Bluetooth Driver Installer - How to Install A Driver for Your Bluetooth Device-

If you have Bluetooth peripheral devices like mobile phone, GPS, PDA or headset,
probably you won't need to install specific Bluetooth drivers on these devices - the
software is built- in and ready for use. But if you want to connect them to a PC, you
may need to install a Bluetooth driver for your Bluetooth device in your computer. To
install a Bluetooth driver for your Bluetooth device, there are three methods:

Method one, install a driver on the disc that came with your Bluetooth device

Step 1 Insert the disc to your CD-Rom drive.

Step 2 Wait for a moment and see if the program can launch automatically, if not, you
can double-click My Company and CD-Rom drive. Then there will launch the
program or open a file folder. If a file folder opens, look for the file such as setup.exe
or run.exe and double-click to open it.

Step 3 Follow the install wizard to set up the driver. When you finish the installation,
restart your computer.

Method two, Windows XP Service Pack 2 and above, Vista as well as Windows 7
come with a great number of Bluetooth drivers, so you can download and install a
Bluetooth driver from the Windows update website.

Step 1 Start - All Programs - Windows Update

Step 2 In the Internet Explorer page, click Find Updates and wait for Micro soft to
search for available updates. Install the high priority updates if there are.

Step 3 Connect your Bluetooth device to the PC.

Step 4 Click Start, choose Run, input devmgmt.msc and click OK to open the Device

Step 5 Expand Bluetooth Devices and find out this device.

Step 6 Right click it, select Update Driver, choose Install the software automatically
and click Next, and then Windows will update the driver automatically.

Method three, if the Bluetooth driver you installed on the disc is outdated and you can
not find the available updated driver from Windows update website, or if you want to
simplify the complicated and time-wasting search for updated drivers, you can try a
good PC driver manager tool. Just with several clicks, PC Driver Helper will
automatically search the Internet and manufacturer's website for updated Bluetooth
driver and other computer drivers that are specific to your Bluetooth device, your
computer's operating system and compatible with the PC's hardware components.