article must
make sense. If it doesn't, and you stuff too many keywords into the article, you may
be banned temporarily. Don't do that. What advantage does this provide? Well for one,
in most ezine sites you have what's called a "sig file", short for signature file. This
contains a brief bio of yourself, and a place to put your website address. Always use a
text link with keywords to display your website, this will get you some powerful back
links! Back links are the objective here; they will boost your SEO performance and
get you more targeted traffic than almost anything else.

     Other ways to get free traffic include writing comments in other peoples forums
and blogs. Many blogs actually encourage you to put comments that are relevant to
the conversation or blog post, and when you do make sure you include a link to your
site. Most bloggers understand this as a friendly "you help me, I'll help you", a way to
pay you back for posting a thoughtful response in the blog. Of course, make sure it is
a well thought out comment, not just a "hey, good post!".

    One of the best new ways to get traffic is to use social networking, I'm sure you
are either involved in or at least heard of Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and a host of
other sites that allow you to setup a profile and post content on their sites and/or
communicate with others. This is a perfect chance to network with others and let them
know about your site, especially if you have some good content you wish to share
with others! And don't forget the social bookmarking sites also, such as Digg,
StumbleUpon, Reddit, Technorati, Propeller, Backflip, and others. They can allow you
to bookmark your new content on your site and get hundreds of visitors in no time!
Do you have a blog? If not, you must start one pronto! This is another way to get free
traffic if you can keep writing interesting content every few days. And why stop at
one? You can have multiple blogs, there are plenty of free ones out there. Just go to
Google and type in "create blog" and see what you get, I'm seeing quite a few (million)
as of this writing. Some of the best are (owned by Google, so it gets
great page rank and trust right away),,,,
and many, many others. Get creative! Start a few and trade off writing in a different
blog each day, and make it a habit. Of course put as many links in each blog using
keywords that are relevant to your site, and you will get traffic!

     Don't forget other free sites like,,, and others that allow you to setup a free site which you can do pretty
much what you want with! Of course within reason, but putting some content up and
getting massive text links on a bunch of free sites is like money in the bank, my friend!
You will get some sweet back links, which will lead to more traffic, which will lead to
more cash in your account. Again, be creative, find out what others are doing to
generate more traffic, and keep up with the "big dogs". Pretty soon you will be one of

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